Hot Tatz Tattoos

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What is Hot Tatz? : are temporary finger tattoos available in a variety of designs that can also be removed by washing off with soap and water.

The exciting new way to make a statement

Hot Tatz are being promoted as finger tattoos made for those who love looking funky and stylish. These tattoos are put up on fingers, and so make for an innovative way to accessorize yourself in style. Hot Tatz claim that you they are unique and sure to make you the centre of attention as everyone will be surprised with the art on your fingers.

Absolutely temporary, won’t create mess

If you’re concerned that Hot Tatz doesn’t go away easily or makes your hands look all messy, its makers assure you ther’s no reason to worry. Hot Tatz are completely temporary, don’t spoil fingers at all and can be easily removed with soap and water.

A variety of designs

Every Hot Tatz set contains 60 temporary finger tattoos with 20 designs in every sheet. There are images like mustache, an ice-cream, stars, a mic, an anchor, diamonds, hearts, and even red lips for the bold ones. In addition to that, there also are lots of words like ‘Wild’, ‘Love’ or ‘Laughter’, ‘Promise’, ‘Smile’ and more to express your mood. Since there are even more designs and words to depict your mood to choose from, you’re promised that with Hot Tatz not a single moment will be dull.

Impress one and all

Hot Tatz might be what you need to create a great impression on everyone wherever you go. You can break the ice with people in a party, on an outing or anywhere if you wear Hot Tatz.

Fun and convenient for everyone

The designers of Hot Tatz go all out to convince you that these finger tattoos are for the whole family as everyone can make a statement in her or his own way. Since it’s easy to get temporarily inked with Hot Tatz and as simple to wash them off, you can sport as many as you like any number of times without any hassle.


What do I get? 120 Hot Tatz Temporary Finger Tattoos for just $10.00 plus $15.90. Official website:

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