TEMPUR-Choice Supreme Review

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Here’s introducing the unique and most comfortable lightly conforming medium feel TEMPUR-Choice Supreme Mattress. The TEMPUR-Choice Supreme Mattress combined with the body-conforming support of TEMPUR material is designed to give your body maximum personalized comfort and support.

How does TEMPUR-Choice Supreme Work

The multiple individually-controlled zones of the TEMPUR-Choice Supreme mattress provide adjustable support under your head and legs. It is also designed to give you additional support for your lower back.

TEMPUR-Choice Supreme features a lightly-conforming, adjustable, medium-soft to firm TEMPUR-Feel with multiple adjustable comfort zones to provide absolute comfort and support to your head, legs, and lower back.

The TEMPUR-Choice Supreme comes with a super-stretch cover with linen base trim. This super-stretch cover can be easily removed and can be washed too. Available in a wide variety of sizes the TEMPUR-Choice Supreme mattress is the perfect choice for any size cot. The sizes of the TEMPUR-Choice Supreme mattress are Twin Long (38″ x 80″), Queen (60″ x 80″), King (76″ x 80″), King (2-piece) (76″ x 80″ total), and CA King (72″ x 84″). The approximate height of the mattress is 13″.

The most amazing aspect of the TEMPUR-Choice Supreme mattress is that the TEMPUR material makes the mattress easily adjust to your body by responding to the curves and weight of your body thereby giving you utmost custom comfort and support from your head to your toe.

The TEMPUR-Choice Supreme mattress comes with concealed cross-braced handles and a non-skid bottom. Designed with antimicrobial treatment the TEMPUR-Choice Supreme mattress keeps microorganisms at bay. The the TEMPUR-Choice Supreme mattress is also designed to keep dust mites away.

Order your TEMPUR-Choice Supreme mattress right now and let your body experience the comfort and support like never before.




What do I get?
More info at TempurPedic.com



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