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Beautopia Answer to Your Aging Skin

Beatopia promises to give women a superior quality range of options in the areas of anti-aging, cleansing, and body care. Each of these are designed with a high level of pharmaceutical grade actives and anti-inflammatory’s like stem cells, green tea, peptides, and retinol making it the most powerful and effective weapon available that you can use to combat the inevitable signs of aging.

Stem Cell Super Serum

It is an exclusive formula of high powered ingredients in one Super Serum that makes it the most effective serum for anti aging treatment. This blend of lilac stem cells, Vitamin C, and two algae marine extracts boasts of several benefits such as brightening skin and evening out skin tone, reducing appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by reactivating multiple genes responsible for the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, plumping skin and suppleness with sodium hyaluronate, and much more.


Utopia Serum with Green Tea Extract

This is an effective cleansing and moisturizing serum that helps visibly improve your skin by reducing redness and irritation. It gives you an oxygen free radical protection, skin tone rebalancing, and anti-inflammatory properties as it is made with green tea extract and Vitamin E. It also helps you protect your skin from damage to the extracellular matrix, including collagen and elastin. The green tea extract present in this utopia serum provides comparable results in clearing acne as compared with benzoyl peroxide, and with no irritation.

Rewinding Skin Series A

This series of skincare treatment consists of a face and body wash, hydration booster, multi-peptide moisturizer with vitamin E, copper peptide night cream with retinol and a multi-peptide firming eye gel that will complete your skincare regime preventing the aging signs and also reversing the mild aging changes in women under 45.

SkInside Wrinkle Minimizer

Treating your skin from outside is just not enough when the root of your problem is not treated. Here beautopia introduces you to a powerful blend of high powered anti-aging ingredients targeting your skin’s health and complexion. SkInside consists of Vitamins A, C, and E, as well as resveratrol, alpha lipoic acid, collagen, and hyaluronic acid that will help maintain and protect your skin from the effects of aging.


Now fight the aging process with Beautopia’s superior quality range of products that will help you look young, vibrant, and healthy, even in your 50s.

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