Hot Stuff

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Irresistible cosmetics palette

Hot Stuff by Jerome Alexander is aimed to be regarded as the most amazing, daring and eye-catching make-up kit. Hot Stuff brings five different color palettes that offer great lip gloss shades, luxurious compacts and equally striking eye shadows. Having Hot Stuff, the makers guarantee, will make you look hot and happening and make heads turn. Promoted with a gripping advertisement, the cosmetic palette is sure to make women sit up and take notice and make them crave for it. The shades are exceptionally appealing and designed to find favor with not only teenagers but also mature women who can carry it off gracefully.

Swappable pop in and out palette

The makers have positioned Hot Stuff in such a way that it is not only the cosmetics but also the tray that grabs the attention. The palette is swappable as it pops in and out smoothly. The objective seems to be making it quick, convenient and fun for you to open it and apply. You can easily change the palettes by placing your cosmetics within seconds as per you’re your requirement.

Variety in colors and shades

Hot Stuff guarantees plenty of options to choose from. There are numerous colors available in eye shadows and that too in a single palette. Jerome Alexander’s lip gloss shades are apparently very popular as they not only good to look at but also nourishing to keep lips moist and hydrated. The eye shadows are also available in pretty shades that glow and shimmer. All cosmetics, according to the makers are free from harmful chemicals and therefore safe to use besides being gorgeous. The kits are easily manageable as they can be shifted and shuffled and exchanged easily.

  • Get Hot Stuff for 10.99 Plus P&H

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