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Do you suffer from neck aches, do you have sore shoulder, or throbbing lower back. If unnatural posture causes problems sleep easy with Total Pillow for total comfort. Only Total Pillow locks in place and supports you 5 ways. It is a cervical neck support, supports and aligns your spine, ideal lumbar support, perfect shoulder support and the ultimate leg support.


Total Pillow
Total Pillow adjusts to shape to support and align your head and spine. In just seconds twist Total Pillow for lower back (lumbar support) for the computer. Double the support to neck while watching TV. Total Pillow supports your neck, ankle, knees anywhere you need total support.

U-shaped travel pillows rough and flimsy but Total Pillow’s super soft surface is double the support for plane or train even for long-distance truck trips. Its the only pillow that locks on to your suitcase. Kids love Total Pillow for games or long car trips.

Supports your neck, Ankles, knees or anywhere you need total comfort! Customize and lock your Total Pillow into any Position. Ergonomic design, great for Lumbar Support.

The Total Compress Pack – microwave it for a hot compress or freeze it for a cold compress – with its soft fleece cover it fits perfectly inside the Total Pillow®.

Total Pillow cradles you in total comfort. Get 5 pillows in 1 for just $19.99 + S/h.



What do I get?

  • 2 Pillows!
  • 2 Compresses!
  • 2 Fleece Compress Covers!

Buy Total Pillow at for just $18.99 + FREE SHIPPING. Low price, No shipping/handling scams, no hidden fees, no “buy 1 get 1 free” scams, hassle-free 30-day money back guarantee.


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  1. Great pillow; but website is flawed. No opportunity to review “shopping cart” prior to agreeing to final charges; and I have received duplicate orders (and duplicate charges) as a result. I shop online frequently and haven’t had such difficulties with other vendors, so I don’t believe it’s due to my fumbling through the shopping process. I have had to go round & round with customer service, but have eventually been able to get credit for excess product shipped. Advised representative I could be a very happy customer if I didn’t feel they were trying to screw me every time I placed an order. She advised I should order Total Pillow directly over the phone next time to avoid (what I see as shady) website process. Only downside to that is inability to use Pay Pal via phone order, so will need to give credit card info to a company I can’t fully trust, given past experience. Too bad… They do offer a terrific product; just wish I didn’t feel the need watch my back after doing business with them.

  2. Very disappointing. Pillow is very uncomfortable, hard as a rock. Wish that you could return it. Pretty but useless.

  3. very disappointed with the Total Pillow. |Very overrated pillow, should not be recommended to anyone who is looking for a pillow. Go to Wal-Mart and spend a third of the money and get same results. Thanks for false hope.

  4. People who have problems with the pillow or service should report to the BBB in MN where the company is located. BBB site shows only SIX complaints filed……and give the company A+ RATING??

  5. Total Pillow advertises that the pillow is triple stitched, I don’t know how people are getting ripped seams. I’ve only had mine for a few days but I love it. I haven’t had seams ripped but I’ve been abusing it pretty bad. I’m laying on it now. If it rips I’ll make sure to come back here and mention it but so far I love it. Really I just need it to last for the next month. I bought specifically because I’m going to Paris.

  6. Thanks for the review on Total Pillow. I starting having lower back pain in recent months and frankly nothing have helped to ease it. I saw the advertisement for Total Pillow and was easily keen to know more about the product and whether someone has used it to any effect. So I searched the internet using “Total Pillow Reviews” as my keywords and to my horror the search engine returned back with sites which were 100% fake. The sites had a glaring review about the product and at the same time had links on the side to buy the product. The purchase option took me directly to the manufacturer’s website. I realized that the reviews on these sites might not be real but just a way of marketing. I would like to warn all users about the sites , , and The reviews on these sites are completely unreal. Thanks to this website I finally found a real person writing a review for the sake of sharing the experience.

    • It is true that the review sites which redirect and prompt readers to buy a product are generally sponsored. Such reviews are full of praise and contain lots of keywords which the search engine might pick up as a top listed site. This SEO technique has been running and ruining the user experience a lot lately. This site contains completely real user reviews to help others decide into buying a product.

  7. Total pillow, I just bought one and it is horrible, hard as a brick. Don’t know what else to say about it, except that I know now it’s garbage.

  8. Thanks for the review on Total Pillow. I starting having lower back pain in recent months and frankly nothing have helped to ease it. I saw the advertisement for Total Pillow and was easily keen to know more about the product and whether someone has used it to any effect. So I searched the internet using “Total Pillow Reviews” as my keywords and to my horror the search engine returned back with sites which were 100% fake. The sites had a glaring review about the product and at the same time had links on the side to buy the product. The purchase option took me directly to the manufacturer’s website. I realized that the reviews on these sites might not be real but just a way of marketing. I would like to warn all users about the sites,, and The reviews on these sites are completely unreal. Thanks to this website I finally found a real person writing a review for the sake of sharing the experience.

  9. I ordered two Total Pillows on December 16 as a Christmas gift for a friend, and selected priority processing. I have several complaints:

    1. No order total or pricing information was provided until ***AFTER*** my credit card had been charged. I thought I was paying $29.99 plus $6.95 for expedited handling, but was charged $98.73 instead.

    2. I placed my order online on Dec 16, but it did not register in the system until Dec 21, even though I requested “expedited handling”.

    3. The Total Pillow company never provided an order number (it is now Jan 18), but they require that information to provide customer service.

    4. I called customer service several times to inquire about the order, but was told they could not provide any information without the order number.

    5. The product was never delivered.

    6. Total Pillow refunded the product price ($59.99 instead of 29.99) earlier this week – the only information I have been able to find is that I “refused delivery”. (How could I refuse something that was never delivered?)

    7. Total Pillow charged $38.75 in “processing and handling” fees, and refuses to refund those fees.

    All in all, a BAD EXPERIENCE!

  10. Got a Total Pillow over a year ago. Soon after, it tore at a seam & little white beads streamed out. Literature that came with the product, warned not to come in contact with the beads. I was forced to be in contact when the seam broke apart & beads poured out onto my skin & sofa. Carefully cleaned them up off myself & sofa.

    I phoned Customer Service to report how easily the seams came open & ask for a refund. Was talked into receiving another pillow for free rather than get a refund. Was assured it was unusual for the pillow to break open; so I chose to have a new Total Pillow sent to me. I only used it a few times, when I woke in the morning, to find I’d been sleeping in a slew of beads.

    This scared me. My doctor & I suspect prolonged bodily contact with the beads may play a role in one or more of my diagnosed medical conditions. I reported this 2nd incident. I asked to be reimbursed. Seems the Customer Service Representative I spoke to thought I was referring to a 30 day money back guarantee. Tried to explain that this is a damage issue; but he still denied reimbursement citing the 30-day money back guarantee. Told him I’d rather settle with the company than elsewhere – that if the Company wouldn’t compensate me, I’d have to go elsewhere to resolve the issue.

    I mentioned the Better Business Bureau, media, & Small Claims Court. I asked again for reimbursement so I would not have to go elsewhere for resolution. Then I realized he had hung up on me. I hadn’t been angry nor aggressive. I’d been calm, demanding & firm.

  11. Just bought the Total Pillow instead of a hemorrhoid pillow. LOVE IT! It’s cheaper and because of the versatility, it hides the fact why I really need it. I don’t have to be embarrassed carrying a pillow for a long airplane ride or for sporting events. I’m thankful that this product was invented. Hoping the seams don’t rip, but if the do….I can always return it at Bed, Bath and Beyond or Walmart for a new one! Can’t get more convenient than that!

  12. What are you people doing with your pillows to make the seams split? I have had mine for a few months now and I sleep on it EVERY night. It has completely cured my stiff neck problems. Folding one in half and resting it under my chin has also stopped me from snoring. I think the Total Pillow is great.

    To the person who complained about the shipping cost, you don’t have to buy them online. Many retailers such as Bed,Bath and Beyond or K-Mart carry these pillows.

    I have yet to see the larger size either, but I don’t need one either. These work just great for me.

  13. My wife and I are both 80 years old. I ordered the total pillow and we probably used them only a half dozen times. We are not rough or abusive folks and were surprised that both srung leaks and there was an awful mess to clean up. I have a neck that bothers occasionally and used one at night only to have thousands upon thousands of little beads in my hair, eyes, ears and nose. I can’t believe there have not been many law suits concerning these pillows. I am no engineer but it doesn’t take much thought to know that after a little use the seams will loosen and there will be a real mess to vacuum up. I don’t expect to ever see this comment published but I got it off my chest.

  14. I think this pillow would be a godsend to neurosurgery floors in hospitals. I had brain surgery 18 months ago. When I woke up with a stapled shut incision from the top to bottom of my skull, I would have been so grateful to have a pillow shaped this way, that was really soft and could conform to the shape of my head. I have never hurt so badly. I tried to make regular pillows support my neck without touching my head and it was impossible. I would suggest people keep this in mind. I hope you never need to know how it works, but I’m confident it would be a huge improvement over what I had access to.

  15. I bought my pillow at Staples having never seen a tv commercial. I dragged it all over China on a recent trip (three cities, six flights) and so far, it hasn’t ruptured any seams. It fit around my suitcase handle and survived being shoved in my bag. It is a little too thick to use as a neck pillow but I twisted it up and put it over my shoulder and slept for four hours very comfortably on the plane from Beijing.

  16. I have two of these Total Pillows. I keep one at the office where I use it for a lumbar support as well as to prop up a “bad” leg. It serves admirably and comfortably in both cases. The second one is left in the car, where it’s generally used for fast naps on long drives. For that it’s great–very comfortable, more supportive than the usual “horseshoe” pillow and I actually like the fact that it’s small–thrown in the trunk it takes up no space. Clearly these aren’t items built to take much of a beating, which is a shame. I have not encountered the seam-splitting problems mentioned above and have actually been quite happy with the product, but admittedly have only used it for a couple of months. Overall I’d give it 8.5 out of 10, with points off on potential fragile construction.

  17. This Total Pillow is a waste of money. I had it for one month and a seam came undone and I had to brush the beads out from under my face in the bed! The beads as so small they could be inhaled! Thankfully I was aware this had happened. This item should be recalled as soon as possible as I think it could be very harmful. Please do not purchase this product and if you have one….return it.

    • Aug 8, 2011 at 3:15 pm

      My husband bought a Total Pillow from one of our small town department stores. I intended to use it as an extra lumbar pillow. On the FIRST day, a seam split and those small, white beads spread everywhere! Unfortunately, my husband had not saved the receipt so it could not be returned. My solution…? Out came the duct tape…over and over and over, again. I agree with Bev. These pillows need to taken off the market.

      • The Total Pillow should have a tag which says to contact Hampton Direct, the company that developed the Total Pillow, if you encounter a problem with the seams breaking and beads coming out. Call their Customer Service line and you will be taken care of.

  18. I bought a Total pillow at Walmart last November. I used it for my back as I have a office job, and sit at a desk all day. At first I loved it ,but after about two months one of the seams split , like the material just let go where the stitching is. All the little beads were coming out all over the place. On the packaging it said to discard it if the beads came out. So I thru it out. I thought well maybe it was just a fluke, So I bought another one and guess what? About two months later one of the seams split on that one also. I didn’t twist or anything!!! Well I’m not buying another one. Everytime it costs 19.95. I will go buy a small pillow that will probably only cost 5.00. I will never buy another one of those again.

  19. Total Pillow is a scam! It contains dangerous material plus unethical practices by the company, Hampton Direct, 400 Returns Road, Wallingford, CT 06494. The charges for S/H are double the price of the pillow, there is no way to edit your order or cancel the order except to refuse to accept delivery — at which time you haven’t inspected the product or read all the warnings associated with use and disposal of the pillow.


    • I echo this comment. I ordered mine over a month ago, and was never able to obtain an order number or any other information needed to obtain customer service. It has now been over a month, and the item has not been delivered.

      • I ordered the pillow as a Christmas present and they only sent me the carrying cases. I immediately called them and they sent a replacement order. This order also did not contain the pillows just the carrying cases. So I called them and cancelled the order. I am now working with my credit card company to dispute the charges. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM! I WISH I CHECKED WITH THE BBB BEFORE PURCHASE.


  21. I just got off the phone with Total Pillow’s customer Service (1-866-389-3899 ).

    Their Total Compress product that comes with a Total Pillow order just exploded in my microwave. I called to ask what kind of chemicals were in it. The guy I talked with, Mike, said he didn’t know what kind of chemicals were used but that I should not use the microwave anymore as the chemicals could be dangerous. I was astonished and angry.

  22. There are two fantastic massage pillows made in the USA by The Shiatsu Bag has ten firm 3.5″ balls and 5 soft 4″ foam balls. It will twist and conform to any shape, and you can roll about on it for a great massage.

    The Fibro Bag has thirteen soft 4″ foam balls and only two of the fim 3.5″ balls. Great quality, 3 day delivery & made in the USA.

  23. This Total Pillow sucks! My dog bit it and choked on the little balls. Anyway, my 87 and 3 months year old father got a sprained neck. The pillow didn’t support his neck. It sprained his neck.

  24. Piece of crap! Great idea, very poorly constructed. The bead are coming out at each “point” in the stitching. I put it in a zippered pillow cover to contain the beads and will use it until it splits open completely. The cover will contain the beads when I toss it in the trash.

    Don’t waste your money!

  25. Not as big as it looks on TV…. They advertise a larger model, which I have been trying to locate, but haven’t been able to find. I think it would be good for me to use for my neck, if I could get the larger size… I think that the “regular” one would be okay for children and small animals.

  26. Any of you that are looking for a high quality pillow, as it seems by the reviews, that you are…..check out the Slumber Mitt. Now THIS is a quality product, plus the cover zips off and can be washed. Made in USA, which is important to me.

  27. I bought mine in Dec 2010, and absolutely love it. I bought it at Wal Mart. I intend to buy a couple more as back-ups.

  28. We purchased 3 of these and threw two of them out after the seams split and made a horrible mess. What a waist of money. Never again!

  29. I have a Total Pillow and also had a seam pop, I sewed it shut & then applied a drop of glue – Fixed.

    I keep hearing the add that says to ask about the larger size, but am unable to locate it on the web site. I would like more information about it, where can I find it.

  30. I just purchased your pillow from bed bath and beyond. It is a great therapy pillow and has helped my neck, however, while making my bed I felt little crumbs on the sheet and wondered how they got there since I never eat in bed; only to discover that the beads inside the pillow had leaked out at the seams.

    What should I do since the pillow is no more than 10 days old?

    • Call the Hampton Direct customer service line. The number is on the website which is written on the tag. They will take care of you!

  31. I ordered the “Buy one get one free” offer…. when I received the box, one corner of the box was split open and blue goo was oozing out. One pillow’s gel pack had ruptured and soaked into the pillow. The top pillow was fine. I did reach a “real person” to complain. I found the Customer Service number on the Total Pillow website: 1-866-389-3899. I was offered a refund or exchange; I just had to return the pillows first. I will agree with the others on the outrageous shipping…it was $7.95 per pillow so the total cost was $35.89!

  32. Received 2 Total Pillows. One was in good condition, the 2nd pillow gel pack leaked during shipment. Pillow is destroyed. No way to contact a human. Totally frustrating. Also, the $19.99 pillow turned out to be $35.89. RIP OFF !

  33. I only got my little round pillow with the freeze pack I didn’t get a regular pillow that they were supposed to send this is crap. They have no way to contact a human, they better fix this… I’m pissed.

    • When I wrote this I couldn’t get a hold of a human being. I meant they have no phone numbers for complaints this is crap, they better get it fixed or I will be forced to make this public.

  34. They spent more on the embroidered logo than the seams that seem to burst after weeks use. Not a bad invention, just not a good execution. All of them are the same according to this blog. They ALL bust open with normal use.

    They needed to be:

    • Better stitched stronger thread and fabric.

    • Money back guarantee (not on package)

    • Made of cotton (cooler to touch)

    • Washable somehow.

    • I bought my total pillow at Walgreen, and I am totally disappointed. The pictures on the container and on tv show the pillow being open so that it can be put into a u shape. But, it isn’t. It is sewed into a complete circle and is useless for any purpose.

      • Margaret, that “u” shape is just folding the pillow in half. Folding an open circle in half creates a “u”. I love my total pillow, it is very comfortable! so glad with this purchase.

  35. The pillow is horrible, it is hard as a rock and it cannot be used as a lumbar support as described. Waste of money.

  36. Found the Total Pillow at Magic Mart. Had never heard of it, but because of problems I have had with neck and spine I thought I would give it a try. My chiropractor suggested I sleep with a rolled up towel behind my neck(very uncomfortable). The total pillow really works for me. My neck was actually beginning to curve in the opposite direction. Between the chiropractor, Total Pillow and Glucosamine, it has began to take it’s proper form. I wake up now without a stiff hurting neck. I’m going to purchase 2 more!

    • You have been lucky. Have you not read all the reviews about how the seams will loosen after very limited use. I was just fortunate that some of the very tiny white beads didn’t get inhaled into my lungs or eyes. Just another poor product made in China.

  37. I did not buy Total Pillow online. Because I did not need 2. I wish they would let you buy just one. They said buy one and get one free. It’s not free if you have to pay shipping & they should tell people the shipping price up front. I bought mine at walmart & paid I think $14.99. It doesn’t twist & stay twisted like they show in the commercial. If I haven’t thrown the receipt away. I’d take it back. So people, don’t! buy one online. Check the stores for “As seen on TV”. & save your receipt & package so you can take it back.

  38. What is inside of it that makes it bend? I really like mine but would like to crochet my own. I bought mine at best buy and have used it for a week. My neck pain is so much better.

  39. Mom bought one for me and one for my sister-in-law. Both split at the seams on the first day (in one case, minutes) of normal use. Didn’t even have a chance to lay on mine. Just twisted it into one of the recommended configurations and “pop.” Out poured hundreds of little foam beads everywhere. Lucky I got them up before our dog ate them.

  40. I bought the Total Pillow at a kiosk in the mall. Lasted 2 days then split at the seam with the beads all over the bed and floor. Went back to the mall. no receipt, no recourse. what a waste of $20!!

  41. I bought a Total Pillow too since it seem different to the horseshoe ones, but it end up being a total waste of money. I use it as a cushion to seat on at home, and even then it’s not all that great. I did find a good one, I had it for a few months now, it’s called simple pillow made by It’s been working great so far and until today’s date, it’s the best travel pillow I’ve found.

  42. I totally love my Total Pillow. I travel a lot and it’s seriously the best accessory I have ever bought… I think it is totally amazing and worth every penny/dime! I would recommend it to anyone.

  43. I’ve been using mine for mine for 3 weeks. I received it for Christmas & I love it! I am in a wheelchair & have curvature of the spine. My mother bought this for me to put between my side & the arm of my w/c to help me sit straighter. It’s worked great so far.

  44. I received mine as a Christmas present and my friend did not mail order it. I took it on a trip the day after Christmas and it was great. On the plane I could adjust the shape depending on how I needed to sit. made the flight more bearable and comfy.

    I used it on the beach as well. Covered with a small towel and used on my chair to read on the beach,. This is a great item. better than those other blow up or neck pillows they sell for traveling.

  45. I ordered 2 Total Pillows. They charged for and shipped 10! Very difficult to get refund…..still working on it.

    • Dear Iana:

      I am having exactly the same problem. Total Pillow sent me merchandise I did not order. They refuse to send return paid paperwork and expect me to pay shipping and handling for their sending and me returning items I did not order.

      They, of course, have already charged my charge card. I have opened a case with BBB and my charge card company.

  46. I’ve had a need for better travel pillows & the total pillow seems to be the thing. On the plane I need a neck pillow, and, after arriving, I need a knee pillow (for sleeping). In the past I used an inflatable neck pillow, and I was OK with that, but couldn’t find a good option for a knee pillow. So, the total pillow gives me both. I just returned for a long trip with many flights & a thousand miles of driving. I used the pillow for my back on the plane & in the car, so I will need to purchase a second pillow for my neck. I have two complaints.

    My pillow does not fit over the handle of my carry on, as stated in the commercial. I plan to resolve the issue by using a strap (like those used to lash items onto a backpack) around the handle & through the pillows. My understanding of the airline rules are that the pillows would not count against me as an additional carry-on. My other complaint is the lack of color choices. I have the navy, and it is OK, but I would like to find something to coordinate with my sea green airline blanket. I’m happy that the product is available and will help to resolve my travel issues.

    • Ok, so reading the reviews, I see a lot of Total Pillow complaints about shipping. I bought mine in a store – don’t recall where, but probably Walgreens & I seem to recall paying $15. I don’t see the need to mail order and be uncertain of the quality. Just look around or call a handful of stores, and you’ll probably find it. I don’t think the pillow is come kind of miracle, but it does fit my specific needs.

  47. I bought mine at Fred Myers for my mom who was having pressure issues at her end of life. And it really did the trick. Took the pressure off of her ears so they could hear the blisters starting there and helped keep her comfortable in her last weeks of life.

    I had to wash it and am not wondering whats inside to find out the best way to dry it. Feels like small beads. I just hope its not seeds. Mine will be growing if it is. LOL But that is OK it has served its purpose.

  48. Man am I glad I read this first, was gonna get one or two. Guess I will stick with a sweatshirt bunched up behind my back for lumbar support.

    • Do not microwave the Total Pillow. It is covered in microfiber which is a plastic product, and it is filled with polystyrene beads, which are also a plastic product. The beads will swell, then melt and burn in a microwave. The fumes from this are toxic, so don’t put this Total Pillow in the microwave.

  49. I received the Total Pillow as a gift. It works great for me,I will be watching tv and it keeps my head still while still relaxing me. I have slept on many pillows,and the Total Pillow is the best so far. The Total Compress works good also. You just don’t want to freeze it,because it leaked,but warm it up in the microwave and it is awesome. I would not personally sleep on the Total pillow, I use it for lumbar support or head support. I give it 4 and a half stars.

  50. I bought two as Christmas gifts. No problems so far. I am wondering if the problem with seams coming apart is because folks ripped out the “Contents” label – required on all pillows and mattresses – instead of cutting it off with scissors? Ripping that thing off could destroy a seem very easily.

  51. ordered one in December 2010. They don’t show you the shipping price until after the order is completed. Shipping is $15 for just the one (+ one free) pillow, so it doubles the price of your order. The number to call for customer service just plays a message that “all circuits are busy” and then HANGS UP, so you can’t even wait on hold. The website, couldn’t retrieve my order. This is a total SCAM.

  52. what a SCAM.. they should be taken off the air…. they don’t show you the shipping charges until they HAVE COMPLETED the order and there is no way to edit or cancel the order.. they’re a rip-off.. I’m contacting the AFCC, the BBB etc…

  53. I too had major problems with this awful Total Pillow company. I bought this inept product off the commercial on T.V. WHAT A MISTAKE. You do not get to speak to a live representative from this company. The order was doubled ( their mistake ) and the consumer is not told the shipping and handling costs. I almost fell over when the order came and the invoice said $64.78. The company does not tell you that you will be charged $7.95 for this pillow, but in addition, they have the nerve to charge an additional $7.95 for the (free bonus pillow), which is in the same box. I was furious and called their customer service , which is the worst ever. They did refund me part of the cost after I sent it back, but refused to pay for the shipping and handling costs, so I’m still at a loss. I did report Total Pillow to the BBB of CT.

  54. I wish I would have read the Total Pillow reviews before I placed my order due to the customer service in this company is the worst that I have ever seen in any company I have ever dealt with from the operators to the supervisor’s. I was sent a order for “pillows” to the sum of $175.00 which I only ordered the advertised special $19.99 buy one get one free when it got to my home the post man could not bring the box in the house it was so big so I refused it and returned to sender they did refund the price for the product but not the S&H which I understand if I had ordered it but when I call the call center I got hung up on twice by a agent name Brittney and once by a sup name Mike now they did not care how the order was made nor who added the other products to the order but the only thing they cared about was there is no refund for S&H. They refused to listen to my side of the coin or would let me complete a sentence and I had no problem paying the $7.95 for the order that I wanted but they made me pay for the order I never made and they keep there products. WARNING DO NOT BUY THEIR PRODUCTS THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF!

  55. Purchased this Total Pillow for an overseas flight. The seam ripped before I even had a chance to use it in the airport prior to my departure. I put a extra large band-aid over it to stop the little white balls from getting all over in my luggage…it did not hold, so when I returned home I exchanged it for a new Total Pillow and took it on another trip, seams came loose…again little white balls. Nice idea, but would not recommend this purchase.

  56. I bought 2 Total Pillows. One for my husband who travels and one for my son who is disabled. WHAT A JOKE!!!! They both split. Now my husband has all these little white balls all over his car. My son has them in his chair he sits in. You can imagine how disappointed I am about this. After reading all the reviews, I’m not alone.

    Hampton Direct you should have done more research on this! This has inspired me to make my own. I bet it holds up better than yours.

  57. All I want is the phone number for Total Pillow or the address for the company. I bought the pillow, but think it is too firm for me. I have misplaced the information that came in the box, but I have the confirmation. I really want to send it back, especially since reading these Total Pillow reviews.

  58. I purchased this Total Pillow at Walmart after seeing it on television. I have a back problem and felt it would be helpful on my flight. On the second leg of my flight, I went to position my pillow and discovered the pillow had broken and the beads were everywhere, the passengers next to me were covered also. This was the first and last experience with the Total Pillow!

  59. I received the Total Pillow as a gift and so far I love it!! I commute to work daily via Amtrak and starting having bad neck and back pains from trying to get comfortable and sleep on the train. Once I received my total pillow I don’t even use my regular pillow anymore! With my total pillow I use it while sleeping at night, sleeping on the train and in my office while sitting in my desk chair. I am sorry that you all have had bad experiences with the total pillow. I have only had it for about a week but so far it’s very comfortable and durable, and hope it remains that way. If anything changes, I’ll be sure to share!

  60. Let me just reiterate the post from Cayonie on 11/5/10 because it matched my experience perfectly: ” PLEASE DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS TOTAL PILLOW COMPANY IT IS A HUGE SCAM! not only is the website built to charge you without your consent the customer service team is trained to feign ignorance ….”

  61. Waste of money woke up choking where the Total Pillow busted, I call and all I got was a run around well heads up I am calling the BBB. I have 3 and taking them back to Walmart… sorry Walmart but the company who makes these won’t do anything.

    You’re right a lawsuit is coming.

    • You could always call the manufacturer and talk to their customer service representative. I know for a fact they have a legal representative on site. just saying, relax and handle an issue directly rather than stand behind a suit.

    • The Bucky Utopia neck pillow.We have taken ours on transcontinental flights many times. Comfortable and durable. It comes with a storage bag. It is filled with buckwheat and is in the $25 range.

  62. The Total Pillow is a waste…I bought one from Wal-Mart it had holes in it and took that one back and got another one and used it for 1 hour and the same time going back and getting my money back. BIG RIP OFF.

  63. PLEASE DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS TOTAL PILLOW COMPANY IT IS A HUGE SCAM! not only is the website built to charge you without your consent the customer service team is trained to feign ignorance and later in the conversation blame you for not being a mind reader concerning the actual total fee. AFTER 2MINUTES the worker (Scott) change tactics and yelled “you are all set, you are all set, the order is cancelled, anything ELSE I can do for you?” yea, Scott you and this company need to be outed for the thieves you are. All the investigation reporting you think it would already be common knowledge not to visit/purchase this product!

    • Attorney Generals from all states should investigate and put a stop to the fraudulent tactics being practiced by this company selling Total Pillow. They do not tell you up front what the shipping and handling charges will be. Furthermore they do not give you the right to review your total purchase transaction before your credit card is charged.

      DO NOT BUY ONLINE – The two for one is no deal. Go to one of the retail stores that carry these pillows and then buy one. I purchased one at a retail store and I love the product. Just don’t fall prey to the fraudulent tactics used online.

  64. Total Pillow is a SCAM! Ordered one pillow/get one free. Was charged individual shipping & handling; cost was OVER $ 90.00 !! A SCAM!

  65. I just watched the commercial for Total Pillow, having seen it many times.
    Also I have seen it at Walgreens. What a great concept! I decided to get online and see if there are any reviews. Wow!! Glad I did.

    It’s very obvious that this product needs to be reconfigured and fast. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen. There are many products that turn out to be a quality one. Like the “slanket” sold on QVC, not the cheap copies sold everywhere else. A 20 year old young man designed it. I am very impressed and happy that he has made a lot of money. It’s a quality product.

    This pillow could have been a good product, but instead this was a get rich scheme. And maybe that was the plan. Take the money and run. Either reconfigure it or pull it off the market. I won’t be buying it or any other ” as seen on tv” product without checking this website. Thanks.


    • Where did you buy your Total Pillow, Sheila? Please try to reply here, ASAP! Maybe there are good ones and imitations, too? I bought mine from CVS but if the company itself is pulling a scam, then I think I’m just going to return it. I bought it as a gift, but am rethinking this one.

      I don’t know how I can tell if I have a good one or phony one w/out trying it, but it was bought for a gift. However, with all of this talk I think I’ll just bring it back to the store.

      I’m still open to your thoughts, or anyone else’s…

  66. I purchased Total Pillow from Walgreen’s 3 days ago, in anticipation of a 2 day train ride from Colorado to DC next week. I loved it immediately and used it while reading in bed, and like I said, I have been using it only for 3 DAYS. I just woke up to a sensation of itching all over, and boy was I shocked to see little white balls all over myself, stuck to my shirt, in my ear, inside the shirt, and all over the bed! I cannot even see the part of the pillow from which the balls are escaping, but I immediately put the pillow in the trash. I have been struggling to capture and clean up all the little styrofoam balls from my bed, afraid I will inhale them in my sleep, and I am frustrated that I am doing this in the middle of the night instead of sleeping! Very disappointed in this pillow!!!

    • I just bought mine @ Bed Bath & Beyond for $9.95. It doesn’t hold it’s twist shape tight when you twist it like it shows on tv, BUT it is comfortable to use on your back for long hours of typing. I can sit on it in my truck and see over the windshield wipers. I hope the seams stay together…if it does then this is hog heaven!

  67. I bought two Total Pillows. One of the pillows had a large hole on the inside were the elastic is sewn in. I didn’t notice it at first until I had those tiny little Styrofoam balls were everywhere. They certainly are not easy to pick up!!! A complete mess. I am disabled and had to hire a person to clean the tiny styrofoam balls up. They were stuck to my clothes, feet, arms shoes, carpet, even my dogs etc…etc!

    • I wish I had consulted this customer review website before I placed my Total Pillow order. I have learned my lesson and will never purchase products from TV advertising until I check this website first. I think the easiest way to report my personal situation here is to cut and paste the email I just sent to Steve Rusate, Department Manager, Total Pillow. The phone number for this area of the company is 1-866-389-3899 if you want to ask to speak to him personally. The email site for this company is . At least that is where I sent the following:

      Fri 10/22/2010 1:51 PM
      Attn: Steve Rusate, Department Manager, Total Pillow

      Dear Steve:

      I appreciated talking with you today to resolve my issues with the ordering process and website for Total Pillow. I also appreciate that you have said that you would refund to my credit card today, the total shipping charges that were added to my order, and that you would refund the product price as well, once the product was shipped back to your company, but I am dismayed that the cost of return postage will not be taken care of by the company, in light of the company’s deceptive and unethical practices.

      You asked me to put my complaints about the website’s design problems in writing to this email address, and that you would pass them on the appropriate people higher up in the company who are in charge of the website’s design. Instead of going to additional personal trouble of describing my complaints about the website, I would refer you to the website below for a regurgitation of my complaints by many others who have also fallen for this scam. It seems that your company had been pulling this off for a long time now (at least 95 reviews, the majority of them a reiteration of my complaints about the ordering process and the product itself), and I am not the first one to make an issue of the website design, nor of the inferiority of the product. I am sure your company must be aware of these reviews, but I wish I had thought to check out the reviews before I ordered the product.

      Beyond the website issues, it appears that there are issues with the quality control of the product and that the pillows split easily and spread a highly dangerous substance which clings to everything and is very difficult to clean up. Even the warning label on the product cautions about the stuffing material and the buyer is asked to notify the company before disposal at a website that does not exist, . However when I tried to get to that website, I discovered your parent company, Hampton Direct, in Vermont. There was no ‘support’ section on that website, only offers for inventors and marketing assistance for those inventions. All this combines to justify a class action suit against Total Pillow for many more reasons than I care to put in words now. This product is not just defective, it is fraudulently advertised as being therapeutic for back/neck pain issues, which it clearly is not, resulting in most customers being dissatisfied. I read all the reviews on the ‘asseenontv’ website, and the word “SCAM” kept coming up over and over again. So in thinking back to our conversation today, I have trouble believing that you were not already aware of the issues I was describing, as you seemed to imply.

      After patiently listening to me describe the entire situation I have encountered with this order, you told me right away, “We’re gonna make this right, don’t worry.” Later on you said you have “no authority over the website” but that you would pass on my complaint to those who do have authority over the website. From the reviews on the ‘asot’ sight, it is clear that Total Pillow has known about these issues since at least last May, 2010, yet the company has not changed its deceptive website, nor satisfied the dissatisfied customers whose pillows broke open and caused them great inconvenience and actual danger.

      What else can I be expected to think of this company and its parent company Hampton Direct, other than that it is operating outside ethical practices to the point of being dangerous to the public and liable for damages as well as expenses incurred by unsuspecting customers. How can I be sure that you will “make this right” if you work for such a company?

      I will first be looking for the credit you said you would issue today to appear on my card. Then I will look into shipping the product back to you. Depending on the shipping expense I might have to incur at that point, I may decide to just let American Express handle my complaint against Total Pillow/Hampton Direct, in order to receive my full refund, without incurring the additional expense of shipping the product back to the company. However, if you would send me a “Return Postage” label for the return, I will be happy to go to the trouble of packing the product up, driving to the post office, waiting in line, and shipping the product, garbage that it is, back to the company. In the meantime, I am consulting our Channel 2 News station, here in Salt Lake City, to inform Bill Gebhardt, the Consumer Rights specialist for the channel, of this entire issue. He will surely expose your company for what it really is, if he hasn’t started an investigation already.

      I look forward to your reply, and especially to the full refund of my $64.78 charge to my credit card, without it being contingent on my paying for return shipping. My personal “Handling Charge” is $200 because that is what I earn when I work one hour at my profession now. It will take me at least that much time to “Handle” the product in order to ship it back. How shall I bill that to your company?

      Stella (the rest of my ID is removed here)

  68. I wish I had read these Total Pillow reviews before ordering — My order was TRIPLED and instead of paying $20+ S&H, I have been charge $92!!! Does anyone have a phone number for these crooks?

  69. Order automatically DOUBLED the price to $64.78 when I tried to order ONE set. No confirm button. Just the bad news. returns

  70. I really love the Total Pillow and only have one complaint. The seams came apart immediately and continue to come apart even after sewing them. Wanted to buy another one but was told at Bed Bath and Beyond that lots have been returned because of the same complaint. Guess I won’t be buying another one.

  71. This is the most ridiculous invention in history, and they are trying to patent it. Oh boy, what a joke. The pillow is totally worthless. It serves no purpose except making rich the dumb ass who invented (!!) it. I ordered one (I mean I was taken) but they send me two. When I tried to return the pillow, they offered $10 which I refused. I am going to report this FRAUD to BBB. I wish everybody would read this and other Total Pillow reviews before ordering one.

  72. DO NOT buy this Total Pillow online! you will pay way too much! I haven’t purchased this yet, and haven’t decided if I will yet, after these reviews, but if I do, I will be buying it a bed bath & beyond where they have what I believe is the large size for $14.99. with their 20% off coupon that brings it down to $11.99 with no shipping. And if I buy one I will definitely get out my sewing machine and reinforce the seams before I use it. I suggest anyone else who buys one would do the same – or find a friend who sews. Good luck! 🙂

    • I found the hard way that if you get a product called “liquid stitch”…the kind that dries flexible, not the stuff that’s like super glue….the one that’s regular glue like. It’s in the sewing/crafts section. Anyway, if you’re very careful, you can gently separate the seams *the ones on the stretchy, spandex ish side are the ones to watch* but if you separate them just a bit and put a thin line of glue along the edge and press the edges back together…i found it worked really well to do a few on the opposite sides of each other, then leaving it folded slightly in half to keep those seams pressed together while it dries. Use a very light hand, but be thorough…using a toothpick, a rather fine paintbrush or even the pointed end of a foam eyeshadow applicator would help.

      If you manage to not used too much glue, you won’t even see the glue on the seam… fact, I can’t even FEEL mine! Just keep checking them never know..

  73. I was going to buy one or more or the Total Pillows, just couldn’t decide whether to buy locally or order online. I’m so glad that I found this website, as now I definitely will NOT be buying any of the Total Pillows after reading these reviews. Thanks for having this site to check reviews of products.

  74. Because I have neck discomfort and saw the ad on TV for Total Pillow, I ordered one set. when I opened the box and pulled out the pillow, I was dumbfounded. you can’t put it around your neck, the opening is too small; I tried using it for lumbar support, that didn’t work either. I didn’t bother asking for a refund; I threw it immediately in the garbage and am considering reporting this product to the BBB, although that might not make much difference. who invented this useless thing? why didn’t someone create this “pillow” with an opening so that the pillow could actually be used around a person’s neck; I can’t imagine someone putting that pillow over their head; the opening is way too small. this product is a joke and it is a shame that this company is making millions selling it. shame one them and shame on me for being duped; no more TV purchases.

    • You’re not supposed to put your head through the opening, you’re supposed to fold in half and put behind your neck. Regardless, it’s a little to small for some to use that way as well.

  75. I was so upset that my total pillow split while I was staying with a loved one in the hospital. I was all comfortable and then suddenly covered in little beads that stuck all over everything. It was the most inconvenient possible time for loosing a pillow and having a mess. I was lucky I didn’t inhale any of the crazy little beads! I bought mine at Walgreens for the hospital stay and was so mad that I threw away the receipt. Does anyone know if I can mail the darn thing to them and get maybe a new pillow in return?! Although it’s not looking like it matters….

  76. I was one of the people that ordered Total Pillow online, not something I do often and I thought their process sucked as well. However, reading all the negative Total Pillow reviews (which I probably should’ve done before ordering) here I’m amazed how many different prices are paying for this, I don’t understand how that can be!
    I ordered my Total Pillow about 4 weeks ago and it arrived today. I payed all together $34.95 for it (just checked my bank account and receipt again) and the package contained the 2 promised pillows with the gel packs. Both gel packs are in perfect order and so are the pillows, it seems anyway. I checked all the seams now and can’t find a leak anywhere and of course I’ll pay attention after all I’ve read here. So far I’ve been using it all evening on my upper back since I have back and neck problems and I’m loving right now. I guess I’ll see what happens in a few days/weeks but right now I really don’t have anything to complain about.

    • I bought that Total Pillow just yesterday morning and was using it all day. Today also. It’s very helpful in the car. My seat is not comfortable enough and I after longer driving always feel pain in a spine. Tried as lumbar support also as a seat. It seems to be really comfortable. Now after reading all the Total Pillow reviews am afraid about the seams. Thanks. I have idea how to take care on that issue. I’ll make just a zippered pillow case. I did sewing and I know exactly how I’ll do it. It’s simple! Thanks again! For me personally pillow is very comfortable. I think it was good idea.


  78. Aug 2010: I thought it was baloney–but it’s HEAVEN for my back and neck. I’ll be honest. When I saw this at Walgreen’s for $14.95, I thought, “Wow. How could that shape ever be comfortable anywhere? And what a rip-off in price.” I kept seeing it there and I kept on walking. A month later, I’m on my way back from my chiropractor’s office (bad neck, upper back, and on occasion, lower back), was at the check-stand at Walgreen’s and asked the counter person about the pillow. She raved about it. I fingered one (hmm, soft, weird) and on impulse, threw it in with my purchases. At home, I started twisting it around, but wasn’t sure what to do with it. Finally, I tossed it behind my back and WOW, total support for my lumbar region. And the shape somehow does not get in the way. Later I was using my laptop in bed, folded it in half, tucked it around my neck and WOW, got total neck support. Usually I can’t lean back enough (even on several pillows laid back the vertical way) to have anything even get close enough to support my neck, but this Total Pillow actually worked! I now use it for everything and am going to bring it on my next air flight.

    Can’t get enough of this total pillow. It’s the best! (And I’ve had absolutely no problems with seams or insides coming out… must be the new shipment of product).

  79. Well I just bought one Total Pillow today for my trip next week. Got it at Bed Bath and Beyond for $14.99. Started using it and loved the support it gives, and of course I tried it in all the positions. I like the one hanging over my office chair. I immediately called my friend to tell her how great it is. After a short while, it felt like my head was in a vice. It does feel like you’re sitting on a tire, and it does push you way out beyond the comfortable chair range. I thought, ‘Well maybe it’ll stretch.’ Got online to read reviews….I’m taking it back. I’ve had asthmatic problems recently, and the last thing I need is to be inhaling the little micro beads while napping on the plane. Thanks everyone, for your Total Pillow reviews. I’ll be the wiser and stick with the funky old neck pillow I already have. It’s ugly, but at least it fits me and it’s safe. Now I have to call my friend and tell her not to get one. Harrumph!!

    • I bought the Total Pillow as seen on tv and therefore I got two. Both pillows opened at the seem, and when the first opened and white beads poured out I read the tag. Since it said to throw it away immediately because the beads are dangerous, I was furious. This is not something you are aware of before you buy the pillow. Additionally, I found the pillow too hard to rest against it for long. I think the adds are misleading, and I noticed that they have started to replay the tv add again. First of all, even if they improve the pillow’s construction, they shouldn’t contain dangerous beads. This is not only an inferior product, it should be taken off the market.

  80. I saw the Total Pillow infomercial for this yesterday and hinted to my grandmother that I’d really like one (I’m only sixteen, but I do have scoliosis and a tailbone that was shattered). Turns out she had one, but she didn’t like it! Grandma got this at Walgreens.

    The sandy stuff only comes out for me if I squeeze and hug the pillow a lot, and that’s just one grain at a time. It’s really too bad about people having this sort of experience with the company, because if it wouldn’t leak, it would be a great pillow.

    I used it today at the doctor’s office while waiting for my doctor to decide that he would see me (one hour after my appointment! jeez!), and it was great to use as a pillow leaning up against the wall. I’m not too fond of the “lumbar” fold, but it’s great for propping your head up when you’re trying to sleep after getting shots in each arm.

  81. The concept had merit but what an absolute piece of garbage!! First of all it took 8 weeks to get and we had them for 3 days and the seams let go. Called the manufacturer’s customer service and was told they had a bad batch with the seams letting go and they would be replaced…that was on 7/02/2010. They are still “IN PROCESS” for replacement. These little beads can get in your eyes, your mouth and I am sure can be inhaled. Those of you who have these pillows know what I mean…they cling to you like they are statically charged! What is the hazard to ones health over this? They should have encapsulated the beads inside with a heavy liner so they could not escape if the seams let go! Maybe we should contact our states attorney generals to investigate this product. Please let me hear your thoughts on this! Also contact your credit card companies to get your money back!! These should have been tested BEFORE they went on the market!

    • I usually research an item online but didn’t and ordered this online. Thank God it was a Sunday and my husband found this site with all your helpful reviews. We called Customer Service on Monday morning, no waiting on phone, and the ordered was canceled without a problem – THANK GOD AGAIN!! So I recommend trying to cancel a regretted order, the sooner, the better!

  82. I ALWAYS do research before buying a product….except this one. The one time I really should have! I bought mine at Walgreens, thank god and will be returning it. I bought it in TX, while on vacation to use on the plane ride home. Half way through the flight, I looked down on my lap where it was sitting and noticed a pile of white beads. It has a hole in the seam on the back side, the side that is the stretchy material, not the fleecy side. I’m absolutely livid!! I can not believe that this product couldn’t even make it through one use. Complete and total scam. To everyone who has one and likes it, you’re lucky, but I’d caution you to keep an eye on the seams. All the rest of us can’t have gotten the only defective ones. I’m willing to bet yours will start to leak eventually. I’m sure I could probably sew this one seam, but what about the next rip and the one after that? I should have just bought a regular neck pillow, since this one wasn’t comfortable in any way shape or form anyway. It’s quite hard and is really bulky, so rather than just supporting your head and neck, it feels more like a cervical spine collar, stiff and uncomfortable and so bulky it shoves your head farther forward. It was more comfortable to just let my head loll back without it. As for using it in any of the other suggested configurations…not so much either. It’s like sitting on or against a tire, and the wire inside of it that supposed to let you twist it doesn’t hold, so that doesn’t work either, not that you would want to use it like that, it makes it even harder. It seems like such a great product, but in reality, it’s really not. If you are going to buy it, go to a store and save your receipt, you’re going to need it eventually.

  83. Total Pillow is horrible. Don’t waste your money. Bought one only to get home and find it had ripped open at one of the seams. Filled with very tiny beads and they went everywhere. Took the pillow back to Walmart, where I had purchased it and they replaced it. That pillow ripped just like the other one in 2 days. What a rip off.

  84. If you have to buy this Total Pillow buy it at a retail outlet. Do not use the online order. They will rip you off. 6 weeks after I ordered I called them. They said there was a glitch and my pillows would be sent in 9 days. I told them to cancel my order because the pillows would not arrive in time. They said I needed to call back tomorrow and when I did, miraculously my pillows had already been shipped. When I returned them without even opening them they kept 23dollars plus change for a handling fee.

  85. For all of you which appears to be quite a few- I would suggest calling your Credit Card Company and begin to dispute the charges. If you have done everything in good faith and contacted them right away and requested resolution and they haven’t assisted then all you need to do is file a charge-back! The Bank should back you up as long as one hasn’t abused disputing with Merchants. You should be refunded and if this Pillow Company had good Customer Service, they should be sending one for free- I almost bought this pillow for my Mother, Thankfully, I always look up the reviews first- TOTAL PILLOWS should be ASHAMED! They clearly are not standing behind their product and I suggest that all of you who paid using your Credit Card or Check. contact your bank ASAP- They will fight to get your funds back! Don’t just write this off or this Company wins! I do this for a living. I know how the banks operates with charge-backs. Just a word of caution, sometimes you come across a Customer Service Rep ( Bank) who doesn’t want to assist and will claim your too late or to work with the Company, etc……They are being lazy, this is your Banks job, protecting you! We all know the high fees we pay, they don’t cut us breaks so why would we cut them breaks? I Hope this helps some of you who may not have known the charge-back process as many don’t. I also wanted to Thank the folks for taking the time to post feedback or we would of fallen prey as well.…….Total Pillow, I will not be purchasing a pillow from your Co.

  86. Purchasing this pillow was not a good experience. After I ordered it, I immediately decided it was too costly so I called Total Pillow. The woman with whom I spoke told me it had not yet been processed and to wait until it was and then cancel the order. This is exactly what I did. My response back was that they have no record of my call so I was stuck. They did, however, refund $10 but I still had a much larger bill than I expected. The two for one deal ISN’T; you’re paying for it through shipping.

    After using it about 4-5 times in our chapel, all of a sudden it burst and tiny, white beads flew all over the place. The product is, in my opinion, not worth a quarter of what I paid; do NOT order from Total Pillow. Be careful of the TV wonder products as many turn out to be scams.

  87. Do NOT purchase Total Pillow. Should be called Total Scam. When I took the pillows out of the package they fell apart and the filling (teeny white beads, similar to sand) went all over the place. I called customer service and was told they would send a replacement. Since I would lose the shipping charges (which is almost as much as the pillows) with a reimbursement, I agreed to receive a replacement. It’s been over a month and I still have not received my replacement. Unfortunately, I will have to chalk this up as a loss and will NEVER AGAIN fall for these ridiculous advertisements on TV again.

    • Peggy-
      Call your Credit Card Company and immediately file a charge-back! The Bank should back you up as long as one hasn’t abused disputing with Merchants. You should be refunded and if they had good Customer Service, they should be sending one for free- I almost bought this pillow for my Mother, Thankfully, I look at the reviews- TOTAL PILLOWS should be ASHAMED! They clearly are not standing behind their products and I suggest that all of you who paid using your Credit Card or Check. contact your bank ASAP- They will fight to get your funds back! Don’t just write this off or this Company wins! I do this for a living. I know how the banks operate with charge-backs, etc…… Hope this helps you all and Thanks for taking the time to post…….

    • Same here. Bought one Total Pillow. Got it home opened it and it ripped at the seam. Took it back to Walmart where I got it and they replaced it. Should have just gotten my money back because in 2 days the second pillow did the same thing as the first. Ripped open at the seams and ‘teeny white beads’ went everywhere once again. Learned my lesson as well.

  88. The concept sounds fabulous and since it is new it will need some tweaking and adjusting. Hopefully with all this feedback there will be a new and improved Total Pillow on the market soon. Thank you all for being the testers. The Total Pillow folks sure have lots of feedback to work with for improving their product. I look forward to the new and improved version.

  89. I bought the Total Pillow and really liked the concept and the feel of it BUT I bought 2 pillows and returned 1 because it split at the seam and got another pillow. Well both of the pillows ended up splitting at the seams with tiny beads everywhere so needless to say after 3 pillows I wouldn’t recommend them at all. Its a shame that these people can get away with a trying to sell a product that stinks and falls apart. TAKE IT OFF THE MARKET NOW!

  90. Thanks all for the Total Pillow reviews! I was just about to buy one of these pillows, but now won’t be after all the bad reviews.

  91. My Total Pillow broke last night at the seams. Thousands of sand like beads all over the bead…..looking for the receipt.

    • I have only had this Total Pillow a couple of weeks, never could get it into a comfortable shape, and last night it split open at the seam leaked small beads all over, sort of worried me, what would happen if it broke in your face and you inhaled them? I had a Mogu pillow years ago, very comfortable, larger fill in them and only broke when my puppy snatched it wish I could find new ones now.

  92. DO NOT BUY IT!!! I just opened the box with two pillows, followed the direction how to make them into a neck rest and it ripped at the seam. I took the other pillow out unfolded it and re-folded it again and it ripped too. I have beads all over my house! Called Total Pillow and they are willing to refund pillows – but not the $32 in freight! IRRATE! I am going to make it my mission to make sure no one buys this pillow! All Total Pillow had to do is stand behind their product and pay back my expense!!!!

  93. this Total Pillow is junk..within one week of using it the seams are busting and little beads are everywhere…the pillow is quite hard and is too small to get my head comfortable on…I have a small head too…I will be returning this item.

  94. I read all these Total Pillow reviews and figured I had made a bad purchase and quickly began to carefully look over my pillow ….I immediately found it was beginning to split and lose tiny particles. I had purchased it from Bed, Bath, & Beyond on 7/16 and returned it on 7/19.

    THANK YOU ALL for your Total Pillow reviews prompting me to wake up to the fact I, too, had bought a piece of junk. Fortunately, I didn’t get the T.V. offer which is a total scam with all they are collecting in the name of “shipping and handling”……hoohie!!!

  95. As with others who commented, I feel that the order process on this Total Pillow website is flawed. Once you enter your credit card number, they add items to the order and you cannot stop the order once you are passed that point. The customer service people claim to not be able to locate the order until after it ships, at which point you can’t do anything about the order errors. This is a scam. The actual pillows appear smaller than the ones in the commercial. For instance, there is no way to get them to go around any suitcase handle which we have. It may or may not be usable during air travel, but taking it on a trip will be difficult.

    By the way, if you call to return the items they will only credit you the product price with you paying the postage. An alternative offer of $10 credit without returning the product was offered to me.

  96. WHAT A RIPOFF!! We ordered the buy 1 get one for free and they shipped us 12 TOTAL PILLOWS W/$80+ IN SHIPPING!! We tried getting this resolved from 7/15/10 through 7/19/10 and they refused to address the problem!! We were told that we did indeed order 12 pillows and that they were not going to refund any shipping and basically insulting our intelligence. We are going to fight the charges and report them to the BBB and see what other attention we can focus on them and their operations. This is obviously a ripoff and a scam for a product that is pretty tacky..we only opened two of the Total Pillows and they were both defective with all the little white stuff falling out..when I think of our country’s senior community I am very fearful should they come in contact with this’s bad enough that our economy is as it is but to do this to people is worth a fight to put companies like this out of business…

  97. This Total Pillow is such a phony and a scam. I am furious!!! My husband thought he was buying a $19.99 pillow kit and was to surprise me but today we received this product… first off – the invoice inside shows they charged our bank card not $19.99 plus $7.95 P&H but rather charged a total of $91.73 including several charges of products that were to be included with this kit and several P&H for each product. Not only that, when we took one of the total pillows out of the box – it ripped open and all these little white beads fell all over my floor…. This is CRAZY! I would not recommend this product or company to anyone. I want my money back now!!!

  98. My two pillows leaked with first usage. I could not return as they were a gift. However it looks as if that is futile from reading other complaints. The filling is almost like powder, very static. Could definitely be a hazard for children. I looked for a way to complain directly to the company, but could not find. Surprise? Anyway, I did sew up my weak seams and will use as knee support at night and be on constant alert for any more leakage. Personally, I would rather spend $20 for ONE well constructed pillow than receive two that are poorly made.

  99. TOTAL PILLOW IS A SCAM. Like many others on this post I got took on the Total Pillow. The website was confusing so I ordered two sets instead of one by mistake. I called for two weeks to try and catch the order so I could cancel one but the order didn’t get into their system in 48 hours like they said. Once they shipped I called and they gave me a $10 credit so the total cost is now about $55. The shipping & handling cost are almost as much as the pillow. The pillow itself is CRAP. The stuffing leaks all over the place. I’m going to see if I can get some money back. They say I have a 30 day guarantee.

  100. Do not, under any circumstance, purchase this Total Pillow. Like everyone else has said, it is a total scam. You will be charged no less than $65. This can’t possibly be legal.

  101. I too made the mistake of ordering the Total Pillow from their website, no final price is shown until the very end and with the 6 or 7 pages of “offers” and can get confusing enough to press something wrong, I’m pretty sure I made the mistake of ordering 2 sets which came out to be 4 pillows, I don’t know, anyway my order came to $65 the shipping being way more than the actual pillow. I called even though I had just made the order so the girl told me to call back tomorrow, so I did and I asked for a cancellation and the girl offered me $10 off if I keep my order, I declined and she canceled it for me, pretty easy, pretty quick, I wasn’t hassled or strong armed into keeping my order. Its a rip off honestly, but I’m pretty happy I was able to easily cancel without a headache.

  102. I was looking at the Total Pillow on their website and I entered my CC info to get a price and cancelled it before verification becasue the item was $19.95 and shipping was $23.00. This company processed the order anyway. BUYER BEWARE! They keep your CC #. I have contacted my bank and I will call their CS number given to me when they claim that they will reopen. If they do not cancel this order and refund my money I will contact the BBB. My bank will cancel the charge if they will not.

  103. I have already returned one Total Pillow and now my second one is leaking the stuffing as well….the seams keep popping open. DO NOT BUY THIS TOTAL PILLOW. The idea is great, I loved it after a car accident left me with a neck injury…but the headache of returning it makes it not worth my time

  104. I purchased a Total Pillow at Walmart less than a month ago. I have been using it between my knees to help with my back. It really worked well and was about the best for supporting my back that I have found.. UNTIL last night. I went to put the pillow in place and the seam came apart and I had thousands of sand-like granular everywhere!!!! I will be returning it to Walmart!!! Too bad it couldn’t have been made better. Save you money!!!

  105. These are garbage. They don’t tell you on TV that they are filled with toxic plastic beads that are so fine they could be inhaled by people or children. Mine came and after a couple twists, like they show on TV, the toxic plastic beads were clinging all over me. Both pillows did leaked the beads. We had to vacuum them up so my grandchildren would not inhale them while playing on the floor. The tags contain a big red WARNING on them. Save your money. They are not worth the money. S&H for both was almost the price of another pillow. Rip Off. Live and learn.

  106. Save your money, get a long sock, put several potatoes in it and attach the ends together. You will have a total pillow that is probably more comfortable than the real thing at a fraction of the cost.

    • Another suggestion. Use a tube sock filled with uncooked rice. Twist and bend the open edge of the tube sock over and tie it with a rubberband. You can also heat the sock and rice in the microwave.

  107. Where in the world did these people get the idea the pillow was to go around their neck? I certainly never saw anything like that on any ad. Sit on it? Watch the ad very close to get the right idea of how to use it.
    My two arrived today so have not had a chance to try them yet. Will let you know later.

    • Seems like you’re the one who didn’t watch the Total Pillow ad carefully. They clearly show it around the neck. Check out their website. Right there they claim it can be used as a seat cushion and they also show a woman using it as a neck pillow. And that is where “these people” got the idea that it goes around the neck and can be sat on.

  108. Total Pillow is a TOTAL SCAM!!!!!!! The website does not allow you to see what your total cost will be with shipping and handling. It never asks you to confirm your purchase! They charge your credit card without ever letting you confirm the price. And the price doubled when the added shipping! It took forever to get my order and I was told to return to sender, which I did. They only refunded a portion of my charged amount and now are telling me that they will not be refunding the total amount. The website SAYS 30 day money back guarantee! NOT TRUE!!!!!! Do NOT order this product!!! IT IS A TOTAL SCAM!!!!!!!!! AND RIP OFF!!!

  109. i purchased the two for one, did NOT pay for any expedited shipping, received them in about 2 weeks and I love mine. I have health issues and I usually sleep in my recliner. I have a bed knee and use one under it folded in half and the other to use behind my neck. (i read someone said theirs was too tight around the neck – I have no clue what pillow they purchased, but I purchased the authentic one off of the Total Pillow website and there is NO WAY to get it over your head to even have it around your entire neck. no clue why you would want it around your entire neck either.) holds up much better than the soft ones sold in Brookstones. I have had mine a little over a month and use them every night and during the day when I am in the recliner. makes sleeping sitting up much easier and more comfortable and they appear to be holding up very well, even with my children playing with them. nice to have if you prefer something firm behind your lower back when sitting as well. my only regret is not purchasing the large ones as well. only time will tell as to how long they will last.

    • As for the “too tight around the neck comment,” duh–they meant that when you fold it in half and put it around your neck, it’s too tight. Hopefully no schmoes actually TRIED to pull the thing over their head/around their neck!

    • I think the Total Pillow is a great concept but I have had 3 now that all split at the seams with tiny beads everywhere. You must have gotten ones made of great material and seams that don’t tear. LOL

  110. Again, they didn’t give me an opportunity to review the Total Pillow order. So the order was doubled. When I called their number, I was told to wait 48 hours after the order because it wouldn’t show up on their computer. When I called at that time, they said that it had already shipped and they couldn’t do anything about it. I told them that I would refuse the package and dispute the charge with the credit card company. But it didn’t ship until 4 days later. I refused the package, and my credit card was charged. A credit has not been issued 3 weeks later. AVOID THIS COMPANY – TOTAL PILLOW IS TOTAL RIP-OFF!

  111. SCAM! As reported above there is no screen to review your order. When I got my order confirmation they charged me for 2 instead of one plus they added one deluxe package. They charge S&H for each item so they had me at over $100 for a stupid pillow. I had to report my credit card as stolen in order to avoid getting this charge. They do not respond to emails or phone calls. I have also reported them to BBB and to the attorney general. Save yourself a big hassle, you can buy these at Target or Walgreems for less money.

  112. I received my Total Pillows yesterday. I tried to use one of them around my neck. It started giving me a headache. The pillow is too tight around my head and I don’t have a large head. And it’s very hard – almost like plastic. It’s overstuffed and becomes hard when placed around the neck.

    I can’t figure out any way to use this – it’s too hard for my back and I sure can’t sleep on it comfortably.

    The shipping is way too much for something this light. And you are forced to buy two pillows, not one. I wish I had known that it’s at Walgreen’s, then I could have returned it easily.

    I expect to be shipping them back for a refund. I’ll have to pay to ship them back, but better to get something back, than nothing.

    Sorry that I ever saw that commercial. TOTAL RIPOFF!

  113. Very bad experience with Total Pillow Ordering process. My order processed incorrectly. There is no way to review your order until after it is processed as Leslie states above.

    If they ignore your request to cancel the order as they did to me, I suggest refusing delivery on the package when it arrives and disputing the transaction with your credit card company.

    If enough people do this and make them eat the cost of shipping both ways, I expect they will stop trying to rip off consumers by trying to slip in an upsell and then overcharing on shipping.

  114. I bought two Total Pillows at Walgreens. I am not sure how to use them yet lol. There are no instructions on the internet lame. But hopefully Ive made somebody rich.

    • You might try the youtube internet site. Also, I’ve been reading these Total Pillow reviews and many folks are dissatisfied. Also, there is Total Pillow website that might show you. It might be good to read about the product failures. Good luck to you.

  115. l paid $22.00 for priority shipment and it has been 3 weeks…I called the company and priority shipping is 4 weeks rather than the usual 4 to 6 wk delivery time??????? the shipping is worth more than the 2 pillows so if I didn’t like it..I still wouldn’t send it back. Also, when ordering…they don’t give you the option to review your order before it is confirmed so be careful what buttons you click on…you might order something you didn’t want to. I will comment on if it is worth it when it comes and I try it out.

    • DO NOT BUY THIS TOTAL PILLOW. I pushed the wrong buttons in ordering a single pillow and wound up ordering 100 dollars worth of stuff. There is no place to check/change your order on the website. When you call the company, you may get hold of one of the folks working the phones who will snicker at you and then tell you they can’t find the order, like I did. THIS IS A SCAM!

  116. Is there anyone there who already bought this product? can you give me a feedback. I’m planning to buy a pillow because my neck is always hurting and I think that’s because of my pillow.

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