Zippy Pillow | Is the Zippered Pillow any good?

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What is Zippy Pillow: It is a zippered pillow that can offer you perfect support by changing shape.


Zippy Pillow has been specially designed so that it can change shape according to your requirements when you need it the most. Due to the high level of strain our body is put through on a regular basis, we tend to suffer from pains and aches on a regular basis. Others might be a victim of bad posture and that can lead to serious problems as well. However it doesn’t have to come to that, according to the claims made by Zippy Pillow as it is said to give your back, legs, neck etc just the right support.


Zippy Pillow offers dozens of configurations

That’s one of its big claims, which makes it stand apart from other support pillows in the market. Zippy Pillow can be simply folded, curled or rolled up and then zipped up to support different areas of your body. You can use it to give adequate support to your back, legs, neck and just about anywhere. All those nagging aches and stress will be a thing of the past, according to its claims.


Zippy Pillow can be turned into a nap station

Not only can this pillow be used in different forms, several of them can be linked together. You can simply zipper a few of these pillows and they will offer you the perfect nap station to rest comfortably wherever you are. Zippy Pillow can also easily transform into two pillows so that you can get double support while you sit, for your lower back or your neck. Thus it’s said to have several uses for you.


Zippy Pillow is well made for your comfort

Millions of micro beads are used in the making of the Zippy Pillow and soft plush microfiber with stretchable fabric is also used. That not only makes this pillow comfortable for regular use but also long lasting for your needs.

Zippy Pillow is quite versatile

There are several uses you can get out of this pillow. It can be used when you are resting at home or in a plane, to get support in office or when you are driving or when watching TV.

What do I get?

2 Zippy Pillows for only $19.99 plus $13.98 processing and handling. Official website

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