Insta Slim Body Slimming Shirt for Men Review

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Are you still trying to hide the same old bulges that gives you a sloppy silhouette every time you get dressed, ever wished to make your body flaws disappear. Join thousands of satisfied customers that use I Am Slimmer Shirts to look slimmer instantly. These revolutionary body slimming shirts are made especially for men, Only the IAS Insta-Slim slims and trims man’s problem areas instantly.


Insta Slim Body Slimming Shirt for Men
Now you can look 1 to 3 inches slimmer in seconds without dieting or surgery. The I A S Insta-Slim collection includes crew neck and muscle-tank styles all specifically designed to redefine your trouble spots in to a trimmed and well-toned appearance from chest to hip. Available in black and white these amazing body slimming styles come in sizes medium to triple extra large.

All IAS Insta-Slim garments are made of breathable high-quality nylon Spandex blend fabric for plenty of stretch and instant memory. Instantly flatten your midsection while redefining your back and chest for a slimmer silhouette.

What would you pay to look slimmer instantly, what would you pay to get a toned look without working out, what would you pay to disguise sagging stomach and love-handles right away – two hundred dollars, 150 dollars, or a hundred dollars, now you can look slimmer and trimmer for as low as $29.95.

Insta Slim Body Slimming Shirt for Men FAQs

What are the different styles that you get Insta Slim products in?
There are two fashionable types of shirts in the Insta Slim range. You can get your Insta Slim shirt in a regular crew neck t-shirt or in the sleeveless muscle-tank style.

What are the colors in which Insta Slim shirts are available?
You can get Insta Slim shirts in two basic colors, white and black.

How do I know what’s the right size Insta Slim shirt for me?
You can simply measure your chest and go through the chest size chart given here to make your decision.

The medium sized Insta Slim shirt is perfect for chest size 38-40 inches, while the large fits size 42-44. If you need a size 46-48, you can go for the Large Insta Slim shirt or XXLarge for 50-52 chest size. There’s also the XXXLarge for chest size 54-56.

What’s the fabric that goes into making Insta Slim shirts?
All the IAS garments are made using superior quality Nylon and Spandex blend fabric. The highlight of this fabric is that it’s meant to help you stay cool and offer you utmost comfort. It gives your Insta Slim shirts adequate stretch and plenty of memory too.

Can Insta Slim garments be worn on their own?
Insta Slim garments are comfortable and snug fitting so that they can be easily worn under any type of shirt. However given that they are smartly designed and look quite fashionable, they can be worn on their own or you can team them up with a sporty dress coat too.

Can the Insta Slim shirts be worn by women?
Insta Slim shirts are specially designed for a man’s body and offer men support with trouble areas. However women can choose to wear these shirts if they want to.

How many Insta Slim shirts can one buy?
You can buy as many Insta Slim shirts as you want. However, only three free shirts can be offered to each customer.



What do I get?

  • 2 Insta Slim Muscle Tank
  • OR

  • 2 Insta Slim Crew Neck

You get 2 Insta Slim Muscle Tank, for $29.90 plus $19.90 S&H.
2 Insta Slim Crew Neck for $39.90 plus $19.90 S&H.

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7 thoughts on “Insta Slim Body Slimming Shirt for Men Review

  1. Thanks to all, I was about to order Insta Slim Body Slimming Shirt but thankfully found this first. Saved me from wasting my time and money.

    Thanks Again

  2. The first look itself at advertisements and promotions on slimming products usually reveal that it is only an exaggerated scenario. But the way ‘Insta Slim Body Slimming Shirt for Men’ was promoted; it seemed to be a real catch. So I wanted to confirm whether what I was assuming was correct. So like most people, I went online and googled it. It showed me several pages displaying websites containing reviews. But then I realized the difference between ‘stating to contain reviews’ and ‘actually containing a genuine review’.

    The websites which ‘claimed’ to contain a genuine review mostly had a direct link to the transaction page, for ordering online instantly. Most of the pages had ‘Buy Now’ buttons. And the remaining websites contained reviews which were of no use. For example, all they stated was that ‘it is a must buy!’, ‘order online now’ or turned out to be a different advertisement altogether! But luckily, I found what I was looking for, here, on this website. Hopefully I don’t have to waste my time next time to find genuine reviews. I hope to find relevant reviews here again.” Here are some of the sites having fake reviews –,,,

    • I hope so too that you do not need to waste your precious time on just searching for an appropriate feedback. Posting reviews with a very extensive use of keywords as product names is nothing but a SEO technique. I understand how important it is to know about a product before purchasing it. That is the reason why I have incorporated this review section on our website, which is no doubt genuine.

  3. Their “money back guarantee” is a big lie. I returned the shirts as instructed and they refuse to issue a refund. Stay away from this company…very poor customer service and all they want is your money. The shirts are very uncomfortable as well.

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