ProGel Teeth Whitener Review

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How much better would you look with dramatically whiter teeth? A bright white smile can make you look younger, healthier, more confident, and more attractive. The problem is that most teeth whiteners that are available to the public in stores and online just do not provide dramatic whitening results. Dentists use professional gels that dramatically whiten teeth, but it can cost hundreds of dollar for professional gel. Until now.


How does ProGel Teeth Whitener work?
Now you have White Brilliance ProGel with clinical strength whitening technology direct from National Dental supply and get dramatically whiter teeth without visiting the dentist.

How effective is ProGel? In an independent study conducted by trusted Good Housekeeping magazine, the leading whitening strips and gels available in stores and online were tested against the original White Brilliance professional gel and it was rated whitest and brightest and provided best results overall.

This new ProGel is even more effective. With a 40 percent boost and whitening power, it has up to 5 times the whitening power of products available to the public. ProGel is only for people who want dramatically whiter teeth.

You wear your smile everyday and whitening your teeth can make you look younger, healthier, more confident, and more attractive. Why pay hundreds of dollars to the dentist to get dramatically whiter teeth when you can get ProGel with clinical strength whitening technology direct from National Dental Supply and try it for free. You will get dramatically whiter teeth guaranteed.

If you want professional whitening results, then order ProGel and get dramatically whiter teeth.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer –
Free ProGel Sample. Just Pay $3.95 s/h.


ProGel Teeth Whitener Video


89 thoughts on “ProGel Teeth Whitener Review

  1. I am so very disappointed in the scam that was offered by the Bobby Bones Show in Nashville. How can such a product be endorsed by someone we generally trust to have our back against scams such as this!!!!

    There is a tremendous amount of deceit within the recording when you call to place an order for the FREE whitening kit and trays. I am a Dental Hygienist and have had patients inquire about the product, and heard about it on the Bobby Bones Show. In wanting to give an accurate opinion on the product myself, I ordered the sample, only to realize after I provided my Credit Card info that there will be automatic shipments to follow!

    I called to cancel any further shipment beyond the sample, and 30 minutes later, I’m still unable to select cancel, and there’s of course, no human to speak with. I am so disappointed at the talk show for endorsing such a terrible company. I will name them in the BBB complaint that I mail.

  2. I recommend you call this number, 1-888-223-1115, as soon as you complete the order to ensure the autopay is cancelled. If you do not do so you will be charged automatically after 17 days and from then on monthly. I spoke with a customer service rep. And he informed me that he would call to confirm the cancellation as soon as my order was processed.

  3. Heard about the free sample off the Bobby bones show I called the number and order the free sample they asked for a credit card number but I gave a debit card number instead. They kept trying to up sell their product and then a live person came on talking about I won a trip to the Bahamas and all I had to do was pay the taxes. Well I have been scammed that way too so I told him i didn’t want that and it was a scam. He instantly hung up in my face I called every Costumer service number and can’t get anyone so I just went to the bank and cancelled the debit card before they could take anything

  4. I ordered the base ProGel product on the automated system and upgraded- cancelled the order before even finishing the call, card was charged $19.00- cancelled again over the phone and card was charged 119.00 dollars 2.5 weeks later;

    RIP OFF, do not give them your credit card info, this has been hell trying to repair w/my bank and the Pro Gel people are very dis-helpful and act as though they never have heard any complaints; the packets are 20.00 each, and they split enormous payments and split up shipments and always charge your card days in advance,

    Edit to add- the amount of peroxide is equivalent to crest strips, total rip off.

  5. I first heard about ProGel, sold through the National Dental Supply, on a radio station. They discussed paying just shipping and handling for a free sample of their product. I called and had to spend 30 minutes on the phone to order the free sample. The majority of the automated phone call was them trying to convince me to purchase additional supplies. However, I declined them all and eventually paid $4.95 for the sample. It arrived and given my busy schedule, I hadn’t even had the time to try it yet.

    However, I looked at my bank account yesterday and saw ProGel had charged me $87 for another shipment. I called the customer service number to resolve this and received another automated system. The number spent 15 minutes lecturing me about why I should continue to purchase the product and reminded me that if I complained or alleged that I didn’t order the product, I would be lying. There was an automatic re-order set up with the free sample. This was not something they made clear in the initial purchase and evidently the details of this were also buried in the paperwork they sent with the sample.

    After listening to the automated system, it eventually gave me a number for a live customer service representative. I called the number three separate times and each time it hung up on me. On the fourth call, I eventually reached a service representative to ensure all future orders were cancelled. I wasn’t able to get a refund because it was an automatic re-order. Of course, I was warned of this by the vaguely threatening automated service number.

    The entire process was dishonest, shady, and very poor business practice. I will be warning all of my friends, family, and co-workers against purchasing anything from National Dental Supply or ProGel.

  6. I have been using a few different brands that my daughter bought me on the internet, I read about the trial offer and complaints but just so you know, if you want to try it, It is now at Big Lots for $5.50 for the trays and 2 ampules so at least you don’t get stuck if you don’t like it. I have it on now and will let you know how it works, it says to leave it on a half hour but up to 3 hours for even more whitening but sensitivity can occur when left on over the half hour. so if you want to try it just go to Big Lots, hopefully they have one in your area 🙂

  7. I didn’t try the ProGel Teeth Whitener but the whole premise of trying the product “free” is a scam in itself. Because the shipping and handling is $4.95 for 1 application. If you buy the larger kit, that is 5 applications, it costs $29.95 but the shipping is free. You do the math. You’re saving about $1.00…. And 99% of the time, these companies will put you on auto-ship reorders so I am not surprised whatsoever. They never want you to “try” the product for free because they believe you will like it so much you will order more as they say. They want to get you on an auto-ship reorder so they can get more of your money indefinitely or at least as long as possible. If it whitens your teeth so well, why would you need more? What are you eating that is re-staining your teeth every month, black magic markers?

  8. My rule for ordering online: I never order from any company online that doesn’t accept PayPal! They have built in protection and you can cancel any future payments thru them. It’s just not worth the hassle to risk giving out your credit card number online.

  9. Does anyone know the percentage of peroxide gel in this solution? They do not list it on their website. Anything less that 10% is not worth you time. I have custom trays and professional 16% peroxide solution and I had great results after 10 days of 30 minute uses. I haven’t ordered this product and will not thanks to everyone’s reviews!!

  10. Wow! I was considering trying this ProGel Teeth Whitener. Glad I read all the bad reviews. Guess it is true. If it something sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

    It seems like cannot ever trust any of this seen on tv crap! It should be outlawed and banned from TV!

    These companies suck!

  11. THANK YOU EVERYONE !!!!! I was just about to order this Crap & then though maybe I should try find some ProGel reviews !!! I AM SO GLAD I DID !!! I got scammed real bad by that Hydroxatone crap. What a rip off !!! They did the EXACT SAME THING with all the billing & constant deliveries every second week. !!! The same thing happened to me with WEN HAIR CLEANSER !!! THEY ARE ALL THE SAME KIND OF SCAMMERS !!! THANK YOU ALL AGAIN for your very helpful input !!!

    • I got my lesson too with WEN HAIR CLEANSER and when I tried to write a bad review, it was never posted on the website.

    • Don’t know about how well the ProGel whitener work, but this company made unauthorized charges on my card after I sent for a free sample. Credit Card Co. reversed the charges upon my complaint. MAY be a good product but company is less than honorable in my experience. IF you want to try it, buy product from Amazon at reasonable price is my advice.

  12. I’ve seen alot about money problems, but my grandma already ordered it I was wondering if you actually get results from this. If anyone has tried it please let me know if it made a difference to your teeth.

    Thank you

    • I did not take the sample offer – I wanted the real system – and it was not cheap – $150 dollars – but did receive 2 systems. I have been ordering the same whiter refills from my dentist every couple months before and paying much more then that – the whitener seems to work better then what I got from my dentist – so I can’t complain about that. I guess to answer your question – yes it does whiten your teeth and work well.

  13. This was a scam!!!! I ordered the $29.95 2 person trial offer and was immediately charged $149.95 and haven’t received anything.

    We should launch a social media backlash against “Progel and National dental supply. Get the word out. Making illegal charges on someones account is wrong!

  14. I saw the advertisement for the free sample (Pay shipping and handling only) on T.V. late one night and decided to try it. Called the number from the commercial, and went thru the entire recording which took forever. They tried to upsell me to the full order to which I replied “No”. Well after I said no, the recording said thanks for upgrading! You will be charged 39$ for the full shipment.

    LIVID, I tried calling back and they were closed til Monday. So I called on Monday, told them I NEVER agreed to anything but the sample and the lady said well it’s already been shipped out so nothing you can do until you ship it back to us. Then when we receive it we will credit your money back.

    I was NOT taking this for an answer, demanded to speak to a manager and he was saying the same thing, send it back THEN we’ll put your money back. I flipped out and told him he was going to put it back NOW, as I NEVER agreed to the charges in the first place, so he finally said they would put the money back on my card and to just send the shipment back when I got it. A couple days later my money was back on the card.

    Seems I made out pretty good compared to most of the stories on here..

    • I don’t know how you got to speak to a REAL PERSON because all I ever get is a recording that rants and raves almost forever. I also ordered the SAMPLE ProGel teeth whitener for shipping cost of $4.95 but then was billed TWICE SO FAR of $43.93 and $43.94. I filed a COMPLIANT with the BBB today. These SCAM ARTIST need to be SHUT DOWN.

  15. I am very upset that I ordered this product well over a month ago and have not recieved anything. And on their confirmation slip they dont even leave a phone number. These sneaky bastards are probly a phony company that takes people money and never sends them anything.

    • I order ProGel on Saturday and received my order within 2 business days. I haven’t tried it yet, but the number to call to cancel the auto-shipment is no longer working and hard to locate a correct number. So beware.

  16. I canceled this in Dec., yet my credit card was charged $27.88 in Jan. How come? The ads are very deceitful. Try for free!!! Bull! I canceled this and demand my money back. I didn’t get anything for the charge, so what was it for? Again, please credit my card the $27.88.

    Linda Roberts
    501 W. Hadley St. Apt. 36
    Aurora, MO 65605

  17. Ummm ok. This is going to sound simple but when ordering from these companies purchase a prepaid Visa/MasterCard with limited funds. It’s worth the few dollars to buy a prepaid credit card than keep getting charged.

    • Ok, so where do you draw the line between sporting for a prepaid and not sporting for one? Should we get a prepaid every time we order anything online? Your suggestion makes sense but is impractical. A prepaid card with sufficient funds to make multiple purchases makes more sense, but then you still run the same risk. The only REAL solution is to not buy things, since most people seeking to thin your wallet these days decide for themselves what is moral and what isn’t.

      • I actually have two prepaid one is for companies I trust an use more funds in the other is for new companies like this an I only keep like 25 bucks at all times on that card hope that helps good luck people.

  18. The offer says “TRY” a free sample – shipping & handling to be the only thing you pay for.
    I figure TRY means TRY – right? If the product works – we’ll see.
    I bought it for my son to encourage him to quit smoking – Get a a whiter smile.
    I never saw ANYTHING about future orders being sent automatically. How can this be legal? They said in their letter they have me on tape agreeing – that must be faked somehow too.
    But worst of all – I’m on disability and only receive a small check every month. I can barely pay my rent.
    I was just sent a $41 package from these people.
    My checks are now going to bounce – and you know what that costs when that happens.
    I’m going to have to go to bank and cancel my whole bank account – rather than fight with these people – who apparently have never refunded anybody.
    How can they be allowed to do business.
    I hope they rot in you know where.

    • File a consumer complaint with your State Attorney General. You can locate your state website under consumer complaint, they will look into these rip offs.

  19. I signed up for a $4.95 ProGel Teeth Whitener trial offer that I saw on TV. Before I even had a chance to open and try the sample, I received another package and my account was debited $50.44 without my consent! I tried to call to find out what was going on only to be forced to listen to a long recorded legal disclaimer on how I gave them the right to debit my account and that a pamphlet sent with the sample order explained just that. I wanted to try the sample, see if it worked, then order more if and when I was ready to. I don’t take too kindly to money being taken out of my account when I did not authorize the transaction! This companies business practices really need to be looked into. I am not a lawyer but to me this seems illegal. Had I know that I was going to be caught up in something like this, I never would have given Pro Gel my information! Please Help!

  20. All of you guys are stupid as hell!! Progel works amazing. I’ve used 3 out of the 5 applications and my teeth are whiter then they have ever been. It’s well worth the price. Secondly, they charge your card for the free trial, and also charge your card the full amount as an authorization, which falls off. You should read the terms and conditions before buying any product. Don’t listen to the poor reviews of people that put their effort into finding fault and complaining. If you want whiter teeth, try progel, if it doesn’t work, move on. And the call center is not in India. It’s in the US and can even be verified on their contact us page. The only bad thing about the company is that you have to listen to a recording before speaking with anyone, until it transfers you to a customer service agent. You are voicemail jail and can’t zero out and you are forced the listen to the entire recording before the rep comes on the line.

    Bottom line, if you are looking for an affordable way to whiten your teeth, with very little sensitivity, in a quick amount of time, I recommend getting progel.

    Lastly, I am in no way shape or form an employee of Progel, nor was I compensated for this review.

    • If you are so happy why did you call customer service? Why did you find it necessary to put your “Lastly” comment. I read all the reviews believe it or not yours is the reason I chose not to try this product so thank you. Lastly just because people give a review you may not like it does not make them “stupid”.

    • They sell this product on Amazon and other places that charge a standard price, so thank you Vincent for one of the only enlightening reviews on this website…and yes always read the terms and conditions dumbasses

  21. I am totally disgusted with ProGel. Even though I cancelled asap, money is still coming out of my account! This better stop! My teeth are no different and you are nothing more than scam artists! I will be in touch with the BBB. I’m sure you’ve heard about it enough to know who that is!

  22. By the way, I spoke to a live person. 1-888-852-4493. I waited on hold about 10 minutes. The person was very persistent in telling me what I ordered when I know what I ordered; however the ProGel reviews below are correct.,they send you what they want and the automated machine is a joke as well. They will charge you. We all can’t be stupid. I am also writing BBB and in touch with my lawyer today. I am looking for a refund soon. It might be a good idea to travel to the company’s site: the address is 15820 Euclid Ave Ghinoo Ca 91708

    Times are hard and no one has money to throw away!!

  23. The worst! I ordered a trial size on the ProGel Teeth Whitener and received a kit. I soon cancelled my order within the week and only used the one vial. They charged me $119.96. Beware!!!

  24. ProGel people are trying to bilk me out of money also so I will contact my bank and report the charge of $43.96. This is the # I found on my bank statement 1-800-304-8964. They will tell you you had a chance to cancel the order for 17 days after paying for the sample, if you read the piece of paper that came with the sample. So don’t think they wont bill you just because you refused all attempts they try to get you to agree to ongoing shipments when you are wanting to just try the sample they WILL bill you again! I will be reporting them to the BBB also so this might not continue to happen to decent people.

  25. Pro Gel is nice, but your payment increases and when you call to cancel you can’t because its a stupid computer, so it keeps taking money from your account. Don’t buy this if you don’t have money like that to see your bill at $59.99. It starts all nice but it raises, trust me I know and i’m still trying to cancel.

      • I tired using a prepaid card and it would not accept it. Wondering how yours went through? That is the only way I will purchase the free sample. That makes no sense…purchase the free sample. It’s not free if I have to purchase it, now is it? That says a lot!

  26. BUYER BEWARE!!! They will sign you up for the auto-shipment subscription whether you want it or not. They will also continue to charge your credit card even after you CANCEL!! DON’T DO IT!!!

  27. Couldn’t sleep, remembered ad on tv about free sample of pro gel, just pay shipping and handling. Called number to request sample only. Did not want automatic shipping, only sample. Tried calling customer service number provided, no answer. Tried again tomorrow. Will be furious if I check my debit card balance in the morning and found that more than the shipping and handling was deducted from my account. Wish I would have known about these scammers before I called and left them my card info.

  28. I did ordered a sample for $29.90 plus S & H. I opened that small box. Only enough for on application, I found an invoice for $155.90 and they took that cash from my bank.

    I did call and received India. That call was a waste time and felt liked I was scramed These complaints are regulated by government. I will research were to file one.

    They will be looked into or investigated.

  29. I am so sorry to hear about the experiences you had with ProGel Teeth Whitener, it’s such a shame.

    But if you serious about whitening your teeth, here are some simple home products that works wonderfully. Everyone should have baking soda, lemon or strawberries in your home. Believe it or not, after brushing your teeth (I prefer Crest-3D toothpaste) simply apply baking soda to your toothbrush and squeeze some lemon juice on top of the baking soda and brush with it. This has worked wonders for me. This is not an ad, just my personal testimony. If you try this, and find that it works, pass it on to your friends and relatives.

    I think as consumer we have the right to send a complaint to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and register your complaint. This will put a stop to the SCAMS that are raping us of our hard earned money.

    Good Luck!

  30. Hello Scammer, upon reading all the negative reviews on your company, and how you scam customers out of their money, I will be contacting the BBB (Better Business Bureau) to report your company. Such a shame that in today’s weakened economy, you have companies like; ProGel Teeth Whitener scamming poor people out of their money. We are not the Rockefellers or Trumps. We are people struggling everyday trying to make a “Dollar out of fifteen cents’. How do you sleep at night?

  31. I order the teeth whitener on 11/01/2012. First, I never received the products, and secondly, I cancelled the product because it was taken out of my account on 11/02/2012. I placed a call to customer support and requested that the charges be reversed. The operator assured me that a refund would be entered on my account, and as of 11/25/2012 no refund has been added to my card. I tried calling today, 11/25/2012 and got a message that you will not be opened until Monday, 11/26/2012. Again, I ask that you cancel this order and credit my card. I will be calling again tomorrow to confirm that you received this message and to inquire about the return credit.

    Thank you,

    Diane McEwen
    card # ending in 6493.

    • Part-2 of the first reply.

      By the way, a total of $150.95 was placed on my card, and I have not even had a chance to used the products. What happened to the trial period? Is this just your company’s way of making money on the product before a customer return it?

      Please answer the above questions, and give me a call.

      Again, 517-702-1618 is my phone #.

  32. I ordered the sample of ProGel, haven’t even used it yet and was charged 43.94 to my checking. I had called their company and left a message to cancel any future orders and they still charged it. I called my bank and they cancelled the “processing” transaction. I then called the ProGel AGAIN and had to leave a message on a recording because there is no human to speak with and told them not to ship me any future orders, and do not charge my account, and to put back the $43.94 they charged to my account. I told them I will be reporting them to the BBB and that their automated system stinks because you can’t speak with a real live person…and you have to leave a message in the hopes someone calls you back. I am waiting for them to try and charge my account again, because they bank is aware of this going on and they are waiting on some paperwork from ProGel, once they get that paperwork and if ProGel tries to charge my account again, I will be able to dispute it. I already have my money back so suck it ProGel. I will tell every one I know not to do this.

    • This is just a review page and not the official website. To cancel the order contact the Progel customer service:

      National Dental Supply / ProGel
      15820 Euclid Ave.
      Chino, CA 91780

      ProGel Customer Service Phone Number Toll Free: 1-888-852-4493

      • There is no option with that number to speak to real live person. If anyone knows of a number where you actually can to speak to someone, put it on here.

        • Alicia, hopefully by now you have obtained a phone number for ProGel Teeth Whitener customer service. But if not, try 888-852-4493. This is the phone # for customer support. Good Luck! This company is a JOKE!!!!!


  33. I bought it , and never agreed to having additional money taken out of my account and was not told anything about sending another shipment automatically. The company, after I order kept me on the phone 10 minutes trying to get me to buy additional product and I kept telling them NO. I finally got tired of the whole thing and hung up, and thought they missed a sale. They sent me the sample and charged my card, then they charged it again! I couldn’t believe that they illegally charged my account. They said because I hung up, I missed the part where they told me that they would send more shipments and charge me! I never agreed and told them that they couldn’t hold me hostage over the phone trying to sell me additional product. They should make me aware of their conditions before I purchased! Do not deal with them ,, I wish I would have looked this up before hand. Please tell others!

  34. Don’t waste your time with the ProGel Teeth Whitener. There are over the counter whitening products at your local store that do a great job for cheap. I found a product for $6.99 that lasted for 3 months. $28 a year is worth the gel, trays, and time.

  35. Looking for a helpful and genuine review of a product on the net isn’t so helpful anymore. I was browsing for the keywords “ProGel Whitener reviews”. Of course, the search did throw up many results that I browsed through but I sensed something was quite wrong with all of them. They all had astonishingly positive reviews of the product. And every site also had a link leading to yet another site asking to order or buy the product. And I could actually buy the product there. This happened with more than 5 websites! But I wanted to read some genuine reviews before buying the product. Then I realized these were all sites promoted by the manufacturers. There was a similar pattern in almost all of them but they couldn’t fool me. And then I came to this place and found all these experiences about the product. Some of the sites promoting the PRoGel whitener through fake reviews are,,,,,,

    • What you experienced unfortunately happens because of SEO. People are cheated all the time rather easily with reviews praising a bad product to make it seem like a good product. The same way, search engines are also cheated all the time because they cannot tell a fake review from a genuine one. So scammers can easily take advantage of the loopholes in the search engines and have a field day posting fake reviews of products and other such practices. Almost every site that you mentioned is owned by one affiliate or another who gets a big cut from the manufacturers for selling their product.

  36. I was supposed to only pay the handling and shipping to try the product for free which led then to fully abuse my account number and have now charged me for the handling and shipping plus the actual order price with only giving me a sample supply in other words THEY WILL CHARGE YOU FULL PRICE even if you only got the sample that you where only supposed to pay $2.95 for. Unfortunately I was one of the person they got to scam.

  37. I have tried many products to whiten my teeth.I have read this post and will not bother to try Pro-Gel. I cant afford to take the chance of being ripped off! No thanks!!

  38. I ordered the trial version of Pro Gel (Van Nuys, Ca.). They charged me for the full version, thus overdrawing my checking account. Since then, it has been EXTREMELY difficult to get them to pay for my overdraft fees (almost $70), to say the least. I returned their crappy product without even trying it because I was livid about them charging my account, illegally. And yes, I followed the proper procedure to get my fees reimbursed to me, by faxing them a copy of my bank statement.

    I have called 3x and talked to 3 different “customer service” agents, followed up by 3 different “supervisors” who REFUSE to give me their manager’s contact number or information and instead, claim that they will pass on my information to their bosses so they can call me back. This had gone on for almost 3 weeks now.

    I have yet to hear anything from them in form of phone call, email, USPS mail, nothing. I talked with an attorney about a lawsuit, but he told me that the cost would outweigh the potential gains.

    In conclusion, do not buy from the asshole scam artists!! I know I am not the only one that these suckers have scammed out of money.

    • All you have to do is call your credit card company and tell them that the charge was not authorized and that you did not place the order on line (be adamant) and they will charge that merchant back. Tell the credit card company you’re not paying for something you didn’t order and they will credit your account…unless you paid by check. Even if you used a debit card you can get your account credited, I do it all time! Get er’ done! and good luck!

      There all scammers!

      • Cindy,

        I reads as though Mike used his ‘debit card’ and not a credit card. But the same process should apply with his bank. I’ve had to do the same with my own credit union in that I’ve asked them to void a transaction posted against my checking account. The hitch is that most banks or credit unions have a limit of times that they well do this for their customer. But I Mike has this one incident to report, he should be able to have the debit reversed and the charges reversed as well if he claims the transaction was ‘fraudulent’ or wasn’t authorized the amount debited.

        Good luck Mike!

        • Thank you so much! I used my debit card and got a surprise order….now perhaps I can get my money back. Wouldn’t mind so much if it really worked, but comments here don’t sound so good.

      • Good choice you will be paying more money then you expect I for now on am going to research everything before purchasing.

    • I also was scammed by this stupid advertisement from tv. I need to know if anyone has a legitimate customer service phone number I can call to reimburse my account??

    • I ordered the “free sample” of Progel for $4.95. 2 weeks later they had taken out $86.91 which caused my account to overdraft. Since I still had purchases pending on my account and the $86.91 was taken 1st, there was a snowball effect and my checking account is -$336.77.

      I called Progel and spoke to supervisor named James. (1-888-223-1115) He refunded the $86.91 which showed up in my account today. I asked him if he could please fax a letter to my bank stating that this was their error in order to get the overdraft fees taken care of. He stated that he was not authorized to do that. I explained to him that I would not be able to feed my daughter and pay my bills with the amount of money that was going to be left over from my check after it was deposited today ($40). He said, “Everyone has a sad story. Your family is not my problem,” and refused to fax a letter.

      Has anyone had any luck getting them to fax a letter admitting error?

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