JML Mirror Mirror

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Make That Grand Entrance with Confidence

Mirror Mirror is a portable LED double compact mirror that promises to be a handy tool when you want to check your makeup just before you make that grand entrance. This elegant compact mirror is made with built-in LED lights that illuminate your face to eliminate shadowing, so you can apply your make-up easily and immaculately.

Perfect Mirror for that Perfect Touch

Mirror Mirror has two mirrors: one normal for general application and one with 5x magnification, to make sure you don’t miss a thing and have a flawless makeup. Professional tweezers are included for all the perfect finishing touches. Mirror Mirror has a unique additional compartment for its professional grade tweezers this magnetic case keeps your tweezers safe and that means you will never loose your tweezers again. Professional tweezers have a slanted edge that gives a firm grip and makes tweezing easy and comfortable.

Flexible Mirror

Mirror Mirror sits on any flat surface that will help you apply your makeup anywhere and it can be folded almost to any angle with its free standing hands free position that is sure to help you apply that eye liner to perfection.

Easy to Carry

Have you ever struggled with mirrors that won’t fit in your handbag? Mirror Mirror is a compact folding mirror that is easy to stuff in to your hand bags or even your pockets. With its elegant dark floral design it is stylish too. Mirror Mirror is an essential portable makeup mirror with easy on off switch you have the power of illumination at your finger tip. It has eight pure white LED lights that eliminates shadowing and makes you confident about your looks. Smooth, light and compact Mirror Mirror is a must in your handbag if you want to be trendy and smart.


What do I get?
Get the JML Mirror Mirror for just £11.99 + S/h. Official website:

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