The Gripper Curved Shower Rod

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Your bathroom is one of the most intimate spaces in your homes and you want it done exactly according to your tastes. Importantly you also want it to be spacious so that you and your loved ones can feel comfortable in the shower, which can help you make a bright start to your day. However modern homes often mean you have to make do with space constraints and they take a toll on your bathrooms as well. But now you have a novel way of adding more space to your shower with the help of The Gripper Curved Shower Rod.

How does The Gripper Curved Shower Rod Work

This sensational new shower rod does the job it is meant to with ease but it also has a lot more to offer, which makes it almost a must have for all home owners. The hallmark feature of this rod is that it can adjust from 48 to 72 inches, giving you a lot of options that you can make the most out of. Moreover it is strong and sturdy enough to be able to hold up to 30 pounds of weight. It quite simply means most of your needs from a shower rod are well looked after here.

But that’s not all when it comes to this path breaking shower rod; you will be pleased to note that with its help you will be able to add about 8 inches to your shower space. Thus you will naturally feel more comfortable when you are having your showers and this minor alteration can do the trick. Who needs to opt for expensive remodelling measures when this shower rod can do the job for you? This shower rod is also very easy to install and you can do the job yourself without the need for any special tools.

You will not have to get into any drilling nor does it require any assembly to put together. And it’s so versatile that it can fit all standard bathtub enclosures making things a lot easier for you. This shower rod is just ideal for roomy shower spaces.



What do I get?
Buy The Gripper Curved Shower Rod for just $39.99 at



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3 thoughts on “The Gripper Curved Shower Rod

  1. I also purchased the gripper, many complaints about rusting. I went a step further in the field. With the cost verses other models similar in product design and style I simple changed mine to white using an epoxy paint. In addition, you have many choice colors in epoxy, from chrome, brushed, nickel, copper and white. No more rust! Easy to install with no drilling.

  2. We installed The Gripper Curved Shower Rod in January, 2013. In 9 months time, the bar is covered in rust. No cleaners or abrasives were ever used on the rod. We do not live near salt water. We do not have hard water. As much as we enjoy the look and functionality, we are extremely disappointed in the product.

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