Eye Magic Instant Eye Lift Review

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You are about the discover the best kept secret of celebrity make-up artists and Hollywood beauty photographers for years. Presenting Eye Magic – The premier instant non-surgical eyelid lift. Eye Magic quickly and easily lifts drooping upper eyelids to a youthful shape


Eye Magic Instant Eye Lift
The secret is Eye Magic’s transparent hypoallergenic, lightweight strips that comfortably fit in the fold of your eye to give you an instant lift. Your eyes will look bigger and younger.

About Eye Magic Instant Lift

Your eyes might be the window to your soul, but they also hold the first tell tale signs of aging. If you have hooded eyelids or deep set eyes, droopy upper eyelid skin can give your face that tired look. It’s caused due to sagging eyelid skin, which leads to this undesirable effect on your face. Eyelid plastic surgery was considered to be the only possible solution to this problem, till very recently. It’s an expensive procedure, there are risks involved and needless to mention, road to recovery is quite long.

Eye Magic is a specially designed product to lift drooping eyelids to a youthful shape, quickly and effectively, without any surgical procedures. The restorative strips hold the skin back in its original position thus avoiding any drooping.

You will lose years off your face within no time.

Thin, translucent, hypoallergenic, conformable plastic is used to make Eye Magic strips. It’s very easy to use and results can be quite startling. What’s more, you can use it with or without any cosmetics.

Today Eye Magic is considered to be a healthy option to blepharoplasty and brings sagging eyelids back to their youthful shape in a matter of minute or two. One application will last through the day; you can apply the strips with your makeup in the morning and take them off before bedtime. You can use Eye Magic every day or on special occasions when you want to look your best.

How to apply Eye Magic

You can now bid goodbye to droopy eyelids and the tired look on your face by applying Eye Magic in three simple steps. For starters, you remove the transparent Eye Magic strip and place it on your finger. You can then apply a small amount of gel on the side of the strip where you will find the adhesive. Try not to get any gel on the other side of the strip. Now apply the strip to the crease of your eyelid. You can push it as far back as you can for better results. You can remove the strip and place it back on till you get the positioning just right. The strip will stay put after a minute or two and you will experience sensational results.

Eye Magic Instant Eye Lift FAQs

Who can benefit from Eye Magic Eye Lift?
If you think you have drooping eyelids and deep set eyes, you will see an enhancement once you start using Eye Magic Eye Lift. Often the improvement is rather dramatic. However people with small or outset eyelids that are very large might not see any improvement after using Eye Magic Eye Lift.

How many strips does each box contain?
Every box of Eye Magic Eye Lift has 64 strips, which is your monthly supply for daily use.

Can you see the restorative strips on eyelids?
These strips are meant to be invisible and they often disappear on the eyelid. If you have small or very large eyelids, they might not be as invisible as they are on people with deep set eyes. However you need to note that results vary from one person to another and there are reports of Eye Magic Eye Lift working well for people with large eyelids too.

What’s the frequency of use for Eye Magic Eye Lift?
Eye Magic Eye Lift is commonly used daily as a remedy for droopy eyes and tired look. While there are some who only use it for special occasion. Working professionals and executives can benefit from it when they have to take corporate photos, while photographers and make-up staff can make their clients look younger and brighter by using it. Many have also used Eye Magic Eye Lift to change the shape of their upper lids and have managed to see fantastic results.

Is Eye Magic Eye Lift a temporary solution for your eyelids or can you see long lasting results?
When you use Eye Magic Eye Lift, results are temporary and last as long as you have strips on your eyelids. In fact, Eye Magic Eye Lift has been designed to be used daily and works as an alternative for surgery. Remember, even surgery doesn’t offer you permanent solution for your eyelids.

Can Eye Magic Eye Lift strips fall off?
If Eye Magic Eye Lift directions are followed to the T, these strips won’t fall off. These strips are very sticky on one side and you need to apply a gel first to ensure that the strips can move around. They can be taken off, put on and readjusted till they are positioned just the way you want them to be. If you are satisfied with the placement, you can leave them in their place and they will set within a couple of minutes. They will stay in their place through the day (about 12-18 hours).

Can contact lenses be worn when you have Eye Magic Eye Lift on?
Yes of course, they can be. What happens with droopy eyelid skin is that it sits on top of the eyeball and Eye Magic lifts the skin from that area. Hence it’s often been reported that people who wear contact lenses with Eye Magic Eye Lift experience additional comfort.

I don’t feel tired but I am told I look it. Can Eye Magic Eye Lift get rid of that tired look?
Those using Eye Magic Eye Lift often talk about how they keep getting compliments from their loved ones and colleagues about their new and improved look. It’s been seen that not only does Eye Magic Eye Lift eliminates the tired look often stemming from droopy eyelids; it also makes people look younger by about 10-15 years.

What if one experience droopiness but the eyelid is visible? Does Eye Magic Eye Lift work for people who do not have completely covered lid?
Eye Magic Eye Lift can be used even when eyelids are visible. It is supposed to lift the droopy area of the eyelid and bring it back to its curved shape. The strips you get are translucent, thin and hypoallergenic on one side. You can apply a gel to ensure that the strips can be readjusted and moved around for perfect positioning. Once that’s done, the strips set within no time and stay put.

Can Eye Magic Eye Lift be used by men too?
Yes, many men tend to use Eye Magic Eye Lift and benefit from it too. If heavy eyelids tend to obscure your vision then Eye Magic can solve the problem for you. In case of older men, who have thinner eyelid skin, you need to follow instructions very carefully and the strips should be removed gently and softly.

Does Eye Magic Eye Lift work well on dark skin and people of color?
Most definitely. Since Eye Magic strips are clear, the color of your eyelids will be seen. Whether you have dark skin or you are wearing an eye shadow, the color of your skin or eye shadow will show through.

Is the gel used with Eye Magic Eye Lift safe for skin? Does Eye Magic contain latex?
A medical grade, hypoallergenic adhesive is used to coat Eye Magic strips. It’s a petroleum based gel and is applied over the adhesive to maintain the strong adhesion properties. At the same time it allows them to be readjusted and repositioned without losing adhesive properties or pulling your skin. The gel also makes for easy removal when you need to remove the strips. Since it’s made out of hypoallergenic material, it shouldn’t irritate your skin either. However if the skin on your eyelid does feel irritated then you are advised to discontinue use instantly. The product does not contain any latex but it uses a petroleum based gel. Hence if you are allergic or sensitive to petroleum based products then you shouldn’t use Eye Magic.

Is it a double eyelid tape?
A double eyelid tape is usually a specially designed product to create a crease on Asian eyes as they do not have one. It thus forms a visible lid when eyes are open, which is how it gets its name. They are often made out of stiff plastic with adhesive on one side and have an embossed pattern on the top. They are available in small crescent shapes. For the double eyelid look, the tape has to be sufficiently strong to create a crease opposed to the resistance of the smooth skin at the back of your eyelid. Eye Magic Eye Lift on the other hand is made using thin, light material and works on your existing crease. It secures the skin in its place and brings the sagging forward. It holds the skin in place as it smoothens out the top curve of the eyelid. However it’s not stiff enough to apply resistance that can form a non-existent crease like a double eyelid tape does.

Are the results you get better than what you see using an eye lift cream?
Yes they are. Eye Magic Eye Lift is often considered to be an alternative to blepharoplasty or upper lid surgery. If you have to achieve similar results without going through a surgery, you will need to apply external physical support in order to replace the breakdown of the collagen structure below, which is the reason behind sagging skin. Eye lift creams claim that they can revitalize the collagen structure if you use them consistently. However that’s nothing more than a myth. Collagen is produced due to an internal systemic process and has nothing to do with external application of creams. There are some firming, eye lift creams that will manage to temporarily plump up the skin surrounding your eyes making them look smoother. However these creams just cannot be strong enough to be able to keep the skin back or repair the collagen structure that gets broken down.

Eye Magic Eye Lift Application and Removal

How long does one application of Eye Magic last?
Application time will vary from person to person. If your lids tend to stay dry for long durations then Eye Magic will last longer than for people whose eyelids turn moist sooner. There are some who keep it on through the night while others tend to take them off before they go to sleep. It’s recommended that you take them off before you go to bed or if they cause you any kind of discomfort.

Can Eye magic be applied easily?
Users often say that they don’t have any difficulty applying Eye Magic. There are some who say that they have some difficulty applying the strips initially but once they understand how these strips work and figure out their positioning, application becomes extremely straightforward. Practice does make things perfect here and you will find things a lot easier once you start using Eye Magic regularly. You can put these strips on and take them off a few times to experiment with the positioning till you get it absolutely right.

Can you apply make-up with Eye Magic Eye Lift?
There’s absolutely no problem wearing make up with Eye Magic. Just apply your make up as you usually would and then put a small amount of gel on the strips. Now place these strips on the eyelid with the make-up on, in the perfect position for yourself.

Can eye shadow be used with Eye Magic?
Eye shadow can definitely be used with Eye Magic, however it’s a good idea to get used to its application before using eye shadow. You are also advised to start using the eye shadow on your brow bone and not on the eyelid at least initially. Once you get a hang of how application has to be done, you can start using eye shadow as you normally would, over your make up. Then put a tiny amount of gel on the strip to cover the sticky side of the strip to form a thin layer. Place Eye Magic strips over your eye shadow in a position that’s suitable for you.

Can you apply eye shadow on top of the strips?
If you use powder eye shadow then you will have to put it on first before you apply the strip as it doesn’t stick over the strip. The color will be seen and if it smudges a bit, you can touch it up. You can also wear these strips without eye shadow, which can then be applied on the brow bone to accent your eyes. You can use both the techniques too. You can also find some cream eye shadow that will stick to these strips. Several tests have shown that applying strips over makeup shows better results. You might also be able to figure out a way that suits you best through experimenting. It’s a good practice to start getting comfortable with application of Eye Magic on its own before using it with makeup.

Although Eye Magic strip fits my eyes well, it’s a bit visible. Is it because of improper placement?
It could well be that it’s not placed back far enough on the eyelid. Your lid will flip up if the strip has been placed way back. If you have done the best you can by placing them as far back as possible and they can still be seen, then you can camouflage them with makeup. It might also happen in case there’s not enough eyelid surface for Eye Magic to work.

Once the strips are applied you see a buckle, right in the middle. What can be done to prevent it from happening?
Buckling happens if strips are too wide for a person’s eyes. You can snip off the edges of the strips and don’t worry, it won’t compromise their effectiveness. Buckling can also happen if too much gel has been applied on the strip. Remember, you only need a tiny amount of gel to form a thin layer. Make sure you don’t get any gel on the non sticky side of the strip. Once you place the strips, you can pat them with your fingertips so that they adhere to the lid well.

Can moisturizer be applied on your eyelids before using Eye Magic?
It’s not recommended simply because moisturizers often contain irritants that can lead to redness on your lids when you use Eye Magic. You can apply moisturizer only on the skin between your eyelid and eye brow.

Isn’t it difficult to remove these strips after a day’s wear?
It’s not at all difficult because you have added the gel to the adhesive before applying them. Even after a day’s wear, the strip can be peeled off easily. They might be harder to remove after few hours’ wear but the process is exactly the same because the adhesive will be stuck a bit more tightly. Hence you will have to peel them off very gently.

How can one remove Eye Magic gel?
It’s a soft gel that stays soft as well. It’s colorless and can be removed with the help of practically any makeup remover. Albelone makeup remover, which can be found in most drug stores, is a good idea. The gel doesn’t leave any residue but it can feel sticky afterwards.

Does repeated removal of strips stretch your skin over time?
If you use Eye Magic according to instructions, there is no additional stretching that’s likely to happen. Moreover the gel that you apply to the strips ensures that they can be removed without any pulling. You can also use oil based makeup remover to remove these strips whenever you want to.

Medical Conditions
Does Eye Magic work for people with Horner’s Syndrome?
Unfortunately, Eye Magic hasn’t been designed to eliminate droopiness that is caused by muscle or nerve dysfunction. But that’s not to say that Eye Magic hasn’t shown some improvement for people with such conditions. What Eye Magic does is, it holds the skin of your eyelid back so that it doesn’t sag towards your lashes. It is accomplished by offering additional support in the form of a strip, which is placed on the fold line on your eyelid. It’s found high up on the lid and when the strip is placed over it, the skin stays in its place. If the droopiness in your eyelid is because of a muscle’s inability to hold it up then Eye Magic cannot do much. However if the droopiness is on account of weight of sagging skin then Eye Magic can show dramatic improvement.

Does Eye Magic work for people with Myasthenia Gravis, which makes eyelids weak and droopy?
People who have Myasthenia Gravis and other conditions have managed to combat droopiness with the help of Eye Magic. Eyelid dysfunction can lead to different conditions in different people and some might benefit from using Eye Magic, others might not.

What if one eyelid doesn’t open as wide as the other? Can Eye Magic help in such an instance?
If one of the eyelids is drooping because of the weight of skin pushing it down, then Eye Magic can be helpful. However if the drooping is on account of muscle dysfunction, Eye Magic might not always bear fruits.

Do the strips get affected by allergies that make eyes water?
They probably won’t be affected. However, Eye Magic is not recommended for use by people, who have allergies that make their eyes water. Although the adhesive is hypoallergenic, one shouldn’t be applying products to eyes that are sensitive to allergies.

Shipping And Returning Eye Magic Eye Lift

What is the shipping and returns policy for Eye Magic?
You can find all the information regarding it on the shipping and returns page.

Can Eye Magic be shipped internationally to people who live outside USA?
Yes, Eye Magic can be shipped worldwide.

What’s the shipping method and how long does it take for orders to be delivered?
Eye Magic is delivered by USPS First Class Mail and is shipped out within one business day. Customers in the US will get their deliveries within 3-5 business days after they have placed their orders. However given that delays can occur at the post office, customers are requested to allow 5-7 business days for delivery. International deliveries are done via USPS First Class International Mail and can take anywhere between 10-15 business days to arrive.

What’s the return policy?
New, unopened items can be returned within 30 days of delivery to get a full refund. If the product is returned because of an error on our part then you will also be paid return shipping costs. Your refund will reach you within two weeks of receipt of your returned item. In all likelihood, you will get your refund before that. The time period constitutes 1-2 business days it takes to process the return when received and 5-10 days for the bank to process the refund request. Once the item is received and processed, you will be informed about your refund via email. Returns can be sent to the address; Eye Magic Co, 15 Fairwood Blvd, Pleasant Ridge, MI 48069.

You will get more information about the returns on shipping and returns page.

Ordering Eye Magic Eye Lift

What are the accepted payment methods?
All major credit cards, PayPal, Us Checks/ Money Orders and Google Checkout are accepted.

If one doesn’t want to use credit cards for online payments, can phone orders, money orders or checks be accepted?
Presently, orders are not taken over the phone. But US checks and money orders are accepted. You can fill out a check/money order form to buy Eye Magic with a check or money order. You will then be given instructions to send payments.

Is there a recurring payment plan available wherein one can be charged and products delivered automatically?
Yes, there is the Recurring Orders Plan, which allows you to sign up once and your credit card or PayPal account will be automatically charged on a frequent basis. Your product can be shipped to you every 30, 45, 60 or 90 days or any other frequency that you opt for (PayPal subscriptions only have monthly payments). With the help of this plan you can get your Eye Magic without having to do anything.

Use Eye Magic for:

  • Droopy/Sagging Upper Eyelids
  • Alternative to Eyelid Surgery
  • Special Occasions & Photos
  • Makeovers & Makeup Artists



What do I get?

  • 128 Eye Magic Instant Eye Lift Strips

Get 128 Eye Magic Instant Eye Lift Strips for just $19.99 + $10.98 s/h. CA residents add sales tax to your total order. Continental U.S., AK, HI, PR, VI, GU and Canadian orders only. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. You may return new, unopened, items sold within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. You will also get the return shipping costs if the return is a result of error (you received an incorrect item, etc.)

Please Visit The Official website www.eyemagic.net


Eye Magic Instant Eye Lift Video


22 thoughts on “Eye Magic Instant Eye Lift Review

  1. I ordered eye magic and tried repeatedly to get them to work without showing. They lift my eyelid but are very visible. Do not waste your money. I also watched several videos on applying them and they do not work. Several women could not apply them without showing.

  2. I bought this Eye Magic Instant Eye Lift from the Women’s show, when they tried it on me at the show it worked great until about an hour later when it started to flake and tighten and looked terrible. I took the product home and tried it a couple of times, the result was not the same, my eyes started to tear and get red. I called the company and explained the issues I was having and that I was not satisfied with the product. I asked for a refund and was flatly told NO we do not give refunds and told me that I didn’t know how to apply the serum, I told her that I am applying it the same way as they did at the Women’s Show. She said that I definitely not applying it correctly and wants me to go to another show so they can show me how to put it on. This is not customer service, if this company cared about their customers they would give me refund or try to solve my problem. I am very disappointed with the product and the company, I will never purchase this product again and do not recommend it to anyone.

  3. Hi…I bought this Eye Magic Instant Eye Lift a while back and it does work! I had a hard time at first getting used to placing the strips. You can’t see them if you do it correctly, which was trial and error for me, but I finally got it right. I am going to order them this coming week.

  4. It is really frustrating when you do not get honesty in reviews over the internet. Thankfully your site has saved this frustration after a long list of sites which were not honest and served as a secondary advertisement for the product. I was looking to buy Eye Magic Instant Eye-Lift since the time I saw the ad on tv. I ran a search typing “Eye Magic Instant Eye-lift Reviews” in the search engine and checked all possible links that came on the first page. To my surprise the sites which topped the search result were the most useless and fake. I should warn anyone from using such sites to read reviews and take decision about products. The sites were stayingyoung.hubpages.com, crystalskincare.com, eyelidlifter.co.uk/ and eyesecretsreview.info. The sites had heaps of praise for the product and carried links around and in between the reviews to purchase the product. The purchase now link was redirected towards the original manufacturer. Such kind of marketing on the page led me to believe that this might not be a real user review after all. Review on your site is clearly a genuine one and has helped a lot.

    • The internet is full of websites which are not real and just a fake review site setup by the manufacturers to lure people. Such malpractice using the SEO technology is on the rise and everyone should be aware of it. On this site the reviews are completely genuine to help people and not fool them.

  5. I decided to purchase this Eye Magic Instant Eye Lift product and I’m glad I did. You have to practice a bit to get the strips properly positioned. At first the strips were visible, but I found ways to hide them with makeup, and trimming them also helped. I think they did a good job making the strips flexible so that you can modify them to fit your eye. Its like using false eyelashes or any other similar product, it takes some practice to figure out the best way to use it.

    The product is only $20, so its worth trying. Personally I am not going to get eyelid surgery any more because of Eye Magic. I’d much rather purchase this product every month than spend the fortune on surgery and have knives cutting around my eyes.

    Eye Magic gets 5 STARS from me. Thank you!

  6. OK, don’t let the photos fool you if you notice most of their eyebrows are lifted which brings up your upper lid, (I can do it) and don’t go by the reviews on their site, most likely not real (paid) so I would really suggest not getting this product plus it totally looks like tape when you put it one 😛 no makeup can camouflage the reflection on it. Waste of money :*

  7. I hastitly ordered this Eye Magic without reading all the reviews. The next day I contacted Eye Magic to cancel my order and not to bill my credit card. They did bill my credit card and I have contacted them twice now. The charge is now in dispute with my cc company. The Eye Magic co. does not respond to repeated calls and email and I never recieved this product. Buyer beware!!!

  8. Like the product but you can see the tape so it is useless. That is probably why there are no close ups.


    • I have went thru 12 Eye Magic strips and no matter where I put it, I can see it, it is either too high or too low and if I put it so it disappears in the crease it doesn’t do much good and I can still see it sticking out. I had really high hopes for this product, BUT, stupid me, taken again. If this product truly works why can’t we see a real real close up to help us to use it properly?

  9. Just purchased the Eye Magic Instant Eye Lift. I am impressed with how they lift my eyelids, ease of application, lasting all day, but….How do you get them to not look like you put a piece of tape on your eyelid? I have tried lighter colors of makeup to camouflage. Not matter what I try when I look down, they stick out.

  10. My order of “Eye Magic”, just arrived and I have a question on how to apply the strip. My questionDoes the straight part of the strip go exactly on the crease or does the arched part go on the crease?

    There aren’t any CLOSE UP pictures or CLOSE UP videos of the strip positioning and application. The package doesn’t have clear directions on how to position the strip either.

    So, I have to review this item as lacking in directions. After finding out how to position the strip to apply it, I should have a better idea of this product. Your answer will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  11. This product really works! My Eye Magic review:

    I started to develop drooping eyelids about 10 years ago, but never wanted eyelid surgery. Eventually I felt like my vision was being slightly impaired due to the heavy feel of the skin over my eyes, so I started looking for a product to help alleviate my eyelid droop. I searched Google and came across Eye Magic, made the purchase, and WOW! Before I get to the effect of the product, I must say that the people at Eye Magic are extremely helpful and I received my product within a couple days of my purchase. When I received the product, I experimented with a few strips until I found the correct position on my eye, and after that it was very easy to apply. The strips fit perfectly under my “droop” and you can actually see my eyelids again! I use the product daily, have purchased 3 boxes now, and feel like I can’t live without it. I wanted to share this review with everyone who might be considering purchasing this product…I really recommend it. Thank you Eye Magic!

    Linda Schaefer

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