Peel Perfect Lip Stain REVIEW

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What is Peel Perfect? – Do you hate it when your lip color latches on to the glass you drink from? Now there is a simple and easy way to get your favorite lip color stay locked in your lips all day and all night. Here’s introducing the Peel Perfect Lip Stain, the new amazing way to get the perfect lip color that lasts you day in and day out.



How does Peel Perfect work? – Peel Perfect is designed with Color Lock Technology to ensure your lip color stays locked in for up to 12 hours. Color lock technology deeply embeds your lips with bold, radiant color and locks it in for hours together.

How to use Peel Perfect? – Simply apply the Peel Perfect lip stain, then peel it off, and it seals in your favorite lip color to last you all day. With Peel Perfect you will never have to re-apply lipstick ever again.

Peel Perfect Benefits – Peel Perfect is smudge proof, kiss proof and waterproof. It gently exfoliates your lips so you never have to suffer from chapped lips. Peel Perfect also gives your lips a plumper look. Unlike expensive lipsticks that smudge and smear, Peel Perfect stays locked in for hours together.

Peel Perfect Colors – Peel Perfect is available in 4 amazing colors: Kissable Coral, Passion Pink, Beautiful Berry and Rich Red. Order the Peel Perfect lip stain in your choice of color and enjoy the perfect lip color that lasts all day.


What do I get?
You get 2 Peel Perfect Lip Stain in your choice of color for $19.99 + $4.95 p&h at the official website:

Peel Perfect Lip Stain REVIEW

Many customers have reported in their reviews that there is a better tried and tested product available in the market – Easy Peel Off Long Lasting Makeup Tattoo Lip Gloss, which they prefer over the “As seen on TV” Peel Perefct.
Here are some reviews.

Christine Larson says she would prefer Easy Peel Off Long Lasting Makeup Tattoo Lip Gloss over the Peel Perfect Lip Stain , in her review she mentions – “Easy Peel Off is amazing! It is long lasting and doesn’t take long to set in to absorb into the lips. The only odd thing about this is that it feels like it’s numbing your lips. Also, when cleaning the lip brush, ensure you don’t touch it because it will stain your fingertips.”

Linda Green too prefers Easy Peel Off Long Lasting Makeup Tattoo Lip Gloss over Peel Perfect Lip Stain , in her review she states – “These glosses look like they’re too pink, too orange, and too red. However, having tried them, they are colorful without being bright, and they are so much fun! They go on like latex paint, and require some time to set and dry, like a temporary tattoo. The process takes a minor bit of getting used to, mostly in that you need to ensure you stay within the (lip) lines so that you’re not left with a stain outside of your lips. The included brush helps with that. Another learning curve is how you can make sure that the stain stays on for the 4-5 hours. It normally stays on, or even longer. The longer the liquid stays on before you peel it off, the longer it will stay on, and the deeper the color will be. Don’t put it on if you will need to do a lot of talking for the 10-20 minutes it will take the liquid to dry, and don’t touch your lips together until you’re ready to peel it off, as the liquid is quite sticky. (In other words, reapplying at work/out in public could be a no-no.)”

Carolyn Thomas reveals in her review that there is no reason why she will buy the Peel Perfect Lip Stain as there are several tried and tested lip glosses, she reviews the Easy Peel Off – “These are fun. You paint the lip gel on with the brush included and in about 3-5 minutes it dries and you peel it off to reveal a subtle tint to your lips. Adding a chap stick makes the tint last a few hours. It gives a nice natural look. It is a great way for a tween to wear lipcolor without looking like she is wearing makeup.”

Barbara Evans too likes Easy Peel Off, in her review she states – “These lip-stains comes with so many different colors in a pack, which is awesome. If you want to dress casually or are going to the beach then these lip stains are great for that because they give you a subtle look. They are very sexy looking. Be sure to use the applicator that they come with because it is difficult to apply without it. Leave it on for about 15 minutes and then peel off. It is long-lasting and doesn’t come completely off when you take a toothbrush to your lips.”

Trinity Banks too prefers the Easy Peel Off over Peel Perfect Lip Stain , in her review she mentions – “The application is very easy. It takes a little effort to get it peeled off but you will get it eventually. This purchase was great and worth buying again.”

3 thoughts on “Peel Perfect Lip Stain REVIEW

  1. This lip stain does not work or last for 12 hours! It might last for 1 hour if you are lucky! My regular lipsticks last longer than these do and they are brighter and darker, these are washed out colors.
    By the way, these two DIYs last better than these lip stains.
    Mixing Elmers glue and food coloring, that you peel off, lasts at least 4-6 hours.
    Vasiline and food coloring, that you can wipe off after 15 min, lasts around 3-4 hours.
    DON’T BUY THEM!!! Make your own!!!

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