Ageless Hands

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What is Ageless Hands

It is an intensive therapy lotion for the hands to reverse the effects of aging such as wrinkles, spider veins, discoloration and roughness.


A hand cream to do away with “Old lady hands”

When it comes to making your hands look younger, Ageless Hands lotion from Biologic Solutions claims to be the most effective solution you could ask for. Hands are known to give away your age a lot more easily than your face. This is because not only is the skin on the back of your hands a lot more thinner but also because hands go through sun damage, chemicals while doing household work like cleaning, washing, and gardening. With age, the thinness of the skin on your hands loses collagen and elastin more easily resulting in wrinkling and crepe-paper like skin texture. It also results in spider veins, or bulging veins, that keep growing as time passes. All these problems result in your hands being called “Old lady hands”. Simply moisturizing your hands is not enough as they cannot undo the sun damage to the skin or create new collagen. This is where Ageless Hands is meant to come in as the most potent solution.


Exclusive anti-aging combination of science and nature

Ageless Hands is said to be made of exclusive anti-aging blend of Abyssinian oil to hydrate the skin intensively, Lipo-Filler to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, natural lightening ingredients to reduce age spots and Lecithin for complete absorption of the formula. The moisturizing provided by the lotion believably makes your skin silky smooth and complete absorption gives your hands non-oily feel and Ageless Hands is also believed to be mildly scented.


Reduces discoloration and plumps out wrinkles

One of the biggest problems that aging brings is liver spots or dark pigmentation of the skin especially if it has been overexposed to the sun in childhood or as a young adult. Getting rid of these age spots is impossible. But Ageless Hands promises that it can not only stop further discoloration of the skin but also reverse present dark spots so that your skin tone looks more even. It is also said to be effective to exfoliate skin and plump out wrinkles by renewing cells and giving it an evener texture. Over all, with Ageless Hands your skin will look less sallow and thin.


    What do I get ?

  • You get 30-Day Supply for $29.95+$5P&H
  • And 60-Day Supply for $49.95+$5P&H
  • Official Website :

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