HenaTatz Henna Tattoo DIY Kit Review

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These days the trend of having tattoos is increasing and it more of reveals the personality of the person wearing it. Henna tattoos are especially the most widely favored tattoos by girls and they certainly look amazing for special occasions. But you might take a step back thinking how costly a henna tattoo artist would charge you for even a simple looking design. But without any other options either you spend the money to get it or forget the idea of getting it done. Well worry no more because now there is a way to get henna tattoos right at home with HenaTatz.


HenaTatz Henna Tattoo DIY Kit
HenaTatz is a safe do-it yourself kit for designing henna tattoos right at home. The innovative HenaTatz comes with an applicator which eases the use of the henna application on the skin. For people who are not good at designing what they want, it comes with a wide range of designer tattoo stencils. These stencils are supposed to be stuck on the skin to get an imprint of its design. Later this imprint can be used to trace the henna through the applicator to get the perfect looking design within a matter of a few minutes. This professional looking design is guaranteed to last up to 3 weeks.

HenaTatz is based with the powder of henna making it all natural and safe to use on the skin. The kit also comes with special transfer oil which facilitates imprinting of any type of design for creating the tattoo. This means one can just simply download or create a new tattoo design, transfer its imprint on the skin by converting it into a HenaTatz stencil using the oil provided and trace it using the applicator bottle.

This HenaTatz do it yourself henna tattoo kit comes at a very attractive low price and rules out any competition in the market. Its kit contains henna enough to make up to 15 tattoo designs, the applicator bottle, henna transfer oil and 20 reusable free tattoo design stencils. But as a limited time offer, on purchase of the HenaTatz kit you get another full set of HenaTatz kit absolutely free.



What do I get?

  • 2 Henna (Enough For Up To 30 Tattoos)
  • 2 Henna Transfer Oil
  • 2 Henna Applicator
  • 40 Reusable Tattoo Stencils

All this for just $10.00 + $13.98 s/h. Official website www.HenaTatz.com.



HenaTatz Henna Tattoo DIY Kit Video

4 thoughts on “HenaTatz Henna Tattoo DIY Kit Review

  1. I ordered HenaTatz a while ago (near the beginning of summer) and havent recieved the product yet.. not sure how long it usually takes to ship but you’d think itd be here by now since its been at least a month…

  2. HenaTatz is as good as they say. The kit makes it very easy for anyone to make professional henna tattoos. The applicator bottle has a fine tip so you can get detailed results. I’ve created many tattoos with just the one kit. My 12 year old daughter is able to use the product without any problems and has a blast with her friends. The shipping charge of $13.98 is for two sets not one which isn’t bad for all that you get. I would recommend this product and I would buy it again.

  3. Review HenaTatz

    Is HenaTatz really easy and precise to create henna tattoos?

    Can HenaTatz transfer oil really be used to create a stencil of any design?

    Does HenaTatz really stay up to 3 weeks time?

    Is HenaTatz safe to use?

    Is HenaTatz really an all natural tattoo?

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