Hot Brows

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Isn’t getting perfectly shaped eyebrows such a huge struggle? No matter how much time and effort you spend in shaping them they turn out in strange shapes and are often not well-defined. Getting them done in a salon is not quite an option because it’s so expensive. But the new Hot Brows, the stick on stencils will make sure getting hot eyebrows is no longer a waste of time and energy for you. Hot Brows will give you amazingly beautiful and perfectly defined brows within seconds and your eyebrows will never be patchy or crooked again. You will get a flawless celebrity like look in no time and it will make you look younger and fresh every time you use Hot Brows.

How does Hot Brows Work

Hot Brows is so easy to use. All you need to do is peel off the stencil, press it against your eyebrows and fill into the shape of the brows. There are four different contours to give you the shape that would suit the frame of your face – whether you want it sexily curved, pretty soft, elegantly structured or boldly full arch. Using the pencil on your eyebrows makes it go all over the place but Hot Brows contours it well so that the pencil doesn’t smudge it on your face at all. Unlike regular stencils slip and slide on your face making it difficult to use them but Hot Brows stays in one place to show you the precise shape so that you can easily fill it with a pencil or even powder. It also has arched strips that you can stick on to tweeze precisely without over plucking.

You do not have to worry about skin reactions with the adhesive of Hot Brows since it is hypo allergenic and safe for the skin. You can also reuse it daily. You will get the different curved, soft, full and structured styles of brows, that is, 40 pairs in all. Hot Brows also has an organizing kit that includes tweezer, grooming brush and defining pencil. So get celebrity style eyebrows easily and quickly every day with Hot Brows.



What do I get?

  • 2 set of Hot Brows eyebrow stencils (Each set comes with 40 stencils – 10 Curved, 10 Soft, 10 Full, and 10 Structured Arch.)
  • Organizing case with tweezers, pencil, and grooming brush

All this for $ 10.00 + 15.90 P.& H. Official website



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