Macro Lash Extensions

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How does Macro Lash Extensions work?

Women love to flaunt a perfect eye lash since eyes are one of the most attractive features of their face. Everyone does not possess beautiful and long lashes naturally that mesmerize the beholder but over the course of time there are lot of things that have been invented to give a fuller appeal to the lashes. Macro Lash is one of such procedures which can help to get amazing looking lashes in no time. The most famous ways till now are either a visit to the salon where extensions are applied, mascara with powdered primer or fake lashes that are abundantly available in the market but Macro Lash will change the way lashes look real.



Macro Lash is a revolutionary way of getting realistic lashes that is certainly unachievable using regular procedures mentioned above. The idea is to actually blend more lash-like fibres on to the existing lashes that are present to beautify the looks. Macro Lash comes with fibres and a bottle of formulated fixing serum mascara designed for the purpose of applying the fibres easily. Three simple steps can start giving realistic lush lashes in no time starting with the application of first coat of the fixing serum mascara. The second step is to apply the Macro Lash fibres that easily attach to the ends of existing lashes due to the mascara, thickening and curling during the process itself. The last step is to apply a final coat of the fixing serum mascara that holds the fibres in place throughout the day.

Macro Lash works so well because it has realistic lash fibres which are better than any fake lash extension. Plus it is very tiny in size so it stays well stuck on the lash without the worry of it coming off unlike fake ones. This lightweight nature of Macro Lash not just helps in staying fixed but also makes sure that there is no risk on breaking or damaging the natural lashes. After use one can easily remove Macro Lash by simply cleaning the eyes with an ordinary eye make-up remover and brushing them on fresh.


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