Genie Magic Boost Pads Review

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Don’t feel awkward the next time you want to wear that slinky top or a T shirt. Having a voluptuous bust is now possible with the Genie Magic Boost Pads, the perfect inserts you just slip in bra to have the ultimate lift instantly.


Genie Magic Boost Pads
Genie Magic Boost Pads are made from lightweight material and add up to a full cup size, which give you not only perfect shape but also soothing comfort. There’s absolutely no discomfort or tightening after you wear the lightweight pads as they are designed to fit securely inside.

Genie Magic Boost Pads are also smooth in texture, hence are invisible under clothing. The pads can be worn with Genie Bra as well as with a regular bra to acquire the perfectly great look and shape. They contour to your natural figure to give you the ultimate lift. And the confidence to wear your favorite outfits whenever you feel like it!

The secret behind Genie Magic Boost Pads is the blend of comfort fabric, lightness in weight and fitting. They all work together and create uplift exactly the way you want out of the perfect bra pads. They are designed to be invisible under clothing and also feel the same, so you can have the extra fullness you desire without any difficulty.

A little bit of additional fullness actually makes a lot of difference as that’s what makes you look irresistibly appealing. The Genie Bra Magic Boost inserts give you just that lift, fit and a boost of confidence too. It’s easy to use and does not involve any extra efforts. The pads, which come in a set of two, add up to a full cup size right away like magic.

Genie Bra Magic Boost Pads set is a must-have in your wardrobe as you simply can’t compromise on the way you look in any outfit. So place your order for Genie Bra Magic Boost available in nude colour right away and pay only three easy installments.



What do I get?
Get a set of 3 Magic Boosts (nude) for 3 Easy payments of $6.99. Official website



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