Cami Secret Reviews and Complaints

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You love that low-cut top for going out at night but it is not right in the office. You tried safety-pins but they leave hole and just look wrong and with the Camisole you have to adjust and tug it all day long. Now there is Cami Secret the new as seen on tv Custom Cleavage that looks just like a Camisole.


Cami Secret
The Cami Secret is designed to quickly and easily attach to your bra-straps. you can even attach your Cami Secret up or down. You can decide just how much cleavage you will show. Cami Secret stays securely in place and is comfortable to wear. Don’t leave your favorite tops in the wardrobe just because the neckline is too low.

Each Cami Secret is made of soft breathable material with beautiful lace border and is available in variety of designer colors. Pins pull open and leave holes in your clothes, but Cami Secret custom cleavage attaches to your bra-straps so you can wear all your favorite tops without ruining them.

Perfect for controlling neckline and delicate dresses or add a touch of any color to any top. Expand your wardrobe and get a layered look without the bulk. Cami Secret is machine washable, one size fits all whether you are petite or full figured.



What do I get?

  • 2 Sets Of Cami Secret Custom Cleavage – Each set includes 3 colors – black, beige, & white
  • 30-Day money back guarantee.

Official website


Buy at Low price, No shipping/handling scams, no hidden fees, no “buy 1 get 1 free” scams, hassle-free 30-day money back guarantee.



Cami Secret Video


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  2. I want to know how to order the other colors from the website. I purchased some from our dollar general but they only offered the basic colors black,beige,white. I’d like to get the bright set, neutral set.

  3. I am always concerned about the products I buy online because I want to be sure of their quality before buying. That’s why I tend to read reviews for products before making any purchases. However in recent times I have come across several sites that claim to have genuine reviews but on a closer read they don’t seem to be. The biggest giveaway is the fact that I am constantly led to click on tabs that make me buy the product. Even a “more information” link often leads to “order now”, which is quite annoying. Thankfully I came across this site where I have found genuine reviews for products like Cami Secret and that’s been a huge relief for me. Big thank you for giving me genuine reviews that have helped me make informed decisions before buying a product. Here are some of those sites having fake reviews,,,,,,

    • What you are struggling to deal with is something many users find difficult to cope with too. This is where many fake sites are manipulating the benefits of search engine optimization. Unfortunately, Search Engines cannot recognize a genuine site like this one from fake review sites. And that’s a fact that is being exploited by such sites, who write glowing content about products without verifying the details and results. It’s quite sad that this is happening because many genuinely interested users are being misled or being put off by such practices. However we can assure you that you won’t find any of these malpractices on this site.

  4. I purchased 2 sets of the Cami Secret Mock Camisoles and have tried them with several outfits. They do not work on a full figured woman. I am a 36 DD and every time I have worn them, the Cami material was just to narrow to cover and crept out of my V-Neck dresses. It is a wonderful Idea, but for a bigger chest, you need more material.

  5. I hate that your product was not very good. It does stay attached to my bra but the bottom doesn’t stay tucked and keeps slipping up and revealing to much. I wouldn’t recommend this to any other person as they are awful.

  6. I was anxious to try them out after seeing the infomercial but since I never buy anything off TV I waited. Eventually they came to the Zellers in my town and I bought them. Tried it and LOVED IT!!!! What an answer to my fashion prayer. I’m busty and have a few low-cut tops that I don’t particularly like to wear as I don’t like to show a lot of cleavage so I don’t wear them. I’m wearing them now though!! They’re great!! And so bloody convenient. This is one FABULOUS CREATION!!! Thank you to the makers of Cami Secret!!

  7. Hello, I think that I saw you visited my website thus I came to “return the favor”.I’m trying to find things to enhance my website! I suppose its OK to use some of your ideas!!

  8. It was very very frustrating….Please…those who want to buy any products from this company…..BEWARE! You would regret it! The comments of many were TRUE!. BEWARE!

    • Wow, I am amazed at the amount of dissatisfied customers!

      My name is Jaymi, and I am the owner and creator of CoverUms, which someone mentioned in their comments here.

      I sell snap-on cleavage cover panels, in various sizes and fabrics. All my materials are quality, and my snaps are nickle free. Also, the CoverUms are designed to fit even a wide bra strap.

      If you decide to place an order at (an etsy shop), feel free to USE COUPON CODE: CAMISECRET FOR 10% OFF YOUR TOTAL ORDER!

      If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me through etsy. I’m sorry to hear about all the bad experiences. Good customer service is a dying art apparently!

  9. I bought the Cami Secret from a local drugstore. I am very disappointed. It does not lie flat, it bunches up. It also does not work if you have thick straps, you have to wear thin straps for this.

  10. I purchased a set of black, white, and beige Cami secrets a few days ago from a store for $10.00 plus taxes. I really like them and have used them a lot since purchase.

    But unless Cami secrets have created a more recent design, there is a drawback for probably quite a few woman. Cami secrets are not a one size fit all product. The snaps on my Cami secrets almost didn’t reach my bra straps on both sides. So broader chested women, beware. Cami secrets may not fit you.

  11. WOW after reading these reviews, I am definitely NOT going to buy Cami Secret!! Thanks so much guys!!

  12. Does a live person work here. I tried to order and never spoke to one. I called customer service as the tape suggested. That sent me via a robot tape to web site and still never a person. I wanted to cancel my order and I called the tv station, the attorney general office, better business bureau. Also my credit card and told them not to honor any charges from here–I think it is a scam. I am an 83 year old widow and can not afford this foolish–they keep pushing you to buy more and no way to stop them so if they ship I will not accept anything from them and not pay them.

    • I just called to place an order and am so frustrated! There are no live sales-people, only an automated ordering system. I ordered one set of 6, but was prompted to order the set of black, white, and neutral, and had to deny that order FOUR times because “she” kept saying what a great deal it was and that I should order it. Then she offered me free magazines that took TWO times to deny. Then “she” said I won a free trip to the Bahamas and was routed to a different number where a live person answered, but he hung up on me when I said I didn’t want the trip. I called customer service, but only the automated service picks up and says I have to go to a website for customer service. I can’t find my order to cancel because they didn’t give me an order number. I find it strange that they knew my husband’s name, which I never told, or the fact that I never gave them my mailing address! This HAS to be a scam!

      • Update: When the package arrived, I returned to sender. It is now nearly 3 months since I placed the order and still have not received a refund. I also have not been able to reach a live person. I used the automated shipping status extension and it gives me someone else’s order information from 2003!

    • Wow, Emma DeVita…how awful! I’m grateful to you for posting. I will definitely NOT be ordering these now! Thanks for the warning. – Sarah

  13. Well, I, too, wish I had read the reviews before ordering my Cami Secrets. The woman I spoke with on the telephone was so pushy, and such a “sales person”, that before I knew it, she was sending me 3 free ones, in addition to the 3 for $10 that I wished to order. Little did I know at the time, that I would be charged an additional $6.95 for the 3 FREE Cami Secrets. So, for a package that included the 6, and no doubt could have been shipped in an envelope for $.44 postage, I was charged $13.98 for S/H.

    Meanwhile, she then switched to selling some other product, that was only $2.95 (for the first month), and $29.95 per month after that. I was so annoyed by the whole telephone conversation, that I don’t even know what she was selling!

    I have tried to wear these several times, but am always frustrated that they don’t lay flat, and they slip up and down on my bra straps, looking very sloppy. Finally, I have taken to using safety pins, either on the top I am wearing or on my bra to hold one in place – not the ease of use as shown in their false advertising! At this point, it’s not worth the hassle to return these, for a $10 refund. However, it’s a lesson well learned. Next time I’ll check the reviews BEFORE I order, not after!

    • I also should have read the reviews. I bought mine at Wal-Mart and am wearing one for the first time today. It keeps slipping down my straps and, when I try to adjust, it bunches up. It’s also worthless when I bend over – anyone in the vicinity has a clear view of my bra. I’ll probably go buy a regular camisole during my lunch break so I won’t have to keep fussing with this thing all day long. Regret the purchase!

  14. I just found some on called CoverUms They had both lace and plain. Can’t wait to get them! I’m pregnant with my 2nd child and I remember how low cut maternity tops are!

  15. Save your money! If you have to have this, buy at a store w/o rip off shipping nightmares & a no hassle return policy. They are smaller than they look, made of cheap see thru fabric & will only fit skinny bra straps on smaller people. If you have enough cleavage you need to hide it, odds are your bra straps and or chest will be too wide. They also come untucked & the models they show them on must by Pygmies or something- I mean these things are WAY smaller than they look!

    Most of the time I wear a cami or one of those “boob tube” things w/ a top that shows too much otherwise or just saw a snap to it- duh! You can pin the tube to your bra to keep it up if need be and, unlike the ad, I don’t think camis are “difficult”. The tubes are a nice option in summer when you don’t want another whole layer under your top.

  16. Cami secrets has the worst customer service ever. I have been hung up on, lied to, and put on the back burner. I had ordered some Cami Secrets that was in the brights and neutrals. I have yet to receive my order that I ordered 2 MONTHS ago. They keep giving me lip service. They are a company that is nothing but a rip off. If you order any of these products you may want to order through someone else. DO NOT GO THROUGH THE COMPANY. They will take your money but will not give you the products. In my opinion I will never order from this company again. I will get a sewing machine and make my own. At least I would get it in the same week.

  17. I bought the Cami Secret at WalMart but was disappointed with the snaps. They are so badly manufactured that it takes real muscle to snap them in & just as impossible to unsnap again.

    I guess I will continue to use my previous method: I have been solving this cleavage problems for years by buying lacy slips at my local thrift stores for next to nothing & cutting off the tops which I attach to my bra with small safety pins. I can then tuck the piece into my bra or not.

  18. Thank you all for replying. I was about to buy Cami-Secret but I read all the reviews and I’m not going to buy them. I think if everybody reports them to BBB and possibly contact a lawyer, so this scam does not continue to scam us. I’m grateful that our credit card companies are able to dispute the charges and the credit card company can credit you the money after they try to contact the company.

  19. What a scam. I wish I read the reviews before I ordered. I placed a $10 order which I was was charged $14 for shipping. My credit card was charged $43 dollars for additional items I did not order. When I called they offered me $7 to keep the order. When I refused the offer they put me on hold until I hung up 20 minutes later. When I called back they would refund for the additional items if I sent them back. After much discussion they would credit me $3 dollars for shipping.

  20. A huge scam. If you got what you paid for, consider yourself lucky. My mother ordered ONE, received over 50 and her credit card was charged $430. We are still trying to resolve this.

    • I’m sorry your mom had such troubles, but I’m glad I’m not the only one. They sent me an order confirmation for $50.98 (I choked a bit at the $13.98 in shipping to send me a box of lightweight cloth, basically!), but still, I ordered their deluxe upgrade, plus one other allegedly $10 upgrade. Then they billed my account for $80.91, and came up with this pricing that was totally different from the website. I have tried numerous times to get their customer service to make an adjustment, but they just keep telling me to return the order when it arrives. Gee, thanks, I wanted the product, I just didn’t want you to steal an extra $30 out of my account!! (And, I’m sure, hold onto my $13.98 for the shipping.) So beware!

  21. These people run a scam. My mother ordered ONE of these Cami Secrets, received over 50 of these things and was billed $430. You never get the same person twice and you never get the same answer twice. They lied to my mother and although the items have been mailed back, the amount is still on her credit card. If you would rather not be scammed, go to Walgreen and try ONE.

  22. I like mine. I purchased mine at BB&B. They work fine for me. I do wish it came in different fabrics though. Sometimes the lace is too dressy with jeans and t-shirts.

  23. I bought Cami Secret yesterday from a Walgreen for my low-cut tops, to make them official rather than using tank-tops and camisoles. I am a 38 C/D and unfortunately my bra’s all have thick straps which does not work with the Cami Secret and the material is not long enough to tack it under the bra as my cup size is too big. Seems like I will be returning them tomorrow and going back to my camisoles. Seems like they might work if you have a smaller cup size or bust size but cannot guarantee that they are better than a regular camisole.

    • Thank you for this review I was thinking of purchasing these as I am tired of having to wear camisoles but I wear a 36D/DD and don’t figure they will fit my bras or enough material either. So oh well I’ll just stick w/ my camisoles at least I can choose diff fabrics that way.

  24. I honestly had a very good experience with Cami Secret. I ordered the basic set and one other set. All arrived promptly, and exactly the price that was stated, $26, was charged to my credit card. Before I wrote a review, I decided I’d test the Cami Secrets for a few days, and I am pleased with them. The product fits well, hides just what it is supposed to, snaps easily onto my bra, and stays right where I place it.

  25. The shipping and handling charges are a scam, $ 20.00 for the product and $27.96 for shipping and handling, is a deceptive practice. Very disappointed.

  26. I bought CamiSecret from online after watching advertisement. I bought for Xmas in Nov. I received shipment and tracking that reach to town on Dec 15. But never deliver to me. Tracking wasn’t complete. I waited thinking that holiday shipment delay. Now when I contacted them, told me that it returned back to them and they could ship me back. How could the company do that?

    At least need to notify me and reship back. Are they waiting for my call? Or hope I forget. I asked for refund. Hopefully, I will get that and no need to call back again. Rip off. Not only that I am late to send Xmas gift to my cousin and but also need to shop for new gift.

  27. I saw this advertisement earlier today. I figured I would google it, and boy were the results negative. so I typed in and I saw Camilace, which would be the answer for people who had thicker bra straps, because it has strings for you to tie onto the bra straps.

    Then I googled some more and came across camiband, which can be used to extend a shirt, as a camisole, or as a cover up for bikinis. This is the product I would buy, and I will do more research on it.

    hope this helps.


    • Dollar General had these “As seen on TV” CamiSecret. I bought a 3 pack- BASIC colors Black, beige & white for $7 No shipping costs. I think they are made fairly well with snaps in 3 different settings per side. The only problem I have is that some bra straps are set further apart on certain bras and these are not user friendly for all bra types. Overall, it beats pitting on another shirt underneath it you are usually hot natured. I know they don’t work for all blouse styles, but I think they are worth the $7 I spent.

      Austin TX

  28. I got mine in Wal-mart. I do not buy products on from tv major rip offs. I wait till they hit on your local markets, Like Walgreens, CVS pharmacy, Rite aid, Wal-mart etc.

  29. I am so glad I read these Cami-Secret reviews! I just saw the Cami Secret ad on TV for the 1st time and thought it looked liked a wonderful idea… After all these reviews, I will NOT be ordering them. Thanks to everyone who posted their reviews!

  30. My mother ordered 2 sets (buy one get one free) of Cami Secret for me for Christmas—she ended up with 12 sets and a bill for over $160!! I spoke to 3 different people in “customer service” to correct the situation, getting 4 different repsonses and credit amounts. I finally told them I was sending the whole lot back. I was told I would be responsible for shipping costs and only when I asked to speak with a supervisor did they come back with an offer to send me a postage-paid label. I was irate during the whole process. These people are impossible to deal with!!! I echo all who have said “BUYER BEWARE!!!”

    • Thank you! I just saw it on TV and really thought about buying them, but wanted to research it first. At first I thought I could make them myself but it would be so much easier to buy them. Now that I know more I definitely will not buy them and tell everyone I know not to. Thanks for posting your review, I appreciate it!

      • THANK YOU so much for posting this CamiSecret review! I WILL NOT be ordering from this company! I will head to Wal-Mart or Walgreens to purchase! I had the number all dialed and thought I would see if there were any “posts” on this product. I hate rip offs!

  31. CamiSecret appears to be a wonderful idea – but why should shipping and handling actually exceed the price of the product! How much could it weigh?? Come on – do you thing we are all that stupid.

  32. I think The Cami secret is ridiculous. They are willing to receive ten dollars in exchange for six “covers” (about 1 dollar 70 cents per) proving that they can make these cheap things for little cost towards them. I really don’t understand why you can’t just wear a low cut shirt on your date night and stick with the higher neckline shirts for work. I know the point is to not have to bother with a tank top but I think they are better than these bits of junk. Cami secret is a waste of money and you can easily make a much better one yourself. Buyers be warned

  33. I was passing through my local Rite Aid drugstore in So. Cal today and saw this Cami Secret set of 3 for sale for $9.99 plus tax of course. What a great idea. I need something to cover my low-cut blouses for work without having to wear a bulky camisole. Didn’t know if the product was good or not so didn’t buy it. But I did a search about it online and it not seems most people here not only have problems with the orders but aren’t satisfied with it…small, cheap quality, won’t stay on, etc. They are just some scraps of cloth, make them yourself if you can. I think I’ll pass on buying it.

  34. Guess what, is this strange or what. I just called my credit card company, and they told me that the company just charged my card yesterday, 12/7/10 for $43.07. I guess that’s for two sets. They told me if I didn’t want it, to not open the package. Take it to the post office and tell them I’m refusing delivery, and get a receipt. I may do just that. I wear a 44DDD, so I may have trouble with this product too. That comment about the velcro, is something I may have somebody do for me if I decide to keep it. If I don’t get the package within the next two weeks, I’m turning them into the BBB.

  35. I also order the Cami Secret months ago. I also was given a second set of colors that I didn’t order. Well that was months ago, and I haven’t gotten anything yet. I had forgotten about them. I plan this day to call my credit card company and see if I was ever billed for them.

  36. I tried ordering these Cami-Secrets and never did get an order number, only an automated speaker. I tried to cancel and was told I had to speak to someone else who told me I had to call another number which no one ever answer. Stay away from this site! It is a total scam.

  37. I saw that these CamiSecret were available from my local Bed Bath and Beyond so I bought a set, fortunately avoiding the shipping. However, I returned them after wearing one for a day at work. They just don’t work! The snap straps that attach to the bra are poorly designed. The little strap flips over, folding the lace, if attached tightly and the thing just slides down your bra if attached loosely. You cannot “choose your coverage” as the ad claims because the thing won’t stay put. Other problems, the thing rides up and, if you have a tight shirt, you can see the edges of it. I tried tucking it into my bra to avoid this, but then it just bunches up. It was way worse that a camisole! There needs to be something at the bottom so you can attach it to the bra to hold it in place and the edges need to be seamed so that they aren’t thick. Good idea, but needs a lot of work!

    • I was thinking the same thing, and I saw an ad for something called Cleava and it does attach at the bottom, I don’t know much about it, I’ll keep looking.

  38. What an ordeal! I was excited to order the CamiSecret product. I do not order things from TV, but that looked good to me, and I am not generally a fool. Well, I went for the 6 piece set figuring it would cover all bases of colors in my wardrobe. It took me FOUR phone calls to even get my initial package even though my credit card was charged before I received anything. Upon opening the package, there were two sets of the basic colors instead of six different colors I paid for and ordered. When I called and talked to a rep, they said, ‘Oh, we are back ordered on the second color set. We will just send that out to you in a few weeks, free of charge.” I asked about sending back the duplicate set and she said there was no need to do so. I am 55 years old and well educated. I told her this did not make sense, but she assured me that I would be receiving the second set soon. Six weeks later I did not. I called again and another rep said that they would have to have the original duplicate set back before they could issue the correct color set(THEIR “mistake”), and BTW, my 30 days have more than expired! So, it seems like to fill the orders and take your $$ they will send anything! I am going to file a formal complaint with the NH attorney general’s office just to show them that they are not fooling with just anybody here. This is the first time and only time I will buy anything form TV ads, and You can bet I will tell everyone I know (I am a hairdresser in a busy city) about this and tell them NOT to buy this product. What a racket! STEALING is more like it. Next ‘they’ will be running for political office and get elected…they have a great start for that kind of bogus BS.

    • I just clicked the purchase button and even though I did not order the special package I paid for it, I tried the web site and conveniently the link to the email address given are ” not set up properly “, I wish I had read all these CamiSecret reviews before hitting the BUY button..oh boy

      • Geez, I’m glad I read all these CamiSecret reviews before I ordered this garbage. From the many-many unhappy customers I have made my decision to keep my money. I can sew, so I’ll buy some nylon fabric and you all gave the measurements of 9″ by 6″. I’ll put velcro in place of a cheap clasp.

        Thanks All…

  39. Wow I did order these and they have not charged my pre-paid debit card yet. I guess I’ll go take the money out now so they can’t because I have already tried to email them to find out why my card has not been charged yet and got a response stating they could not access that information for 1 – 2 days after I placed my order. Also my confirmation email came from another company and when I went to their website to get a phone number they do not even have the CamiSecret as one of their products. That seemed a bit strange. Why would a company that does not sell the product be the one confirming my order?? So needless to say after reading all of these CamiSecret reviews I will withdraw my money from my pre-paid card and close it. I didn’t need another one anyway!! I have lots of tank tops already guess I will just have to buy more so I have more options like I was trying to do by ordering the 12 for $30.

  40. Woke up this a.m. with the bright idea of ordering Cami Secret for my 3 sisters for Christmas…….Obviously I won’t be ordering them after reading ALL these Cami Secret reviews. What a great service this for the consumer.

  41. I also ordered the 6 colors and only received 3 after waiting 6 weeks. The shipping and handling was outrageous for a 6 ounce package. This place needs to be shut down!

  42. I saw this product on TV, but didn’t want to pay the shipping costs so I asked my local Walgreens store to order a Cami Secret set for me. It arrived in just a few days. The cloth insert works fairly well, although $9.99 is a bit steep for three pieces of inexpensive material. I showed them to my aunt who is an excellent seamstress and she replaced the bulky garter-type clips with velcro. The velcro stays in place better, makes for a smoother, flat fit and accommodates wider bra straps. The concept itself is a good idea, but needed some tweaking.

    • Maria, could you show us a picture of how your aunt attached the velcro? I would love to do that for my wider straps. Plus the cheap clasps broke on a couple and I have to pin them. This would be a great fix!

  43. I just called my credit card company to dispute the charges for these. They had charged my card yet I haven’t gotten my order and its been a month. Forget it, I’ll stick with folding scarves and tucking them into my bra.

  44. I am older and have no business showing any cleavage. I’ve been designing something for myself. this product gave me an idea for how to attach my piece. glad I read all your CamiSecret reviews. I’ll stick with my own design!

  45. I ordered via phone late at night. It was the first time I’ve ever ordered something on impulse without checking it out. It’s all automated and you have no idea what your total is until you receive your credit card bill(because you don’t get the Cami Secrets for nearly 2 months!). I had duplicates listed on my invoice via email that I had to call to cancel before they shipped out. I’m a petite woman with dd cup. You’d have to have a bra with spaghetti straps for this product to work-seriously!!! This product sucks and I am really disappointed that I got scammed for about $16.00 shipping(had to pay for shipping confirmation when I mailed them back to be sure I’d get some kind of a credit). After reading everyone’s comments I think this company should be sued. If anyone takes legal action I’d be more than happy to share my complaints!

    • I have never ever written a review about anything, I simply don’t have time. Well I took the time to write one about this product, it is awful!!!! I am ashamed to tell how much I was scammed for. It is cheaply made, and the clips do not fit an average size bra strap. When I finally got the clip to fasten, it popped open and flipped over the front of my top-now wouldn’t that be attractive?? It took two months to receive the product and I was out of town when the box arrived (hence, my money back guarantee period was ticking away). When I realized that this product was not for me and called to get information on sending it back, I was told that I was too late. No exceptions!!! Oh and when you order, you talk to a machine that conveniently never reveals your total and asks you to buy several other things before ever completing your order. Don’t order, just stick with tank tops and camisoles!!!!! I went to the Cami Secrets website to find a customer review section, but guess what, they don’t have one, hmm!!

  46. I thought I was too old to be taken for a fool–but, here I am again, dealing with a company who is a total rip off. They don’t care whether you return their product because they have such an exorbitant shipping and handling charge–$15.00 for about 6 ounces. Then, their money-back guarantee has YOU HAVING TO PAY TO SHIP BACK–which means having to go to the post office and not just leaving for the postman like all the other companies with whom I’ve dealt. What a scam! The product is skimpy, doesn’t fit a well-endowed woman and the clips don’t work. This is the worst company I’ve ever had to deal with. They don’t care whether you return the product because they make their $$ on the shipping & handling. BEWARE – don’t order!!

  47. To all of you read to order these from tv- STOP – if you have a Walgreen store in your area, check out this CamiSecret there. I did, and found them to be not worth the money. Best way to see them as you also do not have shipping charges. As Seen On Tv Products are almost always in Walgreen stores. Go there first!

  48. OMH…Who told you all to order crap from tv? You know its a scam so why even waste your time and money? And of course customer care doesn’t care they are only there to do their job…. Its not their fault, you guys are purchasing things out of tv knowing damn right the prices and deals are outrageous. Next think twice and stop complaining.

    • Why bother coming to a review site if you don’t want to see the complaints? You didn’t review the product CamiSecret at all so one is left to assume you haven’t tried it and came here to find out what people think about it.. Why then be angry because they stated what they think? I came here because I thought the product looked pretty nifty on the TV and wanted to see what people had to say, there’s no way I’d consider ordering CamiSecret after what people have to say.

  49. I finally received my CamiSecret order after waiting for over 2 months and instead of 6 colors as advertised, I received 2 of each color. That was not how it was advertised. My guess is that it will be a rainy Saturday in the middle of the week before I get a replacement!

  50. These CamiSecrets are a great idea, but the clips need to be made bigger for the bigger busted women, that bra strap are a little thicker. It is a little difficult to get a thick strap into the small slip.

  51. I purchased for my wife on or about July 24th. No delivery and painful phone experience. Wife had mastectomy and she thought this would solve a problem.I’m concerned will log back our experience after we receive.

  52. I actually ordered them about a month ago,and they finally charged my account 3 weeks later, but no confirmation email. I called and tried to cancel it today and found out that they had already shipped them out…What a surprise!

    My question is how do I go about returning them? Is paying to ship them back going to be almost as expensive as the product itself?If it is,I’ll just keep them and take the negative $20. Anyone ever tried to return the box unopened?

  53. DO NOT ORDER THIS CAMISECRET PRODUCT! I ordered it and then could not get off the phone for the automated recording trying to get me to buy extra stuff. Finally, I hung up. A lady called to confirm my order and I said “Wow, I’m glad I am talking to a person” and she said “Yeah, I don’t like those automated recordings either, and, by the way, would you like to add blah, blah blah to your order” I said, “Oh my gosh, NO”! Then I received and email saying my product had shipped. For a $30.00 order of pieces of fabric, I was charged $41.94 for Shipping and Handling for a total of $71.94! This is going back unopened!

  54. I bought the Cami Secret and found that it doesn’t stay tucked in plus I paid for rush delivery (3-5 business days) and got it in 2 weeks without the rush charges removed….this was on top of the nearly $14 they charge for regular shipping. I was called and told that the Cami Secret was on back-order and would be delivered in 4-6 weeks but that in the meantime they would like to offer us a $50 gas card for $1 and then they wanted my credit card number. No way! Besides that, the thing looks and feels like a nylon thong. It doesn’t stay in place as advertised and I found myself fiddling with it more than if I had just pinned my top closed. Don’t waste your money. Just buy real camisoles.

    • Thanks for your CamiSecret review, Veronica; you have saved me an imminent headache as I was just about to order them Cami Secret.

  55. Glad I read these Cami Secrets reviews before hitting the button to buy these! I backed right on off of that Web page. Thanks everyone, for the warning!!

  56. I ordered my Cami-Secret about 3 weeks ago. Still haven’t received them. They already charged my MasterCard, and when I called them all they say is they are on back order for 2 weeks. Are they still making them? Will I really receive the. I’m a little liery now, did I make a big mistake and should have ordered from another company. Well, the price was right at the time. I’ll try another call before I cancel my order, then maybe I will get them.

    • I ordered the Cami-Secret on July 5th and still have not received any thing and am being told that they are being back ordered but I can’t find a phone number to call and complain about the time. If any one has a direct phone number.

      • Ontel Products Corporation
        21 Law Dr.
        1st Floor
        Fairfield, NJ 07004
        If you have questions about your order for another fine Ontel product not listed above, please contact us at (973) 439-9035 or via e-mail (

        Cynthia, maybe this will help. Definitely I will not buy a thing from them….thanks for your comments.

  57. I ordered this Cami-Secret yesterday and canceled it today. I ordered on the phone and the process was brutal. At the end the buy one set of 3 and add a second set of 3 for $10.00 each set. Then to my understanding you could get 2 more sets for $2.00 each turned into a cost of $107.26! They don’t give you a confirmation # or tell you how much your order will total to. It was easy to cancel and I told them I called to order the Cami Secret items and got bombarded with other offers such as magazines etc. I would not recommend this co. to anyone.

  58. I went online to order the Cami Secret. Ordered the first set, no problem, then they asked if I wanted the free second set (pay s&h), I did, then they started offering all of these other options that made that second “free” set cost $30 and then never asked me to review my final order. The website just went to the payment confirmation page and said that they had already billed my credit card $90!!!! What a scam! Don’t buy these online – wait until they come to your local “As Seen On TV” store!!!! It took forever to get somebody on the customer service line and multiple calls asking to speak to supervisors before they would cancel my order!

    • Same thing happened to me, but not quite $90. More like $50, but still made me mad! Then they called later to sign me up for some stupid offer where they’ll only charge my credit card $2 a month.. and I kept telling them no, and they kept telling me in different ways they were going to do it, and it was only $2. And I finally said NO forcefully, and they decided I meant it that time. Then they told me my Cami-Secrets were on back-order for 4-6 weeks. So, I have no idea if they work or not! I agree with Stephanie. Wait until they hit the stores.

  59. The concept of the Cami Secret is great – but if you are amply built up top, which you probably are if you want these, beware! The fasteners (like the old garter belt fasteners) would not fit around my bra straps. They didn’t take into account wider straps for bigger bras. Anyone want some pretty little cloth scraps? That’s what they are now since they are useless to me.

    • I completely agree. I’m a DD and my bra straps are wide and the clips don’t fit. If I do manage to fold the strap enough to get the clip on it usually comes off in a matter of minutes. I love the idea of Cami Secret and it’s especially needed for women with larger bra sizes. I know that many of my shirts (especially for work) appear to cover the chest area but then I realize opps the girls are popping out!

      Cami Secret needs to make larger clips! Please!

      • need to make larger clips for the DD girls…everyone loves the way they look but they keep popping off and it is annoying…LARGER CLIPS and sturdier clips please.

  60. Do not buy this product! I have ordered the Cami Secrets expanded package. Someone had called me SEVEN times offering additional items, when I refused I was rudely told that I will have to wait for my order. Today ten days after initial order I received the e-mail that my order is back-ordered. Called the company, waited for an hour on hold was transferred to another line waited for another 30 minutes. When I reached the final customer rep – it was a man who barely spoke English and was rude.

    I am an immigrant myself but if you are answering the phones learn English. I managed to canceled my order – it is on AMEX so if the company charged me $60 for this order I will complaint to AMEX. Do not buy that product, do not give them you phone

  61. Was considering buying the CamiSecret but it looked so cheesy. After searching the internet I found something really nice and classy called the Camiband. A bit more expensive but it looks great and has 2 other uses so its actually less expensive when you think about it.

    • Thanks so much for the information. I think I will purchase Camiband as they seem like they would be less hassle. Have you already purchase them?

      • Yes I did and they are really top quality! The lady helped me with my size questions and I received them pretty fast! The shipping was very low and I think it’s even free if you buy a few of the nice colors. You just notice the great quality as soon as you open the package! Ordering some more for gifts shortly.

        • Sure, Deloris G. I hope you got paid enough for that lie! “Shipping was very low”??? $13.98 to ship some fabric scraps is outrageous!

          My nephew worked for a company that paid him to go to specific Web Sites and write great reviews. Yes, people get PAID to do that!! Deloris G. must be working for one of those companies!

          I was going to order these, but I thank God I Googled reviews and read this Web page first. Thank you ALL for your honest CamiSecret reviews.

          And to Deloris G, – You’re doing your job OK, but you need to do your research better so you don’t sound so obvious!

          • Critterlover HEY I never ordered the Cami Secret! I had ordered something different called the “CamiBand”, a totally different type of cleavage cover which I really liked. I am in no way promoting Cami Secret! No way!! Sorry if wasn’t clear.

          • Delores was not talking about the Cami Secret. She was happy with the Cami-band which is an entirely different product. Much nicer.

  62. I just completed my Cami Secret order and was surprised at the final cost. After all of the additional questions, I had added $40 to my original order without even realizing it. I read too late about one customer who has been waiting a month for her order. I hope this isn’t a scam, and hope the camisecret camis are of decent quality. I’m a little dubious, too, of the website. The lower portion of the privacy policy is hard to read.

  63. This might be a good product (CamiSecret) if I had ever got my order. Ordered over a month ago and still have not received. Have tried to contact company but all I get is the run around.

  64. BE AWARE. Those selling Cami secret use hard selling tactics to sell a discount and coupon program for $24.95 a month before they ship the CamiSecret product. They state that it has a trial period for only $1 with a free gift of $50 worth of gas coupons. The coupons can only be used quarterly over a year. The trial period starts when the order is placed and they take several days before they call to confirm your order before shipping. They also take several days to ship the documentation. This means they bill your credit card sooner than you expect. If you don’t want the program you will need to call to have the charge reversed. So be aware that purchasing Cami Secret is going to be much more involved than you expect.

  65. I need to have the other colors for the Cami Secret Custom Cleavage not just what is offered on TV. How do I go about getting them? Thank you for your time. Barbara Forster

  66. Please send me a mailing address so I can send a check for purchasing the camis. My email address is cmacon at the rate

    Thank you for your time.

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