Off the Wall Mirror REVIEW

About Off the Wall Mirror

It claims to be a new ring light 5x magnification mirror that suctions to any smooth surface and swivels 360 degrees! Off The Wall Mirror maintains that it is easy to use! Simply stick on, bend, swivel, turn the light and see everything clearly. Such a claim can be substantiated only after looking at Off The Wall Mirror reviews.


Off the Wall Mirror CLAIMS

Designed with a strong suction base, Off The Wall Mirror holds strong to any smooth surface and its super long goose-neck can be bent to any angle. Does it sound too good to be true? Off The Wall Mirror reviews will expose it soon.

Featuring 3 LED light settings: white light for indoor use, amber light for daylight use, and blue light for night-time use, Off The Wall Mirror’s 5x magnification lets you see exactly what you’re doing with no bending! Does Off The Wall Mirror really work as promised? Send us your Off The Wall Mirror review.

Off The Wall Mirror emphasizes that it is ideal for plucking eyebrows, inserting contact lenses, applying makeup, and doing your hair, shaving & much more! At this point of time there are no Off The Wall Mirror reviews to verify this claim.

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