Zippy Sack Blanket

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What is Zippy Sack Blanket:

It is a non slip blanket, which maintains that it always stays neat, fitted and glows too.
Zippy Sack Blanket claims to ensure that your kids have their blanket on all night so that they stay warm and comfortable. You know your kids tend to kick off their blankets during the night, which means you have to wake up several times to make sure they are covered and warm. But with Zippy Sack Blanket that job is done naturally for you because it’s a fitted, non slip blanket, according to its claims.


Zippy Sack Blanket and understanding how it works

Zippy Sack Blanket is a patent pending blanket that is made out of plush fleece. It can fit your child’s mattress and the fitted sheet you have with ease. Using this blanket is also very easy and in fact it’s as simple as putting on or taking off the fitted sheet. Zippy Sack Blanket asserts that due to its elastic bottom side, you get the perfect fit every single time. It also means that the blanket stays in its place all night and your kids are kept warm and covered as they should be.


Zippy Sack Blanket ensures that the bed stays neat

Do you often struggle with your kids trying to make them keep their bed neat and tidy? Zippy Sack Blanket emphasizes on the fact that it has a way around that as well thanks to its clever design. It has a zipper and a pillow window opening, which offer two ways for your kids to get in and out of bed. Thus Zippy Sack Blanket ensures that the bed stays neat and you can make it in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is zip it and it’s ready.

Zippy Sack Blanket glows in the dark

That’s another highlight of this blanket. When the lights go off the Zippy Sack Blanket glows, which can be a source of fun for your kids. If you have been trying hard to get your kids to go to bed then you will have a way to make sure they look forward to their bed time. Zippy Sack Blanket has its glow in the dark design, which can also be a comforting influence on your kids. They will now sleep well in their beds and you can in yours.

Zippy Sack Blanket assures you top quality

Zippy Sack Blanket is CPSC and CPSIA child safety tested and certified, which puts your mind at rest about its quality, functionality and overall safety element for your kids as well. This blanket is available for Toddler and Twin size mattresses and both of them are intended for children up to 60 pounds. Zippy Sack Blanket stresses that it is perfect for bunk beds and other hard to reach beds as well. It ensures that there are no bulky layers or zippering multiple layers. The blanket is also machine-washable for your overall convenience.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get Twin Size ZippySack for $39.99 & Toddler Size ZippySack for $29.99
  • Official website:
  • 19 thoughts on “Zippy Sack Blanket

    1. Very Disappointed in product and customer service. I will not order this product again, as it does NOT stay zipped up. When my daughter makes any little move inside the Zippy Sack the zipper just unzips. Furthermore, the grouchy customer service lady tried to tell me that they are not responsible for the product, since she can’t find my invoice.
      Bottom line, false advertising!

    2. Such a waste. I was so excited to get this for my 7 year old son who does not stay under covers at night and I worry he’s cold. Goes on good and soft, but does NOT stay zipped. The slightest movement and the whole thing comes unzipped. Unless your child sleeps in one position all night with zero movement, this is a waste of time they will still be uncovered.

    3. Hi. I ordered the zippy sack for my son’s 6th birthday. It is very cute and fits the bed perfectly however the zipper broke within a week of only zipping it up twice a day. Needless to say after spending $50 I am disappointed in the quality of the zipper.

    4. we ordered and received the zippy sack through the zippy is super cute and my daughter will love it. here’s the problem, it says to wash before using, which is what I would do with any kind of new bedding for her , BUT after removing from the dryer, on no heat fluff dry, it has fuzz balls ALL over it! so I will pick them off so she can have it on her bed for birthday, that would take a full day. so I will get the big clumps of fuzz off and wash again, gentle cycle cold water and that should help get them of? nope they are worse. so now I will try vacuum it while it is on her bed??? for the amount of money paid and 7 days for shipping ( said would be 4) picking off fuzz balls and washing 2 times and now hoping to get them(fuzz balls) off by vacuuming it. I have to say this product is not worth the money and definitely not worth the time. and don’t forget to vacuum the house with fuzz balls that stick to everything. unless you do not wash the zippy sack, yuck, it might be fine. I will probably end up returning! good luck


      • I had the same experience! Hey Shannon, check out our product: Zipit Bedding!

        We are the ORIGINAL and PATENTED zippered bedding for kids, teens and adults. Recently featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, this mom-invented product does it all. Shop now at:

        • Looks like the zipit needs to learn to compete with there prices zipper sack sure is a lot cheaper and in this economy and as quickly as kids go through things we parents dint want to spend 65. Plus 15 s&h for this product i would definitely buy the sack rather than zipit due to price.

        • Zip it, its call ed capitalism, if your items werent so overpriced no one here would be buying a less expensive item. Bottom line you want to brag about being the original, yet you care more about making money than about giving parents a deal. These may be cheaper than yours and may not be your original but who cares. When times are rough you do what you have to and sometimes id rather go with a cheaper alternative than overpay a company who doesnt care about its customers enough to give them a deal.

          ZIPPYSACK for my kid!

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