Luminous Envy Tanning Bed Review

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Do you hate looking pale and washed out? You need to get a tan! All know the positive benefits of tanning, be it health, your look or your happiness quotient! Sunlight not only provides Vitamin D that’s essential for your body and health, it also increases the body’s serotonin level which is also considered to be the body’s happy hormone, making you feel more happy and energized in the sunlight. But, tanning can be such a messy job! If you hate the thought of all those uncomfortable tanning accelerator lotions, you need to get the amazing Luminous Envy Tanning Bed!


Luminous Envy Tanning Bed
With the Luminous Envy Tanning Bed, you won’t have to any longer, be half submerged with water in the pool even while trying to absorb as much of the sunlight you can! The smart inventor of this bed, Ms Cherie Garcia has come up with this very interesting looking tanning bed that optimizes available sunlight to insure you get a complete tanning!

The Luminous Envy Tanning Bed has sides that are angled in such a way so that you can relax on the bed, in the pool, without submerging in the water because water doesn’t get into the bed. The reflective material of the tanning bed captures all the natural sunlight, consolidates it and reflects it back to you so that all parts of your body get an even tan; these include your outer arms as well as the inside part of your arms, inner and outer thighs, parts which aren’t usually tanned when you are on an ordinary tanning bed.

The reflective material of the bed also serves to keep you warm, so that you can comfortably do your tanning on the patio, pool, grass; solid ground as well as water, during even the cool late fall and early spring months! You can now, lay back and relax in the comfort of the Luminous Envy Tanning Bed, which has an inbuilt pillow for total comfort and a cup holder for the beverage you require to stay hydrated. Get gorgeous and enjoy the blessings of the Sun outdoors, even while you relax in a bed that is not only stable and easy to maneuver, but it’s also easy to inflate and deflate!



What do I get?
Buy Luminous Envy Tanning Bed from the Official Website OR for just $99.95



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12 thoughts on “Luminous Envy Tanning Bed Review

  1. We have been selling a lot of these floats. The customers that have bought them love it. We do have them in-stock but it does not come with the air pump. Our price is $84.99 plus shipping.

  2. We have two of these, I came across this item while web surfing. I can agree it is sort of high-priced, & to the average consumer is – I won’t disagree they could be a bit more reasonably priced though.
    Large size
    Very Comfortable
    Easy To Inflate/Deflate With Included Pump
    No Item Use & Care Instructions Included, Only Use Instructions Are For The Air Pump
    No Mention Of A Warranty

    Things I Would Change Or Better If I Could:
    Multiple Air Chambers – One For Each Of The Sides & One For The Center Mattress – For Water Saftey
    Heavier Material – At Least For The Bottom Portion
    Include User Use & Care Instructions
    Provide Warranty Info – There Should Be Some Kind Of Warranty On Something Higher Priced Like This

    There is a video on YouTube you can watch on this item. You at least get to see the actual item & the person who invented it does give some information, Some additional info is on the product website under the category “FAQS”. Still there is some information lacking that should be disclosed.

    The Best Advice I can give for use & care is:
    Inflate carefully – do not inflate it so it’s rock-hard, leave it a bit soft so you can squeeze the sides of it, it will be a bit more comfortable that way & should avoid leaks in the seams – the sun creates additional air pressure, even when in water, the water only cools it off some – use caution.

    Do put something under it to protect the bottom of it when using out of water (Grass, Sand, Decks) – a heavy blanket for example.

    Water Use – Pools are the safest, Take care when using in rivers & lakes – Be sure it is an area where you are sure there are no sharp objects in it that can puncture it. Beware of water currents & wind – given its size, you can easily get drifted away where you don’t want to be.

    Care – Clean with warm water & a mild soap, this should remove any sunblock left on the clear top from use & towel dry, a cleaning of the entire item while still inflated – never hurts.

    I can say, based on our use & experience with this item so far, We do enjoy them & also following the set guide above We imposed on Ourselves for use & care, have not had any problems with them. We use them in only safe, calm lakes We trust & also made up Our Own anchoring devices to keep Us from drifting away. In addition, We avoid going out in very deep water – just in case. We also each, keep a plastic cup in with Us to pour water on Us to keep cool – the float can get a bit hot if the top is dry, also aids getting off them easier, as you can gt stuck to the clear surface. Hopefully This review will be of help to others & maybe answer some questions wondered.

  3. OMG its way way overpriced…FYI…other floats also have reflection panels on them so this float is not unique, it’s just ridiculously over priced. It’s just a basic float so save yourself a bunch of $$
    and buy one that does the same thing for $10.

  4. Is it safe for children in the pool?

    What is the size of the product, when inflated and when deflated?

    Does it fit all adult sizes?

    Is it safe for rivers, where there are chances of it being deflated by rocks and stones?

    Can it be recommended for a non- swimmer?

    • The item is referred to as “An Adult Lounge” Child use is at your own discretion. Luminous Envy Tanning Bed is meant to be laid on & relaxed on, not jumped on & off of. Deflated size – I never measured ours, inflated size is about 72 inches long, total width about 52 inches – from outside to outside of the side panels, the center mattress part you lay on is about 30 inches wide 8 inches high when inflated. Cannot say Luminous Envy Tanning Bed fits all adult sizes, I’m almost 6 feet tall & it accommodates Me just fine length-wise with a bit of room to spare. River use – this item is not made of very heavy gauge material – stones & rocks can puncture it, use in areas you are safe with where any sharp objects are not a threat. We’ve used ours in lakes, but only ones we trust & are familiar with. As far as I know no inflatable item should be recommended for any non-swimmer.

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