30 Second Smile Toothbrush Review

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You have that squeaky clean feeling when you have just been to dentist’s office. That’s because your teeth are cleaned properly. Did you ever wonder why you have that feeling just 2 days a year and not everyday. The reason is you are either rushing the brushing or you are not brushing well enough to remove stains, food residue and worst of all plaque. Not any more now get that “all clean” feeling with the 30 Second Toothbrush.


How does 30 Second Smile work?
30 Second Smile surrounds your teeth with soft bristles actually cleaning the inside, outside, the biting surfaces, and along the gum line top and bottom all at the same time. Faster than any toothbrush ever and perfect every time. 30 Second automatically performs the dentist recommended Bass Brushing technique, surrounds and hugs your teeth, and automatically positions bristles for optimal cleaning. Its patented “can’t make a mistake” design automatically positions the bristles at the perfect 45 degree angle for powering away dangerous plaque, massaging your gums and helping save your teeth.

30 Second Smile for Kids

It has been shown that most adults do not brush their teeth in the right manner. This means that children do not either.

Introducing 30 Second Smile, a new electronic toothbrush designed specially for children. It is a revolutionary new way to clean your teeth. It ensures that every time your child brushes his teeth he is doing it the correct way.

With the 30 Second Smile, your child will get to experience a professional dentist cleaning feeling each and every time he brushes his teeth.

Now even you can use this amazing technology to brush your teeth in the right way everyday.

This incredible children’s electronic toothbrush is fun to use and does a great teeth cleaning job too, so your child will enjoy brushing his teeth more often.

When you use the 30 Second Smile children’s electronic toothbrush there is no need for you to brush for 3 minutes because each brush head on the electronic toothbrush is designed at the perfect angle to promptly and successfully remove plaque from the surface of each tooth simultaneously.

Unlike other toothbrushes that take 3 minutes to clean the 30 Second Smile children’s electronic toothbrush takes just 30 seconds to give your brilliant looking clean teeth.

You can now order the amazing new 30 Second Smile children’s electronic toothbrush for only two payments of $29.95. Try it risk free for 60 days.

30 Second Smile FAQs

What makes 30 Second Smile stand out from other toothbrushes you can find?
To understand how different 30 Second Smile is from other toothbrushes you will need to know a bit about them in general. There are many manufacturers who keep doing what they can to improve oscillation, spin etc to enhance the performance of toothbrushes. But the base line is, all tooth brushes work on the same principle and are as good as the person using them, so to speak. The issue is, most of us don’t spend enough time and effort brushing the way we should be. And that’s the reason a majority of the population suffers from gum diseases despite the advances in tooth brushes.

To maintain good oral care, human error has to be diminished and you can do that by making sure you spend enough time brushing every day, using regular tooth brushes or use a tooth brush that gives you a brilliant solution based on revolutionary technology. The magic of 30 Second Smile lies in 6 micro brushes that take human error out of brushing and ensure that your teeth get proper care.

Undoubtedly the new age, 30 Second Smile tooth brush looks miles apart from other regular tooth brushes but the real difference can only be experienced by using it. 30 Second Smile is your way to brilliant oral care that’s fast as it takes 1/4th the time and automatic too.


Does the big looking head of the 30 Second Smile tooth brush fit well into the mouth?
The head does look big but you have to no reason to worry. There would be discomfort only if all 6 micro brushes were on one side of the mouth. However that doesn’t happen with 30 Second Smile because each of the head has its own designated surface. Moreover every micro brush is half the size of the head of a regular tooth brush. These 6 heads wrap themselves nicely on different surfaces in your mouth without causing any discomfort.


Is Sonic Technology at the heart of 30 Second Smile?
Not at all; 30 Second Smile uses a completely new technology. There have been many changes and modifications in tooth brushes over time but gum diseases and cavities have persisted. It’s due to improper brushing and studies have shown that if we brush the right way, removing bacterial plaque from gum lines and teeth, instances of gum diseases and cavities will reduce significantly.

Oral hygiene cannot be attained by bristles working at sonic speed; the key lies in making sure that every surface of the teeth is cleaned well and gums are massaged too. 30 Second Smile works on its “Can’t make a mistake” technology, which automatically ensures that you get decent oral care with the help of patented micro brushes, every time you use it. As you just bite and guide, you will get all the oral care you need within 1/4th the time required by power brushes and 1/6th the time of manual brushes.


Is 30 Second Smile safe for kids and are special brushes needed for their use?
There are special brushes available only for kids but studies have shown that 30 Second Smile is safe for practically everyone looking for quality oral hygiene. Many kids think 30 Second Smile is cool and parents love it because they don’t have to watch over their kids while they brush to ensure that they brush their teeth properly. The patented multi micro heads are perfect for use by kids and they fit into their mouths easily as well. Thus 30 Second Smile is safe and convenient for your children to use.


How often do the heads need replacing?
The brush heads have to be replaced in about 30 days. It’s true for all brushes according to industry standards because the bristles tend to get frayed, split and thereby less effective over time. Moreover brush heads can often carry harmful bacteria, which is why sick people should replace them at the start of an illness and when they get better too.


How does 30 Second Smile help the entire family?
US Surgeon General said in 2003, “If your mouth is not healthy, your body will not be healthy.” Such is the huge importance of oral care and hygiene. 30 Second Smile is ideal for each and every member of the family from kids to youngsters, parents to grandparents. You brush your teeth every day and it’s a lifetime proposition; there are no two ways about it. But do you always brush properly? With 30 Second Smile you get the desired oral care each and every day.

Moreover sometimes grandparents can have problems with a regular tooth brush but 30 Second Smile will make their task easier. Now you can get whiter teeth, healthier gums, fresh breath and good overall health too. It also means a significant reduction in your dental bills but of course, improved health for the whole family remains the big benefit.


Will the brushing action lead to abrasion?
Not at all. In fact clinical studies have shown that short brush strokes lead to abrasion proof brushing.

30 Second Smile has been specifically designed to offer your gums a gentle, stimulating massage as is recommended by dental experts. The short brush strokes with the gentle micro brushes in 30 Second Smile ensure that it happens.

Medical College of Georgia, School of Dentistry and University of Tennessee, Health Science Center, both have conducted studies, which support this theory and vouch for the safety of 30 Second Smile.


  • According to the Medical College of Georgia study, “The 30 Second Smile Oral Health System has proven to be a safe, well accepted and effective device.”
  • And University of Tennessee, Health Science Center says, “Neither the 30 Second Smile, nor the other tested brushes caused any adverse reactions that could be attributed to the brush.”

Moreover according to studies, “Neither the 30 Second Smile, nor the other tested brushes caused any increase in gingival recession.”


Is toothpaste needed?
Yes, you do need a small dollop of toothpaste on both the sides, just where angled bristles meet. Due to the effective brushing action, the toothpaste will do a brilliant job of removing bacterial plaque while removing stains by applying fluorides too (if recommended by a dental professional).


How does one clean their tongue?
There’s a special tongue cleaner with your 30 Second Smile.

Can only one head be used at a time?
It’s important that you use both heads because their motions are complementary to each other. They balance and reciprocate their movements thus offering effective cleaning to all six surfaces and gentle massage to the gums as well.

Moreover these heads are attached to the handle through a metal pin. If you don’t attach any of the heads, the pin will be exposed while brushing and can cause damage to your gums or teeth.


Does 30 Second Smile clean efficiently even if you have braces?
Yes, most definitely. Many people who wear braces often complain that they can’t maneuver their regular one-headed brush around their braces. It leads to lack of good dental hygiene.

According to a private study, 30 Second Smile works well for people with braces, and does the cleaning job effectively. As users bite into the brush heads, they get positioned in a way that they clean teeth and metal brackets in braces effectively while massaging the gums too.


What speeds does 30 Second Smile operate at?
Through rigorous testing it’s been found that around 700-800 strokes per minute is the ideal speed for your teeth. It’s at this speed that bristle tips can penetrate and clean interproximally. It thus removes harmful bacteria and particles from your teeth while massaging your gums just the way they should be.


Can you take your 30 Second Smile to the shower?
Although 30 Second Smile is waterproof, your warranty will be void if it is used in the shower. Hence it’s advisable not to take your 30 Second Smile in the shower.

What are the colors in bristles made from?
All bristle colors used in 30 Second Smile are in compliance with US Federal Drug Administration Regulation 21 CFR 178.3297 – colorant levels below 1% by weight and no heavy metal based pigments. All filaments and plastics have been tested for extraction and no substantial colorant extraction was seen. You will also be pleased to note that all colors are in compliance with standards in Europe and US Drug, Food and Cosmetic Act.


What do you do if your gums are bleeding?
Stay calm because it might not be a bad sign after all. Yes, 30 Second Smile has been designed to effectively clean your teeth effectively and massage your gums too. Such dental care is not provided by many other tooth brushes coupled with our lack of time and dexterity while brushing. It leads to gums being inflamed or worse still infected. 30 Second Smile can reach hard to get areas and when these parts get stimulated, there’s likely to be some bleeding.

As you start using 30 Second Smile regularly this area of gums will get back to its normal health, and bleeding or any discomfort will stop. You get Ultra Soft Red Bristles with your 30 Second Smile and these bristles should be used initially to restore your gums to their normal health. Standard Soft Brushes can then be used for the penetrating cleaning of teeth and massaging gums too.


How can you tell if you are brushing successfully, especially when it comes to your back molars?
You can start off by watching the Instructional DVD you get as it shows how effectively 30 Second Smile can reach the back molars and clean them. The Instructional video can also be seen on the website www.30secondSmile.com/demovideo, you can then click “Using the Bass Technique” to get started.

Can 30 Second Smile lead to gum recession?
Not at all. You need to remember that most people have some level of gingivitis, which is an early stage of gum disease. Plaque irritation and gum tissue getting infected can lead to inflammation, which could be present before you start using 30 Second Smile. In that case your gums will appear red, spongy and puffy. 30 Second Smile is known to penetrate under the gums and teeth effectively; hence you might experience bleeding at initial stages. But you will notice that the swelling in the gums goes down as well and they become lighter, pink and tight. You tend to see more of your tooth because gum inflammation is reduced; it is certainly not gum recession. If anything it’s restoring gums to better health.


How often does one need to change batteries for 30 Second Smile?
If you feel the power of 30 Second Smile is significantly reduced and it’s not being effective, it might be a good time to change its batteries.


Why won’t batteries take a full charge?
If you believe that the batteries are fully charged but you don’t get adequate power, then you need to take the cap off and find two metal contacts. If there’s any moisture, dry it out gently with cotton balls or Q- tip with isopropyl alcohol. If there’s any buildup on the contacts, then it has to be scraped off with the help of something like tweezers. You can apply petroleum jelly on the contacts to make them more resistant to moisture in the future.


Can 30 Second Smile be used with crowns and bridges?
For starters you need to understand that there are two types of bridges; removable and fixed. Fixed dentures are called “bridge” and are cemented in mouth permanently to replace missing teeth. Removable partial denture on the other hand can be placed in and taken out.

The latter is retained with the help of metal clasps; hence according to the advice of dental professional associates, you should remove the bridge before you use 30 Second Smile. It will ensure that the partial dentures are not dislodged and the bristles won’t get caught under the metal clasps and get pulled out too.

What are the other benefits of multi heads in 30 Second Smile?
It’s known for its smart bristle length variance wherein bristles that come in contact with gums are longer, which is why they are gentle. Shorter bristles on the other hand clean teeth effectively and remove plaque.

Brush heads also swivel on the anchoring pins, thus removing any human error in technique to a greater extent.


30 Second Smile also gives automated optimum pressure, which enhances the results you see. When you use single headed brushes you are unsure about the pressure you should be applying, while brushing. If you brush too vigorously you are worried that it might cause abrasion while it can also lead to gum recession and expose your teeth roots. The tooth structure might also get worn down in the process. However when you use 30 Second Smile you have no such fears because you exert absolutely zero force. The advanced, wrap around head configuration in 30 Second Smile means automated, equalized, gentle pressure is exerted on inner and outer surfaces; hence there’s no chance of tooth abrasion whatsoever. Moreover the arms in the brush head can flex, thus providing just the right amount of pressure on front teeth and molars too. With your regular brushes, you can end up applying too much pressure on your teeth but the resilient arms in 30 Second Smile mean you apply pressure that won’t lead to abrasion.


What’s the right bristle head for you?
There’s a specially designed brush for kids while starters should use Ultra Soft (red) brushes.

Red Bristles are a mark of Ultra Soft head, which is ideal for beginners and people with sensitive teeth and gums.

Standard on the other hand is ideal for people with gum recession as it has an extra row of bristles, and lets them clean the gumline. It also works well for people without gum recession.

Are the bristles soft?
Yes they are; in fact the standard soft is softer than other soft bristles found on various tooth brushes. There’s also the Ultra Soft brush for people with sensitive gums.


What do you do if the plastic around heads is bumping your teeth and gums?
If the brush is used according to instructions provided, then bumping will not happen. You can go through the Instructional DVD one more time, to see where the brush handle should be in relation to your mouth because heads get guided around the natural arch of your teeth. When brushing back teeth, the handle should point straight at the back of your mouth.


What do I get?

  • The 30 Second Smile unit, designer stand and travel case
  • Two sets of brushes, ultra soft and standard
  • Free professional tongue scraper
  • One year warranty
  • FREE BRUSHES FOR LIFE (just pay s+p)

Available in Adults and Children (ages 5-11) models for the same low price!




269 thoughts on “30 Second Smile Toothbrush Review

  1. Hello Everyone,
    My name is Rebecca and I do work for 30 Second Smile. We have taken back the manufacturing and customer service in-house and, returning to the original reliable model we once produced. We understand the disappointments you are having and, after 4+ years our goals are; a commitment to customer service and a new dependable 30 Second Smile that works consistently. 30 Second Smile caught your attention for its innovative design; well now it’s improved and even better. Our last clinical was published in 2015 and here is the conclusion.
    Conclusion of new clinical study published at the Journal of Oral Hygiene & Health:
    “Using the Hydrabrush/30 Second Smile toothbrush twice daily for only 30 seconds, can be equally effective as a conventional electric toothbrush used twice daily for 2 minutes, in improving gingival health over time.”
    Clinical significance:
    “This study demonstrates that improved gingival health can be achieved in shorter brushing time using the Hydrabrush/30 Second Smile toothbrush. This may improve oral hygiene compliance for all patients, especially those with dexterity issues.”
    Our new unit has an induction motor with a charger stand just like our competitors, no replacement batteries required. We created this toothbrush to be different because it had to be different, in order for it to work requiring only 30 seconds. Through research we discovered that the average person only brushes for 38 seconds. The clinicals we just conducted at the University of Georgia confirmed that we were superior to the best sonic toothbrush in the world. It’s a little awkward at first; it’s definitely different for sure. You don’t use it like a regular toothbrush, you just bite into the top and bottom brush-heads, hold gently and guide. The bristles are angled at the recommended 45 degree angle and uses short back and forth strokes, emulating the BASS Technique taught in every dental school. No user skill is required, it does all the brushing for you. Your gums might be a little sensitive and there might be some bleeding but, that is to be expected if you haven’t been brushing properly. It will reach all the places you have been missing. If you have a small mouth, we have brushes for that; braces, we have brushes for that too. This is a great product perfect for everyone; young, elderly, disabled, etc. Give us another chance and we will show you why we are better in customer service and product quality. Our website is currently being revamped and excited to share everything good about 30 Second Smile. Call us at 30 Second Smile by Hydrabrush Inc., 888-813-6631, talk to Karlene or Rebecca or, email to hydrbrush.karlene@gmail.com or hydrabrush.rebecca@gmail.com. Thank you for reconsidering.

  2. The brush works great, my gums are definitely in better health but the brush stopped working after 4 months. The call center in India that I was routed to informs me that I have to pay shipping and handling both ways in order to get a replacement.

    The return process is also quite laborious – first you have to fax proof of purchase , then you have to call back 48 – 72 hrs later to check they received the fax. Then you place a new order for a replacement at which point they charge your card $14.95 for the shipping of the new brush. You also have to send back the old brush at your own expense.

    This is too bad because hands down it is the best brush I have ever used but I don’t like the hassle and expense of replacing it especially as it is only 4 months old.

  3. I canceled all orders with your company last year, I just got 2 emails stating you were sending me product, you need to cancel the orders and refund my money now Rick Kader 435-467-7690

  4. I just got 3 e-mail messages from 30 Second Smile stating that my system has been shipped — 3 different tracking numbers. I did not order anything — have not even been on their website. Have been on hold for 1/2 hour trying to talk to their customer service department. Not looking to good for me.

  5. I like the 30 Second Smile Toothbrush. I have a problem replacing the toothbrushes. I pinch the sides like I am told. But the brushes still do not come off.

  6. I’ve owned the 30 second smile for about 3 years here’s a list of the pros/cons :

    30 Second Smile PROS – My dentist is very pleased with the results, I went from having deep cleaning scaling every 4 months to normal cleanings twice a year. My breath has greatly improved. My teeth are actually clean and healthy (front,back, top,bottom), my gums have improved 100%. I always look forward to brushing instead of it being a chore.

    CONS- The batteries do die quick but I now use the ones that can be charged. I’m a messy brusher, therefore , I get water/paste into the battery compartment and this causes the unit to slow down to a snail pace but I’ve always been able to return it and get a replacement for the cost of S/H (around $15, which is cheaper than most spin types ) I’m on my 3rd replacement. it does take a while for the replacement to arrive but it’s worth the wait and I realize just how well it works when I’m forced to use another type.

    Bottom line- this toothbrush works so well that I’m willing to overlook the minor issues. plus the cost of batteries and S/H is a heck of a lot cheaper than dentist visits caused by poor brushing.

  7. I bought one of these brushes when it first came out because of bleeding in my gums. My dentist told me I needed to go a gum doctor and have a flap done. The gum doctor said I needed two flaps done. I bought this brush and used it 3 times a day. It leaves your teeth super smooth. And after a few weeks I noticed the bleeding in my gums was almost gone. Another 6 months and I went to a local gum doctor and he said I only needed my teeth scaled. No flaps. I help clean and close the gap in my gums. Worth every penny and more. No bleeding at all now. A little pricey but well worth the cost.

  8. The brush is good and I like it, but the batteries fall out all the time, it needs to be made with a better bottom to hold the batteries in.

  9. At first the product worked reasonably well. But it is poorly designed and built. The end cap over the batteries tended to come off after a couple of months. It then began to corrode, making it difficult to turn the motor on. Finally it froze up and no longer works after about five months of use. I would not buy another one.

    • I am not a 30 second smile user. I have not been allowed to get one because my brother-in-law works (worked) for Sonicare. Now I can get whatever I want without him badgering me. That’s why I’m here. I read many reviews and noticed that many complaints involved the removable batteries. That would certainly turn me off as well. I did however find out that the company has stop selling that model and that a new model is coming out later this year with sealed-in batteries and battery charging will be just like the other power toothbrushes. That seem like a great improvement. I will be waiting for the new model. My dentist knows about 30 Second Smile and says the “concept” is fantastic and works very well.

  10. I LOVE this 30-Second Smile toothbrush. I have been using it for over a year now; bought one for my sister as well. My teeth feel and are cleaner than ever before. I used a major competitive sonic toothbrush prior and this cleans better by a large margin. My gum pockets have improved. My dental cleanings are short and easy! I have had no quality issues. I have the battery charger so I always have batteries charging to replace in the brush as needed. As for those that are commenting that the charge is high for the toothbrush or replacement brushes…are you kidding me? Yes, perhaps the charge for S&H seems high but the cost for the product itself is 1/2 the cost of the competitors. Net/Net is a savings for you the user. $10 for replacement brush heads (for the S&H) that’s it..have you gone to try to buy replacement brush heads for the other sonic brush??
    30 second smile does what it is supposed to do – clean your teeth.
    Product has a 3 year warranty if quality is a concern (I have had no issues) so there is not a risk as far as I can see! Try it. Your teeth will be cleaner.

  11. A couple of days back I was suggested an electric toothbrush known as 30 Second Smile. I was keen in knowing it well before getting one and thus I searched for “Reviews for 30 Second Smile” over the internet. The search engine returned with a list of websites like 30secondsmilereviews.info, 30-second-smile-whiterteeth.com, 30secondsmiled.com, 30secondsmileonline.org, 30smile.com, 30secondsmiletoothbrushreviews.com, 30secondsmiletoothbrushreview.com and 30secondsmilereviewblog.com. All these websites had a glaring review about the product and a neat website which had a similar flow in it. The site seemed like a review site at first but on taking a closer look there were advertisements and opportunities to buy 30 Second Smile brush all over it. In fact advertises were placed very well between the review to blend in with the flow. I was totally sure that these sites might not be by a real user and completely a fake. Finally I was lucky to find this website which has something the other sites were missing – a genuine review. Thanks a lot for the review.

    • You are completely right about the sites which are mentioned in the post. Such websites take the advantage of the search engines inability to differentiate a real review site from a fake site using SEO techniques. They keyword rich content they use in their fake reviews put their site on the top which fools the user to consider them as some excellent review website. On this website all the reviews provided are 100% by real people to help others.

  12. This company is running extensive advertising on TV https://www.30secondsmile.com/

    They offered a deal at just less than $60, and then said they would throw in a whole bunch of extras at no charge if you call within twenty minutes.

    I called within the twenty minutes to place my order, which should have included all the extras and free shipping. It seems that the order process on the phone is TOTALLY automated and they ask for your credit card number early in the conversation. Then they keep asking you if you want this or that, which of course I did because it was all the extras that had been promised for free. After a while, I realized that there was no provision whatsoever in the automated phone call for me to be credited with the extras for having called in quickly.

    It was too late, and there was no way of stopping the process as they already had my credit card details.

    I contacted an online chat agent. They told me they had no access to the computer and there was nothing they could do to stop the order going through.

    I waited until the office was open and called their customer service department which is 1-800-431-1902 at around 10 a.m. PST December 24. When I got through, I was obviously talking to India. I gave my details to Raju KUMAR, and he told me that the order totaled $117.32. I told him I did not want the order and that I had only placed it an hour or two before, and I wanted to cancel it. They refused to cancel the order, saying it was not possible. They said that my Visa had not been charged yet but they had sent the information to visa and there was no way they could stop the process. I told him then he could put through a credit and he refused. He said that it is totally impossible to stop the process.

    This is obviously a scam, and I want to report the fraud.

    • 1. Letter to visa cancelling the charge: tell: fraud!

      2. Post your complaint on twitter. Just saw tv program where 3 people got consumer problems resolved quickly using twitter; after they phoned several times to the company to no avail. Bad publicity costs companies a fortune.

  13. This 30 Second Smile is a horrible product. The only thing worse is the customer service. The bristles fall apart after a week of brushing 3 x a day for a week. The battery system is a joke. It does not clean down to the gums. When I complained they said send it back. Well now they tell me never received anything and want 44 extra dollars. Not sure for what. Should have read reviews and not watched tv after 2 AM.

  14. DO NOT BUY THIS 30 Second Smile Toothbrush! At first I enjoyed this product, although I agree that the charges are ridiculous. My teeth seemed much cleaning. However, after only a few days I noticed that because my mouth is so small I was beginning to form sores at the back and sides of my mouth due to the brush. I do not have much room in the back of my mouth so to clean those back teeth the product kept banging into my jaw. Also, the battery cap kept flying off mid-brush. So, the 30secs it was supposed to take turned into longer when I had to put not only the cap but the batteries that fell out back in again. I therefore decided to return the product. I took the risk and it failed. But what really made me angry is that I send numerous customer service emails that were not returned. I waited a week and then I called but was told I had to call back in 15min for someone else to handle my issues. Strange and frustrating but I called back in 15mins. Then I’m told that not only do I have to pay for the product to be shipped back myself but that they will not refund $29.90 of my order… for what reason I do not know because the calling center is in India. It was not only hard to understand them but they only respond with pre-written answers. So when I asked a question not related to those responses they just responded with the same line over and over again. I know it is not the costumer service people’s fault but this company has really horrible business model and does not care about the people using their products. I would have given them an okay review if it wasn’t for their blatant disregard of the customer. Do not get sucked into this. It is not worth the hassle or the shipping charges. I would never recommend this product to anyone even on a trial basis. You will pay more money to just get rid of it.

    • It’s not only this product, it’s all the junk from China that they fool the public to believe it’s the best thing ever. You think you had problems with this product try the Magic jack, now here is some real professional “JACK OFF’S” and should be put in jail for fraud and embezzlement. I think these scam artist are run by our government, because they realy know how to break one off in you. And there customer service centers are all in some 3 rd world country and you have know chance to recoop your losses. well before the jack off’s had a chance to bill my credit card, I reported my card stolen and canceled that card and got a new one issued and the 3 magic jacks I ordered for gifts went in the trash where they belong. No matter what there selling they say try it free, thats the hook they need. Also stay away from Comfortair air beds and there 60 night free trial, those people need to be put in jail with the rest of the criminals. and all the other junk they sell for $9.99 plus s/h but wait they will give you 2 for the price of 1, but the the s/h is more then the junk is worth, wake up people, stop the madness and robbery. I would just kick the shit out of them if I had them here, and they would never steal from another person again. Have a safe day, and keep your guard up.

      Totally pissed of in Ohio

  15. I’m thankful for the reviews too, I was considering buying 3 for Xmas but would not have been happy with being charged half a grand for a scam product.

    I noticed that the early fake reviews at the bottom have stopped lol.

  16. I ordered this 30 Second Smile Toothbrush after seeing it on the Today show. Thank goodness I didn’t pay full price. While the concept is excellent and my teeth feel clean after using it – it is very cheaply made. The brushes last about 2 weeks and you need to change the batteries one a week!

  17. I just got off the phone with 30 second smile’s INDIA customer support. First of all, I’ve had the unit for about a year. LOVE the concept HATE the physical machine. This thing is so cheaply made and goes through batteries like no tomorrow. My biggest issue is that it doesn’t turn on when you switch the stupid dial. And the batter cap keeps falling off.

    The idea of this toothbrush is brilliant and even my hygienist stated how good my teeth and gums look. BUT the quality of the contraption is crap. We are in the 21 century and electric tooth brushes have been around for 30 years. Yet this thing a) takes batteries and not rechargeable??? (come one!), and the way you put the batteries in is sealed by a little gasket?

    OH!!! AND GET THIS!!! When talking to the India customer support, they said that this unit MUST BE STORED IN A DRY ENVIRONMENT AND NOT TO STORE IT IN YOUR BATHROOM!!! They suggested putting it in a jar to keep humidity out of the unit. WHAT?? Does the inventor not see an issue with this??? Come one guy…surely you could have built a unit that will sealed so well that storing this in the medicine cabinet would not be an issue.

    I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS BRUSH TO ANYONE!!!! Cheaply made, customer support doesn’t, on/off switch sucks big time, you grow through batteries like crazy, and you have to store the unit in a completely dry area.


    I hope this helps at least one person save the frustration. I am passing the word on every blog and website that sells this piece of crap. If you have a complaint, do the same. Google 30 second smile and get the word out. Perhaps then the designer of this crap will make the correct modifications.


  18. I purchased this 30 Second Smile toothbrush and was disgusted by the outrageous shipping and handling charges. I got the toothbrush and a lifetime brush replacement with only paying for shipping and handling which is the over-priced item of this deal. I also got a membership for a tooth-whitening kit. That also is where I am just paying for the shipping and handling.

    They automatically send and charge you for this, so you have to remember to cancel when you no longer want it. The s&h charges make it so the “free” item is probably worth the cost if you want the system. As for the brush itself, I didn’t have any problem with the batteries running out or rusting and corroding. That went just fine. My problem was the way the brush fit my mouth. The brush heads are way to large and would tear up the skin around my mouth leaving me with painful sores.

    I would have to angle the brush in a certain way to avoid this, therefore not getting the quality of brushing I desire. If you follow the instructions and have a big mouth, it seems to work OK. But I feel that for what it is, it is overpriced with crazy s&h prices. My crest $8 power brush was just fine compared to this.

  19. I ordered it and actually thought my order did not go through as my email was requested but no email was sent. I thought the order may not have gone through because I hung up after getting too many offers to things I did not want and was presented no opportunity to conclude the purchase. I simply lost patience. Anyway, to my surprise after several weeks it arrived.

    It is a ridiculous little children’s toy and totally not worth the price.

    It’s worth about $10.

    I have to admit that when I ordered it I did not know it was battery operated–I would not have ordered it had I known.

    I am glad I did not order replacement brushes.

    Onto the product
    Yes it is a piece of junk.

    But, not a bad piece of junk. I like using it, but it has very little power.

    I am a poor brusher and I am cleaning my teeth much better since I got the 30 second smile. I will not attempt to return it based on the hassle I’ve been reading about here. When it dies I will buy a real electronic toothbrush. A rip off and a scam but that’s life. Live and learn.

    • Buy sonicare..these work great..I actually picked mine up from my dentist before the hit the shelf in stores..paid over $100.but well worth it ..I still have the same one,works like the day I got it..been working since 2002 ,give or take a year…the battery is prob 5 different shades darker then the replacement brushes..lol..I would buy the newest model but I don’t think this thing will ever die..

  20. DO NOT BUY THIS 30 SECOND SMILE TOOTHBRUSH!!! Once you are sucked in, they definitely do not want to let you go. When I requested that all future automatic orders of replacement heads be stopped, I was given a choice of having the shipments stopped for six or eight months. Seriously? What part of ALL do they not understand. I’m still waiting to see if any more charges appear on my credit card. Also, when I asked to return the last unopened package, I was told I wouldn’t receive any refund. That’s another 10 bucks down the drain. Crappy product, crappy service. Do yourself a favor and stay far, far away.

  21. I was going to order a 30secondssmile tooth brush, for myself, after ready all the comments on this page. And chatting with a customer service person, Because I did want to give my address or email address to them, and just wanted to make a full payment that all. They were very nasty to me, and some how they got my phone #, and wanted me to buy one over the phone. I told that person before you say anything, don’t say anything at all, just don’t ever call this #, or email me or I will report you to the Better Business Bureau.

    • Patrick,

      I did the same thing just a few days before you with the same result as yours, and I replied the same way! Too funny.

      I am always skeptical of these TV ads because I know they will try to up-sell and not mention other charges unless you ask.

      When I started asking about all the charges including new brushes shipped every four months, they said that I would receive the first set of replacement brushes in two months instead of four and that I would also be charged shipping/handling for each brush in addition to the cost of each brush.

      I even agreed to that, then I said I wished to pay the whole amount at that time, instead of in payments. That, they wouldn’t let me do. And that’s when I started getting angry.

      The costs had already been increasing and that’s when I decided to cancel, even after I had already given them my credit card number. I figured they saved that information until I gave them the credit card number so it would be too much of a hassle to cancel. Figured they planned to make more money by spacing out the payments and charging a finance charge or something.

      They did cancel the order, but I also received a call from someone several days later who was clearly not in America to ask why I canceled. I gave only so much information which prompted another question from this person. I was incredibly angry that they would follow-up like that and said that I had already given them enough information, that I was on the do-not-call-list and I felt they were harassing me and that I would report them to the BBB.

      I am going to look for another brush with similar characteristics now.

  22. I ordered this 30 Second Smile Toothbrush and whitening system a few weeks ago. It took some getting used to with the toothbrush and I still cant figure out how to keep paste on brushes. The whitening is so so but you have to get your trays perfect and there is no way to spit extra saliva that produces during the 30 minutes. I would give it a 3 out of 5

  23. Very disappointed, the double brush causes me to have a gag reflex. I can only brush with my other tooth brush. Still undetermined on the whitening product. Have used it for a week and can not see any difference.

  24. The owner of the Patent for this product is:
    Kenneth Hegemann from Escondido, CA
    also he has relatives on the patent as well…Rob and Jay Hegemann. I bought 2 and they are charging me outrageous shipping and handling twice for the same order. I have a feeling that the owners have no idea how badly their customer service is being run in India. In customer service defense, they are not allowed to do anything so somebody higher is making these ridiculous decisions.

    Someone should contact these owners.

  25. Well, I’ve been using the 30 second smile for 3 weeks now and I love it. My teeth feel really clean. Yes the shipping and handling is excessive, but since it works so well for me I am willing to pay it. I ordered the product with the battery charger and it works great. I have one set of batteries in the toothbrush and one set in the charger so I always have charged batteries. I really love this product.

  26. I purchased 2 of the tooth brushes in January. I was billed $59.96…then I was billed again in March $59.96…now they want another $59.96 from me and I refuse to pay it. They do not understand math ! Also….one of the toothbrushes actually had to be thrown always within the first month. The batteries corroded and the entire system had to be tossed. I called and told them that the way the toothbrush was made…it could not get wet at all and indeed this toothbrush did not close the way it was suppose to. They completely ignored me and my problem. I was told to call customer service and they were no help. I was told to pay up or be sent to collection ! This company is nothing but bad customer service…a scam as far as their advertizing and I would never buy anything from them. And by the way….the toothbrush that corroded was not because of a small child…it was an adult of 54 using it.

    • I had the same problem. The battery corroded the entire system now it is useless. I called customer service and they told me that the instructions warned against the batteries getting wet. Useless piece of junk. It’s a toothbrush!!! of course its going to get wet. The battery compartment should be better sealed. Threw the 30 Second Smile toothbrush away and purchased a Sonicare. Sonicare is a much better product.

  27. this toothbrush works OK but the whole order program is a scam. You pay for lifetime brushes and then they charge you again when they ship them. they weight just a few ounces and they charge 1080 to ship. SCAM

    • Yeah, I asked them about that too. The ad said “free”, at least that’s what I heard. When it was explained not free brushes, just free enrollment, I had to laugh. Were they kidding? What person would think that enrollment would ever cost anything?

      I agree… SCAM!

  28. All these negative reviews! I LOVE my 30 Second Smile toothbrush. My teeth are cleaner than ever. You have to use a light touch and tune in to the brush against the teeth, adjusting the spacing of the jaw as you go around, but once you get the hang of it, fabulous. You get very clean teeth in about one minute. I admit I have my own teeth and don’t know what problems there might be with implants and bridges, etc. I agree that the extra charges (shipping, etc) approach absurdity, but I plan to buy one of these tools for each of my children. If you are a careful and thorough brusher, you will love it.

  29. DENTAL IMPLANTS!!!STAY AWAY Purchased in November 30 second smile for myself my daughter and my husband for Christmas. By the time it was TOO late to return I had a dental implant fail. When I called I was informed that I was beyond the warranty. Too big for my 10 year old mouth and my husband isn’t into electronics. Waste of $300.00+ and the keep billing my for additional brushes…Do not give them a card they just keep charging and charging.

  30. Returned the brush and battery charger! Biggest regret: Felt very foolish spending nearly $40 in postage just to try it out. Not a well-made product. The back and forth action prevented cleaning of my back teeth without bruising my jaw. Also, too small to clean both sides of teeth at one time as demonstrated. Had to tilt brush. If a person doesn’t mind using the batteries, I would recommend the $6. spin brushes sold at local stores.

    The representatives were NICE. I had no problems with the return. (I didn’t approach them like an angry bull. It’s not their fault they’re working for a company with a lousy product. If you’re angry with the company or with yourself for being duped, don’t take it out on them!) You do need to call them back with the tracking number you get when you mail the product. This protects them and you. You have proof you really mailed something to them, and you get your refund faster if there is one coming. I’ve seen posts from angry people who did not like the representatives. I urge you, if you try this brush to find out for yourself, be nice to the representatives when you call to return it. They’re the ones who catch all the anger that should be aimed at the company that’s brazen enough to sell this product at such an exorbitant price!

  31. I was strongly motivated to purchase the 30 second smile unit but after reading these reviews, I won’t be whipping out my card… However, has anyone thought to try a triple head pet toothbrush??? Its manual, but has 3 brushes – I just wonder if the angles, etc would work on people teeth and give you a faster, cleaner smile? I have one (new) and I’m thinking about trying it – bought it for my dogs but can’t even get them to let me use the finger toothbrush…

  32. They say it’s cheaper to buy 30 second smile than the ultrasonic toothbrushes but that’s not true. I was really angry when I bought it from their web-site and it said “FREE teeth whitening kit”. They say the charge is $59.00 but the cost of shipping is $29.95 for regular ground shipping. I was totally shocked because I didn’t get charged for shipping until almost 3 weeks later after the initial cost. I wanted to return the item because I didn’t like the fact the batteries don’t last long, there’s no charging system, I can’t brush my tongue with the toothbrush and it’s awkward to turn in your mouth. Then when I went to return it, that’s when I was charged for shipping and that part is not refundable. Why did it cost me $9.00 to return to them but it cost them $29.95 to ship to me?? I believe they over charge for shipping to be able to say the toothbrush is cheaper than sonic. Sonic is a much nicer toothbrush. I had mine for many years before it died and I decided to try the 30 second smile. Not worth it at all!

  33. Does not work as illustrated on TV. Does not reach all the way to my gum-line without tilting, so really brushes only one side at a time. I use soft bristles as instructed by my dentist. Read in literature replacement brushes are all “regular” bristles. I cannot use those. Have already invested $30 in shipping (for a box that would ship for $5 anywhere in US).That’s my sad loss. Do not want to pay the extra $90 for this product. Have read some very sad reviews about customer service. Hope I do not have those problems, but I cannot see keeping a brush that is awkward to use. Warranty is voided if the battery compartment gets any moisture in it, and it is not designed to be well-sealed. It looked like a good idea, but I feel very foolish. For my shipping and the other $90 owed, I could have had the top of the line Oral B. Love the Oral B I have now. I would not advise anyone to spend their money on this product. Even if you happen to like it, it is not a bargain. It is overpriced. Check the electronic toothbrushes at your local, reliable mart. If you’re happy with batteries, you will pay around $6, not $120! the $30 I’ve already lost prompted me to write this review. I hope I’ve saved others much more than what I have lost!

  34. THIS IS A PIECE OF CRAP!! It does not even remove simple stains from pepper from my teeth, I went back to my old Oral B regular toothbrush and now my mouth does feel clean, also the fact that the brush would not be able to “hold” the toothpaste made my mouth not clean at all. TERRIBLE PRODUCT, BUYERS BEWARE!!!

  35. Do not order this piece of crap. Cheaply made not rechargeable batteries don’t last more that a few uses. Battery area would rust I’m sure not very water tight. Returning is a nightmare had to dispute the charges and cancel the card. Buy a well known brush like Sonicare or Pulsonic this is a c.

  36. I have now owned this product for 80 days. First few days were rather impressive, but the batteries died within 10 days and have had to be replaced every few weeks. Really? I have never had anything that kills a battery in 10 days when you ONLY use it for 30 seconds each day. That means batteries can keep it going for a whopping 7 minutes WOW!

    My replacement brushes that were supposed to automatically arive every 60 days NEVER arrived. Am I surprised? Not after noticing that my gums were not nearly as strong after a month as they had been with my Ultrasonic.

    Yesterday, the brushes disintegrated when I just turned the brush on. the plastic broke in half. Lesson learned. Stick with a known product and NEVER buy one that ends out costing more than that well known brand.

  37. I see several honest (favorable and not so) reviews of this product on a web site seemingly sponsored by the manufacturer. That gives me a better feeling about trying this product. Bottom line is I’m betting about $75 that this works as well as advertised. This will just be a compliment to my current lifestyle or habits of dental health where I’ll just use this after my regular brushing–what is another minute of brushing? Moreover, we’d all likely agree that your teeth need as much time as possible exposed to the fluoride. If this purchase turns out unfavorable you’ll see my posting as to why it’s not worth the $75.

  38. While the product does a good job cleaning your teeth, the product quality will cause a failure of one kind or another in a short amount of time. First the battery charger is junk, and then the electrical, and mechanical components are junk as well. Finally, the customer service in India is a joke at BEST. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

  39. I bought this thing and have not used it yet BUT when I opened the package I found I was charged twice for the shipping and handling!! You are not allowed to talk to a human being when you are placing the order so you can not question anything. My invoice by the time I got it was well over 100.00! I called the 1-800 number only to be greeted by “Cindy” a young lady with a deep Indian accent who “regretted to inform me that I could not speak to a manager and instead redirected me to the infomercial for more information …. really?? Seriously?? I told her I didn’t mind waiting for the manager and was told she could not place me on hold. I again demanded to speak to a manager, she went away and came back and said the manager would not refund the double shipping and handling and hung up on me!! So order it without talking to a human and expect NO help from anyone after the purchase. I still don’t even know if it works or not … by the way, it is a lot cheaper looking in person than what it shows on TV … I guess I should have expected!!

  40. It’s actually not that bad .. but probably the reliability factor doesn’t add up but it lasts for 1 year which I think is enough.

  41. My initial thought in the 30 Second smile GREAT… I loved it. It made my teeth feel great. I wish I could get my husband to use it as well. But after 2 dentist appointment and using it for 60 days my dentist said for me to go back to my old tooth brush it did a better job on both my gum and my teeth. I must admit that the 30 Second smile did move much slower than my crest tooth brush, and used Many, many, many more batteries. It also for some reason ripped my gums in some spots. Also the inside of the battery case began to corrode to the point I had to start clean it out each time I changed the batteries which was every other day, almost. When I called to get my money back, thats when the trouble started, this company, SUCKS..First of all I did not received the product till almost 3 weeks after I ordered it, which means I ordered on the 2nd of the month, received it on the 22 of the month. They are saying I received it on the 9th of the month so they will not give me my money back, NO WAY, So I am about to blow my cool. Do Not BUY THIS BRUSH ITS NOT WORTH IT AND YES THEY WILL NOT SPEAK TO YOU WHEN YOU WANT TO RETURN IT THEY WILL HANG UP ON YOU…..

    • My concern is not so much with the product, it is the company. I ordered the product on a risk free trial and received a confirmation saying I had to call a number to confirm. They have software that identifies your unlisted number and they check the number against what you put on the order. After using two phones to try and keep my unlisted number unlisted, they finally put it thorough but I got an e-mail addressing me with information that I did not provide. They not only collect your information they apparently use it to collect MORE information about you! This company is suspicious at best. Try and get the product off of Amazon or eBay if you want to try it. Really, really creepy. And yes, they are in India and can’t understand what you say. All the harder to come back on them if there is a problem.

  42. I used my 30 second smile for about 3 weeks when it completely quit working. I did not notice a difference in how white my teeth were. Not a fan.

  43. Since I haven not used this product, but only watched their infomercial and viewed their website, I will offer my review of the potential customer (a fair review, I think).

    The infomercial seemed persuasive, by using people cited as actual dentist or periodontists. However, the tablet test was suspect, as I didn’t notice them testing people after using the brush. Also, they referenced people sending in their videos, though showed none (maybe those college kids Sara Roberts mentioned a while back – https://www.asseenontvonsale.com/beauty/30-second-smile-toothbrush/#comment-7472). Also, they cited studies at the University of Tennessee, an uncommon thing since most just mention the generic to “a major university study.” This seemed to boost their credibility. However, since I don’t buy via phone, I went to their website to get more information.

    Their website included reviews from people again cited as dental professionals, though it did include an amateurish looking “Dentist Approved” seal. Below the expert reviews, the site stated “For the complete documents, just click here.” I clicked the link and it didn’t take me to any documents, but to the order form (https://www.30secondsmile.com/order_form.html). This was my first major red flag: false or misleading information. But choosing to give them one more shot, I looked over the order form.

    The online form was unclear, and did not seem to include the option to review my purchase. While most stores ask you to put items into a ‘cart,’ where you could review your product list before entering your credit card information, this site seemed to offer no review option. Red flag number two: no review option. Once you give them the credit card info, any “review” is moot since the card can (and very well might be) processed. You’re charged without first verifying.

    As to the lack of clarity, one example is about the childrens versions. Since the brush heads are interchangeable (two brush heads with the adult purchase) I wondered why not just purchase child’s brush heads rather than a whole unit? Is the handle smaller? There is no information about this, but it seems to imply the size difference is in the brush heads. A second example of the unclear information is that the upgrade package states new brush heads every four months, yet the FAQ’s states “Brush heads should be replaced every 90 days.” Red flag number 3: conflicting claims, company doesn’t practice standards it recommends.

    Thus, based on this information prior to purchasing, I concluded that three red flags warranted looking further, which led me to this site. Based on my pre-purchase experience and the reviews written here, I’m not going to purchase the 30 Second Smile system. It might work, who knows. But again, my experience is pre-purchase, and that experience reduces the ethos of this company.

    • As I stated earlier, I think this company is out to gather information on people. Internet or phone orders – it is all the same. They collect your superficial information and they use that to find information on you that you did not give them. It makes me nervous. Red flags everywhere! High tech scammers are everywhere these days and the fact that they are overseas makes it harder to trace.

  44. 30 Second Smile Toothbrush… What was I thinking?

    I heard the commercial and thought it looked great. I called to order and ordered 2. I was expecting a cc charge of about $130 but see a pending charge for $234.40!!!

    The tip off was when I was complete on the phone, they kept trying to add things to the sale including magazines!!! …and then they did not subtotal the entire transaction so I hung up not knowing the exact transaction! No customer service available on-line so I am going to have to cancel the charge.

    Too bad, I would have bought it if they had not been deceitful.

  45. 1. Notice that most complaints are about charges
    2. Nearly all complaints about this product are regarding the batteries
    3. Other complaints are about customer service and the unit itself

    I was not overcharged, after weeks my battery works, nothing has fallen apart and my gums and teeth feel almost as good as a daily teeth cleaning.

    Certainly improvements can be made and some company will likely make them but the price point will rise significantly.

  46. They lie.

    I decided to buy and went to the order form. I was uncertain what the difference was between the standard package and the deluxe upgrade so asked the online sales consultant. I was told the upgrade included rechargeable batteries, free replacement brushes for life and a Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee.
    However, as I pointed out to them, the standard offer says:

    “FREE Brushes for Life – Get 2 sets of brushes every 4 months FREE, just pay $9.95 S&P each order” and “full 60 days, risk free, and if for any reason you are not satisfied, return for a full refund” The sales person apologized for the typo in the standard offer – in my book it’s a plain, simple, old-fashioned deceitful lie. How many people have ordered the standard package to find they don’t get what they expected?

    So for double the money you only get rechargeable batteries or you do not get what you expect if you order the standard package. If you or I did this it would be fraud. What else about this offer is a lie, a fraud and a scam. I’m sick of shysters stalking the Internet with impunity. Show 30 Second Smile you won’t take it any more by refusing to give them your business.

    • What a stressful, exasperating experience dealing with this sham of a company. At every turn I felt tricked and deceived. Never ever heard about batteries being extra until they arrived. When I tried to cancel order and thought if it came I would refuse and return, but the post man left it. I called the company and they said they would not accept return if it did not have a confirmation number. Also my satisfaction was not guaranteed as I was left paying for the s & h as well as the return.

      I could have returned it by refusing but they require the confirmation number. No matter if the toothbrush is any good or not…I could smell trouble down the line with more shipping and handling adding up to be more than the worth of any of it. I don’t know why I did not read these reviews before I ordered if…Must have been hypnotized by the TV. NO more. When I called there was add ons for this and that and whitening and things not even mentioned in the ad or on line. Whew stay clear of this mess if you don’t want a long term relationship.

  47. Wow, I thought I would give this a try because the infomercial made it look and sound so appealing. I thought this would be a great tool for my family. However, to purchase separate brushes and to switch brushes out for each family member is just crazy! Plus, this toothbrush is a flimsy, cheaply made POS. It moves so slowly, and I can’t see or feel any difference than I do when I brush with my manual toothbrush. I was over-charged from what I was told by the operator, with ALL of it being taken out at once – and not in installments as was also told to me. My gosh, I have sent the item back and am “still waiting” for my refund. I am close to filing a complaint with the BBB.

    CONSUMERS BEWARE – I do NOT recommend this item.

  48. Things to keep in mind about 30 Second Smile

    1. Like all as seen on TV, they make money on shipping charges and extras that no body wants. Pay attention to what they ask you and only order what you want.

    2. The brushing speed is not that quick. Although, the way the brush works, you don’t want it to be that quick.

    3. 30 Second Smile does not replace flossing.

    I bought 30 Second Smile because I need help brushing. I haven’t had any cavities in over 18 years, but my teeth have stains and I have gingivitis.

    My first impression is that it has a very similar experience to going to the dentist. My mouth felt almost the same as it does after a cleaning. However, it is definitely not as thorough as going to the dentist; they floss and no amount of brushing is substitute for flossing.

    The next thing I noticed was it was not as effective on my front teeth. I have a bit of a overbite so I have to push my jaw out to brush correctly with 30 Second Smile.

    Other than that, I enjoy the product. It brushes my teeth, and that is what I wanted it to do. I have a dental exam in about a month or so; I’ll be able to see how effective it is. But my first impressions are it cleans more thoroughly than a regular toothbrush.

  49. A total rip-off. The batteries are junk they lasted about 1 week. Went through 10 more batteries and it is still junk. It moves so slowly (when it does work) that it still takes twice as long to brush your teeth. Don’t waste your money on this product.

  50. Difficult to use. Low quality, this product should be sold in 99 cents only stores. You should mention that it is not rechargeable.

  51. Why can’t I get the brush heads to release? I tried to push the release button on the side, but I can not get the brushes released from the plastic thing the brushes were shipped in. I bought this tooth brush in January, and I have yet to use it. When I called they wanted to send me a new tooth brush, but I had to pay s&h $14.95. I told the customer service agent it was the brushes I was having trouble with. He said he would send replacement brushes for a s&h charge of $6.95. I ONLY WANT TO KNOW HOW TO RELEASE THE BRUSHES FROM THE ORIGINAL PLASTIC CASE. The customer service agent couldn’t tell me anything!

  52. I purchased two 30 second smiles tooth brushes for me and my wife at Christmas time at first I thought they were cool then after using them for a month the first thing we noticed is that the rechargeable batteries stopped holding a charge just after a few times of recharging then the cheap thin plastic battery cover broke right into it wont hold the batteries in therefore it dont work at all, I did call and they sent me a brand new complete tooth brush in the mail, Free of charge, that was cool, right? but then a few weeks later my wife battery cover broke, so I called them up to receive a new one and they were more than glad to send me another one BUT ! I had to pay $14.95 s&h this time NOT COOL! so overall I think it is junk it breaks under normal use you have to buy lots of AA batteries to keep it working, if mine breaks again I’m going to throw it away and go back to my Sonic Care(which I have had for over 4 years and have had no problems, just the heads are expensive, but if you count all the batteries and what I paid for both 30 second smile brushes:200.00 dollars: I could have bought new sonic cares and a lifetime supply of heads) Hopefully this helps other hard working Americans out before they spend their hard earned money on a tooth brush….

  53. THANKS to all who shared…got a bad feeling from the phone operator taking my order when she started adding all the shipping charges. Too bad as my Sonicare isn’t doing as good of a job as I had hoped.

  54. I left one review after ordering and said I would reserve judgment after I received toothbrush. With the toothbrush I also received another bill and yes they did charge shipping and handling charges that I wasn’t expecting so instead of the total cost of $86.00 it was $126.00. This did include the whitening product which I haven’t used yet, and the instructions for that were on the box. The battery cover has never fallen off (yet) it has been 2 weeks. I had a little problem at first with “biting” the brush which they tell you to do and the brushes bumping the teeth until I got used to it. Yes my teeth do feel cleaner and the brushes do seem to cover all my teeth. I do brush with a regular tooth brush to cover the gum areas. Also, surprisingly, the brush arrived within 4 days of the order date. I have no complaints yet and I’m hoping that upon my next visit to the hygienist for teeth cleaning there will be an improvement. I am glad I didn’t see some of the comments because the brush works great for me.

  55. Did not use. I ordered product. Supposedly billed in 4 payments. Was charged more than the 4 advertised payments immediately, approximately $250. Decided to return without opening because of the false advertising. Returned unopened at my own expense. Only part of the $250 refunded. I am supposedly charged almost $70 for shipping and handling…AND was charged some subscription charge of $24.95 the next month. Am canceling the card to prevent further billing from this company and disputing the $70 shipping and handling charge.

  56. It’s a scam. If you need additional brushes you have to pay for a new device to get the brushes and then need to send back the unit WITH the brushes to avoid getting charged another $60 for the new device!

    That’s a scam!

  57. I’m glad I did not pay attention to the other reviews. I bought this toothbrush about five months ago for my daughter that has special needs, and she hates getting her teeth brushed. Well yesterday we had her to the dentist, he was amazed and thrilled by her teeth and gums. No plaque and no bleeding of the gums, I am so happy I bought this toothbrush yeah the batteries do run out quickly. But this has made our life so much easier.

      • Why when someone has a good review of the product do people think they work for the company???? I don’t have these but I am thinking about ordering them for me and my sons. I have bought other as seen on TV items that had many bad reviews and I have never had any of the issues that were mentioned in the reviews. So if I order this I will write a review.

        My 5yr old son has special needs and has a hard time brushing his own teeth I am hoping this will help him get what he wants the most the ability to do one more thing for himself without help from anyone.. I am only hesitant because the S&P fees are way too high in my opinion but all as seen on TV items charge way too much for S&P…

  58. well I read all of these before I bought the 30 second smile toothbrush. The toothbrush works great. I see everyone is complaining about everything else, not the brush. In my area, Bed, bath and beyond has this brush. I wouldn’t buy it online or on the tv anyway.

    Wow, 14 cavities at 5 years old?? What a shame. Shame on you for letting this child of 5 get away with this. I work at a school and have never heard of a child of 5 with this many cavities. Please watch this child close so teeth come in clean and fresh.

    We adults find out that if we brush our teeth with children, they will copy and stay with us. Make a game out of it and hum songs. Come on parents!!…brush with your kids. THEY will learn if we teach..

      • Well I was thinking of getting this toothbrush…really struck me as quite awesome. HOWEVER…I am glad I found these reviews and many others across the wonderful world of internet. I’ll save my money and just go get a Sonicare.

        And to the witch that blasted the person with the special needs child. Don’t judge the parent for a child having that many cavities ~ especially one with special needs. If you have never been in the position of assisting a child with needs you know not of which you speak. AND my son brushes AND flosses religiously ~ PROPERLY ~ and still has many cavities. It’s called soft teeth ~ some people have them, some don’t.

  59. I was about to buy this 30 Second Smile because it kept talking about better gum health, and my gums feel very off recently, not right. glad I saw all these reviews, this is for sure a scam.. you can tell just by them charging you for the brushes for life and for charging separate shipping on each. seriously this company SHOULD have a pending law suit against them.. I think this might be the greatest amount of negative comments I’ve seen on a review.

  60. I just used this 30 Second Smile Toothbrush for the first time.

    Initial thoughts:

    -$45 total S&P for 2 toothbrushes and one tiny box of their Whitening System, which came WITHOUT INSTRUCTIONS! (Seriously, how am I supposed to it? 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour?! How unprofessional -_-)

    -The toothbrush itself cleaned my teeth well. I feel the backs of my bottom teeth are much cleaner than what I can get them with a plain old toothbrush. It did hurt a bit for a few minutes after, but I’m fine now and my teeth actually feel really clean. It feels kinda neat too, and I can definitely feel that it’s getting areas of my gums that I tend to ignore.

    -Not too pleased with the battery holder, like most folks. It should screw or lock into place, not slide. Design fail. Not happy with the power switch being on the bottom, either, wish it was nearer the finger area.

    -Worried about battery life, the cost of brush attachments, the possibility of plaque buildup and customer service reps after reading all these reviews!!. Then again, you don’t know who to trust on here, who is just a plant, who is just from another company trying to sway people not to buy this or TO buy that! Sigh…

  61. Yes, was disappointed when I received my 30 second smile, battery operated and all. But figured give it a try, and it cleaned my teeth. Still use my Oral B vitality spin brush for heavier stains because I do smoke and drink a lot of coffee. But after a week so far, my teeth feel cleaner than a single action brush, hitting all areas at once I think is great. Twice a day, usually for about a minute each works good for me. Yes the batteries they send w/ it last about 3 uses, bought rabbit batteries and they last about 5 days. Will get batteries and charger from some store for about 20.00 and should cover that issue. Yes, overpriced…Yes shipping charges high…got the brushes deal, don’t know about that yet. But it works,I’ll use my Spin Brush for the other areas it does not really get to.

  62. I saw the 30 Second Smile ad last Sunday on TV and ordered it because I have gum disease, and thought it might help. I supposedly got faster shipping and a whole week has gone by and I have heard nothing. I even gave them my e-mail address, but have not received anything yet. I was a little suspicious when I got an automated system instead of a human being . I said Yes and No to what I wanted and they never gave me a total price. Supposedly I was to have two payments of $29.99 total plus shipping, but I still have no idea how much it cost me. After reading all the reviews, I plan to send my toothbrush back for a full refund.

    • Are you sure your order went through? I question this because I ordered last night and was immediately billed on my credit card, not the 2 payments that I asked for but the full payment. I doubt that anyone has been billed 2 payments. I was billed a little over $85.00 and since I already ordered before I saw all the complaints I plan on waiting for the product and testing it out before I give up on it. I would doubt that they would wait a week before billing you and also doubt from the complaints I have seen that they give anyone a “free 60 day trial” without billing them. I am hoping that the Customer Service is the big problem and that the few good reviews are people that actually tried the product and not just people from “30 second smile” 🙂

    • You should check with your credit card company, ask them if the charge is on there yet. If it is more than you expected, ask to have it reversed because they charged too much. If it is a bankcard you will probably not be able to get it reversed unless you tell them the charge was unauthorized and you will have to get a new card so they cannot charge you again. If the package then comes in, do not open it, return unopened, you will not have to pay the shipping, just write refused, return to sender and drop it in the mail. Good luck

  63. The so call (standard)30 Second Smile brush should be called 30 second battery brush considering how long the battery lasts. Customer service is useless, these people should have used this product themselves so they would understand what a piece of junk this thing really is, it’s a scam just like some of the other people have stated. Do not buy.

    • I’m just looking for the refund info like that it came with a professional whitening system but there are no instructions.

  64. I saw this 30 Second Smile infomercial and instantly I needed this toothbrush. I called and the automated phone call didn’t give me a total even after I stopped saying yes to the so called deals. Which is untrue. The $50. gift card for Wal-Mart never comes. They sell you extra brushes and than offer you lifetime brushes. I tried to call back that day to edit the order to the extra brushes since I was getting them free for life. The operated told me call back in 48 hours. I did and got hung up on. I called right back and the next operator wasn’t in any way helpful. I followed the 1st operators advice and went to my bank to cancel only to be told that they would file but the chances of getting my money returned was unlikely. It cost me $10. to file for another card. I would tell you how I liked the toothbrush but I have yet to receive them. Man I really messed up. $190. with nothing to show for it. So disappointed.

  65. WOW! I’m glad I read the 30 Second Smile reviews before I wasted my money and ordered this. I’ve never read so many negative comments on one item before. Thanks to everyone who rated this product I’m just sorry for all of you!

  66. I purchased the 30 Second Smile in Aug. of 2010. It is now Jan. and they stopped working. There was only 60 day guarantee. I should have figured that they would break after that! What a scam! I called to see if I could get any of my $149.00 back. The gentleman on the phone said no. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS ITEM! I am out $149.00 dollars! Do not let them rip you off!

  67. My Mother ordered this 30-Second Smile System for herself, my sister, & me. We received the system (on time) and we have not had any problems as of yet with this product. We still use the “regular toothbrush” to get the gums, tongue, but other than that WE LOVE IT!!!


  68. I have been in the dental field for 30 years and a patient in my office asked me to look into this product. Our office has been telling patients for years to get the Oral B, Braun or electric toothbrushes like it but this one is a BIG NO!

    You can not get the best angles with this brush. From a dental professional!


  69. I already posted my review/comments on this product – even before I read all the other unhappy reviews.

    Boy am I glad I never ordered this brush system. I don’t know how people like this get away with a scam like this one.


    Seems that most either never received the product or even worse where over charged and have never received any credit that was due.

    STAY AWAY FROM “30 SECOND SMILE” or you will definitely NOT be SMILING

    • Please don’t comment on products you haven’t personally purchased. Your commercial wisdom is meaningless. Interested buyers are looking for consumer reviews of people who have purchased and used the product.

      • Thank you Meg. Why do people always post on review sites saying they have never used the product, or they are excitedly waiting for the product, etc. Reviews are for people to post their experience AFTER using a product. Come on people.

  70. When I tried to order this product I was directed to an online customer service agent. This person did not know any details regarding the total cost of the unit. They wanted me to UPGRADE & add the whitening system which sounded good to me but still the CS Agent could not give me a Total Price (Unit, accessories, shipping).

    I finally contacted the Customer Service department via telephone and discovered that they wanted to charge $29.90 for Shipping/Handling which is completely out of line. They said the unit would be shipped from California and I live in California so the shipping could not possibly cost that much.

    The TV Ad for this product NEVER mentions the high shipping charges. I was ready to purchase (trial offer) but the deceptive advertising turned me off. I hope this comment is published so that others that are thinking about buying this product can realize how much it actually cost ($89.80 – includes brush unit + extra brushed + whitening system).

    I believe that if I was told upfront the total cost I may have still purchased it but now do not feel comfortable dealing with this company. I am not sure I can trust what they claim as my first communication with them was not satisfactory.

    • Ann:

      I’m sorry but you need to refresh your math skills.

      $14.95 Shipping AND Processing charges/fees for the 30 Second Smile Teeth Brushing system PLUS $14.95 Shipping AND Processing charges/fees for the Teeth Whitening system (that you said you wanted) equals $29.90. The TV commercial does not give the S&P charges, they refer you to the online web site (30SecondSmile.com) where it clearly states all S&P charges up front. Check it out.

      I am not affiliated with the company, but I can’t stand when people post false statements (about anything) without using/engaging their brain for simple, obvious research, on anything-do everyone a favor and just do the simple fact checking before posting online.


      • Dan: $14.95 is still an excessive price for S&P for a toothbrush. And why can’t they just pack the whitening system with the brush and do the customer a favor?

      • @DanfromMN: You can correct info in a post without being obnoxious. Ann’s post probably will never have happened if she was provided with cost info UPFRONT when trying to place her order. Bottom line, given the plethora of negative comments here, this company sounds shady. I have changed my mind about ordering 30 Second Smile, and thank Ann and all others who have written about their 30 Second Smile experiences.

      • Dan why did I have to pay $14.95 for the system & $14.95 for the
        whitening if they both came in the same light weight box together. That I think is a rip off.

    • I was in the hospital when I purchased two of these 30 Second Smile tooth brushes. One for my wife, and one for me. When I got out I looked at the charges and found that I was being charged $249+ for these two units to be sent to my house with the “free” tooth whitening system. I called and asked WTF was going on.

      They said that the shipping cost on the tooth brushes, both sent in the same small box was $14.95 each for a total of $29.90 and then they told me that the “free” tooth whitening system was sent separate for the same cost $14.95 each. Those came in the same box, USPS ECONOMY shipping. So the total for my two tooth brushes and “free” whitening system was $59.80 FOR SHIPPING. For two small MAYBE $5.00 boxes.

      What a stinking lousy rip off. I decided to send them back, and I am refusing to accept the whitening system, and refusing to open the box. I will take pictures at the post office and let that go back unopened. I will then contact Paypal and file a claim against the company for excessive shipping charges and expect at the least $190 of the $249+ back in my possession. They can stick their toothbrush where the sun doesn’t shine as far as I am concerned with their deceptive business practices.

  71. Please replace my broken bottom of the 30 Second Smile unit where the switch is. It cracked and broke. How do I have it replaced?

  72. well, after reading all this complains I guess I will not be buying this product. Thank you guys for sparing me the headache and saving me money.


  73. I have my eyes opened now by reading all these 30-Second Smile reviews. Like many infomercial products, it seems that all they really want is your credit card number, so they can keep charging you month after month. Then they don’t stop when you cancel the order. You basically have to cancel the credit card. There should be laws on the books for unauthorized charges.

  74. For 30 seconds smile to overcharge my credit card in the amount of $119.70 really sent a message that this could be a rip off.Am calling to have it canceled and I will also report this scam to the FEDS and also look for an attorney to file a class action suit against this pseudo company.I just want my money back,period.

    • my mom brought 2 30-Second Smile Toothbrushes they charged her $575!! good thing I read not to open the box on here so I didn’t and am now waiting to talk to customer service and just hope I don’t get hung up on like all the other people but I’m pissed they charged her almost quadruple from the $120 agreed on. Thinking bout changing my account numbers because of these thieves. Give a update did you ever get a refund?

  75. Thank God I read these 30 second smile reviews. I was ready to order 3 of them for my kids. I’ll save my money. I don’t need anymore “scam” products. Why can’t someone make something & it “actually” work & does what they claim it does?

  76. I ordered four of these 30 second smile toothbrushes 4 months ago and have not received one lifetime replacement brush, even after calling the company to complain. I finally received a package from 30-second smile and was thrilled until I opened the package just to find it was empty. I called the company back and was told the replacement brushes were in the mail. It has been a month and still waiting with no replacement brushes. This company is not all what it is cracked up to be. Keep your money!

  77. I’ve used 30-Second Smile Toothbrush for almost a month now, and it seems to get MOST of my teeth clean… but I do see a line around my lower back teeth near the gum line (looks like plaque). I DO USE THE SOFT BRISTLES. Also, I actually noticed that the head DOES NOT go fully around my back teeth (like in the video). IT’S NOT WIDE ENOUGH…. check it out for yourself… look very hard in the mirror when you do your back teeth (the lower ones are easier to see). Plus, my gums are still bleeding.

    I’m going to use the “standard” bristles for a month and see what I get.

    So for the FULL price, terrible customer service, and maybe not even brushing all your teeth correctly. DON’T BUY IT.

    • ***UPDATE*** I started the “standard” bristles today, and oddly the head is a little wider/bigger… THEY MOSTLY SURROUND MY BACK TEETH. So, I’ll give it a month and see how it does.

      so for now, I would advise AGAINST THE “SOFT” BRISTLE HEAD (RED).

  78. My husband and I each started using the 30 Second Smile toothbrushes about three months ago. I loved it from the first use. He didn’t.

    I enjoyed it for about two weeks-then it slowed down and would stop completely when it touched my mouth. I put in fresh batteries. It helped a little but not much. I thought maybe the batteries were old, so I bought brand new rechargeable batteries. It still didn’t work like new. Now, I have another problem. The bottom easily falls off while I’m brushing. The batteries keep landing in the sink. It’s very annoying. I’ll probably tape the bottom to keep it on-but why should I have to do that? We’ve paid hundreds for these brushes! I love the concept, but I would not recommend this product due to the faulty workmanship. Oh, we were charged for extra brushes too-when we were promised free brushes for life! BUYER BEWARE!

  79. I wrote a 30 Second Smile review back in July and today I was shocked to see about 50 more reviews since then and most are disturbing. Over 95% are negative!

    This is for SARA ROBERTS (30 SECOND SMILE): In every one of your responses you have advised the consumer to call the company and all will be taken care of. Haven’t you been reading the comments about the rude and terrible customer service they have received when calling? You have not once offered to call the customer direct or have them call you personally! You know that they won’t call because they don’t want to go through that again! Go work for a company with integrity!

    • Fun Fact………the 1800 number you call to order and the 1800 number you call for “customer service” are 2 completely different companies. There are companies that hire people to sit in a room and answer phones all day and sell things ADVERTISED on TV. This is also why people do NOT have the full price when you call to order……….the person on the phone follows prompts from a computer. The customer service number may be the company that manufactures the product but in some cases it is a firm that just handles the phone calls and complaints about the product. I think after reading this I will stick with my Sonicare.

  80. It is obvious that this guy “Bob” works for 30-Second Smile company — read all his comments/reviews — it’s hilarious. I am glad I found this page for 30 Second Smile reviews before ordering-it does sound like a scam!

  81. Bad experiences with 30 Second Smile customer service reps. I was hung up on more than twice . was over charged for things that was supposed to be free if I called within 10 min. Hope you train your customer service. reps better and also in diversity too.

  82. My husband purchased each of us a 30 Second Smile unit online a few weeks ago. The very first time I used it my teeth honestly felt like I had just left the dentist office from a cleaning. My gums bled just a little, but nothing major. It was a tad bit awkward to learn to use at first. I’ve only been using it a week, so I can’t really say more than that, but so far so good!

  83. Hi!

    My mom bought my 3 kids, myself, and my father a 30 second smile. She’s the gadget Queen and was sold on the infomercial as she is with all infomercials. We started using them and it was awesome.. I did notice around my daughter’s gums was a yellow film by the end of the day, but thought maybe she keeps her mouth open more or something.

    My dad went to the dentist first after 3 months of continual usage. He was going to kill my mother. His appointment took 30 minutes longer because the hygienist had to scrape the plaque from his gums it was awful!

    Then my daughter went next who never had a cavity.. She’s now got 3. My other two daughters didn’t have anything, but then I went.. in 35 years I had 2 cavities when I was 8 years old and not one since! I came home with 5 cavities.. I’m so upset. The hygenist also said that the plaque around my gums was colossal she couldn’t believe it.. She said it was so un like me. She’s been my hygenist every 6 months for the past 9 years.

    Are brushes are already straight into the garbage! CRAP! A lot of hard earned money out the window! I learned my lesson!

  84. I ordered the 30-Second Smile Toothbrush and do not like it. It may clean closer to the gums but for some reason you do not get the same clean mouth feeling you get from other toothbrushes. It is hard to get to the teeth in the back and most of the toothpaste ends up falling off before you can get it in your mouth. I used it for a couple of weeks and found I had to brush my teeth after-wards to get the clean feeling.

    • I totally agree with you. Plus, now I keep receiving brush heads at my expense. I had to notify my credit card company not to allow this charge on my card. Also, I tried calling the number on my invoice and the phone number is not working. I will would be very skeptical and do not order..I am out over $100 and I am back to using my regular brush.

      • Dose this sound too good to be true? This is just another scam! Will be lost on Drug store shelf in a couple of months for half the price!

  85. I ordered 2 30 Second Smile Toothbrushes. I was sent 3 along with an extra set of batteries. Sure I can return them at my expense but they will not refund my shipping. I am returning everything. What a scam. Wish I had seen these 30 Second Smile reviews. Do not order.

  86. Do not purchase this 30 Second Smile Toothbrush. It is a shipping scam. They charged me $59.80 to for shipping cost. This is a box that is costing me $14.84 to ship back and the $14.85 includes insurance. Besides being a rip off on price the tooth brush bristles came off in my mouth. Awful!

    • I am sorry you were having difficulties with your 30 Second Smile purchase. 30 Second Smile System is 2 easy payments of $29.95 plus $14.95 S&P. The company apologizes for your experience concerning S&H and would like you to be comfortable purchasing your toothbrush. If the brush heads are not working for you please tell this to a customer service representative and they will send you an adequate pair.

      Please contact customer service either by
      email: customerservice@30secondsmile.com or
      Phone: (800) 431-1902 to talk with an informed representative. Customer Service has complete access to shipping and purchasing information and can help you accordingly to address your concerns and answer any other questions you may have.

      Thank you and have a wonderful day!
      Happy Smiles

      • I ordered my 30 Second Smile Toothbrushes for 2 payments of $29.95 and got charge for 4 payments, that is BS. I have tried to get in contact with customer service and got no response back.

    • I just received my 30-Second Smile Toothbrush yesterday, but I haven’t used it yet. It may very well be the best thing in dental hygiene since the invention of toothpaste–I can’t judge the product yet–but the $59.80 I was charged for shipping is next to thievery. I’m keeping everything because I don’t want to pay MORE shipping, but I won’t buy another thing from this company.

  87. I have had my 30 Second Smile for a few months now. I must say that I am disappointed with my tooth brush. The toothbrush get my teeth clean but not in between like the commercial claims. I have to use my Wal-Mart bought toothbrush go back over what 30 Second Smile didn’t get. My eight years old son does the same thing. He said he use another toothbrush to make sure his teeth are clean. Now if that is coming from a babe then you know something is wrong.

    • Hi Janina,
      I am sorry you are not satisfied with your 30 Second Smile. I would recommend using the standard brushes as they are harder then the soft brush heads. If you do not feel that your teeth are getting the best cleaning please contact a representative-
      email: customerservice@30secondsmile.com or
      Phone: (800) 431-1902
      You can talk one on one with a associate and they will handle your concerns.
      Thank you

  88. Shipping for each tube of toothpaste and whitening costs $14.99. For example, if you buy 2 tubes of toothpaste, you add an additional $29.98 to your overall cost. That is ridiculous. Especially if a tube of toothpaste is about $30.

    • 30-Second-Smile does not sell toothpaste. Read the product’s website and use the product before you write any senseless reviews.

  89. I agree with a few of the reviewers. The ordering was suspect and they try to hit you with many additional costs to take advantage of the “free” stuff. The toothbrush itself is a cheap send up of other brushes that are available in your local pharmacy, Walmart, amazon. SCAM!!!

  90. 10/22/10 Re: Automated telephone ordering.
    When I heard that automated system I hung up. You don’t want to mess with these systems because they are like a steel spider web–once you get in you can’t get out. Anyone who needs a system like that to sell their product is not to be trusted, and you can be sure it’s a scam to get more of your money than you expected. Always stay far away from automated phone ordering.

  91. If you don’t mind charging the battery every other day, this 30 Second Smile is probably okay. Stay away from their “ultra” offer as all you get that’s not already included is a cheap charger and you’ll pay $30 (plus S&H) for it. I returned mine after 30 days because charging the batteries that often was getting on my nerves.

  92. I am thinking of getting one myself but after reading these 30 Second Smile reviews, I don’t know what to think. The reviews look fake too, its like they are all planned reviews.

    • A better alternative is a product called Dental Revolution. I happened upon mine in the clearance aisle at Walgreen’s a couple years ago. It has two heads angled to fit around your teeth – similar to this product, accept it fits around either your lower or upper – not both at same time. Unfortunately, it is no longer available retail, so I have to buy replacement heads from sellers on eBay. These sellers also sell the toothbrush and replacement heads for a fraction of the cost of this one – example $7.00 for the toothbrush or replacement heads. It also takes AA batteries – I use rechargeable and it will work for a couple months without re-charging.

      • Thanks very much for the info about the Dental Revolution brush. I found one and extra heads on eBay and it works great. Just wish I have known about it sooner. Are the heads for the battery unit and rechargeable the same?


    • This is not a planned response. The 30 Second Smile is a JUNK the sales staff will RIP YOU OFF. They make up their money in outrageous shipping charges…their “warranty” is false…they just want to keep sending you units and YOU pay the shipping first time was $9.95 second replacement was $19.95 third replacement was $29.95 now they say to get number 4 it will cost an additional $39.95…Don’t waste your money.

  93. What a peace of junk my broke second time I used it . and it cost more to send back then its worth what a scam. every one be ware.if you bought one you just got screwed.

  94. Just got the 30 second smile 4 days ago. my dentist told me I had the beginning signs of gum disease. I have to agree with most of the post the ordering process really sucks the tooth brush itself is kind of cheesy design. But I have to also say this thing works. The first 4 days iv”e noticed my gums were bleeding bad after using it. And already my gums have started to heal and recede back to normal size only after 4 days. also your teeth do feel you just left the dentist office. So to end I would say if you have or are getting gum disease I would get this product no doubt. It”s a little costly but I think it’s a decent value.

    also if you have a cat check out the cat genie It is amazing technology

  95. I’ve order the 30 second smile but when my order arrived it was missing the Ultimate 30 Second Smile Whitening System which was suppose to be induced. Still waiting for a reply why it was not included

  96. The “positive” reviews all sound like sponsored plants to me – as if they were told what to write. This is VERY COMMON PRACTICE in the infomercial business.

    • I’m not a plant even though I’ve come back to this site many times to post comments and replies and to read what others are saying about their experiences. It’s very seldom a product being advertised on infomercials really does what it says. I’ve already said their telephone ordering system can really tick you off. It’s a shame,because I was ready to hang-up too after the operator kept trying to sell additional accessories and things not related to the product. Having been in the advertising field for 10 years, having a negative experience like that can be detrimental to sales and your products image. I’m still quite happy with my 30-Second Smile purchase though. I’m always rushing out the door. So this 30-second toothbrush really helps thoroughly clean my teeth and gums fast! The only negative thing I have found about the product is the battery cover on the end of the brush. Whatever engineer designed the cover did a terrible job. The cover doesn’t snap on, but slides on without any “snap” or lock. So lately it’s been falling off the end of the brush at times. I couple strips of tape should fix the problem, but I just haven’t got around to it.

      • after you paid what you did for the system…why would you want to hassle with tape…run the gauntlet again by going through customer service…and talking with the Indian rep and get no where….have a great day.

        • Because for me the 30-Second Smile worked better than what I expected. To have gum receding improvement in just a couple of weeks makes me a happy customer! I agree with some of the 30 Second Smile reviews here, but I don’t agree with the charger review. I purchased the charger and charged it for 3 days. I’ve been using it now for 5 weeks and I still haven’t needed to charge it. The original batteries only lasted about 2 weeks. I will have another check-up in 4 months and I will give you the results of the next check-up.

  97. You want to really impress me? Do another real commercial and show me the results of the plaque revealing test (using that purple pill) TWICE – on the same people you took off the sidewalk – once BEFORE and once AFTER they brushed their teeth with the 30 Second Smile brush – without changing cameras or scenes on each person. I wonder how much better they will look. Brushing off the purple stains doesn’t prove a thing until you retest with the purple stainer to show how good the 30 Second Smile brush did.

      • Hello Pop and Angela,

        We are actually going through the process of having young professionals, attending a local college, try the 30 Second Smile toothbrush and document their status on video. They will also use the tablets which show the plaque. This will provide viewers a real experience of how the toothbrush works. We hope you stay tuned for the upcoming videos. Thank you and Happy Smiles!

  98. I have a question. I saw this on TV and it looks great thing to buy. I am only 21 and I don’t have the best of teeth lost a tooth and just had a root canal done and I know I have a couple more, but does this really work. I am so tempted to buy one,and how much are they? Can you find them in a store anywhere or do you have to get them online or on the phone?

    • You should get a reference from you dentist and go to a periodontist for evaluation…I am 65 and just had major work done so that I don’t lose my teeth…if you are 21 you have many years to turn your problem around…brush at least 2-4 min twice a day and floss really good…I didn’t do this and I got myself into a world of problems..but in the last 6 months I have done a turn around and my teeth and gums are healthing again…..sonic flex is sold at target and it works great…my teeth feel clean in the am before I even brush….around $79.00 at target

  99. I’ve had nothing but great results from this 30 Second Smile Toothbrush. I am pretty compulsive about my teeth and gums, and 30 Second Smile gives me the feeling I’m looking for. I’ve had it for about 3 months, and I’ve recommended it to my friends and family and I’ll do the same thing here.

  100. I’m using it everyday, the only “Big” problem is the charge. They should have used a rechargeable battery. The 2 battery inside last only couple of days so i’m using it like any other regular toothbrush without battery.


    • I purchased the rechargeable batteries with mine. They include the charger for the batteries. You need the recharger if you want the batteries to last longer. Hope this helps.

  101. I bought th3 30 Second Smile Toothbrush on the phone, it kept asking me if I wanted to purchase everything that was promised on the TV and when I said no it kept prompting me to say yes, and kept asking for my credit card to confirm my order. I tried to cancel but after the long wait I was hung up on 3x then I talked to a nice guy and he said he could canceled most of what was ordered but I needed to call back to make sure it was canceled in 45 min. well of course I called and was hung up on 3x before I got someone, no answer than another guy who said I could not cancel only the whiting system, and I had to receive the product and send it back, you guessed it of course nothing was canceled and I am disputing with my credit card company. Who would know if it was a good product after the shady ordering process.

    • I agree, the customer service is terrible!! You always wait forever, then when you finally get a person, good luck if you can understand them. I would not recommend this company only because of the poor service.

    • Yes I agree. I tried to order and spent almost 20 minutes trying to order through the automated system. Towards the end it was asking me to choose 3 magazines to trial. I finally just hung up. Ordering service is horrible!

    • Hi Leslie,
      I apologize on behalf of 30 Second Smile for these inconveniences. We would like you to be happy with your purchase and have a easy time ordering the product. We would love to help you with concerns. Please contact a service person directly so they can take care these issues for you.

      email: customerservice@30secondsmile.com
      Phone: (800) 431-1902

      Thank you.

      • My experience with 30 Second Smile customer service was terrible. I ordered 30 Sec smile 12-7-10 at 3:00am at 3:15pm 12-7-10 called to cancel my order after finding out from my bank I had been charged $119.70 much more than the commercial said which was 2 payments of $29.95 and a 30 day free trial etc. Called customer service and was hung up on 3-4 times after saying I wanted to cancel because of the unwanted charges. Kept asking for my card number. was told my order had already been sent out 2 days ago and I couldn’t cancel the order. I guess now I will not know if your brush works good or not!! In good faith I tried. What a disappointment in this company. Hope you train their representatives to treat your customers better.

  102. Ok folks, read my comment on July 25th. Today (Aug. 3rd) I went to my dentist for my six month cleaning. I started using this 30 second smile toothbrush for only a short while (since July 25th). The first thing my hygienist said was, “your gums have improved!” She asked me what I was doing differently and I told her about the 30 second smile brush I was using. She never heard of it so I explained the mechanics of the brush to her. I told her the infomercial said it would reverse gingivitis in just 2 weeks of use. She said my gums improved 2 points since my last visit. She wrote down the name of the brush. When the dentist came in she told him how much my gums improved. He stopped checking and asked what I was doing. After I went through describing the brush, he said well if it’s working keep on using it. I’m totally satisfied and at the same time surprised the product did what it said it would. Most products you see on infomercials turn out to be scams. If your dentist is concerned about the gaps in your gums, I would strongly recommend this product. You still need to floss (which I rarely do).

  103. A bit of advice about ordering TV Products: They always have websites and I go to their website to get info and order if I want the product. I usually receive the product promptly and never have to deal with a telephone person who is trying to sell me all the extras!

    I ordered my 30 Sec. Smile toothbrush online and have been using it for about three weeks. Today, I had an appt. to have my teeth cleaned and took the brush for my dentist’s advice. My hygienist and dentist both agreed that they WOULD NOT RECOMMEND this toothbrush because the brushes DO NOT OSCILLATE but only go back and forth. They stated that in order to get a proper cleaning the brushes MUST OSCILLATE. They both agree that it is not worth the money!

    However, I may keep the toothbrush and not return it because I feel that it stimulates my gums quite well. In fact, my gums had improved compared to my last visit.

  104. OK… I really want one after reading the 30 Second Smile reviews, But here is my question? Does anyone know if children can use this tooth brush? I just got back from the dentist with my 5 yr. son and he has 14 cavities. His dentist said he isn’t brushing right and if anyone knows kids he wont let me do it. So if this will be safe enough for children I am getting it!

    • Children can use this brush, and try to keep your child away from chips and crackers or crunchy food because they cause cavities more than hard candy because they do not dissolve.

      • To Nicolette:

        I believe you got your information misconstrued. Children stay away from hard candy and CHEWY candy because it DOES NOT dissolve. But, regular food is OK as long as you brush afterward. My son’s pediatric dentist said if I have to give him candy, to give him ONLY chocolate for the reason that it does dissolve.

    • WoW! 14 CAVITIES AT AGE 5! You need to get in there and brush his teeth! You need to keep him away from things like fruit rolls and gummy candies those get between the teeth and cause cavities I don’t know what Nicolette is talking about…… Crunchy foods don’t cause cavities, think about it? Do you think carrots would cause 14 cavities. Your child will lose his baby teeth but you need to set good habits for him now so he takes care of his adult teeth. He needs to brush a lot longer than 30 seconds with any tooth brush!

    • No judgment on your parenting but at the age of 5 you should be getting in there and making sure he’s getting a good brushing. My sister has an enzyme deficiency that, despite very good dental hygiene, makes her much more prone to cavities. Might be something to ask the dentist about. 14 is a lot and lots of sugary snacks and juice can cause these if not brushes properly. I don’t think it was fair of the others that posted comments that called you a bad parent based on you child’s teeth. We don’t know you and there may be other factors. The 30 second smile web site does say there is a child sized brush but I think just a little intervention on your part will make a world of difference. I can’t say one way or the other if this product would be good for you.

      • I don’t think its appropriate for all of you to judge AmandaB. While that is a lot of cavities, she’s trying to figure out how to help her son. Your comments were definitely NOT helpful. Are all of you perfect? NO, none of us are. So then maybe you should think twice about judging others and try to be helpful when its needed.

        • Seriously! It drives me crazy when people jump to judgment without knowing 100% about something (or just judge at all!). Enamel problems could contribute as well.

    • WOW Amanda B! I am thinking this child would have be eating crap 24 hours a day everyday. How can a 5 year old have 14 cavities?
      Do you know this dentist? Did they retake the pictures? Did the dentist end up with someone else films? I would find another and get a 2nd opinion.

    • Amanda, try this with your son. Have him mentally count to ten as he brushes each area of his teeth. That’s one to ten on the outside bottom left, inside bottom left, chewing surface bottom left, then same for the bottom right, top right, top left, top front outside and then inside, bottom front outside and inside. That’s a total of 18 areas at approximately ten seconds each. It will come to nearly three minutes depending on how fast he counts. It keeps their minds occupied so they don’t think it’s taking as long as it really is. Be sure you supervise him and count with him while he’s learning. I did this with all three of my sons (now ages 19 1/2, 17 1/2, and 14) and it worked very well. Tonight when I showed the 30 second smile to my 14 year old, who now has braces, and talked about how long he brushes, he told me he still does the counting. It’s just a part of his routine that he learned at a young age and still does without even thinking about it.

    • I have a 5 year old son and he doesn’t like it when I brush his teeth after he tries 1st. But you know what? Too bad- if he resists you- you tell him he will get major consequences if he doesn’t listen to you.

      Take away his favorite toy for a month, no tv for a month, he can sit in time out 4x longer than normal, whichever.

      “..if anyone knows kids he won’t let me do it…” Who’s the parent? Whose the child? You let your 5 year old push you around? You can not “reason” with a 5 year old, they don’t understand, they don’t see the big picture.

      You just gotta step in and do what is best for your child, even if he tells you he doesn’t like you for doing it.

      • My 5yr old has some developmental problems and has a hard time manipulating the toothbrush and getting all of his teeth brushed properly but I let him brush his teeth the best he can first then he will come say mommy can you finish cleaning my teeth for me and I go and brush his teeth again for him.

        He gets so happy when I tell him you did better this time and soon you wont need mommy to help you anymore. I am going to try to find this is a store to try for him maybe it will help maybe not but it is worth giving it a chance. My 7 yr old has soft enamel and had a few cavities at his check up but the dentist put a sealant on his teeth to help prevent cavities.

        Good luck in finding a way to help your child out what worked for one child does not always work for another. A friend has a son with autism and he has many tactile issues most of which dealing with his mouth and what goes in it and it is like world war 3 getting that child teeth brushed and he has a lot of cavities and his mother is the most dedicated parent I have ever seen…

  105. I am a skeptic about infomercial products so I usually check out the reviews on sites like this one before I decide to purchase. The 30 Second Smile reviews were favorable about the product so I took a chance and called to order two 30 Second Toothbrushes. I did purchase an upgrade and an additional brush for my wife. The operator was a pain because she wanted to sell me additional products and services.

    Be warned, they try saying they’re giving you something extra if you buy additional brushes…(like no additional shipping charge if you buy another brush). Why would they charge more if they’re shipping both together and are already charging $14.95 for shipping! They also say you can’t pay for the brush in one payment, but when you say you want to purchase the upgrade they say you can. I was getting pretty annoyed with the crap they kept asking me to purchase, so I told them if they continued I would cancel my order. They didn’t want to lose a purchase so they stopped and completed the sale.

    My two brushes arrived a while later than what I expected. Although, ordering the brushes over the phone was a negative experience, I must say my wife and I are pretty satisfied with the 30 Second Smile Brushes. We both noticed how smooth our teeth felt after using it for the first time. You can feel how it really cleans under your gums. It does save on time and gives you that clean brushed feeling when you leave the dentist. So far my wife and I are satisfied customers. I’m can’t wait to see what my dental check-up will be like in two weeks!

  106. I ordered the 30 second smile toothbrush and was charged on 7/9/10. I am still waiting for the tooth brush.

    • Cathy,
      Have you received the 30-second smile and how satisfied are you with it if you in fact have received it? Please respond as I am considering purchasing this.


  107. I saw this on television on July 12, the 30 Second Smile Toothbrush ad said you have 60 days to return for a full refund, free replacement brushes for life and a 3 year warranty, but does it work and has anyone had a problem with getting a refund.

  108. I purchased the 30 second toothbrush (3 of them) from TV and never got charged and never received them…what a disappointment. Well at least they didn’t charge me…But I really wanted it.

  109. Bought the 30 second smile about 6 weeks ago and my girlfriend asked me the other day “Did you get your teeth whitened”. We actually had a heated discussion tonight because she thinks I went and got my teeth whitened. Once I swore that I didn’t she realized it was the results of the 30 second smile. I also received my first replacement shipment of new heads yesterday so it is legit. Works and they sent the new brushes like promised. Happy customer, will buy one for her.

  110. I’ve been using the HydraBrush (now called 30second Smile) for about 5 years. The battery wore out on my first unit after about 3 years. I’m one happy camper. Last week, I just ordered another set of toothbrushes.

    For the first 30 days, it did make my gums bleed. But, not now. My dental hygienist was so impressed with my teeth that she is getting a unit, too. I have an appointment with her in two weeks. I’ll post a photo of Ann holding the 30second toothbrush in the dental office on twitter and do a video interview with her a couple of weeks later.

    In a very short period of time, it does give me a “squeaky clean feeling” after every use. After 5 years, I have had no cavities, healthy gums and zero complaints!

  111. 30-Second Smile worked for me. I told NO ONE and within a few weeks received a few questions about how did I get my teeth so white. The first time in my life I have been complemented on my teeth.
    My only problem is with the battery contact – it seems to need cleaning or tightening very frequently. BUT – worth the effort.

  112. In my dental practice we specialize in healthy gums without surgery. The 30 second smile toothbrush is a big part of this program. It is very effective at thoroughly cleaning the teeth and it does it fast. My patients love 30 second smile because its fast and their teeth sparkle. I love it because they get their teeth so clean that their gums become healthy.

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