No No Face Trainer Review

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Now you have a brilliant device to ensure that the most ignored muscles of your body; your face, are toned. This training device offers you results without surgery and injections because it works naturally and gently erases signs of aging. Thus you start looking younger and have a healthier looking skin.


No No Face Trainer
Knowing Your No No Face Trainer
This fitness device uses principles of resistance training on your facial muscles. Due to it your facial muscles are toned like the rest of your body is through exercise. You experience relief from aging lines and wrinkles.

Putting On the No No Face Trainer
Hold it open with silver inner lining faced to you. Upper side straps can be held in your hands and then you can flip it over your face. Upper straps should be attached behind your head, left over right. When you attach the top strap, eyebrows should be covered by the material and you feel a firm but comfortable resistance on your muscles. Lower straps should then be attached left over right, comfortably against the skin of your neck. Your skin should be flat under the Face Trainer and chin should be covered. Lock the Face Trainer in place with the neck strap while keeping tension and comfortable. Just before exercise increase the resistance of the top strap slightly.

Basic Training
Facial movements have to work against the resistance. Proper body posture should be maintained before exercise. Surprise Puppy Dog is the basic building block of all Face Trainer exercises and involves two steps; the surprised face where your mouth is open in an oval shape and eyebrows are raised, while you look up at the same time. You can place index finger on your lips to ensure they stay in a firm shape and don’t create lines.

For the second Puppy Dog Face step you need to relax your eyebrows and protrude your jaw. Keep lips touched together and protruding; you can make sure lines are not being formed and your teeth are separated. These steps can then be put together and transitioned between for complete movement.

Advanced Training

  • Under eye smoother: Start with surprised puppy dog, place middle fingers under your eyes. Then open your mouth for surprised face, look up, bring lower eyelid up to the upper eyelid without squinting.
  • Smile Line smoother: Perform surprised puppy dog and keep index finger front of your lips. When you transition to the puppy dog face, push your lips towards your finger without letting your teeth touch.
  • Chin and Neck Toner: While performing surprised puppy dog place both hands at the base of your neck, one on top of the other, palms against your chest and thumbs and index fingers against your neck. Lean back and you will feel it working. For better results keep your tongue touched to the roof of your neck.
  • Eye-opener and Forehead smoother: As you perform the surprised puppy dog, place ring and middle finger over your eyebrows and lift the muscles up. While in the surprise face, open your eyes as wide as they will go and then relax them in puppy dog face. Press down just above the brow during the exercise.

It is endurance, high repetition type of resistance training that can be performed every day eventually. But in the beginning you need to listen to your body and work your way up. Following Training Regimen in the manual helps you get best results. In the first week you can perform one 3 to 5 minute workout every other day. In the second week you can still train every other day but add another 5 minute set with a minute long break in the middle. Training sessions can be increased to five days a week.

It can be made into a daily routine from the third week.

No No Face Trainer Tips

To get optimum results from the No No Face Trainer you are advised to follow these tips besides going through the complete set of instructions.
• To get best training results keep it new and fresh; clean it after every use with Face Trainer wipes.
• It should be used on clean face and use of moisturising cream to keep skin smooth is advised. It’s vital because your face muscles need to move without any difficulty during the exercise. Pat dry gently when done.
• It’s important to remember how long you’ve used the Face Trainer as its best to replace it every 4-6 months based on its condition.
• To challenge yourself further, training can be done for 12-15 minutes but more than 20 minutes at a time is not recommended. Your skin needs time to breathe and rest. Even if you have an advanced Face Trainer it will show good results after 10 minutes of daily use.
• Normally, you can move to level 2 in 60 days but those well versed with exercises can also move to level 2 in 30 days. In that case you can go from week 4 to 9, skipping the second month entirely. Thus you will get to the alternating-level maintenance phase in 8 weeks rather than 12.

To reduce muscle soreness

  • Stretch: And you can do that by keeping your ring and middle fingers together and on your brow without the Face Trainer. This positioning is similar to ‘Eye Opener and Forehead Smoother’ that you see in the Advanced Training Techniques section in the manual. You can open your mouth in a large oval while keeping your fingers in place; you can then relax your eyebrows and pull them with your fingers. You can then feel the stretch as you let your eyes open wide.
  • Massage: You can apply pressure on sore areas either with your knuckles or fingertips and hold it for about 20 seconds. Circular motion can be used for jaws; if performed well these motions can reduce soreness and relieve tension.

No No Face Trainer Frequently Asked Questions

How long and often does one need to exercise?
It can vary as you progress and it’s advised to follow the Training Regimen. But it’s also important to listen to your body; if you feel sore you don’t have to exercise that particular day or every day for that matter.

Does one notice side effects?
All good workouts lead to fatigue and that’s true here too as your face gets used to Face Trainer resistance it can see some fatigue and soreness.

Is it normal for muscles to hurt during and after Face Training?
It’d because facial muscles are not used to this kind of exercise; once they adapt to the exercise, you will feel less discomfort. If you notice discomfort during training you can go through the Tips section of the user guide.

How long does it take for results to show?
Results come almost immediately and noticeable difference is seen after 2-4 weeks of consistent use. Each individual has own rate for progress with the exercise and therefore to see results.

When does one switch to level 2?
Normally after 60 days, but in case you are familiar with the exercises than in 30 days or so.

What if I stop using Face Trainer?
Face muscles begin to atrophy and get to their original state; it’s the same with all exercise routines.

Can the Face Trainer be used by more than one person?
Since it’s a personal fitness device, it’s not advisable to share it.



What do I get?
No No Face Trainer is available for $199 at



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