3 Second Brow REVIEW

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What is 3 Second Brow?

Shaping your eyebrows with an eye pencil can be both difficult and time consuming. Here’s introducing the incredible innovation in makeup, the 3 Second Brow. The 3 Second Brow is a makeup tool that will completely transform your eyebrows to look like natural. With the 3 Second Brow you get full, perfectly shaped eyebrows in only seconds.


3 Second Brow CLAIMS

3 Second Brow is easy to use. It comes with a pre-shaped left and right side stamp. To use the 3 Second Brow: Lightly lay the stamp into the brow powder, place it over the top of your eyebrow for 3 seconds, and your eyebrows magically transform into full, symmetrically shaped brows. It’s that easy! You are sure to love the convenience the 3 Second Brow gives you. The best part about the 3 Second Brow is that there is no mess, it lasts all day long and you are guaranteed to always get the perfect, natural evenly shaped eyebrows like never before! Order the 3 Second Brow today and enjoy full even brows all day long!

Colors – You get to choose the 3 Second Brow in your choice of color: black or brown. If you have lost your eyebrows due to over-tweezing or alopecia then the 3 Second Brow is what you need.

3 Second Brow REVIEW

The 3 Second Brow is nice but there is it is nothing special about the 3 Second Brow. The 3 Second Brow is very dark brown and the stamps may not work for you at all. The 3 Second Brow may be shaped nothing like your eyebrows and may look odd when you try them. Just using the pan of powder occasionally to touch up your eyebrows will last well, but it’s not much different than a dark black/brown eye shadow. The powder is a bit coarse too. The 3 Second Brow is not worth purchasing.

The shape you see on the outside of the 3 Second Brow stamp is deceiving. On the outside you see a lovely thin arched eyebrow but the actual sponge applicator is thicker. When using the 3 Second Brow for the first time, just put the sponge into the plastic stamp. Then press the stamp into the powder, ensuring that the entire sponge is covered in color. Then just press onto your eyebrow and see if it works for you. It may turn out to be a little too thick. 3 Second Brow is not fool-proof and because you can’t see behind the stamp, the 3 Second Brow is actually kind of hard to use.

The actual color of the 3 Second Brow is good, but the stamps are gimmicky. If your eyebrows don’t have that exact shape, it may not be a precise application. Eyebrows vary in shapes even on the same person. The 3 Second Brow may help you get your eyebrows get a little more similar in shape to each other.

The concept of the 3 Second Brow is great but the sponge is really thin and flimsy towards the outer end, making it difficult to get a nice finish. You may end up touching your brows up with the angled brow brush anyway. The 3 Second Brow may be worth $10 but not $20.

If you have a steady hand and are good at hitting the right spot, then the 3 Second Brow may be what you need. You cannot deny that it might also be a user error.

The sponge used for the 3 Second Brow stamp is not sturdy enough and the eyebrows do not go on nice.

The powder doesn’t last too long on the skin. The 3 Second Brow works and the concept is great but it just doesn’t last.

If you think you can now stamp your eyebrows and don’t have to do so much work anymore, then you are wrong. The 3 Second Brow stamp does not have its way of aligning itself to your eyebrows. You have to align it perfectly yourself. Otherwise, the 3 Second Brow turns out looking really odd and out of place. In addition, the powder is susceptible to cracking really easily.

Foam comes out easily from the handle and bends when pressed on eyebrow area, causing crooked eyebrows. The foam stamps are too flimsy. They need to be a more sturdy material, maybe rubber like an actual stamp.

The 3 Second Brow takes a while to get the hang of. The tip is: use tape on the skin around the brow before you stamp to ensure it only goes where you want it. 3 Second Brow is a bit darker than you expect it to be.

3 Second Brow is not the easiest to use. It is definitely a learning curve. You will get better results pressing the 3 Second Brow stamp tail to the front of your brow for a faded front effect. It is not a one and done brow at all. You will have to clean your brows every time and still shape them more with a pencil.


What do I get?

  • Two 3 Second Brow in your choice of color (Black or Brown)
  • 2 Brow Designs (Black or Brown)

Price: $14.99 plus $4.99 P&H | Official website: 3SecondBrow.com

37 thoughts on “3 Second Brow REVIEW

  1. I love this product. Looks professionally done. I have shaky hands and was still able to use this. A helpful hint they give is to glide it a little. Color is perfect for me as well. Looks like my own brows… Sorry for those who did not get good results..

  2. This product is not for women with dark complexions. On dark complexions the color looks gray. However, the shape is nice. Even when you try to add a darker eyebrow pencil, it only turns grayer.

  3. Please cancel my order…its been to long since I’ve ordered….reviews are horrible. Send me a message asp…

  4. The concept is great, but the product does not go on like it appeared to on the TV commercial. My brows did not look natural, they were way too big for my face. Need something thinner and shorter. Returning the product.



  7. I tought this product would save me time. I should have saved my money instead. When I opened it, one of the brow powders was cracked and broken, and instantly went all over the bathroom. Neither brow stamp worked for me, as both are too thick, and too long, plus the powder goes on unevenly. If you try to even it out by pressing harder, the brows just get darker, and again, the powder gets all over. I will stick to my pencil and brow gel.

  8. I just got my 3 Second Brow today!! I watched a few real person’s youtube reviews. I love this product!!! I tried the straight brow and liked it. I then tried the high arch brow and I love it

  9. I just opened my packaging but decided to check online to see what the allergic reactions the company refers to might be, especially since they enclosed a separate document pertaining to a Consumer Rights & Arbitration Agreement that specifically states it can only be initiated on an individual basis, not a class-wide. Why would that be enclosed??? After reading these reviews, I think I’ve found the answer. I purchased mine at a local Wal-Mart, so If it hasn’t been used, I may have an easier time in getting my $15.00 back. Thanks for your input.

  10. Thanks to all you ladies for your honest reviews. I was goinh to buy this product, but after reading all the negative reviews, all I can say is thanks ladies, all of you~

  11. Yes I agree with the other ladies who tried your product. It goes on way to thick and your brow does not look natural at all. I for one am going back to my trusted light brown eyebrow pencil. Ladies if you are thinking of buying this product save your money. Very disappointing. Look like a clown.

  12. Do. It buy. I said Groucho Marx as soon as I saw myself
    In the mirror! My husband refused to look
    Me!!! He laughed so hard. I put the on at school to make my students laugh! These are a joke!

  13. This product is a rip off do not buy it!! I purchased it and when I applied to my face the color was like a dark Grey color. They said this product should be water proof that was a complete Lie! I can wipe it off with a dry cotton ball or my finger. When I called the customer service the lady told me that it was my face on why it was not sticking wow great customer service!!! This product is a waste of money!!

  14. This is why I read reviews before I buy ANYTHING from the internet !! that is after getting screwed ! Thanx for all the honest opinions Ladies !! you have saved me some $$$

  15. This is why I started to read reviews BEFORE I buy anything on the internet !! Thanx for the HONEST opinions Ladies

  16. Absolutely awful. First, they are so dark that anyone with even remotely light complexion should steer clear. My husband’s first remark was “looks like Groucho Marks.” No way to match up one side to the other either. This is going back.

  17. Thank you for the warning ladies!! I almost bought this product but you saved from a big brow mistake. Thanks for posting!!!

    • This stuff is crap. I sent it back weeks ago but “they never got it” so I am stuck paying for this crap. Stay away from this site. They steal your money

      • Thank you so very much for you, and all the other ladies reviews. I was SO CLOSE to ordering it online. They never got it back from you! What a LIE! I’m so very disappointed about the crap product and the fact they stooped so low as to lie to you that they never got it! Thanks again for saving me $25.00 and
        the upset from dealing with those money grabbing, lying shysters!!

  18. I was very excited to finally get an easier fix to my brows. I am so disappointed, seriously! Like in the previous comments, they smudge and smear and are way way to thick. They look terrible! No person wears eyebrows like this!!! I was so sure so would love them so I threw away the packaging so now so am stuck. My money down the drain! I will not buy from this company again

  19. I was very excited to finally get an easier fix to my brows. I am so disappointed, seriously! Like in the previous comments, they smudge and smear and are way way to thick, like grouchy marcs. No person wears eyebrows like this!!! I was so sure so would love them so I threw away the packaging so now so am stuck. My money down the drain! I will not buy from this company again

  20. I waited a while to receive this product, anxious to have a somewhat easy fix for my disappearing eyebrows. I just received them and immediately tried it out. I wanted so badly for this to actually be one of the few worthy products out there. NO such luck. This is horrible. Anyone who actually wears their eyebrows this wide is not an attractive person. I barely pressed on these and yet – wide ugly – just like the previous commenter, groucho marx looking. The only thing I disagree with is how easy it came off. It smeared terribly when I tried to get it off. Warning ladies, if it looks this easy, sadly, it is a hot, ugly mess. Don’t waste your money. Do these people not try out their own products before taking peoples hard earned money?!?

  21. RIP OFF!!!!!!!!! Further more,if you live in CT ,the 800 number doesn’t work!! No way to get a return code.

  22. Don’t waste your money. This product does not work like how the informercial shows it to be. And I don’t know how they got all those women on the informercial to give it a perfect example but trust me it does not work that way at all. First of all the stamps are way to big and the ink does not go on and the more you press down the more it becomes smeared and smudged looking it does not work anywhere close to the advertisement. It also easily comes off with one swift wipe.

  23. Buyer Beware, the package and the contents were so damaged on arrival, that it had become powder and when I opened it while sitting in my bed, it went all over me, my 100.00 quilt and onto the carpeting beside the bed. My quilt is on its 3rd washing, my carpeting is stained after trying to scrub it multiple times and I would advise AGAINST anyone thinking of purchasing. Horrible horrible horrible. And as the previous commentor stated, she is 100% correct with her Groucho Marx comment. For the 25 bucks I spent I probably got $150 In damages. You definitely do not come out looking like the photos In the ad. As I previously stated, caveat emptor.

    • Bless you ladies who go before us OTHER GAL’S! In the tedious search for that miracle product. Sounds like a Big FAT Thumbs Down. And I will almost going to buy one and get the second for FREE! SO WE JUST KEEP LOOKING, RIGHT?? I REALLY WANTED IT TO WORK!!!!! INFOMERCIALS CAN’T TRUST THE PEEP’S GETTING PAID!


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