Towel Buddy

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Isn’t it annoying when you want to dry your hair you are struggling with trying to hold your towel and manage the dryer in your other hand? You face the same problem when you are doing your make-up and these simple tasks take ever so long. Towel Buddy claims to offer you the right solution because it can hold the towel in its place while you get on with things you need to do. Thus Towel Buddy is meant to let you be more efficient with tasks like drying your hair or applying your make-up on a regular basis.

How does Towel Buddy Work

The super stretchy elastic used in Towel Buddy makes it work like it does. It ensures that it can be completely customized to fit any size. Moreover the Velcro and elastic here means the towel will stay in place whatever you decide to do. Towel Buddy promises to let you go about practically any job you want to do, from drinking coffee to getting a facial, choosing an outfit to painting your nails without any hassle. And Towel Buddy will hold the towel in place so that there are no embarrassing slips ups with them.

Towel Buddy is very easy to use as well and once you have wrapped the towel you can pull it around your back. Once that’s done, you can fold one side of it in the front of your body. You can then fold the other side of Towel Buddy and fasten it well. Thus you will now have your hands free and can get on with the things you need to do without worrying about the towel slipping. Towel Buddy is said to be machine washable as well, which means you can get maximum use out of it and it will be convenient too.




What do I get?

  • 2 Towel Buddy in your choice of purple or white

All this for $ 10.00 plus $ 15.90 P&H Official website



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