Luminess Airbrush Makeup Reviews and Complaints

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Now you will look 10 years younger, fine lines and wrinkles will vanish, age-spots and sun-spots will fade away, redness will be erased from your face, acne and blemishes will disappear before your eyes, your skin will look better than it has ever looked,…this is all possible with Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup System. The Luminess Air formula is a breakthrough in cosmetics.


Luminess Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup has been the secret of getting that fabulous look seen in films, television, magazines. Now Luminess Air has made airbrush makeup simple and affordable for everyone. Just a few drops of foundation in the air brush, a touch of the button and deployed with a controlled mist of air. You will hide your flaws, diminish imperfections and look at least 10 years younger.

Super premium water-based makeup mixes with a full stream of air. It feathers and blends with your skin to create a silky smooth cover. The flaws on your skin just fade away and you get that 18-year old skin. Luminess Air is a complete makeup system with 12 shades of foundation ranging from the lightest porcelain to the richest ebony.

It is made from natural mineral ingredients, hypo-allergenic and 100% oil-free, fragrance-free, water-based and dermatologist recommended. All Luminess Air Brush foundations come in two finishes – a daily Satin or more traditional Matte. It is never tested on animals. Once you try Luminess Air you will see how simple it is. First there were powders, then liquids, then minerals now there is air brush. Its the most exciting breakthrough in cosmetics in decades.

Luminess Airbrush Makeup Complaints

Tricky to use
One of the biggest problems with this product is that you need at least 3 or 4 coats to make sure you get anywhere close to decent coverage. It takes a while for the application to be done and meanwhile there’s a lot of mess created around you, which is annoying. It can also cause some kind of itching, which is not what you expect from a product like this.

Customer Service is disappointing
You find it very difficult to get yourself heard if you have any problems with this product. You have to pay returning shipping for sending the product back and it costs a fortune.

It’s not a durable product
It looks quite tacky and cheaply made. It is way too fragile and can fall apart, which is something you need to watch out against.

The billing is a bit underhand
There’s a lot to worry about here; you are not told about hidden fees that are involved with the trial period. You are also charged over three instalments but items are shipped more frequently, so it’s harder to keep tabs on things. Closing the account can be a complete nightmare and you keep getting charged for a product you don’t want.



What do I get?
Luminess Air® Basic Beauty System offers the complete airbrush with everything you need to get that true airbrush look. The system includes:

  • Stainless steel professional airbrush stylus
  • Air source compressor
  • Training DVD featuring ABC’s TV show Desperate Housewives head makeup artist John Elliot.
  • Over $200 worth of airbrush cosmetics including four shades of your personalized foundation
  • Airbrush blush
  • Body shimmer pearlizer
  • Micro-Bronzer and so much more
  • Both Systems include the stylish silver hello cluth bag. It holds your air brush system, and has generous space for your everyday makeup. Use it everyday or take it while traveling. No assembly required.

Luminess Air Pro System – This is our most advanced airbrush system, you get everything in the Basic system plus

  • Unlike the 1-touch Basic system, this airbrush features 3-Speed so that you can also airbrush your Body and Legs, do tanning in high speed mode. The delicate modes allow for more flawless Eyebrows, airbrush eye shadow and hair highlighting.
  • Silver Hello Cluth Bag

Luminess Air Basic Beauty System Price
30 Day Trial Price of only $29.95 + s/h/p, followed by 4 easy monthly payments of $49.99 only. Everything is covered by standard 1 year warranty and Satisfaction is guaranteed. (Basic System $229.90 + s/h/p*), the airbrush and cosmetics if purchased separately is worth over $390. This is a limited offer available to first time customers only; this offer is not available in stores.

Luminess Air Pro System Price
30 Day Trial Price of only $39.95 + s/h/p, followed by 4 easy monthly payments of $67.50 only – Best Value. It’s a little more, but you can do so much more. (Pro System $309.95 + s/h/p*).

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Luminess Airbrush Makeup Video
Video showing what all came with the airbrush system

Luminess Air Covers Blemishes Extremely Well

Luminess Air – How to Hold and Operate Airbrush

Luminess Air Airbrushing Basics


20 thoughts on “Luminess Airbrush Makeup Reviews and Complaints

  1. Luminess air continues to take money from me. It’s tally is exceeding $800 now. They won’t stop stealing my money. Told me they would provide a full refund but they are LIARS. They have mot refunded my money and conti bye to steal from me.

  2. I like the Luminess Airbrush System , my complaint is the colors they send were wrong. Instead of being able to return and get the correct mix I have to spend more money getting correct colors. Silk #4 shade is dark! The #7 blush that comes with warm kit is very orange. So right away I had to buy #2 foundation, and a different color blush. Then It does not come with concealer, so if you think those dark age spots are going to disappear, think again. I think a sample concealer should come with the kit. Overall I do like how it works and looks. It is easy to put on, and stays on all day.

  3. I love my Luminess air! I use to wear expensive liquid foundation and a dual finish powder, it did feel heavy and cakey but I thought that it was a better alternative then people staring at my acne. one day I was walking around the mall and saw a makeup artist using it on a girl that had similar skin to mine. Skeptical that something so airy could cover up any acne, I waited to get a chance my self. As I sat in the chair and felt the cool air hit my skin (wow what a nice feeling for irritated skin) a few minutes later she said that she was done, Done? I looked in the mirror and I couldn’t believe that it covered my acne better then my thick and cakey foundation. I believe that has been the best purchase that I have ever made! I highly recommend this to anyone that issues or is just plain sick of heavy coverage..

    • It works by charging you several hundred dollars. Not worth it. Can’t return. Can’t make them stop billing you

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