Atomic White Teeth Whitening Review

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What is it?

As they say, your smile is your fortune and it can open many doors for you in your personal and professional lives. If you want to make the right impression at work or when you are out with special someone, your smile can work wonders. However yellow teeth can make you feel inhibited when it comes to flashing that lovely smile. Yellow teeth also take away from your overall appearance and make you look older. You pay huge amounts on those dental strips that don’t fit well. What’s worse is that they can’t reach between your teeth; thus they remain yellow. You know those custom trays used by dentists can give you best results but they cost a fortune. But can you now get those same custom made trays and their benefits for a fraction of the price with Atomic White.


How does Atomic White work?

Dazzle your audience with your perfect smile with those perfect white teeth thanks to this revolutionary teeth whitening system. You get those top quality custom trays used by dentists from the comforts of your homes. All you need to do is make an impression of your teeth and pop it in the prepaid, self addressed envelope. Soon enough you will have a customized tray that can be used over and over again for years to come.

This tray will give you the exact same results one sees when they go to dentists. That’s because these trays keep the whitening gel in close contact with the exact shape of your teeth. The gel will reach between your teeth so that the results are what you expect them to be. Now you can easily stake a claim to beautiful white teeth without spending huge amounts on teeth whitening procedures. This product is extremely simple and convenient for use and you won’t have any safety concerns while using it too. Who needs those awkward strips to get your teeth back to their clean, white state? Who needs to go to dentists for expensive custom trays when you can get them at home for an affordable price? The product also comes with a no risk guarantee, which puts your mind at rest about its quality.

What do I get?

You can buy Atomic White and get custom trays and professional whitening gel for $39.95 plush S&H at

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