LipStix Remix Reviews and Complaints

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Do you have a drawer full of lipstick leftovers? Tired of digging out the lipstick left at the bottom of the tube? Frustrated when your lipstick breaks or melts? Then, get ready to discover the hot new beauty breakthrough with LipStix Remix – a fun, easy, and affordable way to recycle your lipstick leftovers, and create professionally shaped perfect lipstick in just minutes!


How does LipStix Remix work?

It is easy as mix, melt, and mold! The secret is in the Lip Stix Remix Magic Molder. This patented molder lets you create brand new custom color lipstick right down to the angled tips in the slanted tip design.

With Lip Stix Remix, it is so easy to recolor, recover and repair your lipstick leftovers for that perfect look!
A few simple steps will get you there. First, mix the lipstick leftovers in a mini mixing cup. Then, melt in the microwave for 45 seconds. Pour in some magic molder and freeze for 10 minutes. Slip on the new designer tube and you’ve got a brand new lipstick from you lipstick leftovers.

Did you know that 1/3 rd of your lipstick is usually left at the bottom of the tube? Now, all you need to do is mix, melt, and mold and you have a whole new lipstick in minutes.

Get your own new Lipstick Makeover Kit that includes lipstick remix magic molder, mini mixing cups, and recovery wands, containers for storing lipstick leftovers, designer lipstick tubes, stickers for naming new lipsticks, and illustrated easy to follow instructions.


What do I get?

  • 1 LipStix Shaper
  • 4 Lipstick Tubes
  • 2 Mixing/Measuring Cups
  • 4 Spatulas for cutting and mixing lipstick
  • Stickers for Lipstick Tubes
  • 4 Stackable Storage Containers
  • 1 Cosmetic Bag
  • Instruction Sheet

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12 thoughts on “LipStix Remix Reviews and Complaints

  1. a) I know that these are no longer produced which is quite sad.
    b) I bought mine off of her original website ( for $19.99…in…gosh, I don’t even remember the year.
    c) I found it easy to use and it has saved me so much money regarding lipstick. I started with 9 tubes, which made 3 lipsticks, which made 1 when they were done., and so on. Yes, I have bought a few lipsticks over the years, but in the end the mold MORE than paid for itself.
    d) I went to order one for friends and that’s when I found out they are no longer made.
    3) if you can fine one…get it.

  2. I have been looking on line ever since this was on the Shark Tank , please let me know when I can purchase at least 5 or 10 of the kits. My friends at work all want one and the ladies I quilt with. We are a good word of mouth for you. Great idea.. Sharon Williams Philomath Oregon

  3. I wonder why fake reviews on products abound on the web and how many innocent customers get cheated every single day. I wanted to buy Lipstix Remix, a product recommended highly to me, hence I thought I’d better check it out on the Internet through reviews. However, I didn’t know what was in store for me. I noticed that I wasn’t getting any useful reviews but only instructions on how to BUY the Product NOW. Nearly every page I visited seemed dedicated to guide me to place the order, which raised suspicions in my mind. I instinctively found the Lipstix Remix reviews fishy and so stopped reading them.

    • You’re absolutely right when you say that lots of buyers are getting conned by tricky manufacturers and the affiliates whom they pay vulgar amounts of money to write great reviews about their products. Most of the sites customers visit are in fact under the control of unethical manufacturers. They are empowered by the limited functions of Search Engines that display their reviews without judging them. A lot of loopholes exist on the Internet, which such sellers take undue advantage of to satisfy their selfish objectives of earning profits at the cost of hapless customers.

    • If you are counting on online reviews for truthful review of LipStix Remix, don’t as most of them offer misleading information. To get genuine reviews on LipStix Remix log on and type words like complaints, rip-off, scam etc. along with it as it’s more likely to provide relatively authentic reviews. Ignore flashy reviews that heap praises on the product and urge you to click on the link to buy it. It’s nothing but a promotional ploy devised by the greedy website owner to make you access the main page, which fetches him big bucks from the Company. Search engines aren’t any helpful nor the top sites on them so stay away from them.

  4. Ordered & paid through LipStix Remix company’s website over 2 weeks ago. Still have not received ! Horrible customer service(auto replies saying they will get back to you in 24 hours) which never gets back to you to help you. Very unprofessional. Considering shipping is very high and a rip off(over twice their actual cost) this product should have arrived at most in 3 to 5 days after I ordered & paid for it. Wish I could comment on product itself but as still have not received I can’t. Very frustrating & disappointing.

  5. Just got this product and it is REALLY fun! So far, I’ve mixed a “too red” red with with a neutral to make a really nice brownish red and mixed up a few pinks! My only issues is cleaning….the little pots are SO caked with hardened lipstick and soap and water doesn’t do the trick! using make-up remover wipes has helped. Any other tips? Otherwise…..LOVE IT!!!!!

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