Thermo Glow

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What is Thermo Glow

It claims to use LED technology to bring some light and colour to your showers.
Thermo Glow promises to bring colour to your bathrooms and your lives as well through a simple addition. You like your time in the shower because firstly, it’s rejuvenating. There are those who tend to cherish this alone time that lets them think and get a clear perspective on things too. Now you can also add a dash of colour to your shower and of course some light, with Thermo Glow, according to its claims.

Thermo Glow uses LED technology

That is the secret of Thermo Glow, which gives you cool colours and light when you are in the shower. Importantly, it brings about this beautiful cascade of colours and light only with the help of water pressure. Thus you don’t have to deal with the hassle of using batteries or power for that matter. Thermo Glow maintains that it gives out three cascading, ambient shades that only add to the experience. Now you can get a cool spa like experience in your own bathroom while you relax and unwind under the shower.


Thermo Glow changes colours with temperature

One of the highlights of Thermo Glow is that it changes colour depending on how hot the water is. It asserts that it will be blue when you start out and water is cold. However if the water is hot then the light will be red, which can be seen as a warning signal about the temperature, in case you don’t prefer very hot showers. Thermo Glow turns green when the water is warm. Thus it emphasizes on the fact that you can choose when you want to get into the shower depending on the temperature that is best suited to your requirements.

Thermo Glow is very easy to use

To begin with, Thermo Glow maintains that it’s extremely easy to install. You can get the job done in hardly any time. You won’t need any professional help or have to resort to tricky procedures with tedious tools etc, according to its claims. Thus you can start getting the benefits of invigorating showers sooner rather than later. Thermo Glow also stresses on the fact that it is versatile enough to work with all standard shower hoses. As a result you can use it easily to get that fun filled shower experience.

What do I get?

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