Ready to Wear Eye Lash Extension Review

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Every woman dreams of looking beautiful whether it’s for a party, an occasion or even on a daily basis. Body fitness and makeup play an important role in looking good but also has its cost attached to it. Regular parlor visits can be costly but thankfully there are home products that provide parlor like output and help reduce the cost. But there is one thing that still has no cheaper solution, a fake eyelash. Eyes are supposed to be the most important part of the face and have been the most elusive way of communication. For beautiful looking eyes at a cheaper rate just like parlors a new product is out known as Ready To Wear Eye Lash Extension which is worth a try.


Ready to Wear Eye Lash Extension
Ready To Wear Eye Lash Extension invented by world famous makeup artist Philippe Chansel is the newest way to get full, thick and sexy lashes just like a salon but at a way lesser cost than the same. It is very different from wearing fake eye lashes with messy glues or adhesives on it or putting layers of mascara to give eyes a better and striking look. The beauty about Ready to Wear Eye Lash Extension is that it is literally a false eyelash inside a bottle and is very easy to apply. All it needs is three steps that start with applying mascara, then applying the Eye Lash Extension and finally finishing with a touch up layer with mascara.

The secret behind Ready to Wear Eye Lash Extension is that its formula contains dry cellulose fibers which bonds with all popular mascara to provide long sexy lashes in a matter of just a few seconds. Magazines like Vogue and self have highly rated this amazing eye lash extension which provides Model-Perfect look with big, full and long eye lashes. In fact, Vogue’s Beauty Editor herself uses this professional level product and claims it to be her secret weapon. Purchasing one Ready to Wear Eye Lash Extension gets the buyer a Designer Mascara which is made in Italy absolutely free. It also comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee for customer satisfaction.



What do I get?

  • 1 Ready to Wear Eye Lash Extension
  • 1 Ready to Wear Designer Mascara

All this for just $24.95 plus $4.95. Official website

Customer Service
950 3rd Ave
New York, NY 10022
Phone: 1-800-462-2795



Ready to Wear Eye Lash Extension Video


5 thoughts on “Ready to Wear Eye Lash Extension Review

  1. Yes ma’am I bought it and they are great so good I quickly bought another one and will always have one on hand that I don’t use yet. I took a chance at 30 dollars a pop and it was worth every dime.

  2. Review Ready to Wear Eye Lash Extension

    Has anyone tried the Ready to Wear Eye Lash Extension, is it any good?

    Does it provide full and sexy eyelashes?

    Is it easy to apply?

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