Power Puff Vibrating Makeup Applicator Review

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Do you spend a lot of time in front of the mirror with regular makeup applicators trying to get your look just perfect? Is it annoying to see that results are anything but even and what’s worse is that the makeup smudges or runs off after some perspiration? If these are some of the problems you are dealing with then you will find great relief with Power Puff Vibrating Makeup Applicator, which is a brilliant vibrating applicator that is portable so that you can use it wherever you go.


Power Puff Vibrating Makeup Applicator
And that’s just one of the highlights of this product, which works equally well with powder and liquid makeup applications. Working with this product is a delight as you will never again complain about uneven makeup application. Neither will you have to think too much about overusing your makeup as the applicator will let you use it efficiently. When you use this applicator for your regular makeup, it will be flawless and even as you’d want it to be. What’s more, it will also be long lasting and won’t smudge like you see with other products in the market.
You will also be pleased to note that this product prevents moisture, which is often a concern. You also get a vibrating massage when you use this applicator and it ensures that blood flow through your skin is enhanced. It will help you get over many skin related issues as you start looking younger and more radiant. With over 12000 vibrations per minute, makeup is also applied evenly and there is no discoloration either.



What do I get?
What do I get?
When you buy Power Puff Vibrating Makeup Applicator you get 3 replacement discs, travel case and illuminated compact too for $19.99 plus P&H of $6.99 at www.getpowerpuff.com. You can get another set by paying additional S&H.



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