Step and Go

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What is Step and Go – Step & Go is an innovative support that changes the regular sitting position in the toilet to a squatting position for total bowel elimination.

Healthy positioning

Modern toilets have changed the angle from squatting to sitting that humans naturally used to sit for clearing their body of waste and toxins. Step and Go supposedly works in converting these modern design toilets where squatting is possible to have a healthy waste removal. Sitting generally restrains the abdominal wall and bowel is not well placed with an odd Anorectal angle which is said to be corrected by squatting using Step and Go. The natural position of squatting with support of Step and Go is said to have many health benefits and gives way to a more complete evacuation.

Health Benefits

Step and Go supposedly provides better health support by providing complete elimination of faeces. The added advantage that can be highlighted is the fact that there is less strain on the rectum and hence there is less constipation. Also Step and Go is coined to provide relief from haemorrhoids and varicose veins. Plus other health problems that are generated due to partial bowel clearance are also claimed to be avoided by using the unique design of Step and Go.

Designed to perfection

Unlike other toilet bowl extensions Step and Go is said to be portable and fits around any standard toilet size. Using it is said to be easy as 1, 2, 3 where one needs to sit on the bowl, step on the foot rest and go. It can be pushed under the bowl and pulled out only when required for use, making it more portable and space saving. Plus Step and Go claims that it has tuber footings that are ideal for usage on any type of surface without damaging it. One major advantage of Step and Go is the fact that it is universal and can be used by anyone inside the house by just adjusting the footing on the foot rest of Step and Go’s sleek and durable body.


What do I get?
One Step and Go Stool for just for $19.95 plus $9.95 P&H. Official website


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