Brazilian Secret Butt Shaper Review

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This new as seen on tv undergarment firms and shapes with a look that thrills. Brazilian Secret reshapes and re-contours your body the very first time you wear them. You will look sexier, more attractive and most of all you won’t have to sacrifice elegance for style. Don’t buy the regular underwear that offers little benefits. Get the figure that you always wanted with the as seen on tv panties. Brazilian Secret panties offer a natural way to lift and firm your buttocks.


How does Brazilian Secret Butt Shaper work
Brazilian Secret is a sexy lingerie that has a patented design that lifts your glutes and add up to 1 inch of volume in just seconds. This as seen on tv panties is totally invisible, discreet and seamless. Wear them under your skirts and pants. No one will ever notice you are wearing them. Its like having your own little secret. You will get a look that you won’t get going 6 months in a gym. These sexy Brazilian panties are made from soft microfiber and come with side adjustable straps. Now you can give your bottom a special lift that will make heads turn.

  • Exclusive Design – The Brazilian Secret Panties have an anatomical cut, which enhances the body.
  • Central Sewing – Formed to maintain the shape of the buttocks.
  • Beautiful and Comfortable – Made of very soft microfiber that adds a delicate touch.
  • Intelligent Material – Made of pre-formed and contoured microfiber that highlights the contour of a woman’s bottom in a very natural way.
  • Side Adjustment Straps – Comes with side adjustment straps which accommodates to every woman’s shape. It is very comfortable and leaves no marks.

Sizes and Colors Available
This body shaping undergarment is available in black and nude. It also comes in small (4-6) – medium (8-10) – and large (12-15) sizes.



What do I get?
*1 Brazilian Secret Butt Shaper Undergarment of your choice of color and size
*Get the second one for just $10.00

Get your very own Brazilian Secret today for just $19.95 plus $7.95 S&H and receive a second pair for only $10.00. This body shaping undergarment is available in black and nude. It also comes in small (4-6) – medium (8-10) – and large (12-15) sizes. This offer is not available in stores.


Brazilian Secret Butt Shaper Video


11 thoughts on “Brazilian Secret Butt Shaper Review

  1. I was looking for products online which can make me look fit and exotic. I found this product Brazilian Secret Butt Shaper which interested me quite a lot. So I thought of reading a couple of reviews over the internet about its functioning by women who might have used it before. I typed “Brazilian Secret Butt Shaper Reviews” in the seach engine dialog box and was returned with loads of review sites on the results page. I was very excited and started checking most of the top links on the page. But my excitement soon was hampered after I realized that these reviews were absolutely fake and the sites looked like some kind of scam. The site opened with lots of pop ups firstly and then had a Buy Now buttons all over the page, even in between the reviews. On a closer look I found that these links were redirected to the manufacturer’s website. Thankfully I found this website which carries genuine and quite honest opinion about the product I seek.

  2. I ordered these Brazilian Secret Panties 2 weeks ago and paid priority processing, I have not heard from them. I tried calling the only number they provide and all I get is a busy signal over and over. Why is this so difficult I work hard for my money! I will report back on what happens, but so far not impressed.

    • Hi Agatha,

      This product does not work. The foam part shows through any type of clothing, and it is quite obvious that you are wearing padded underwear. It does not lift the butt, rather, it adds an inch to the middle part of your butt, but shows clearly that you are wearing something. I purchased two pairs and cannot wear them because they show. Please save your money, and perhaps have butt fat injections instead, as I am now doing.



  3. I made a mistake in my ordering, and ordered the wrong sizes of Brazilian Secret Undergarment as well as more than once because I did not realize that the order had gone through. I made numerous calls to their customer service number, but they kept saying to call back because the order did not register on their computer, also I send several email asking to cancel the orders, but got no response to date. yet the money was deducted from my visa immediately, although their ad said no deductions unless the items has been shipped. I have not been able to contact these people. I believe this Brazilian Secret is a scam.

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