Wave Hooks Review

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What is Wave Hooks?

It is a sleek wine glass holder you can attach by your bath tub to keep your wine glass, champagne glass or a martini glass safe and handy. It accommodates any size glass stemware of different wine glasses and more and ensures it doesn’t fall down and break.


Bid goodbye to stress with wine and waves!

If stress and pressures of everyday life are bogging you down, it helps to unwind by relaxing the way you want. One of the best ways to do that is to enjoy a luxurious bath in your tub with your favorite wine, and for that Wave Hooks is what could prove to be the best solution. It is a simple yet ingenious glass holder in which you can keep your wine glass safely anywhere near your bath tub and enjoy sipping on your favorite drink while indulging yourself with a warm bath. Wave Hooks is a super-efficient wine glass holder that’s designed specifically to place your precious and delicate wine glasses in without having to worry they’ll break as its makers guarantee they’ll remain safe and never fall down come what may.

Ideal for your smooth glossy surface in bathroom

The makers of Wave Hooks claim that it stays stable and firm even on glossy surface that your bathroom walls are designed with. The glass holder can be attached on bathroom walls easily and conveniently with the suction cup it’s provided with. You can be sure that the glass holder won’t come off so you can keep your exclusive and expensive wine glasses safely and unharmed. All you have to do is install the glass holder on the wall with the suction cup by your tub where you relax and enjoy a warm bath. You can choose from a range of colors like white, black, blue, pink and purple that Wave Hooks are available in depending upon the color of your bathroom décor. Enjoying a glass of wine in luxury in this fashion could really be the best way to take a complete break from stress and worries and step out fresh and fully recharged.


Unwind like there’s no tomorrow!

Wave Hooks is non-intrusive, stylish and convenient, so if you’ve been looking for a really effective accessory to hold your wine glass with by your tub, this glass holder proclaims that it fits the bill. It can hold a glass filled with your favorite beverage up to 6 pounds so you can fill up your glass up to the brim. It is a versatile accessory in which you can store a variety stemware of any size in. You can be sure that there will be no loss of your exquisite glassware as the glass holder keeps your precious glassware safe and steady. With Wave Hooks, you can look forward to creating an atmosphere of luxury and glamour right in the comfort of your own bathroom and pamper yourself by enjoying champagne, martini, wine or just about any drink you like.

What do I get?

You get two Wave Hooks for $14.95 plus $13.9 P&H.Official website buywavehooks.com


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