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You want to maintain the look of your face because it makes you feel good about yourself and instils you with confidence as well. However you just don’t have the time of the day to go get a facial or go to a spa for that matter. Nor do you have time to dedicate to your skincare regime at home. That doesn’t seem to be a problem with Exfoliare Face which promises at-home spa treatment for women on the go. You want to try and stay away from chemical peels and microdermabrasion because you think it can be harsh for your sensitive skin. So Exfoliare Face promises to offer you results while being gentle on your skin.

How does Exfoliare Face Work

Exfoliare Face claims to offer you respite from dry and uneven skin by taking only 30 seconds out of your busy schedule every day. One of its advantages is said to be the fact that it reduces fine lines and wrinkles that can otherwise dampen your spirits. Exfoliare Face also promises to remove dull and rough patches while letting you apply makeup on a smooth surface. Overall you are told that there will be reduced signs of aging, which lets you have your youthful look back.

Ingredients that work
They are supposed to be the secret of Exfoliare Face and the results it shows. To begin with, it contains Carbamide that is known to keep your skin soft and moisturised. Moreover it also contains Aloe Vera extract that has its advantages for healthy looking skin. Hyaluronate is another important ingredient found in Exfoliare Face and it makes sure your skin glows. Orange oil on the other hand has dissolving and hydrating power, which has a dramatic impact on your skin overall and helps you fight signs of aging.

Ease of use
There is no complicated procedure to use Exfoliare Face and it only takes 30 seconds of your time. You can start with a clean, dry face and apply two to three pumps of it. You can make sure you focus on your forehead, chin, cheeks and nose. You can then massage gently in a circular, upward motion for about 30 seconds. Beads of dead skin cells start to formulate in a matter of seconds. You can then rinse it with water and dry. That’s all it takes for Exfoliare Face according to claims to work its magic.


What do I get?
Official website exfoliare.com

Exfoliare Face Video

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