Dream Lash Reviews and Complaints

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Do you dream of having longer, thicker, more beautiful lashes, now you can with Dream Lash from The Salon Shoppe. This as seen on tv eyelash enhancer that builds thicker and longer lashes than mascara. Dream Lash is not a mascara! It’s made from feather light natural cellulose that transforms your lashes into the fullest, longest lashes…you’ve only dreamed of! Dream Lash surrounds each individual lash for incredible volume to thicken and lengthen them!


Dream Lash
It is so easy, just apply Dream Lash over your favorite mascara. Made from natural cellulose Dream Lash transforms your lashes in to the fullest, thickest lashes, the difference will amaze you. Mascara creates clumps and lashes stick together, Dream Lash is not a mascara, its feather-like natural fiber that surrounds each individual lash for incredible length and fullness, visually double the volume with Dream Lash which you can not with a mascara.

Prescription treatments are expensive and may cause harmful side effects but Dream Lash is affordable, safe and guaranteed to work. Now enjoy longer, thicker and more luscious lashes with Dream LAsh for just $19.99 + s/h.

Dream Lash Eyelash Enhancer

Using an Eyelash enhancer makes the eyelashes so long that they make your eyelids fatigued just to blink. Is there anything else you can do to improve those battling beauties?  Believe it or not, there is.

Dream Lash Eyelash Enhancer is not your typical lash enhancer that grows lashes.  It is actually a light cellulose formula that gets applied on top of mascara, separating and thickening each individual lash to the max.  If you are already using a typical lash enhancer and seeing wonderful results, can you just imagine?

The best part is, unlike typical eyelash enhancers, it doesn’t take weeks, or even days, to show results, it’s instantaneous. The bad news is, once your mascara is gone, so are those dreamy lashes.  So for my money, the ultimate in lash heaven is a one-two-three punch of lash enhancer, to make lashes as long and thick as they can possibly be, mascara, and for the cherry on top, Dream Lash Eyelash Enhancer to plump and separate each individual lash to the max.

Dream Lash Eyelash Enhancer contains Cellulose which is completely natural and made from cotton.  This enables it to plump up and separate each lash for maximum lash enhancement.

Dream Lash Eyelash Enhancer provides instant result. It is one of the most amazing products which is free heated eyelash curler and makes much more efficient a product for girls who use simple enhancer.

This wonderful product truly does get results 100% of the time because Dream Lash Eyelash Enhancer doesn’t grow lashes, it plumps up the lashes you have.  Use it with your eyelash enhancer for twice the results to create the absolutely positively most voluminous lashes possible.  There are no risky chemicals (it is made from cotton for heaven’s sake!) and the results don’t take weeks, they take moments.



What do I get?

  • 2 Dream Lash Bottles
  • 1 Heated Eye-Lash Curler

Buy Dream Lash – .33 oz at Amazon.com for just $19.99 + shipping/handling. Always buy “as seen on tv” products at Amazon.com for low prices, no “buy 1 get 1 free” scam, no shipping/handling scam, hassle-free 30-day money back guarantee.

Please Visit The Official Website www.MyDreamLash.com



Dream Lash Video

Glideliner – Xtreme – Dream Lash


7 thoughts on “Dream Lash Reviews and Complaints

  1. Do Dream Lash last like waterproof mascara? I sometimes tends to have watery eyes and don’t want to have raccoon eyes.

  2. I love Dream Lash also but don’t order on line – I ordered two bottles plus the shipping…they charged by account $102.00. I didn’t order ANYTHING ELSE! Don’t know why/how that happened! Called them, they can’t do anything until tomorrow (hopefully) and one of the ladies in customer service HUNG UP on me! I got my first bottle at Bed, Bath & Beyond…I will buy my next bottle there too! Also, it was buy 1 get the other free plus shipping….but $102.00??

  3. I love DreamLash. To be quite honest, I wasn’t sure whether or not it was gonna work but I just gave it a try because I’ve been dying to find that one trick that WILL work. So I tried it and BOOM. I found my trick. In seconds I got amazing results I could have never imagined. It’s like I’m wearing fake eyelashes. But that’s not all. Mascara caused gross clumping and made my eyelashes feel disgusting. Dreamlash gives my eyelashes a smooth, dark, and thick coating without harming them. I couldn’t be more satisfied with my Dream Lash.

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