UprightSleeper Travel Pillow Review

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Put an end to discomfort of twisted neck, sprain or pain while sleeping for good by getting The UpRightSleeper range while sleeping upright. The UpRightSleeper, winner of several awards, invented by the industrious Joe and Lourie Garcia, is the best way to protect your neck while sleeping straight. It is designed to provide support that ensures your head will never tilt forward or sideways.

How does UprightSleeper Travel Pillow Work

The support and comfort that the uniquely designed UpRightSleeper provides makes it perfect for use in planes, trains, buses and automobiles for children and adults alike. The range includes the UpRightSleeper Original, the Upright Sleeper Adult Pillow and the Upright Sleeper Youth Pillow.

The UprightSleeper range is the first authentic solution to sleeping peacefully while sitting. It is made of sturdy latex-free materials, is anti-microbial, flexible and can be wiped clean. The range is without the bulk and volume of a normal pillow and yet is incredibly effective in providing utmost comfort.

The Original UpRightSleeper
Adjust the sleeper to your face shape, put the strap of Original UpRightSleeper over your head, tuck the strap between your back and seat, tip your head up and push up against your chin. After that, just lean back, relax your head and rest as your UprightSleeper is in action. It has an inner construction and adjustable back strap and fits every face shape and size. Its chin pocket and cheek guards stop your head from falling forward and sideways and its smart back-strap allows height adjustability.

The UpRightSleeper Adult Pillow:
The technology used in The UpRightSleeper Adult Pillow is the same as that of the Original UpRightSleeper and provides a softer overall feel and fits most sizes.

The UpRightSleeper Youth Pillow:
The Youth Pillow is perfect to be used when your child falls asleep. Place it on your child after the car seat belts are fastened and adjust it to fit as per the instruction sheet. Then unfasten one side of the hook and loop end and let the Youth Pillow to hang or tuck it aside. Slide the pillow under his/her chin lifting the head gently until the neck appears cozily aligned, attach the other side strap to hold the pillow in that position.



What do I get?

  • The UpRightSleeper Original for just $39.99
  • The UpRightSleeper Adult Pillow for just $19.99
  • The UpRightSleeper Youth Pillow for just $19.99

Official website UprightSleeper.com



UprightSleeper Travel Pillow Video

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  1. I would like to buy an Upright Sleeper, but Sky Mall and Amazon do not have them. Where can I purchase one?

    Thanks and Best Regards,
    Steve Shields

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