Totally Tubular Pillow Review

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Do you wake up in the mornings with your arms feeling tingly and numb? It can be the most uncomfortable feeling right at the start of your day. Lack of good sleep can take a toll on your body and you end up feeling groggy through the day. And all because your arm goes to sleep before you do. Now you can easily change that situation by bringing home Totally Tubular Pillow , a brilliant pillow that stops your arm from falling asleep so that you can have a good night’s rest.


Totally Tubular Pillow
Totally Tubular Pillow works brilliantly because it ensures that the pressure on your arm is drastically reduced, which boosts the blood circulation through it. You simply slide your arm through the tubular design of this pillow and ensure that you sleep in the right position. It’s this clever design of this pillow that gives your arm all the support it needs. You can use your Totally Tubular Pillow behind your neck and back and it can as easily double up as a frontal pillow too. Totally Tubular Pillow will also let you sleep comfortably against the airplane window when you could do with good rest.

Totally Tubular Pillow is very versatile and you can use it when you are sitting in front of the TV as well. In fact you can use it practically anywhere. You can use Totally Tubular while you have sweet, cuddly moments with your loved ones or when you are nursing your baby. At all times, Totally Tubular will ensure that your arm is well supported as it should be. Totally Tubular Pillow is made out of a plush, comfortable material, which makes for added comfort and it is washable, making it easier to maintain.

Totally Tubular Pillow adjusts its shape to fit any part of your body. Now keep all your niggling woes at arm’s length and sleep comfortably with Totally Tubular.



What do I get?
You can buy Totally Tubular Arm Pillow for $14.95 plus S&H cost of $7.95 at and get a Totally Tubular Mini pillow with your offer. You can also double your offer and get two Totally Tubular travel bags by paying additional S&H costs.



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