Tidy Tub Drain System Review

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Every once in a while you might have faced the most common issues while using the bath tub – hair clogging. You must have noticed that water starts accumulating during clogging of the drain rendering the tub useless. In such a situation there is hardly any option left but to call up a plumber who will slap a hefty bill on you for doing just a petty cleansing purpose. If you are smart enough you would try using hot water, baking soda or even chemicals which might actually damage the pipe. Imagine if it had been so easy if the drain insert would be capable of doing all this there will be hardly any effort required. Well the idea became a reality with the new Tidy Tub, an innovative drain insert that has been designed to clean and remove hair that might create clogging in tubs.

How does Tidy Tub Drain System Work

Hair fall is a regular occurrence while taking a shower and the amount may increase if there are more people using the bathroom. Removing the drain completely and cleaning the clogging is a messy affair. The most irritating hair clogging can be the one that settles deep within the pipe and can’t be reached easily. For such a purpose some chemicals can be used but they can be harmful to the pipe material. A snake also is a tedious tool to use and can be stressful to operate unless a professional is handling it.

Tidy Tub makes it all go with a patented “Grip and Rip” technology. Its unique design is capable of capturing any hair that comes in its contact and chops it down making it easy to flow down the drain. It can easily replace the existing bathtub stopper and is quite a handy one since it needs a simple press down to start filling the tub. Once the tub is not in use Tidy Tub can be pushed and pulled a couple of times to chop the hair accumulated thus relieving the drain from any sort of clogging issue. Another best part of Tidy Tub is that it never rusts or stains.



What do I get?
2 Tidy Tub Drain Systems for just $10.00 + $15.90 s/h. Official website BuyTidyTub.com



Tidy Tub Drain System Video
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