BareLifts Reviews and Complaints

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Gorgeous Top..but which Bra will you wear? too many straps gives you bulges, you push, puss and still can not look good in that dress. Introducing BareLifts – The world’s first instant invisible solution for perfect support.


BareLifts Bra

Invented by a woman, BareLifts makes you look fantastic in everything you wear. Whether your cup-size is A, B, C or even D BareLifts lets you defy gravity instantly. You spend hundreds of dollars on specialty bras, and bra substitutes that still can’t do what BareLifts can.

The secret is the Shape and Lift Design. Simply place, peel and gently lift to shape and support for a measurable difference. BareLifts’ pain-free adhesive gives you support 24 hrs so you look naturally fabulous in any style. BareLifts is water-resistant s you can wear them even in the swimsuit.



What do I get?
20 BareLifts

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26 thoughts on “BareLifts Reviews and Complaints

  1. It can be really frustrating when you do not get genuine reviews online when you need one. I was looking for a decent Bra that could be really good and totally work under any dress. I decided to look upon for the new Bare Lifts Bra since its commercial had kind of generated an interest from my end. I searched the web with “Bare Lifts Bra reviews” keywords and got loads of results in the resulting search. At first I surfed all the top links and they all carried one single verdict “Must Buy” verdict for the product. But I was cautious since these sites did not look genuine and had Buy Now buttons all over the page along with the annoying pop ups. I quickly exited these sites before getting fooled into purchasing it.

    • No matter how crappy a product is, these days a lot of manufacturers and affiliates resort to promoting fake review websites to fool innocent customers. This is possible due to the inability of search engines that cannot tell the difference between a genuine review site and a fake one. Sadly there is no solution to it and many customers end up buying the product.

  2. I submitted a BareLifts order about an hour ago and they added several more orders to it. Where my order was supposed to cost about $25, it is now $75. I am on the line, waiting for a response with my credit card representative on the line as well. This company sucks and I’m cancelling my full order simply because it is too much to hassle with! If you’re going to buy this BareLifts at all, buy a small quantity on eBay to see if you like them first. They’re cheaper there anyway!

  3. Thanks so much ladies.I was’ going to order Barelifts. I so happy I read the Barelift reviews on this site.

  4. After ordering this BareLifts for $20.00 and then finding out the shipping was $20.00 (after being charged) I called back immediately to cancel the order and they said I had to wait 48 hours. I ended up calling 5 times on 4 different days only to be told it was already processed and they could not cancel the order. This is unethical and I would never deal with this company if you are wanting the product. Go elsewhere.

  5. I ordered BareLifts, I was excited when I saw that they had arrived, I had no problems with the shipping charges, they were as they should have been, however, when I put them on I discovered that they NOT for a women with a cup size over a 34 or so because they did not perform as they were advertised, I was at home so I didn’t take them off right away, 4 hours later when I did take them off, my skin was irritated and I had small blisters forming on the area where the adhesive had been. So even though they advertise them to be hypoallergenic, they are not!

  6. I have heard both sides. I have heard these BareLift Bras work well and people haven’t had any problems ordering. I have also heard that the ordering process is a scam and that extra items are added without a way to cancel. I often wonder if extra stuff is really added or if people don’t know how to order properly.

    • There were two different BareLifts websites I could order from. The first seemed much more legitimate, but for some reason, my order just wouldn’t go through. On the second one, it asked me if I wanted to add to my order and I hit the “No Thanks” button. Next thing I know, it had added 3 extra sets (free of shipping) and 3 extra sets (free except shipping). I think it could easily be a glitch, but still a pain to fix. I wish they had a log-in area where you can cancel your order online if you need to. Oh well, hopefully I’ll get through and get it cancelled. *fingers crossed*

  7. Barelifts Bra – Once we saw the outrageous bill, which can not be canceled on line. We called as soon as they opened and they assured us it was canceled—-IT WASN’T

    Since there no address on the packages yet to arrive we will have to open them have them weighted and sent back at our expense. Yes, we intend to see the attorney general over this scam

    • I saw this BareLifts Bra and was excited to order it but I’m so glad I do research before I order anything online. I saw all these reviews from other women and I will not be ordering this product. I want to save on the hassle. Thanks ladies for all your input, guess it’s back to the good old strapless bras for me.

  8. I ordered Barelifts on May 15. I put a rush order for 3-5 days and never received the product. I called customer service and they said that with my rush order for 9.99, my order would ship June 28. I canceled my order. Let me brake this down. They are a rip off and I think that duct tape can be used compared to spending money on a product that you will not receive for a month and that is on a rush order. Pathetic service and canceled my order.

    • Where did you find their BareLift customer service number? I ordered some May 5th and still have not received them and was given no contact number!! I don’t know how to get in touch with them! I will NEVER order from this company again and I think I will out a complaint in with the BBB and the attorney general!! You order in good faith and then do this! Shameful!!

  9. Has anyone actually used them that is a D cup?

    If they work I don’t care how much the S& H was. I spent $26.00 on my SH but for $36.00 I get 20 cute outfits to wear because they work I am more than satisfied. I just ordered and added the express shipping and I would love to know if anyone has tried them?


  10. I decided to go ahead and try Barelifts – thought….”how much could the S/H be?” – turns out it is more than the order!! and no where was this information found before I placed my order – it was placed and I could not call to talk to anyone after I saw how ridiculous the charge for shipping was!! if I had know this, I would not have ordered! I sure hope your product is nice.

    • Hi Barbara…the same thing happened to me!!! I had no idea what I was getting into when I hit the “submit” button while ordering BareLifts Bra…I thought I was incurring about $30.00 in charges and it came $108.92. I was livid and called immediately and could not get a person to help me cancel this. But guess what? My husband happens to be the President of the bank my debit card is drawn on. I called the dept. that deals with fraudulent or unauthorized charges and they reversed the charges. This is the best part….in the meantime, my order was shipped. I have it – got it yesterday. I haven’t even opened the package but I am going to keep it, and these people will NEVER see their money. They are con artists and I don’t feel one bit guilty about it.

  11. Why do companies screw around with the canceling of orders? It just doesn’t make sense. You know damn well people are going to hear about it and be terrified to order. I was interested in buying them, but after reading darlenes review, clearly I won’t. There are just to many companies abusing the return process. I’d rather just pay the regular price then get anything “free” these days. Nothing is free, so don’t bother. Free means “We will give you your first order “free” but charge you a $100 annual fee” or some crap like that. Just like “Oh! We will give you a free credit report! Just pay $80 for our useless monthly service and the credit report is free!” Are people really this dumb? Ok, I’m off my soap box now. Good luck ladies.

  12. The web site adds to your purchase and when you call to cancel, they tell you your orders canceled, BUT it’s not. The charges are deducted from your bank account and they ship to you. You call again about the first call to cancel the order and they say the person I talked to does not have the authority to cancel an order. SO now I have to pay to return these items I didn’t want, to begin with. The Barelift and the company SUCKS. BEWARE.

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