JML Claritesse Compact Mirror Review

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Wearing make-up is exciting but if you don’t have the perfect mirror handy, you end up struggling getting it right. But not if you have Claritesse, an amazing portable LED compact mirror that also comes with tweezers brings light to your complexion even in the dark. Claritesse is the perfect accessory that completes your make-up kit. It makes it possible for you to apply make-up perfectly as it provides you perfect lighting required for that. Only Claritesse features built-in LED lights, which illuminate your face perfectly and does away with shadowing and haziness that you can’t avoid while using other mirrors.


JML Claritesse Compact Mirror
Claritesse makes application of make-up really simple and smooth. What makes Claritesse a cut above the rest is that it comes with two mirrors laid next to each other. One mirror is normal, which is for general application and the other with 5 x magnifications which helps you apply make-up flawlessly with precision without missing anything important. It also comes with the Tweezer, which helps you groom yourself better and look perfectly well turned out.

Claritesse comes with eight stunning LED make-up lights dotting the mirror, which throw light evenly for you to see yourself clearly while applying make-up. It also features the easy on easy off switch. What’s more, if you prefer, you can keep Claritesse on any flat surface to have a look at yourself in and get ready.

Claritesse also comes with professional tweezers which are included for you to give yourself the perfect finishing touches. The tweezers can be safely placed right under the mirror, which makes it easy for you to reach for it anytime you want. Claritesse is small, lightweight and compact, and so conveniently portable for the lady on the go! It also has a stylish dark floral design on it which makes it beautiful not only outside but also within. Claritesse indeed is like none other make-up mirror created so far that’s equipped with marvelous LED lighting for illumination. So make sure Claritesse is an integral part of your make-up kit and always on you!



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Get JML Claritesse for just £9.99 + Shipping at



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