Waterfall Wonder

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If you have tried to make your kids have a bath, you know what a tricky proposition that is. They just don’t like getting into the bath and will do everything possible to steer clear of it. That’s why Waterfall Wonder has been created, going by its claims, and it promises to make children’s bath a pleasurable experience for them and you too. Moreover Waterfall Wonder also claims to offer respite from the faucets in the bath, which can otherwise be quite dangerous.

Quite simply, Waterfall Wonder is a faucet cover that slips over the faucet with ease. It then creates a gentle waterfall that is not only fun for kids but safe too.

Making baths easier and a lot more fun

Are you looking for a way to encourage your kids to wash their daily mess away? Then you don’t have to look beyond Waterfall Wonder according to its claims. It can create a gentle and soothing waterfall effect that kids will find quite exciting. You can also add bubbles to Waterfall Wonder to keep them entertained. Now rather than running away from the bath your kids will be looking forward to it, if the claims are to be believed.

Quite safe for use

You know that the faucets in the bath can be a risky proposition for children. But since the faucet is nicely covered by the Waterfall Wonder any hiccups are avoided. Moreover there’s also a soft deflector that promises to keep your kids away from harm’s way. All you have to do to get started with Waterfall Wonder is fill it with soap and bubble solution. Then you simply press the button and the bubble fun will commence for kids. Waterfall Wonder is versatile enough to fit different types of faucets, which is an added advantage.

What do I get?

2 Waterfall Wonder Faucet Covers.

Price: $10 + $15.9 P&H Total amount $25.90. Official website WaterfallWonder.com

Waterfall Wonder video

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