Nails In Motion Tip Tops Review

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Ever fretted over nails drying properly after a professional or home manicure? Well, here’s a revolutionary product designed to keep worries at bay. Nails in Motion nail protectors, Tip Tops, are designed to keep your nails smooth with a glass-like finish, even if it hasn’t had time to dry. Beautiful nails make you look good and feel good. Tip Tops is designed by women for women to guard nails from smearing and smudging.

How does Nails In Motion work?

Gone are the days for quick fixes for those nicks and twiddling thumbs while waiting for the polish to dry. They are easy to use and durable, while being the perfect solution to drying nails as you go about your day’s work.

Follow a few simple steps to keep those fingernails looking good. Simply place the Tips Tops nail protector under each finger, before you treat your nails. Snap it closed over each finger. Manicure your nails as usual. Then, turn it around each finger after your nails are done. Tip Tops protects your nails until they have dried and hardened.

With Tip Tops in place, you can go about your day as usual. Grab your coat and slip it on, reach into your purse for money, answer your phone and send text messages, fasten your seat belt. There is virtually nothing you cannot do while Tip Tops shields and protects your beautiful manicure.

Nails in Motion offers Tip Tops as eight finger protectors and two specifically designed thumb sized Tip Tops.



What do I get?
Mani-Pedi Protection Kit Includes

  • Manicure Fingernail Protectors
  • Sandals and Carrying Case



Reviews and Complaints
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5 thoughts on “Nails In Motion Tip Tops Review

  1. I ordered a month ago…STILL have not received my product. Called the (800) 562-6769 customer service number and received a message stating that this number is not in service. They took my money and I have no product to show for it. I just sent them an email. Waiting for a response. Not good business to treat your customers this way.

  2. Total bullshit. I ordered and paid over a month ago and still have not received my product. Don’t bother calling or emailing, they won’t respond. They obviously do not care about their sales or they would make an effort to return voice-mails or emails. DO NOT BUY DIRECTLY FROM NAILS IN MOTION.

  3. where else can I get Nails In Motion? I don’t want to buy it from the “as seen on tv” website with all those buy 1 get 1 free offers.

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