Squishy Baff Review

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Do your kids detest the idea of getting into the bath? Do you have to spend a long time pestering them into getting in the bath? Get Squishy Baff and let it work its magic as kids will enjoy a fun playtime in the bath so much so that they just won’t have enough of it. Squishy Baff is a clever new product that will be fun for kids and it will fire their imagination and creativity as well. Squishy Baff is very easy to use as well and won’t leave you any mess to clean up later either.


Squishy Baff
Simply sprinkle the Squishy Baff powder into the bath tub and it will instantly turn the water into funky, colorful goo that kids love to play with. They can create their own adventure stories as it will fuel their imagination as they have a fun filled play time as well. And when they are done with their bath, you can clean it very easily too.

With the help of Squishy Baff goo dissolver, you can instantly turn the goo into water, which can be drained away without any hassle. It’s that simple to make the perfect, fun filled bath experience for your kids. Squishy Baff is available in four cool colors; Red, Blue, Green and Pink that always hit the spot with kids.



What do I get?
You can buy Squishy Baff that’s enough for four baths for an amazing price of $19.99 plus shipping and handling charge of $9.99 at www.trysquishybaff.com.


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  1. My daughter got a box of slime baff for our grandson. He loved it on the bath and had a great time. Draining the tub per the instructions, we had no issues with it draining, no plugged pipes, etc… We ran the water as it drained and it thinned out nicely, the water was clear before the tub was empty. I also had zero issues getting him cleaned off, water, soap, shampoo, just like a regular bath.

  2. This product is horrible!! Do not buy it!! It clogged my drains and I spent hours scooping buckets of water out. I tried the plunger, tons of salt, vacuuming, nothing worked. Stay far far away!

  3. Gelli Baff. I am wondering if people are not following the instructions properly or got the wrong product or the product expired. I am checking into this for a party. I looked it up on youtube, Most videos were successfully. One that failed it didn’t harden. Three videos showing adults & kids get couldn’t move or get up, which they all liked.

  4. My daughter loved it, but u can’t use much water without losing the thickness of it. But worst of all. Major plumbing issues. Do not but this product unless u want to pay for a plumber as well. This should be removed from the market. Our should not be used and drained down your pipes. Use in bucket then throw away!!! Wish I never bought this crap!!!

  5. Do not buy!!!!!! All my pipes are blocked and now the ahold bathroom wreaks of sewage and stagnant water as my pipes aren’t draining. It’s a call to the plumber for me. 10 mins of fun has resulted in weeks of stinky hell and coat! Shove it up yourbplughole jelly baff

  6. This is the worst crap on the planet. I am so pissed that I bought this shit! DO NOT BUY THIS! IT JUST MAKES MESS AND GETS CRAP ALL OVER THE DAMN FLOOR!!!!

  7. One of the WORST things ive bought. It will NOT dissolve, and ive but 1.5 packets in and almost a full box of salt. That was an hour ago. My daughter loved it and well, I hate it! My son is going to be very disappointed that he didn’t have a chance to use it..but no matter what I do it wont go away. It is still as thick as it was when it was first put in DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!! I never write reviews, and I just wanted to try and save the rest of the world before they use it!

  8. Horrible product! Will not dissolve in tub I had 2 boxes of it and when we used it for the first time I opened all 4 dissolve packets-one should only be used as the direction states . I also poured a whole canister of salt my tub still has goo in it!!!!!!! Do not buy!

  9. There should be 2 reviews… My 5&7 year olds loved it! Stayed in the tub for an hour. They would give it 2 thumbs up. Me, mom, is throwing the second pack in the trash! It was a pain in the neck trying to clean up. The babies will have to be soaked in a salt solution. I have a feeling I’m going to be cleaning this mess up for several days.

    My finial verdict… Weigh the pros and cons… As a spring break distraction it was worth it. But had I used it in a school night I would have been looking for the 800 number.

  10. Just bought this from Aldi’s for $6.99. It has ruined my whole day. Kids still haven’t been able to shower and the gel still hasn’t dissolved. I have used both dissolving packets and still no progress. From the other reviews it looks like I am resorting to a strainer. I am not paying for my septic to be pumped! This product is awful! The package makes it seem safe and septic friendly. Do not buy!! Not worth it!

  11. Wow. I bought this for my kids without reading any reviews. And I’m glad I didn’t. It was a blast! We followed the directions and mixed a double batch in the tub and they had an hour’s worth of fun before we poured in the dissolver packets. We did end up using an additional 1/2 cup of table salt to speed the dissolving, and after about 10 min, it went right down the drain. I’m not going to have my kids use it every week, but we fully intend on trying it this summer in a pool. I will concede that it does nothing to help with a bath, as after it dissolves, you will need to bathe your kids. Seriously, just chill out, let it get a little messy, and have some fun with it!

    For the record, we are on city water, we do not have a septic system, so I do not know if this product could cause problems with septic systems… And to those complaining that after using it outside in a pool, it killed their lawn… Common sense would tell you that dumping a kid pool of salt water on your lawn will do that.

  12. This Squsihy Baff is a terrible product. We gave it to a six year old for Christmas, and she was ecstatic. So after an hour in the tub filled with goo, (that felt cheap anyway) we forced her out. We had plans to go visit friends, and after 30 minutes without success from the dissolver, we got ready and left the tub filled with goo. two days and a tub of salt later, we still have no luck. finally, as a last resort, we strained the tub with a strainer. So ask yourself: Is it worth it??

  13. I wish I hadn’t bought any – the goo – is a awful texture – my 5 year old asked to get right back out of the bath – and my 1.5 yr old stood there and screamed until I took him out – and I am having a really hard time getting it to dissolve properly… I do NOT recommend this Squishy Baff product!

  14. Just used this crap and that’s what it is, it’s crap my – 5 yr old son didn’t even like it!!! all it does is make a mess and it does NOT dissolve. I truly feel this company should pay for all the plumbing bills from this product!! Don’t waste your money its not worth it. I never write reviews but felt I had to warn people and really wish I read the reviews before I bought it! Hope this will be helpful and save people from the nightmare I am dealing with right now trying to get this out of my tub UGH!!

    • Chill out. It takes time to dissolve and of course it feels weird! Other children could handle the unusual feeling…yours just couldn’t…

    • I agree this company should pay for all the plumbing bill. We should all get together for a class action law suit! Ruined my drain !!

  15. This Squishy Baff clogged the hell out of out drain[- Sounded like fun for the girls If anyone else has this issue my husband used 3lbs of salt and BOILING hot water to clear it as this was the only way I’m afraid…….. Beware it’s a huge hassle to deal with maybe outdoors in a kiddie pool would be fun and easier to clean up.

  16. My mother purchased this Squishy Baff for my 3 year old girl and 7 year old boy. Both have absolutely loved the product and although there is a bit of a mess… It would probably be minimized if parents WATCHED their kids in the bath rather than leaving them alone.. just a thought!

  17. This is about my third time buying squishy baff for my daughter. It sounded like a fun idea & it was. Reading the instructions and going by them worked for us & it dissolved pretty well. Was very easy to clean up, more so than I had imagined.My daughter enjoys this product and Im sure I will purchase it in the future.


  19. This stuff is CRAP I followed directions to a tee. It never did anything but turn the bath into a tub full of beads that stick in and on everything. When you go to dissolve it, it doesn’t work. So I have to strain the whole tub now because I don’t want to clog my drain. Like I needed one more thing to do on a school night. What a waste of 16.00 I WANT MY MONEY BACK

  20. This product just plain sucks. I had to have my septic tank pumped after my daughter took a bath in this stuff. They say it all turns back to water. 90% did, however it was the 10% that cost me $250.00 to have a guy come and pump my system. I have a new system that has sprayers and it clogged up the sprayer. That in turn pushed the sewage into my downstairs bath. I would have liked to have kicked that person in the acorns that invented this product. Had one hell of a mess. Thought about suing them if my septic system needed replaced. As it is I’m out for $250.00 instead of 20K.

  21. This stuff sucks! It was so sticky and got EVERYWHERE! I had to shower to get it off, it was not fun just a huge mess! It stuck to my skin and got IN my bathing suit! Good god, never doing that again….. My advice? Just stick with a good old bubble bath.

  22. This is the worst product ever……i used it and it backed up my tub and toilet! SOOOOO not happy about it..I have dumped 2 2L bottles of salt water down the drains of my tub and toilet and the clog is not gone as of yet….. My system is soooooo backed up that my toilet over flows even when we take a plunger to it!

  23. My son had wanted this stuff so I had bought it for him. I had used it and when I tried to get rid of it, it wont do anything. So I read all these complaints and was told to use salt. So that is what I did but now I have all kinds of gel beds everywhere and they are hard to wash off as well as clean up!!! This stuff sucks and am going to return it tomorrow.

  24. Worst product ever!! Put in the exact amount of water per package and it was still watery, the dissolvent did not work. By far a very bad idea for the bath and septic systems if on a well, it cant be good. Will never buy this product. 2 thumbs down!!

  25. This was the worst stuff ever, it is dangerous, when I bought it at Wal Marts it has environmentally safe wrote all over it. Used it before I read the warnings which warns you not to get in eyes, dont eat it and makes the tub slippery and can stain the tub, it also warns to wash it all off after use to prevent skin irritation which it is not suppose to cause. Kids can really get hurt from the slippery tub. I will never use it again. It also does not dissolve well.

  26. I used it last night in a small pool for my son and after an hour of mixing the power around, the goo did not disappear. So I dumped it out into the grass hoping it would dissolve over night. I just got a call that my dad fell after walking where it was dumped last night. So he is heading to the emergency room and I’m trying to figure out how to get rid of it. Someone mentioned on here to try salt water. Hopefully, that will work.

  27. I am too embarrassed to even tell anyone I bought this product. I feel gullible for even purchasing it. THIS product is officially the WORST thing I have EVER bought! I followed the directions to a T. It suggests 8 gallons of water, which is a small amount in a tub, but also says you can add more to reach desired consistency. I added more water. The bath was more gritty than squishy, on account of the more water. My daughter thought it was pointless and the dissolving packet did NOT work! I poured it in and waited the 10 minutes, tried adding some more water, BC the bath was only 1/2 full to start, and then I waited a 1/2 hour. It ALL settled at the bottom and was extremely thick (about 2.5 inches deep) with random floating pieces throughout the rest of the bath. None of it dissolved. I added the other dissolving packet and 1/2 box of baking soda, still nothing!!!!!!! I eventually resorted to using my strainer then pouring it into a bucket, then into the garbage. This took me 1.5 hours to make enough progress that the strainer was not dragging against the weight of the gritty mess. The volume of the bath decreased by 50% just from removing the product. So, I filled it to the top again, turned on all of my faucets and flushed the toilet while I constantly swirled the water in the tub, as it drained. This would be a pain in the neck for anyone to deal with, and on top of it, I’m 9 months pregnant, making it difficult to bend over the edge of the tub to bathe my kids, let alone for 1.5 hours. I am beyond angry with the poor product performance (which would explain why it nowhere to be found on the company website listed on the back of the directions, see for yourself at http://www.spinmaster.com) and now I’s also completely exhausted. I still need to re-bathe my 3 year old, but the clean up took so long that she fell asleep. My 6 year old son said we should sue them!

    • Salt makes it dissolve, not baking soda, and it sounds like you put way too much water in to start, like you put 16 gallons in not 8…

      But I agree, its generally a bad idea and not that much fun.

        • Hey dude I had a septic guy out at my house the next day. He said this squishy bath has been good for business this summer. Had to have my system pumped coz it clogged the sprayers on my new system. No this product blows. I’m sure it wasn’t something else that clogged this person’s plumbing.

  28. Squishy Baff left those crappy gel things all on my NEW bath room floor! I spent 10 grand on that bath room just for my kids! I cant believe that happened! DON’T BUY THIS CRAP!

    I had to use a colander to sift this stuff out of the tub when the dissolving agent wouldn’t work. Had to build a little filter to catch the goo as I drained the tub. Imagine letting half a garbage can of solid gel go down the drain. Yoohooo hello plumber… ya I put 150 gal OG gel down the drain and now it wont work.

  30. I just bought this crap for my daughter for her birthday and this stuff is horrific. A dang gone mess.

  31. Holy. My sister got a pack for her birthday. And I decided to use one with my Best friend. Just to see what it does. Well it didn’t turn into a squishy baff. It was just gross. And the dissolvent won’t work. I have to secretly get rid of all of it so my mom doesn’t know. I don’t know. I drained out all the water. But kept the squishy stuff in. Would it be safe for me to just drain the squish with running warm water? It’s like one centimeter of pure squish. Please help!

  32. Squishy Baff does not work it does not stick into one piece its a gooey mess all over. I tried to do it on my bathtub but it turned into red water with little separate crystals. DON’T BUY IT.

  33. My brother and I bought this for $13 at Toys R us yesterday and used it the following afternoon. WE used it in a small kiddie pool and poured in the mix and we steered it. Soon my two brothers and sister found that this was not right. The mix had turned into individual drops of squishy slime but did not connect with each other. It stuck everywhere and would not come off. It was stuck in my swimsuit, ears, bellybutton, feet and especially my hair. We soon tried to use the solvent that was supposed to turn it back into water. We used both bags and it did not work. Later we found that the solvent was just salt. There was so much goo to clean up we had to get a shovel and put the stuff into a garbage bag. The bag broke and the stuff mixed into the dirt and it pretty much ruined the grass and on the box it said environmentally safe. I had to take a shower just to get the goo out of my hair and swimsuit. It took several times to get the stuff out. This is by far the worst product that I have ever bought and used. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.

  34. My daughter saw the commercial and begged for days that she wanted this stuff. I got online to see where to buy it and ran across these posts. I finally found 2 at Toys R Us and decided to buy a small cheap $20 kiddie pool to use for this stuff. I filled up the pool and threw in both packets. It took about 45 mins to turn to a gel but I didn’t mind considering it’s intended for a bath and I use a kiddie pool.

    The kids put on bathing suits since some people posted concerns about it possibly causing problems for girls. They had a blast. It’s been 3 days and it’s still a gel in the pool. I don’t care about cleaning it since it’s outside.

    I didn’t use it as intended but the kids still had a blast! I’ll buy some more later and use it outside!

    • Do not use this product outside it says environmentally safe but it killed my grass, when we put it in a kitty pool.

  35. If you are looking into this stuff you really should look up the main ingredient. Sodium ployacrylate. Read the health risks and problems this chemical can cause.

  36. This is the worst product ever! I am going to call the company and complain. First of all, the powder to change it back to bath water did not work. It never took any of it out. So I had no choice but to let the tub drain. Well, it stopped up my drain. So we had to take buckets and empty it out in a hurry..so we threw the buckets of water outside. Well, it killed my grass in that spot and made it so slippery that you cant step anywhere near it. My husband just went outside in the dark to grab my little dog and almost threw his back out stepping in a patch of it. It is a very dangerous product.

  37. Yeah,I was gonna get (squishy baff) but now, I hate that stupid stuff!! After my cousin came into my room, and showed me all of these true comments, I’m never, ever, ever buying this stupid stuff!!:-(((


  38. This product is awful, my poor daughter had it all stuck in her hair, and it would not dissolve, my husband had to shovel it into buckets to get it out, it was ridiculous! My daughter even said she did not have fun with it. Not happy with this at all! Never buying anything like this again!

    • I need to add, I did not use this to make my daughter take a bath, it was for her birthday and she had been asking for weeks, just thought it looked fun for her, should have read reviews first!!

  39. This stuff is horrible!! I would NEVER let my children bath in it but we did buy it for a pirate themed birthday party. We put it in bins and hid little plastic sea creatures in it. It stained their fingernails and after using both dilution solutions it still is gel! Its in a garbage bag outside a week later still gel. Imagine that in our house pipes! Insanity. 13 bucks for this crap. I just thank god I did NOT put it in my tub! DO NOT BUY!!

  40. I don’t get it… isn’t the whole idea of getting the kids to get in the tub to get them CLEAN?? This sounds like a total nightmare… it won’t be coming into our house!

  41. This is a terrible product. Should be banned and is very toxic. To those of you saying how wonderful it is, you are obviously company reps or shills. Do not buy this garbage unless you don’t care about your child’s health, your home and septic system/community water system or your areas water table. Great job being money hungry dirt bags more concerned with money than the safety of our children and environment.
    Mr. Howard Stark

    • Are you really a doctor? You don’t sound very professional to me nor do you have much scientific evidence to back up your personal opinion.

    • Did you actually USE the product as instructions said?? It didn’t sound like. I would never buy anything to harm my family..this stuff worked great for me..

  42. This stuff is great. My four year old has a blast playing in it. I have used it over 10 times with NO problems. When she is done I fill the tub full and the dissolving power, stir in around and drain. Never had any issues!!!

  43. Really? Its like diaper gel and You let your kids play in it anyway?? I won’t use those diapers anyway, but I certainly wouldn’t let them play in it! Imagine if it gets “inside” your little girl? Ugh. So glad I read these comments first!!

  44. My daughter wanted some Squishy Baff, so I decided to check out some reviews…glad I did. Thanks to all of you and your comments! I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. Definitely will not be buying.

  45. This stuff is HORRIBLE! I followed the directions, and it never dissolved. I even added the second dissolving packet…nothing happened. I then had my husband google the reviews and we found this site – and cannot believe this is still on the market. We tried straining the water in the tub, then he got the great idea – SHOP VAC. This has been such a miserable experience.

  46. Use baking soda – sodium bicarbonate – to turn the goo into liquid. Use about 1/4 to 1/2 box.

    I added the supplied powder, waited 15 mins, then used a screen food strainer over the drain to get rid of the liquid. Then added baking soda to the remainder. It shrinks and turns 95% into liquid.
    They should tell you this or supply soda.

    Then wash out the drain for 5 minutes.

  47. Squishy Baff is horrible and should be taken off the shelf. It will not drain and has the consistency of what diapers are made of. This is harmful to any sewer system and can’t be environmentally safe like the front of the package says. Beware it gets on your bathroom floors and is very hazardous to slip on. It gets on your towels and does not dissolve! I can’t believe they are allowed to sale this product.

  48. My best friends’ little girl got this for her birthday so we followed them home after the party and the kids wanted to try it! Well they had fun and everything worked like it was supposed to but my youngest daughter ate some and woke me up this morning with throw up everywhere!! WTH??

  49. Package supposedly enough for 2 baths-each. Bath would only be about 2-3 inches deep. Its like a warm slushy drink. Fun play but cant actually bathe in it, needed to quick shower to accomplish actual washing and shampoo.

  50. This stuff is a joke. It did NOT dissolve. We had to use buckets to scoop out the goo and throw it outside. Don’t waste your money, you will NOT be happy with the clean up no matter how much fun the kids have.

  51. My daughter got this product for her birthday. I read the instructions and followed them exactly. First off, it made a total mess if she touched the sides of the tub. Second, the “dissolve” step didn’t completely work and it left a thick consistency in my water! Fearing to drain something so thick I tried to strain it out of my tub. Took forever and only got half the stuff out. Bit the bullet and drained the rest of it with the water on full blast and swirled the water to keep it all loose. I was surprised it went down, but haven’t used the bath since. Not sure if its going to be a problem. NEVER again will I use this, the gel doesn’t fully turn back to water. Yes my daughter enjoyed it but it was way too much mess and work!

  52. AWESOME!!!! To those of you who say it doesn’t work; you clearly must be doing something WRONG. It DOES work, it IS awesome and My Fiancee and I enjoy it in our Huge whirlpool tub! Read the directions! If it clogged your plumbing, maybe you have sub-par plumbing in the first place!

    • can’t believe a grown adult would actually use this in a whirlpool tub, what a risk you are taking of it messing your tub up.

    • You are crazy to use this in a whirlpool. I’m sure you didn’t, your just trying to sale the product.

  53. This product worked fine and even went down the drain, until the next day I realized the water in all our sinks and the tub weren’t working. After some investigating we realized our main septic pipe was clogged with the stuff! I will NOT EVER use this product again!! Very deceptive product. I wish I could send our plumbing bill to the company that sold me this product. I hope this saves someone from the same problem we have encountered!

    • Well, I did this yesterday. Use 1 packet and both packets of the dissolvent and I am still waiting for that mess to dissolve back into water. After reading some of these other comments, I am going to have to start scooping by hand…plus do all this w/o my husband finding out. LOL

    • This stuff will not dissolve. Very disappointed. Followed all instructions. Will be calling company tomorrow with a formal complaint. Should be used OUTSIDE ONLY!!!! Let me know what happened with the suit. I’m not very “tickled pink” right now.

  54. I don’t see why the bad reviews. My 5 year old LOVED it. it was pretty Awesome. She looked at me and was like do you want to take a Squishy Baff? And so I got in to. It was AWESOME! For the people saying it didn’t work. This is what I did and it was very thin and deep. 8 Gallons of Warm water. Then pour in the Squishy Baff. Mix it well like in a circular motion. It will get thin. Then thicker and thicker you have to keep mixing it until it gets like oatmeal. Next time though I think I will use both packs at once. Also the Dissolver worked great. You have to add warm water to the goo until it’s like water again with little tiny beads. then add the dissolver yes it doesn’t completely change it back to water but pretty close what did you expect some miracle thing. It is AWESOME and I will be buying more. Though I do like the Idea of doing it in a kiddie pool better.

    • Of course we expected a ‘miracle’ cause thats basically what the package said! it says it instantly turns back into water.. it says nothing on the box about how much water you’re supposed to put in and I am not just adding a few inches of water to the tub. i added about half a bathtub full.. like i normally would for my kids.

      • Nicole,

        You expect a miracle, because that’s “basically what the package said”? And then, you don’t even follow the given instructions? You are an idiot, and you deserve all the trouble you got from this product.

  55. Squishy Baff is a complete rip off I am passing on the message to everyone I know and more not to buy this item! all the advertising shows it to be nice and deep! for $13.99 the package says for 2 baths, But when you read the instructions in the box, 2 baths is only 6 cm deep! wow how not exciting for a child! my daughter is 7 years old and when I got her bath ready for her she came into the bathroom looked in the tub and said really?! thats it? Even my daughter noticed it was a rip off she said to me mom ” the TV shows it nice and deep!” not a little baby bath! it is a waste of money! don’t waste your money on it!

  56. Great idea my son loved it. He seen it on a commercial and we went out to Walmart to get it, was not expecting it to be $10 for one box, little pricey in my eyes. Got home worked great turned into goo and he had a blast, but when it came time to dissolve it, no such luck. It thinned it slightly but that was all. So I let it sit overnight even ans still no luck, so I spent an hour scooping it out by hand so that it would not clog the drain. Great idea, but the dissolver obviously needs some work.

  57. I followed directions EXACTLY but the stuff WILL NOT dissolve! On the plus side, it’s been 3 days and we have a huge bowl of it in the garage the kids love to play with. Do NOT put in tub unless you’re prepared to scoop it all out by hand.

  58. A good friend of mine bought this as a gift for my three year old son for Easter, after she had heard me talking about the commercial I’d seen on TV one night. We were both super excited to use it the first time, as it looked so cool! As soon as I put the first pack into the tub, I was a little disappointed. There were HUGE globs of the stuff just floating around everywhere. The box says it takes about ten minutes to get the full effect…but in reality in took more like a half hour. The clean up wasn’t AS bad as some of these reviews say, we definitely didn’t get clogged toilets and sinks and drains, but it wasn’t fun…I can say that much. Jelly beads were EVERYWHERE. All over the bathroom rugs, the floor, the counter…I even rinsed my son off afterwards and there was STILL gel in his hair! I’d probably buy this again, it’s a cool product and my son loved it…next time it’ll be used outside though. 😉

  59. We tried Squishy Baff for the first time last night and the girls ages 5 and 9 both enjoyed it. It was like the jelly filled things that come out of an extremely wet diaper though. However I poured in one package of dissolver and waited and waited and it would NOT dissolve. It wouldn’t even drain so I poured in the 2nd pack and it finally drained out. We will definitely only be using it outside in a small pool or something from now on. Kids liked it a lot and we had no reactions or anything to it

  60. Drove to the States just to find this product. Most places sold out, but finally found last two boxes at one store. This stuff is a little kids dream. My grandson just loved it, and was playing all kinds of games and really using his imagination while playing in the bath. Had to fill pails and cups, then get a strainer etc. The only thing I couldn’t get was him out of the tub. Cleanup was a breeze, and he enjoyed his rinse off shower<

  61. I got some Squishy Baff for my kids for Easter. Did all the steps to make it the water just went pink with all the beads at the bottom of tub, it did not turn out like it is on TV and did not dissolve like it said it would my drain is clogged and it is in my kids hair very hard to get out, and very hard to clean never again will i buy it.

  62. My daughter got a box of Squishy Baff for Easter. She begged and pleaded with me to set it up for her in the evening once our festivities were over for the day. With it being late I hesitated, but caved as I thought since she didn’t have school the next day, staying up later was no big deal.

    She had a fabulous time in this goo stuff. She sat in the tub for more than half an hour playing around until I told her she should get out as the water was too cool now. Now it was the time to dissolve the stuff. First packet added…not working so much, like, at all! I decided to add the second packet because this stuff was really thick and I couldn’t even imagine how it would go down my drain and the damage it could perhaps do in the process. The second packet worked a little bit, but the goo was still thick even after mixing the water around for 15 minutes.

    By this time, it was already quite late, but knew I had to get rid of this stuff in order for us to be able to have a shower in the morning before work.
    It took me more than 2 hours of hand scooping the bath water/goo with a colander and buckets. I’m so thankful I never opened the drain to let the stuff go down. I can only imagine the damage it would have caused as by the time I was finished, I had 2 garbage bags full of this gooey stuff to throw away.

    When I finally went to sleep last night, I had Squishy Baff nightmares, lol! Was so much fun for my kiddo though. I only wish it dissolved properly like it says it is supposed to. We would totally buy it again if it did. However, with what I had to go through last night to get rid of it, we will not be purchasing this again.

    FYI – My daughter also had a few red, rashy looking spots on her after she got out and was a bit itchy. They soon went away and didn’t materialize into anything serious, but thought I would mention that too.

  63. WARNING!!!
    Has anyone seen the commercial for the squishy baff? Its that stuff that turns bath water into jelly stuff to make baths fun. Then there is a step 2 that turns it back into water. sounds really cool right? That’s what I thought! When I saw it at Walmart I had to get it. My first instinct was to wait till summer to try it out in the kiddie pool but the kids didn’t want to wait. It was really cool! It took about 20 minutes to really gel up but the kids loved it. we had the red color one. They looked like they fell out of the ceiling on poltergeist. It was gross and cool all at the same time. The directions said add the dissolving packet and swish it around while they are still in the bath and it should dissolve the gel in 10 – 15 minutes. NOT!!! after about 30 minutes I got worried. It dissolved some of it but not even Half. I looked on line and looked up the active ingredient and saw that sodium was the stuff in the 2nd packet that was supposed to dissolve it. I scooped some in a cup and put table salt in it to see if it would work and for the most part. I poured the whole big container of salt in the tub and waited…better but not enough…so I dumped all the sea salt I had in there…not enough…went to go to the store and being it is Easter all the grocery stores are closed and 7 eleven only had one container…so I put that in there too. Well we let it sit. Its been 2 hours since we put the first dissolve packet in and about one hour since the last salt was added and its iffy if we should let it drain there is still a lot on the bottom. It is like a diaper exploded in the tub. its the same jelly stuff found in diapers. we decided to let it down but ran water in all the sinks so the sheer force of all the water should not let it clog and just force it out of our drain pipes. We refilled the tub with clean water all the way and let it drain. I think we are ok. what a hassle. I do not recommend anyone to use this stuff in their house EVER!!! I should have stuck with my first instinct to play with it outside. Buyers beware the commercial lies!

    • Oh my! It did the exact same for me except it clogged my main sewer line. Now I have to spend $$$ on a plumber!

      • This Squishy Baff is terrible. The goo did not dissolve back into water and I had to Clean out my tub (after letting the water staring out all night), this water absorbing crap is crap! I should have read your comments first!

  64. Bought this Squishy Baff today and decided to put it in a kiddie pool outside. The kids and myself absolutely LOVED it! I would definitely buy it again. It worked great as long as you follow the instructions as to how much water to use before you place the packet in it. I am glad I decided to not put it in the tub. This product for us will definitely be used in our kiddie pool only! 🙂 Lots of fun!

    • We used two packages today during Easter. Kids had a great time! We carefully followed the instructions and had no problems whatsoever. I have very sensitive skin but had no problems mixing the water for kids. The kiddie pool idea is great and we will try that too once the weather is warm enough where we live.

  65. For my Son’s 7th birthday my friend bought squishy baff for one of his gifts. She thought it was the coolest thing ever, and of course my Son agreed. As soon as he got this squishy baff present he wanted to try it out, so in the tub he and squishy baff went. It sounds so easy, worry free and fun, and looks cool. Well it was kinda cool, but the little beads do not clean up very well. The disolving agent is not so disolving! My Dad had to plunge the tub due to it clogging the drain, we even put two the disolving packets in after the 1st one did not work, and 2 doesn’t work either!!! Stupid slimy beads were everywhere, and were hard to get out of my kiddos hair too. I do not recommend this product for a bath tub, maybe for a little kid pool in the backyard would be better.

  66. I just bought this item today for my little girl and NEVER AGAIN well I get it..It does not DISSOLVE!!!! I had to go in my bath tub and take it out and put it in the trash can. To all the parents out there Please be careful with what you buy and to be honest the bill am going to get for my plumbing in not wroth it..

  67. Thanks!! As with most my 6 year old son saw the commercial and has been asking for squishy baff ever since. I see there are a few good reviews but too many bad ones to ignore. I will not be risking my septic system .. maybe a kiddie pool in the back yard but definitely won’t be putting this stuff in my bathtub.

  68. My 9 and 11 year old boys were so excited when I bought squishy baff…but after using both packs and it not even coming close to the consistency of the commercial they decided it is a DUD! We had such high hopes. 🙁

  69. My 4yr old loves Squishy Baff. He saw it on TV and had been begging us ever since. His grandma found it at ToysRUs and surprised him with several boxes. It is messy and slippery but worth the fun. My 11 yr old even thinks it’s cool. We had no problems with it draining. My boys can’t wait to take another Squishy Baff.

  70. Like so many other parents on this review board, my son saw the commercial and “just had to have it”….so, for Christmas, I picked up a box. Not only was my son disappointed, but I’m furious! From start to finish, the product DID NOT work as advertised and I was left with scooping this disgusting “goo”, by hand,out of my bathtub!!!! Now, my bathtub drain is not draining properly and a bottle of Liquid Snake is on my shopping list! Should the Liquid Snake not return my drain to it’s normal function, to whom should I send the plumber’s bill to? That’s what I thought….I’m stuck with it! PLEASE, if you’re considering buying this product, please reconsider! It may have worked for some, but it didn’t for us!

  71. Dear people,

    Your product is totally garbage!!! I bought this stuff for my 7 year old who by the way loves her bathes, and from the min she got in she said it felt weird. I followed the instructions and all we got was lumpy balls in the tub. I thought we had to much water so I added the second pack and waited the 5-10 mins. Still lumpy balls, did not look like slushy as the commercial potrade.I spent 12.95 on this product and it was a total was of money. I guess with a little bit of water like in a baby pool it might work. But as for a bath tub like they show on the commercial I think you would need a big bucket of this stuff. As for my first line in this complaint that comes directly from my 7 year old. Would not recommended this product to anyone



    Not to mention days of cleaning this stuff out of the tub. My toilet is overflowing and the bathroom sink does not work.

    The stuff was fun to play with, but I had to use both packs ($10 worth) for a quarter-full tub of lukewarm water.

  73. I just used Squishy Baff for my 4 year old nephew and 8 year old niece. I agree with so many posters here already: a little messy, but so worth it. They loved it. No rashes, no goopy hair (shower cap: also called thinking ahead) and no clogged drain. Honestly parents? Lighten up! Spend a little change, follow the directions exactly, leave time for clean up and have a little fun. The biggest mess was cleaning up what my nephew squished into the tile. I will definitely use package two in the near future. In my bath it dissolved about 90%. That minimal clean up was …. Just what we adults do. 🙂 Do try it – and enjoy.

    • My husband got this for our kids today and I was super hesitant to use it because of the ‘horror stories’ on here. Thanks for a refreshing comment, sounds similar to my way of thinking and the kids will be playing with their goo this weekend!

  74. I was extremely dissatisfied with this product. My girls had a ton of fun playing in it but like the others on here we had dissolving issues and it is a bit hard to get out of their hair and other “parts”. They make it look like it dissolves so easily….I do not think ours dissolved at all and I ended up trying TWO packs of dissolvent. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!

  75. My 3 year old and I took a bath in it a couple of days ago and it was great! The dissolvant didn’t work perfectly but it ended up draining just fine. She didn’t want to get out of the tub! Neither of us had a rash.

  76. DO NOT BUY THIS!! IT IS THE WORST!! I am almost 13 but my little sister bought it and at first she was having fun but when we wanted to dissolve it it never dissolved!!! This stuff is horrible! Never getting this again! You should read all the effects of it. Skin irritation and if your skin is still irritated go see medical help! Why would they make a BATH where you can’t get this in your face. Unbelievable!! Not happy at all!!

  77. I must first start by letting the reader know that I myself am a big kid. While I have a three-year-old daughter, it was my seeing the commercial and driving to Wal-Mart to purchase the Squishy Baff product. I purchased it because I wanted to see for myself if it worked and because I believed that my daughter would enjoy it no matter what as long as the tub water turned pink. Then we followed all the directions to see if the goo would be an irritant to her skin and to make sure the color would not turn my tub colors. It was all a go. I filled the tub with the required 8 gallons of warm water, the packet and I proceeded to swish it around. I thought that the thickness required was too thick so I added enough to make a full bath. After about 2 or three minutes, the water had thick particles and my daughter had her playtime. We sprinkled in the dissolving packet and added a little bit more warm water and the substance dissolved no problem. I drained it out of the tub. Now, I have googled the product ingredients and you will see that it is the same as that found in baby diapers and grape seed oil. I find it strange that so many people are allergic to it. If so Pampers and Gerber should be going out of business.

    • Shut up lady, read the allergy info on the back. What if I said I find it so funny that people make chocolate bars with nuts or in the same facility (every candy bar I’ve seen in my life) and so many people are allergic to nuts. But candy bars should not be banned from the world because some people can use it. Just stop complaining . ALL OF YOU.

    • Actually my daughter is allergic to the gel in baby diapers. I had to switch her to cloth so before you make an smart a** comment maybe get your facts straight!

  78. My grandsons got this from my younger daughter for Christmas. My son and his wife would not let the boys take a squishy baff at home, so they took it to my house. They are 5 and 7 years old and I used both packets and a little more than 16 gallons of water! It was so much fun watching the boys play in the green gook! They loved it and didn’t want to get out! The dissolver worked pretty well with very little gel stuff left and it did go down the drain with no problems and that was over a month ago. I was just looking online to purchase another box in another color! I liked the idea of a play pool for it though. I might try that next time!

  79. FUN FUN FUN that’s what my child had in the tub. WE then followed directions to dissolve the stuff> it did not dissolve added more of the dissolvant mild dissolve I added more water tried to make it go down drain now for two days drain open and clogged.I called company they said add table salt constant stir my arm almost fell off but I did and now drain still clogged. going to store to buy DRANO hopefully that will work. DO NOT USE IN YOUR TUB AWFUL MESS I WILL NEVER BUY PRODUCT. AGAIN EVEN OUTSIDE WHO WANTS SLIMEY DIAPER GELS IN THEIR GRASS WHO KNOWS HOW LONG THAT WILL TAKE TO GO AWAY.

    • I would for sure by this product again. Everyone keeps talking about it not dissolving well. First of all when your child is done take then out clean them off and then add rock salt which is snow salt to the tub leave it for about 10 minutes and bam back to water. Read the ingredient is says sodium chloride aka salt. It was very fun my daughter loved it no messy clean up at all.

  80. Below are two post I posted to my Facebook about this product—–

    For all you parents of little ones if your child sees a commercial for a new product called squishy baff and begs for it DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!! We got some for Chloe’s Birthday because she begged and begged… She wanted pink and green so we spent $20 total on this crap..$10 per box.. . And you only get 2 baths per box… It is supposed to make the bath jello like with one ingredient.. They play and then another ingredient turns it back to water all the while cleaning your kid while they have fun… It so does not work… It basically feels like the gel you find in freezer packs you use in coolers….the ones you can refreeze and user multiple times… It makes a huge mess.. Gets caught in every crevice of your tub and sadly your kid… NOT good for little girls.. And even when you dissolve it, the tub takes forever to drain and you have to keep adding more water to dissolve a little more.. Drain.. Add water and so one… HORRIBLE to clean up off the bath and off the kid… Will NEVER buy this crap again.

    I later post a picture of the package so my friends would recognize the product and a friend of a friend thanked me because she had thought about buying it.. And now would not.. I replied back with this that just gives more in-depth information and why NOT to buy it.

    Please please don’t… It is awful… Very messy, feels more like the gel in reusable ice packs… Doesn’t dissolve or drain like it claims… And if you have a little girl, it gets all up in her girlie parts and is a pain to get out.. My mom had to hold my little girl while I literally had to spread her legs and wipe her poor little parts pretty roughly to get it off.. She cried cause of how rough we had to wipe the crap was like glue and nothing was getting it out of her crevices and I wasn’t about to just leave it there.. We even tried showering her and bathing her again once the crap finally drained and even with another clean shower/bath we still found pieces of it in her butt crack and girlie parts.. Not trying to be graphic, but I just don’t want kids getting rashes or worse because it doesn’t come off.

    I know they say it’s non-toxic… But really how many other products had the same claim and we found out later they were wrong… NOT willing to take that chance with my 3 yr old baby girl or any of her body parts.

  81. This stuff is terrible. One packet works with 8 gallons of water, which isn’t much. The powder to dissolve the squishy stuff doesn’t work, at all. It made a huge mess of our bathroom and I will be cleaning it up for the next several days. It isn’t worth the money, and my daughter didn’t even stay in for 3 minutes because it felt too weird. I am hoping my drains and landlord forgive me for this purchase. I would recommend my friends to stay far, far away from this crap.

  82. I cannot stress enough – DO NOT buy or use this product. The squishy baff does not dissolve. I followed the little instructions provided. After 6 hours, the dissolvent provided, four boxes of salt and MUCH agitation we still have a bath tub full of goo. At this point are are going to siphon it out with a hose. One very important fact that is left off the directions is “one packet should be used for about 8 gallons of water”. This is what I was told by customer service. Who takes a bath in only 8 gallons?? DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT. IT SHOULD NOT BE SOLD IN STORES!!

  83. So despite all the bad reviews, I bought this product anyway. The “goo” is not so much goo but the gel that fills diapers. Didn’t clog my drain, stain or anything bad. and really did turn almost back into liquid after using the step 2. So the product did as it said, but I guess I was disappointed because I was thinking goo as more of silly puddy type texture that maybe could be molded/shaped. And for the price its a bit expensive. Clean up was a breeze though. Anything that got where it shouldn’t was easily washed away with the shower head. Would make an EXCELLENT product for a preschool sensory table however 🙂

  84. I’m a mother of four girls aged 5, 8 12 and 14 all girls. We came across Squishy Baff when my family was walking through toys r us looking for some activities for the summer. My 12 year old found the package, and immediately ran to me asking if we could buy it. I agreed, deciding I would check it out before using it. When I looked it up on the Internet, I found out it is VERY MESSY. So, I went and bought a big kiddie pool for 15$ and we filled it with the directed amount of water set it up on our driveway. I told all the girls to go get swimsuits and goggles while I set it up. After adding 2 packets (so it would be extra thick) I waited about 7 minutes and by then it was a thick jelly time mixture. All of my girls loved it and played for hours. They were not allowed to stand up as it was very slippery, so they crawled around on their knees. There was some excess jelly stuck on them but I just sprayed them with the garden hose an it washed right off. After they were done, we added two dissolving packages (due to the extra jelly mix) and some salt. We let the girls play around until the jelly stuff had turned to liquid. Then we simply poured it down the drain! Very satisfied, my kids had a fantastic time and I would definitely use it again.

    P.S. I would just like to say to those people who think that every good review is from the company trying to make people buy the product, maybe they are just satisfied customers giving their input like me. Saying that is like me saying that every bad review is from a competitor trying to make people not buy the product.

  85. A lot of people are allergic to Squishy bath, its also hard to wash of please don’t get squishy baff.

  86. I have not used it as of yet, but my son’s birthday is around the corner and he has seen it on tv so he has been asking for it. The thing is that I like to try not to do things that harm our planet… so I was wondering what the chemicals are that cause the water to solidify.

    If I ever did by this stuff I would not use it in my house. Even in the commercial it looks like it would be a big mess considering the fact that my kids like to take the water out of the tub anyways.

  87. I have the same problem with it. My daughter thought it was awesome on the shelf… hell, my partner and I thought it was awesome on the shelf, so we bought it. It didn’t gel up exactly like it did on TV but that didn’t surprise me, nor really disappoint me. You gotta leave room for error. My daughter enjoyed it for about 5 minutes until she realized it was sticking to her skin.

    She’s a little OCD so she wanted to shower off. Again, not disappointed with the product really, Isobelle is just kind of a strange kid. It was when I added the step 2 to dissolve it and it wouldn’t dissolve that I got upset. It’s been in my tub for 24 hours now and it isn’t going anywhere. I added BOTH packets of the step 2 and still no luck. It’s not going down the drain and it’s not getting any thinner.

  88. Just saw this Squishy Baff on the Hoda hour of the Today show on NBC while I was channel surfing. I came here as I was looking for more info about it. I just think it’s funny an advertisement for “Drain Snakes” pops up on this site. Got to love the irony of that!

  89. Squishy Baff is the worst product ever. In a normal bath for a child, it takes TWO packs at 10 dollars to make a good “Squishy Baff”. It says irritant free or something like that. It isn’t! I put my hand and arm down into the water to mix, and within seconds I was breaking out and itching. The stuff sticks to your walls and is just a complete mess. I wouldn’t recommend it at all!!!

  90. I think this stuff would be amazing in a preschool sensory table or kiddie pool. The sounds like an economical science sensory experience in the classroom and when your done just throw away.

  91. I admit, the stuff looks fun and my boys loved it!! But I will never buy it again. My son who has sensitive skin, jumped right in. He was in it for about 10 minutes and an hour later I discovered that he had a bad allergic reaction and blister like rash all over his body. We were able to control it but it was still scary.

    My other two boys were fine, but its not worth it to have it in the house if my sensitive skin son can not get near it.

  92. My 9-yr old daughter received this product as a gift for her birthday recently. We followed all directions and after using the product, my review is — POOR. The reason for this is false advertising; the product works great when you dump it in the bath and it gels. The negative disappointing part is the gelled Squishy Baff DOES NOT return to water. I followed the instructions exactly (and even waited longer than 10 minutes after putting the dissolver agent in) and the stuff never changed back. My daughter’s package came with enough gel and dissolver agent for two baths. Since the Squishy Baff did not dissolve, I tried using the second dissolver packet, but it STILL didn’t work. So, now we wasted the ability for a second Squishy Baff (which, by this point I had vetoed . . .) I had no choice but to empty it down our drain and hope for the best. In addition, the product sticks to your child (as other reviews have noted) and you have to rinse with additional clean water to get it off. Its disappointing to know that this product is being sold when it doesn’t work as advertised! My advice: Don’t spend the money and risk damaging your plumbing system!

    • Thanks for the advice… I was about to get it for my lil’ sis… glad to know that it doesnt really work.

  93. My husband talked me into buying this for our son. Men, It took me forever to clean it out of the tub alone and then I had to put my son in the shower to get the rest of what was stuck on him off not to mention he had it in his hair and I had to sit and pick it out, This product is the worst thing they could try to sell for children, Sure they make it look good on TV but there is always a catch! This product is not worth the money!

  94. Thanks for the reviews everyone, if I decided to spend the ridiculous amount of $ for this product at least I know what to expect. I would never put it down my drain, I will make sure I have an hour for clean up, I may just wait until summer to use it outside and I’ll make sure my kid doesn’t eat it because who knows what it’s made out of. Thanks again everyone. Lol

    • I agree!! Thank you for the feed back, I don’t want to spend forever scooping it out by hand and crossing my fingers on hoping it will work to go down the drain or not… I think if using this goo, would be easier and logical to use this outside —-then rinse the kids off with the hose after… Seems like something they should sell at stores, rather then online.

  95. MY friend and I spent like 4 hours in Squishy Baff but it was so hard to clean up!! 4 hours in it…. but it took 2 hours just to clean it up! BUT IT WAS SUPER FUN!

  96. I started by scooping it out with a strainer. Tried adding salt, but no go. I ended up bailing it out with buckets and dumping it in garbage bags…sure glad I didn’t attempt to drain it! Sucks, but my daughter loved it. Probably would buy it again for summer in the kiddie pool so I don’t have to worry about the draining. Big mess, but what the heck. It’s supposed to be for the kids anyway:)

  97. After seeing the commercials, I had my concerns about Squishy Baff. My 9 and 10 year old daughters really wanted this product. So, instead of going straight out to buy it, I decided to read reviews first. Believe me, I am glad I did! It is way to expensive. Considering my three daughters all have sensitive skin, had severe allergic reactions to diapers as infants, (I had to use cloth diapers and warm wash cloths on them), and my youngest has a medical condition that causes UTI’s, I will not be buying this product, period. Not only that, our plumbing is old and prone to clogging. And, just one question: what does this stuff do to your grass if you use it in a kiddie pool?

  98. I am very concerned with all the parents who are not concerned with what this product is made of! Sure it is used in diapers, but not many little ones have a chance to possibly ingest their diapers!! Also for those who say that we already use chemicals on a daily basis, such as make up, lotions etc. Little ones should not be wearing make up or lotions!! Products used for diaper rash etc. can be made of natural ingredients!! Give your precious little ones a chance at a healthy life!

    • You could not be more specific! It’s a god explanation, and yes, there are other bath toys like bath crayons. Can you tell me if those are safe?

  99. Anyone else notice that all the good reviews are exactly the same?! It alternates between like 3 and describe it all the same.

  100. Hi everyone. First off everyone is allowed their opinion, that’s what is great about this world.

    My opinion is that Squishy Baff is really fun. I just let my five year old daughter play with it last night, it was her birthday so she got to celebrate with one of her presents before bed.

    Is it messy? Yes
    Is it slippery? Yes
    Did it turn back to water 100%? No
    Did it clog my drain? Not at all
    Was it a ton of fun? Absolutely!
    Would I buy it again? Yes!

    I followed the directions and it worked quite well. With most things like this you should always expect it won’t make as much as you might want. Knowing this I filled the tub halfway and added both packets to the bath. Within 5 minutes the consistency was quite thick and I needed to add a little more water to thin it out. It was a ton of fun and I can’t wait until the weather is warm enough that we can do it outside.

    To address some of the concerns:

    Won’t it cause problems with the children’s private areas? I suppose it could but having a little girl I know that regular bubble bath can do the same thing. It all depends on how often you use it; everything in moderation.

    It’s dangerous because it’s slippery: Yes it is, the information that comes with the Squishy Baff states that it is quite slippery. Don’t stand up in it.

    I had to buy goggles to keep it out of their eyes: If your kids can’t listen to simple instructions, like don’t put it in your face, they probably aren’t old enough to play with the product. It is for ages 5+ with adult supervision.

    Be informed! As adults if you’re not sure, try it out first 🙂

    • My 6 year old is playing in the tub for the 2nd time he is having a blast. I bought the Squishy Baff stuff at Toys R US for $12.99. The stuff doesn’t liquefy back like it’s supposed to, but like I’ve read and have done the first time is just add more water as it was draining. If you also let the 2nd powder dissolve as your child is in the tub it has more time to work.

    • ” Be informed! As adults if you’re not sure, try it out first” Nice post, gotta love the last line.

  101. HORRIBLE PRODUCT, my 6 year old did not like the texture of it, used 4 packets to dissolve but it did not work, ended up clogging the drain system of entire house . Took 4 lbs of salt along with 4 bottles of drain and HOURS to finally unclog. This product should be removed from the market. DO NOT BUY.

    • My five and three year old did not like the texture either. After playing in it for maybe five minutes they started to whine about the chunks of goop sticking to there skin and they love getting dirty but did not like this product and yes it clogged my drain also. I tried the white stuff(salt) that came with it but it did nothing. I had to wash them with the shower head to finish bath time and after they got out I had to plunge the bath tub. Then it finally started to drain and I was left with chunks of what looks like the inside of diapers all of over my tub an floor. I don’t mind the clean up because think goodness I didn’t have to vacuum it out or scoop it out by hand because most of it went down the drain after several cups of very hot water and for the stuff on the floor I used a lot of towels to wipe the floor and the outside of the bathtub off. It might be good for a outside kiddy pool and possibly older children but my boys did not like it. For the ones who are worried about skin rashes, it didn’t bother my boys skin and the youngest has always had dry sensitive skin. If anything salt is a good exfoliator for your skin.

      • I won’t be buying this product again except maybe for my niece to give my sister a little trouble haha. Some kids probably loved this stuff and others don’t no biggy. I think it would be tons of fun to use in a pool. Although the company REALLY needs to make a better dissolving solution.

  102. Well first off don’t ever believe what you see on TV. Look what exactly it is made of, use it in a pool outside!

    2nd….to me when I saw Squishy Baff on TV, the first thing that I thought of was OMG its very similar to what we use for JELLO WRESTLING…ahhhhh!

  103. This Squishy Baff is the worst stuff ever! Sure the kids enjoyed it but the packet that comes with it to dissolve the mess does not get the job done. I used three extra packets of the crystals to dissolve the Squishy Baff and still no luck. I had to let it dry out vacuum it out of the back and put boiling water down the drain to get the rest. Would not suggest getting this.

  104. PEOPLE. SERIOUSLY? The second I saw the commercial, I knew I would never put my kids in the tub with it. However, I knew it would be a product that would keep my 8 and 5 year old busy for a long time and they would LOVE it. So, common sense told me…. get it and put it in a bucket OUTSIDE! DUH!! They will only put their HANDS in it, and if they make a mess, I can give them a water hose and they can spray off the driveway. This is not rocket science people. (AND…if it is too cold outside, fill the sink with a small amount.)

  105. How can everyone be so quick to judge? Some people loved it and some didn’t so your deciding its not for you? Its like a boy friend or girlfriend, yours isn’t everyone’s choice but its for you so you should give everything a chance before just saying no. As for the clean up, I have three kids and one on the way so cleaning up is part of kids fun everyday of the week, no biggie. Let your kids enjoy being a kid and that should be enjoyment enough for you as a parent.

  106. I like Squishy Baff. I have a 5 year old son and he loves it. He hates taking baths and he will play forever with this stuff. As far as people saying it doesn’t turn to gel. I add water slow to get the right consistency. To drain it…it doesn’t turn 100% back to liquid but enough that it wont clog your drain. I’m guessing that if it did clog your drain it was probably close to clogging from something else anyway. I have used it my self a couple of times I saw a YouTube video of a company marketing it for adult use as a spa treatment so I figure it would be something nice to try. It is so relaxing…it is kind of expensive for what it is but to me its worth it for the enjoyment my son gets out of it.

  107. Can’t this stuff really hurt and infect your child’s private part! I mean seriously why would you even buy this stuff!!! >:(

    • They likely tested it before marketing it.

      Besides, not everyone sits around all day thinking of children’s private parts, like you!

  108. I just tried it for the first time and we loved it. My daughter is four, she found it hilarious and played for almost an hour. You have to follow the directions to a T; use lukewarm water, only about eight to ten gallons of water, and pour the powder in and mix it after the tub is filled. It takes about five minutes to get to the goopy consistency, but we had a blast. It definitely doesn’t dissolve completely into water again, but it didn’t clog my drains at all. I don’t know about all the negative reviews, but it was great for us. We have city water, too, maybe other water doesn’t mix well with them ingredients?

  109. I didn’t even buy it yet and I want my $19.95 back!

    As for ingestion, you probably have worse things to worry about. Your kids have ingested plenty of teflon thanks to non-stick cookware.

    What is wrong with a good ol’ bubble bath?

    • Thanks for the reviews. We saw it on TV and it did look like fun. However, after reading the reviews here, esp. re. the ingredients, the mess, and the failure to liquefy, I can think of many better ways to spend my money.

  110. I bought Squishy Baff from Walmart. The price is ridiculous, but I thought my toddlers might have fun with it. It is a very cool idea, however it is the most slippery substance known to man. My kids love to stand in the bath and I would not let them because it was so slippery. I stood in the tub with them and almost fell on my butt. It sticks to everything! It was an incredible mess! I poured in the solution and we waited for 20 minutes for it to turn back into water but it didn’t. I ended up having to hose my kids off with the shower. I then let it sit for another hour and it still did not turn into water. I drained it anyways and had to scoop the remaining handfuls of goop out of the tub. Not a fun product to clean up.

    • Mine really worked almost exactly as described. Do you have soft water that is slippery as it is? What a shame, my experience was simple and fun.

  111. Did any of you that are more concerned with grammar or that remotely approve this product, even consider looking up the ingredients! The Squishy Baff base is a synthetic polymer; so basically plastic or rubber and yes it’s the same stuff that is used in baby diapers to absorb liquid! So you are attempting to get your kids clean by bathing them in a color enhanced, plastic that you will have to rinse off them with clean water anyway and then risk your drain being clogged! Your kids need to bath in water no real way around that people, so it may be tough but find an incentive to offer them if you need to other than something they should not expose to their bodies to, especially sensitive parts or possibly ingest!

    • okay I see your consern. although you said does it clog up your drain. Well I have a answer for that. The answer for that is no it says it doesn’t, so no because it can turn back into water. It turns into water by another poduct that comes with the package!

      • My four year old loved the squishy bath, and we had virtually no mess. It dissolved probably 90% and the rest drained away easily, no clogs or water backup. Of course, the directions are very specific about the temperature of the water and the the amount of water to use. AS for the ingredients- I have no problem letting my daughter play in it. It’s very safe, or it wouldn’t be used in diapers, or approved for this product. A quick spray with the shower took any remaining residue off of Paige no problem. With the rest of the things we put on our skins these days (makeups, cream, lotion, depilatories, etc) the last thing I am worried about is a silicone goop that washes right off with water

      • But it does not turn back into water.I want my money back.I used it for my kids bath after they were done I put in the powder to turn it back stirred it for twenty minutes and it was still goop. Eventually I had to wash it down the drain and give the kids a real bath but I now have a clogged drain. Not Cool

        • I don’t know what to say to that, mine turned almost completely back to water with only a few leftover remnants floating on the bottom of the tub.

          • I think Megan must be a company rep…. stuff does not work at promised. It is a mess and causes more problems than what it is worth.

  112. Did not dissolve and then had a plumbing problem! My kid loved it but now I have a problem. hope the ideas above work! This is something that the public should be told is good for a kids pool.

    • Yeah, cause I am sure this Squishy Baff stuff is the cause of your plumbing problem, not the fact your home is a 50 year old rat trap with shoddy plumbing to start with…

      • Dr who the heck are you and why are you so aggressively defending this crap Squishy Baff. Do you know this lady who lives in this supposed “rat trap” she has a legitimate problem with a children’s product and you are so quick to judge… It sounds like their product reps are just as crappy as their product. It also seems like a legitimate problem for kids I think ill stick to the Johnson and Johnson and Mr. Bubble thank you I wouldn’t put this down my septic system, however I’d consider lining my slip n’ slide with it although I can’t imagine it being good for the environment seeing as plastic is not biodegradable…

  113. They just aired this product LIVE on the Kelly show, which was Regis and Kelly. They showed toys from the toy fair and Squishy Baff was the last one shown. It looks easy as pie, they even showed the dissolving back powder and it really did lessen the gel into a more water based, drainable product. Not a mother, but this stuff looks fun for kids. Id buy this for my neice, who will be 5 in July. She’ll love it!!

  114. Horrible product! Does not break down. I used the white powder and waited for a few hours and then even added a whole container of salt, but still nothing! I had to hand scoop the chunks into the garbage…worst thing ever!

        • I have been wondering about this stuff…I have found some really good info in these reviews. I have decided to take my chances and buy the stuff for my five and twelve year old, they love baths and anything that makes bath-time funner. If our pipes get clogged..so be it. I honestly don.t believe they will as I have had years of diaper experience and know how the polymers dissolve. It sounds like a fun product. I wish we had as neat things when I was a kid…oh well..who says I won.t have fun as well?

          Just knowing my kids will love it is good enough for me..so off to the store we go.

  115. So my 4 year old and her friend just did Squishy Baff. THEY LOVED IT. Probably played for an hour in there. My only complaint is the mess. I have to clean up in the bathroom since they decided to get it all over the floor. But that’s what I do. They play have a good time and I clean up the mess after. No different than any other toys. It was worth it to me. An hour of fun for them = 20 min of cleaning. fair trade I think.

  116. this stuff is great you guys are over reacting it is not supposed to drain all the way this stuff is so much fun it does not clog my drain this is not a lie almost everything is true knock it off let your kids be kids no extra salt this is a perfect present stop acting like dumb babies “oh this stuff clogged my drain wah wah wah” parents grandparents get this stuff your kids will have a blast!! if it truly clogs terribly call me stupid I know what this stuff does it really turns your bath into jelly and back again.( I’m ten I am a kid I was in this stuff it is awesome it did turn back into water.)

    • Dear Anna,

      Please learn what punctuation is and how to use it before you try communicating again. It doesn’t matter that you’re posting something on the internet. Thank you, from those of us who still use grammar.

          • Haha, Look, who is anyone to tell a 10 year old what to do other than her PARENTS!!! I’m 21 with a 1 year old and I think that I am going to try this out. If people are to lazy to clean up after their child they should have thought about it. Cleaning and working is a part of life.

      • Al:

        The kid SAID that she was TEN. TEN. Not twenty, TEN. Give her a break!

        I will buy it now, because of the review of a child who played in it…and not a little kid. A kid who can read, access the internet and post a believeable review!

        A grandma of ELEVEN grandkids!

      • Dear All,

        She’s a ten year old cant you read. She can post what ever she wants however she wants so if I were you, I would get a life because its sad you have nothing better to do but make ten year olds feel bad bout not using a flippn period right! get over youself and off your high horse.

        • I think all of you people have too much time on your hands. Why don’t you try spending this time and effort into something more productive like reading a story to your child 🙂

          This Squishy Baff stuff was fun for the kids, but the product is a bad. It does not dissolve like it states and reading comments from Megan is like reading a brochure (I am sure that she must work for the company). Product is extremely messy and would better to be used outside in a kiddy pool only.

          As for the comments about the 10 year old, I don’t think a 10 year old has any rights to be posting on this. A simple comment about enjoying the product would have been fine. You adults have turned this into a name calling game. You all need to grown up and the 10 year needs to learn some respect.

  117. Definitely don’t think I will be purchasing this Squishy Baff due to the reviews I’ve read. My daughters rant and rave about how much they want this product but this will have to be the one thing I disappoint them by saying no too.

    • My daughter (4) had a real blast with it. We have city water, and I followed the directions to a T (you can only use about 8-10 gallons of LUKEWARM water, which is only about 1/3 of a bath full) and had really great results. My daughter played for an hour. After I added the mixture to send it back to water, I would say that after ten minutes of mixing it, the goop was about 95% dissolved with a little bit of remnants hanging around the bottom of the tub. No drain problems and not much mess. But maybe test it out in a kiddie pool first? I think maybe different minerals in water (city, well, soft, hard) might affect the productivity of the mixture

  118. Its definitely not like it is on tv.. its kinda cool.. BUT u need 4 packs for one tub …. the biggest part of this unsatisfactory experience with this product is that it dose not dissolve at all !! on a scale of 1-10 it dissolves 1% ….NOT EXAGGERATING!!

  119. This product is horrible! My 4 yr old just had a squishy baff and not only did it clog my drain but I am now worried that my child might have accidentally swallowed some. Should I be worried??

  120. This Squishy Baff stuff is horrible and a complete waste of money. It never became squishy and it never dissolved. We were left with clumps to go down the drain.

    • If it never became squishy, how did you get clumps? And why would you be worried about your child swallowing it if nothing happened?

  121. I used squishy bath – my drain clogged because my tub drains just a little while it is full and I totally forgot about that. I put the salt packed in to dissolve the stuff and waited 10 minutes and it didn’t dissolve it at all. So I put another packet in and it didn’t help much. I ended up using a strainer and throwing about 2 gallons of it in the garbage and the rest of the water in the toilet. I sent the kids up to the other bathroom to rinse off. The drain wouldn’t budge!! I panicked – I can’t afford a plumber! I said many prayers and 1 for wisdom. After seeing all the posts above about salt helping to dissolve. I got some boiling water and put salt & some rock salt in it. I used the plunger to work some of it up out of the drain to make room to spoon some of the boiling salt water down in it. I repeated that 3 times and by the 4th time I was able to poor a whole pan in and it’s back to normal. THANK GOD. NO I will not be using Squishy bath any time soon!!!!

  122. I used squishy baff for my three year old daughter, and she was board with it. There isn’t anything to do but sit in it. It did turn into goo in less than 2 min and did dissolve for me, not completely tho. It looks like the stuff that is in baby diapers( the jelly clear stuff) and I worry if it will give little girls a urinary tract infection, I wont use it again, I did put her underwear on but it still got in there and was horrible to get out of hair. gosh even baby wash tells you not to use to much because it could cause a UTI I cant imagine that it is OK to get is near little girls sensitive areas.

  123. Glad I read reviews before I purchased this stuff. My concerns about this stuff possibly causing drain problems were confirmed. Also, any allergic reactions, is it safe for the children’s skin? The eyes? Didn’t even consider that but am glad I read these posts and saw the one where the child got the stuff in their eyes and had to go there! Hope he’s OK.

  124. I’m happy I have not bought this product, per all the unsatisfied customers and plumbing problems that they have also encountered as a result of it’s use.

  125. Squishy Baff did not dissolve for me. I am very unhappy with the product. I followed the instructions and I used additional salt and it still did not dissolve. I had to scoop the goo out of the tub by hand. It filled over half of a 13 gallon trash bag. I do not recommend this product to be used in the bath.

  126. I just used it in the big tub and put both packs in at once all 5 of my kids (ages 3-7) got into it in bathing suits and had a blast, yes it was a little messy as they spilled it on the floor but they loved it. To get rid of it I threw in 2 boxes of salt, it did not turn completely back to water but was close enough and went down the drain with no problems. I’m guessing some people already had semi blocked drains if it wouldn’t go away. It took the same amount of time to drain as normal bath would.

    The issue I had was rinsing off the kids, they had lumps of it in the hair, it took a while to shower it off them. But if you are easy going get this for your kids it’s worth the extra time cleaning as they will love it.

  127. Got this for my kids and they had a blast. I read the reviews while they were playing and started to worry, but I gotta say, I had no problems at all. After adding the salt packets, the goo turned liquid within moments and went right down the drain. Maybe other folk just got bad batches? As for me, I will very likely purchase this product again.

  128. I have not tried this yet(9)but based in the reviews that people have gave it seems that everything works fine EXCEPT the dissolver.

  129. We have a clogged drain and want to know if there is any household product that might further dissolve this stuff…yuck!

  130. I agree with everything on here! This is an absolute joke and should be taken off the market! The packet of dissolver should be twice the size of the packet that makes it squishy. My kids liked it, but I will never buy this again. They played for about 30 minutes and it took me 2 hours to get it out of my tub. Don’t buy this at all!!

  131. I sure wish I had read the reviews before my 9 year old talked me into buying the pink Squishy Baff. Save your money!

    We found Squishy Baff at Walmart and it was just under $10 with 2 Squishy Baff packets and 2 dissolving packets. I think $5 per bath is ridiculous, but I bought it for my daughter anyway and vowed I wouldn’t buy it again unless it was a lot cheaper.

    We read the instructions and we filled the tub and then evenly sprinkled the Squishy Baff in the tub. The package states it takes 5-10 minutes for it to fully form the goo. For us it took the full 10 minutes if not longer. My daughter got bored waiting for it to turn into goo. When it did turn into goo it wasn’t like it was on tv. My daughter was not impressed at all. She played for about 30 minutes in the tub running it through her fingers and over her legs and she was ready to dissolve it.

    We poured in the dissolving packet and mixed it in just like we mixed in the Squishy Baff originally and waited. The package again states this will take 5-10 minutes. We waited almost 20 minutes and my daughter ended up finishing her bath standing up hoping the Squishy Baff would dissolve and it didn’t. She got out of the tub and got ready for bed and we returned to the bathroom to clean up the mess only to find that the goo was still not dissolved. I’m not even convinced that any of it actually dissolved. I’m not sure how I’m going to get this stuff out of the tub. I’m about ready to just drain it an risk clogging the drain.

    I will definitely NOT buy this again, I don’t care how cheap they make it.

    It reminds me of that stuff you add water to and then put in vases to keep fresh flowers moist.

    • Agree! This Squishy Baff is terrible. I used as directed and just spent hours draining gallons of goo out of the tub to avoid clogging the drain. This is not worth it at any price.

  132. I just used the squishy baff solution for my 5 year old. It was awesome to watch the water turn into goo within minutes! He played for over an hour. He absolutely loved it!!! When he was finished I simply poured the dissolve salt on it and waited about 10 minutes and it turned back to liquid form and I was able to drain the tub with no problem at all! I think people just panic and don’t wait the full time needed to dissolve the goo. I will buy more and use this with my boys! I love it!! : )

    • No reason to panic but I let it sit overnight and still did not turn it back into bath water so had to scoop it out by hand, was not fun.

  133. Thanks for the comments on Squishy Baff, I will not be buying! My first thought was, no way that doesn’t damage drains….my second was, holy cow, they can’t spell “bath” lol!

  134. Do not purchase this stuff! Bad idea! My son saw it on a commercial during cartoons and we went right out to Wal-Mart to buy it! While he had a great time playing it it, we on the other hand did not have so much fun trying to drain the tub. The 2nd packet did not turn it completely back to water (we even used 2). Did not want the drains to clog or even the cesspool! So we had to use the shop vac at 8pm on a Sunday night! What a disaster!!

  135. This stuff is the WORST!
    Do not expose your children to this if they have something as little as a paper-cut, as it burns INTENSELY. On the bright side, If you have a drain the size of a baseball, you MIGHT be able to get it to drain!

  136. Was just about to order for my 7 yo twins,read reviews first, yikes no thanks. Looks like a big pain and very expensive problems forthcoming with squishy yuck. Just a shout out this must be same pr company that did stompeez also, nothing but lies there as well. I am so upset ordered slippers 7 weeks ago and never received. Finally had to cancel. Lies lies lies. Best to stay away from tv junk. DO NOT BUY EITHER OF THESE TWO PRODUCTS.

    Unhappy Father

  137. We just got done using the squishy baff, I got a little in my mouth from my son splashing some and I spit out as much as I could but now I have a weird feeling like some is “stuck” in the back of my throat which I am sure its not but its weird! My kids LOVED the squishy bath and we had a blast for over a hour then when it came time to turn it back to drain the tub they were crying cause it wouldn’t turn back and I couldn’t drain the tub for almost another 45 minutes tell it was back to normal ENOUGH to drain it.. There was still quiet a bit of stuff left in there but it all went down but I ran warm water the whole time I was draining it and nothing backed up yet… If it does I am going to be REALLY MAD! So hopefully no more problems… I will not be doing it anymore in my bathtub ONLY outside in the pool since the price is horrible I am not going to waste the rest! I would say buy your kids the color tablets for baths or that bath wall paint stuff instead! Totally not worth the money for all the problems!

  138. I am livid! This product is garbage! It turns into this weird gooey stuff… Nothing like it looks in the commercial and then it doesn’t dissolve! I have a foot of goo in my tub and have used 4 dissolve packets and an entire canister of salt (1 pound 10 ounces) and NOTHING!!!

  139. Wife Got this crap for one of our kids Christmas gifts and after he was in it for a short while he started screaming and crying, apparently he got some in his eyes and we had to rush him to the ER- the doctor said whatever toxins that were in the Squishy Baff almost blinded him DO NOT GET THIS STUFF IT IS TOXIC! How is this even approved by FDA, they approve this crap but not Electronic Cigarettes!

  140. I saw this Squishy Baff on TV and wanted my grandmother to buy it (I’m 8 years old); but, after I’ve seen your complaints I now think it’s just garbage. I’d rather have a normal bath than be in this stuff. I mean, really, all that stuff on TV is a fib! I have some advice for you people–DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS STUFF!!!

    • Addy, I do not think you are really an eight year old. Do kids in grade 3-4 really know what a semicolon means? I don’t think so… Not meaning to be rude but pretending to be a kid to make your message more believable… A review from an eight year old is not necessarily more reliable than a review from a parent or grandparent.

  141. This stuff is JUNK! We have used it and used 4 packs of dissolver and one and a half cans of salt, and still has not dissolved, and now our bathtub and toilet is clogged. Best result use in a kiddie pool or take off the market!

  142. This stuff was awful, did not change back, after running pure hot water for long time it finally went down drain, not hoping it won’t clog and we have to pay a plumber to unclog it. Your company should reimburse anyone who has to spend money we don’t have for a plumber. Will never recommend this stuff to anyone. You marketed it at just right time for Christmas, you got your money and we got plumber bill, good job, and thanks a lot

  143. Mine did dissolve….but only after I Googled what the dissolver was made of to see if I had anything that would help it work better. 30 minutes and one whole can of salt later, I have a drained tub. The dissolver is made of nothing but salt but they don’t give you near enough to get rid of the goo!

  144. My 4 year old just used it for the first time… I was not impressed, I felt like the stuff from the inside a wet diaper. And I also had no luck getting the dissolver to work! I also didn’t like how it was for only 8 gallons of water. I will never buy/use this product again!!!

  145. What a Joke! I should have read the reviews before trying this product with my kids. As was mentioned above the dissolver did not work and now I have a tub filled with this squishy goo. I dumped the second packet into the tub and have waited over an hour and still the goo remains. As the posters above have shown this stuff will clog drains so my only recourse is to bail the water out of the tub and dump it elsewhere. What a Joke!

  146. My kids have just enjoyed their first squishy baff. The only problem I had was the dissolver powder did not work properly. After leaving the baff goo in the tub for 4 hrs, I drained it. I now have a blocked drain.

    I have added an additional 2 packets of dissolver powder to the bath but the drain is so completely blocked it cannot get through.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    • The dissolver is apparently common salt. When I sprinkled generous amounts of extra salt in and waited it appeared to work. When I figured this out it was a bunch more fun.

  147. My kids loved their very first squishy baff. The only problem I have had is that the dissolver did not work completely. I then drained the bath and the drain is now blocked.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

  148. I just used the squishy baff for my son and he loved it. The only problem is that when I went to sprinkle in the dissolver it did not go back. So now I have a tub full of blue gelatin water and don’t know what to do with it. I’m sure it’s not a great idea to drain it. 🙁 Other than that it was fun.

  149. Review Squishy Baff

    Did Squishy Baff live up to your expectations?

    Is Squishy Baff convenient for use?

    Is Squishy Baff safe for use around children?

    Do kids have a fun time with Squishy Baff and does it help fuel their imagination?

    Is Squishy Baff easy to clean up later and saves you time?

    Do you think Squishy Baff is reasonably priced?

    • No! XD my kids were screaming and making a mess…. THEY LOVED IT but who’s getting the bill for all the water, and who’s calling the plumber to get it fixed?


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