LipStix Remix Reviews and Complaints

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Do you have a drawer full of lipstick leftovers? Tired of digging out the lipstick left at the bottom of the tube? Frustrated when your lipstick breaks or melts? Then, get ready to discover the hot new beauty breakthrough with LipStix Remix – a fun, easy, and affordable way to recycle your lipstick leftovers, and create professionally shaped perfect lipstick in just minutes!


How does LipStix Remix work?

It is easy as mix, melt, and mold! The secret is in the Lip Stix Remix Magic Molder. This patented molder lets you create brand new custom color lipstick right down to the angled tips in the slanted tip design.

With Lip Stix Remix, it is so easy to recolor, recover and repair your lipstick leftovers for that perfect look!
A few simple steps will get you there. First, mix the lipstick leftovers in a mini mixing cup. Then, melt in the microwave for 45 seconds. Pour in some magic molder and freeze for 10 minutes. Slip on the new designer tube and you’ve got a brand new lipstick from you lipstick leftovers.

Did you know that 1/3 rd of your lipstick is usually left at the bottom of the tube? Now, all you need to do is mix, melt, and mold and you have a whole new lipstick in minutes.

Get your own new Lipstick Makeover Kit that includes lipstick remix magic molder, mini mixing cups, and recovery wands, containers for storing lipstick leftovers, designer lipstick tubes, stickers for naming new lipsticks, and illustrated easy to follow instructions.


What do I get?

  • 1 LipStix Shaper
  • 4 Lipstick Tubes
  • 2 Mixing/Measuring Cups
  • 4 Spatulas for cutting and mixing lipstick
  • Stickers for Lipstick Tubes
  • 4 Stackable Storage Containers
  • 1 Cosmetic Bag
  • Instruction Sheet

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12 thoughts on “LipStix Remix Reviews and Complaints

  1. a) I know that these are no longer produced which is quite sad.
    b) I bought mine off of her original website ( for $19.99…in…gosh, I don’t even remember the year.
    c) I found it easy to use and it has saved me so much money regarding lipstick. I started with 9 tubes, which made 3 lipsticks, which made 1 when they were done., and so on. Yes, I have bought a few lipsticks over the years, but in the end the mold MORE than paid for itself.
    d) I went to order one for friends and that’s when I found out they are no longer made.
    3) if you can fine one…get it.

  2. I have been looking on line ever since this was on the Shark Tank , please let me know when I can purchase at least 5 or 10 of the kits. My friends at work all want one and the ladies I quilt with. We are a good word of mouth for you. Great idea.. Sharon Williams Philomath Oregon

  3. I wonder why fake reviews on products abound on the web and how many innocent customers get cheated every single day. I wanted to buy Lipstix Remix, a product recommended highly to me, hence I thought I’d better check it out on the Internet through reviews. However, I didn’t know what was in store for me. I noticed that I wasn’t getting any useful reviews but only instructions on how to BUY the Product NOW. Nearly every page I visited seemed dedicated to guide me to place the order, which raised suspicions in my mind. I instinctively found the Lipstix Remix reviews fishy and so stopped reading them.

    • You’re absolutely right when you say that lots of buyers are getting conned by tricky manufacturers and the affiliates whom they pay vulgar amounts of money to write great reviews about their products. Most of the sites customers visit are in fact under the control of unethical manufacturers. They are empowered by the limited functions of Search Engines that display their reviews without judging them. A lot of loopholes exist on the Internet, which such sellers take undue advantage of to satisfy their selfish objectives of earning profits at the cost of hapless customers.

    • If you are counting on online reviews for truthful review of LipStix Remix, don’t as most of them offer misleading information. To get genuine reviews on LipStix Remix log on and type words like complaints, rip-off, scam etc. along with it as it’s more likely to provide relatively authentic reviews. Ignore flashy reviews that heap praises on the product and urge you to click on the link to buy it. It’s nothing but a promotional ploy devised by the greedy website owner to make you access the main page, which fetches him big bucks from the Company. Search engines aren’t any helpful nor the top sites on them so stay away from them.

  4. Ordered & paid through LipStix Remix company’s website over 2 weeks ago. Still have not received ! Horrible customer service(auto replies saying they will get back to you in 24 hours) which never gets back to you to help you. Very unprofessional. Considering shipping is very high and a rip off(over twice their actual cost) this product should have arrived at most in 3 to 5 days after I ordered & paid for it. Wish I could comment on product itself but as still have not received I can’t. Very frustrating & disappointing.

  5. Just got this product and it is REALLY fun! So far, I’ve mixed a “too red” red with with a neutral to make a really nice brownish red and mixed up a few pinks! My only issues is cleaning….the little pots are SO caked with hardened lipstick and soap and water doesn’t do the trick! using make-up remover wipes has helped. Any other tips? Otherwise…..LOVE IT!!!!!

  6. A small sample of actual email excerpts OR google alerts (from blogs, etc.) I have received from 1/29/10 – present

    • I think its a winner. I have a shoebox full of lipsticks I love, but have to dig out with a q-tip or the color wasn’t what I thought it would be. Now, I can fix all that. Thank you for your product, I will spread the word.

    — Kathleen A., California

    • Just wanted to tell you a few things, I love love love!!! I think it’s a brilliant system.

    — Mary P., Colorado Springs, CO

    • I purchased the show special and am thrilled with the results! Not only does it work perfectly for blending ends of lipsticks, but it worked flawlessly on blending under-eye cover-up makeup as well. I use the Dermablend QuickFix Concealer and had 9 tubes too small to apply directly on the skin. Scooping it out of the tube was messy and usually ended up with too much being applied causing creases in the makeup. I was able to melt all of the tube ends as directed, but did have to add additional time in the microwave in increments of 30 seconds. Once it was in the desired consistency, I was able to make my first 2 tubes! WOW was I thrilled with the results! As I mixed the light, medium and dark shades I had, the end result turned out to be a perfect match to my skin! Better than the original colors I purchased! I was glad to have 2 molds to work with as I needed them. I ended up with 3 new tubes of concealer and a bit more that I stored in the container for later use. I saved over $70 and the show special I purchased has already paid for itself twice over! Thanks for the tip on using cooking spray on the mold…it was needed and worked better with it than without it.

    The lipstick blends came out perfectly as well. I blended many tubes, received as free gifts with purchase which were too light or too dark, and came out with a whole new batch of lipstick shades that go with my coloring. To conserve the tubes, after cleaning in hot water, I was able to reuse some of the original tubes which were the exact same size.

    • Your Product is truly amazing! I live in Texas and the summers are HOT!! When your lipstick gets forgotten in the car it melts!!!! I am using the lipstick remix and LOVING it! I want to go out and buy new lipstick just so I can mix the colors and make some more!

    — Michele, TX

    • Every time I find a lipstick I love, they quit making it…but I have over 40 tubes with lots of lipstick still in the tube…

    — Joey P

    • I have a dozen used tubes of lipstick that I’ve been digging out and putting into small pots. I’d much rather have a regular tube I can carry in my purse and put on without a brush.

    — Karen R.

    • You cannot imagine how excited I am to order your amazing creation, due to my loving the color purple and having problems trying to find lipsticks in that color. Now I will be able to mix my own! I couldn’t be happier – your product is even more amazing than the demo I watched on ‘Shark Tank’. You really deserve to have this product go worldwide – women (and men!) who use lipstick everywhere would thank you.Can’t wait until we see the product on Canadian shelves as this is going to be a ‘must have’ for gifts!

    — Jeannie R. Ontario, Canada

    • I mixed together a bunch of my lipsticks to make 2 new colors. I even saved 1/3 of a tube of $34 lipstick, just from scraping out the product from inside the tube :). One of the lipsticks I remixed even went back into a recycled Yves Saint Laurent tube! I’ve got to say the color I made is much prettier than the original YSL color 😉

    — Michaela S., CA

    • Every woman on the planet that wears makeup should own one or more of these kits! Thank you for bringing it to us and keep up the good work!

    — Jo Anne S.

    • After watching this on Shark Tank, I fell in love with the idea of this product. This is a kit which is available online that lets you melt your lipsticks and create your own personalized shade or fix a broken tube. Her concept was that there is about 1/3 of lipstick still in the bottom of each used tube. You can take several of these and melt them down and with the mold, create a brand new tube. The main reason I bought it is because I’m always on the lookout for the perfect shade and texture & I have a ton sitting around. I figure if I can’t buy it then I’ll make it. I ordered the kit which comes with 1 plastic mold, 4 black & gold tubes, spatulas, 5 stackable pots, and 4 plastic cups in a small clear plastic cosmetic bag. It’s very easy to use. You scrape or cut off your lipstick, put it in the plastic cup, melt it, pour it into the mold, and put it in the freezer. You pop off the top, stick the lipstick in your case or their case, and viola, a new lipstick. I’ve made about 10 so far and I’m loving it. I got the perfect brick red that I’ve been searching years for. I highly recommend it this for anyone who loves lipstick!

    — Product Review by taralynn36 on makeupalley dot com

    • saw this product being touted on the show Shark Tank. I was so happy when you got backing for your product. I immediately went on the web site and bought two; one for me and one for a friend for her birthday. We both love it. This product is fantastic and easy to use! Thanks for getting back to me and letting me know that it also works with lip balm products like Chapstick.

    — Barbara P.

    • I’m so excited… I’ve been mixing and melting my lisptick for years, but never had the right tools, and was never able to make it into a stick format. My first batch is in the microwave as I type this 😉

    — Andrea E., Greenwood, IN

    • Sorry it took me a little while to get back to you; I’ve been having THAT much fun with my Lipstix Remix, seriously! I’m having a blast! It is SO easy to use and the results are fabulous. I rounded up all the lipstick in my house, car, purse, stage makeup case, bathroom, etc. and lined them up in the kitchen. I probably had a couple hundred dollars worth of lipsticks there, it was sad to see how much money I’d spent, only for it to sit in drawers and medicine cabinets! This one was too dark, this one was too light, this one too pink, this one too red, and on and on. But after scraping the lipstick out from the tube, I felt like an artist with a fresh palette! I got down to business, over the course of a couple of afternoons and have cooked up a few batches of The Perfect Lipcolor for me— both for daily wear, and two versions of the ever-elusive perfect shade of stage lipstick! I want to tell all my friends about Lipstix Remix, but then I worry that I’ll undermine my own gift-giving and spoil the most awesome present ever. -this comes from me as a mom, woman of color, and someone who hates to waste money or products 🙂 it’s actually VERY fun to use and create with— I’ve asked my girlfriends to bring me their cast-off lipsticks and let me mix up a signature color for them! 🙂 The idea of having a “Makeover your Makeup” party, where the hostess had Lipstix Remix kits on hand, along with cocktails and snacks, and invited girlfriends, coworkers, or family over for an evening of repurposing their unloved lipsticks! I bet between a group of 6-10 ladies, everybody could walk out with at least 2-3 new, fabulous, and PERFECTED colors! Seriously, Jill, I think this might be the absolute best invention in women’s products or the beauty world since lipstick itself! You have a fantastic product on your hands and you have my 110% support and best wishes for a huge success. I plan on ordering several more, for gifts and for our dance company to keep on-hand. You have a wonderful invention on your hands and I truly believe that every woman needs one— they just don’t know it yet!

    — Renu K. Denver, CO

    • I am very pleased with this product. I was looking for an alternative to using a lip-brush in getting the remaining bit of my favorite lipsticks out of the tube. I did not want to spend hundreds of dollars on the metal lipstick molds, as I am not doing production– I just wanted the ability to continue using my favorite shades…LIPSTIX REMIX to the rescue!! It comes in a complete kit with clear instructions and everything you need to either re-mix, or use the last bit of your current lipstick shade. Hint: I also used this product to make 1 lipstick tube out of 3 lipsticks that came in pencil form, as all the sharpening/shavings were wasting the actual lipstick product. I highly recommend this wonderful tool. Alex Washington, D.C.

    • I just wanted to let you know that I received the LipstixRemix on Saturday and had a ball fulfilling items on my lipstick wishlist–who knew it could be so easy to make a lipstick to match my favorite nail polishes? What a great idea to sell all of the equipment needed in one package! I’m sending the second kit to my mother. She’s going to love it!

    — Thanks! Jessica N. Irmo, SC.

    • I purchased one of these lipstick molds from you direct. I notice you haven’t gotten any feedbacks yet, and I just wanted to say I wish I could leave you some because this kit is absolutely brilliant.

    — Regards and hugs from Scotland, Laura

    • I was shopping with my daughter and was absolutely thrilled to find you selling your Lipstick Remix. Of course, I bought it. It was sensational and so easy to use. I showed it to all my friends and they all wanted one. I really love the idea too, it is like recycling. Thankfully, I saved a lot of my old lipstick tubes which were the color I liked and could not get anymore. I was thrilled to be able to make new tubes for myself. Thanks for this wonderful product! PS. They make wonderful Christmas gifts too!

    — Wanda Clearwater, Fl USA

    • When I saw this I thought ok, how good could it be. I finally broke down and ordered it, I was pleasantly surprised at how it came packaged and what was in the kit. So of course I had to use it immediately. Easy to follow instructions come with it. The lipsticks come out great, and it is a great tool.

    — Kathy fusionofcolor dot net

    • Just wanted to thank you profusely for fixing the broken lipstick dilemma! I’ve been frustrated for years with broken lipsticks and wasteful, “almost-finished-lipstick butts”. I hate the inconvenience of using a lipstick brush to utilize the last of the lipstick. Before I found out about LipStix ReMix, I tried to take the broken pieces, melt the ends and stick them back in the lipstick holder, but it was a cobbled mess that didn’t work. When it came in the mail, I was impressed with how comprehensive the kit was—from the empty lipstick containers, to the little spatulas of all different shapes and even the little containers for the leftover microwaved lipstick—everything has been thought out and provided. The directions were very clear and I actually had fun with the whole process. When my first “new” lipstick was finished, I couldn’t believe how store-bought-perfect it looked. I couldn’t wait to make more! I ended up with 4 brand new lipsticks out of many, many old cast-offs. I immediately ordered a kit for my mother. She’ll be so excited about the prospect of mixing and fixing colors—she has so many wrong colors that need tweaking. This is the perfect solution for her and she can finally throw away her lipstick brush. I think a lot of women will be Re Thinking their broken, half-used, wrong-colored lipsticks with LipStix ReMix. Good luck with it! Best, Lona New York, NY

    • I couldn’t resist ordering it and I was very exited to try it. It was easier than I had thought. I made a professional looking lipstick only within minutes after the package arrived. 🙂 I have made three lipsticks so far, one peachy pink with gold shimmer, one shimmery silver plum and one light taupe mauve. I like that I can easily remake them if I get tired of the colors. 😉 Cleodelinda, Sweden

    • Ridiculous ! This is not a proper review by an actual customer. Rather it is the owner of the company using this forum to promote her product by listing only positive comments here.

  7. LipStix ReMix Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How long will my lipstick last before it expires?
    Answer: Lipstick does not “expire.” Lipsticks have an almost indefinite shelf life. The major cause of deterioration is oxidation of the oils. All lipsticks contain ingredients to prevent this but sometimes if the cap is not closed tightly, over time, the lipstick might smell funny, but is still safe to use.

    2. Is the LipStix ReMix system safe to use for mixing my lipsticks?
    Answer: YES. Traditional lipsticks (Anhydrous) consist of waxes, oils, and pigments. They do not contain water which is necessary for microbes to survive. They also do not “attract” water or moisture from the air. If there is any surface moisture from applying your lipstick, it will evaporate rapidly and it is not present long enough for microbes to survive.

    3. Is it sanitary to mix my lipsticks together using the LipStix ReMix system?
    Answer: YES. After your lipstick is melted in your microwave for 45 sec. (1200 watt) any microorganisms that may have been present on the surface of your lipstick can not survive. Divine Innovations, LLC sponsored an independent lab study to determine whether or not common microorganisms on lipsticks can survive the LipStix ReMix process. A commercial lipstick was exposed to high levels of microorganisms to determine if any of them would survive after being microwaved for 45 sec. in a 1200 watt microwave. The results showed that the microorganisms were un-detectable in the lipstick.

    4. Can I mix an “inexpensive” lipstick with a designer brand?
    Answer: YES. Since all waxed-based lipsticks are based on the same general chemistry, there is not a compatibility issue. There is no chemical reaction that takes place when you mix lipsticks together.

    5. Is there any lipstick that is not compatible with the LipStix ReMix system?
    Answer: YES. SPECIAL CAUTION! Semi-permanent liquid lipstick packaged in a lip gloss tube is not compatible and could be flammable if microwaved. These types of products function by the evaporation of solvents after the product has been applied on your lips and could be flammable in the microwave. These products are not compatible with wax-based lipstick. Do not use. Lip product that claims an SPF is not
    recommended as you might not get the sun protection under these conditions.

    Adult supervision is recommended when using a microwave oven

    • Ridiculous for this to be here. This is not a proper review by an actual customer. Rather it is from owner of the company and is same FAQ that can be found on her products website.

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