Sobakawa Mattress Topper Review

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Do you have problem sleeping comfortably at night and it doesn’t matter whether you have an old mattress or a new one? A good sleep is very important for you to get up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and not tired and groggy! You can now, instantly turn your mattress into the most comfortable mattress you have ever slept on with the help of the amazing Sobakawa Mattress Topper!


How does Sobakawa Mattress Topper work?
Sobakawa Mattress Topper has been inspired by Asia’s cloud pillow that gives your head and shoulder continuous gentle support. The Sobakawa Mattress Topper is constructed of a matrix of tiny pillows to surround you in a cloud of comfortable support from head to toe. The mattress topper is three inches thick and built with over a hundred million tiny air beads.

These air beads have a unique ergonomic property and moves with you to give you firm yet gentle support. The Sobakawa Mattress Topper keeps you warm and comfortable in winter and cool and comfortable in summer. Traditional mattress springs are unable to truly conform to your body shape or anatomy creating pressure points and back pain; foam paddings can make you feel stuck in one position.

Sobakawa Mattress Topper provides fluid motion that allows you to move freely and gives your body continuous support. It is affordable and you will also get a bonus Mattress Topper liner. You will get the Sobakawa Mattress Topper in Twin, Full Queen and King Sizes. Get the best sleep of your life, everyday, with Sobakawa Mattress Topper!



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19 thoughts on “Sobakawa Mattress Topper Review

  1. To all people that want to try this pillow DON’T!!!!!!! More then you 7 years ago HSN started selling the REAL pillow. The pillow was originally designed by Tony Little and he stands behind his products 100%. I do not know him nor do I work for HSN. I am a disabled woman who loves to shop with both QVC and HSN because I know the will stand behind their products they sell. Both my husband and i have very bad degenerative disc disease. Which is only getting worse rather then better. Well anyway I am always looking for something that will help us sleep pain free. When I was watching HSN one evening about 7 or maybe more years ago I seen these pillows for the first time. After seeing how the work and what they do for you I decided to order a set. At that time they were and still are sold in a 2 pack for $100.00 and you can get them on flex pay and pay $33.00 a month for 3 months. I received them in less than a week and have been in love with them since day 1. They preform exactly the way they are shown on TV. They mold to your head and move the way you move. They are NOT HARD AND NEVER WERE!!!!! Like I said I only ordered one set because I wasn’t sure about them and if the worked. Now as for my husband well he didn’t like the pillow, he is very hard to please and very set in his ways so I gave the other one to my oldest son and he loves it. He can not sleep without it. This month I decided it was time to get new ones but not because they stopped doing what they do, but because it was time for new ones. When I first bought them all my kids tried to steal it from me, sometimes they would play jokes and hide it. Well this time I surprised all 4 of my boys with a set of 2 of their own basically a Christmas gift, I have 4 very happy boys right now. We call these pillows our squishy pillows because that is exactly what they are. For myself I bought the new size that was added to the choices. I bought the new Jumbo size and it was perfect for me. The Jumbo is only sold single so because I don’t need one for hubby it was perfect. Like I stated before I do not work for either company and I am not getting any money for writing this. I am just a plain woman who doesn’t like to waste money on products that don’t stand up to their promises, I live on a limited income and can’t waste money on crap. Example The Wax Vac OMG what a waste of money that was because it is awful. Plus they got me to get the second one for just shipping and handling, I thought it was a good idea because I could keep one in my bathroom. Plus they also talked me into 50 sets of replacement tips, also a good idea because they must be replaced after a while. Well when all was said and done it cost me about $65.00 for a $10.00 offer that is a piece of garbage!!!!! Never again will I buy something that is “AS SEEN ON TV” because sooner or later they wind up at CVS. Ok I think I have ranted and vented enough and I thank you for reading this. Buyer Beware DON’T WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY ON THIS PILLOW!!!!!! If you like what it claims to do than go to an honest company that has been around for many years, and we all have heard of Tony Little. Lol I hope that everyone’s Holidays are wonderful and everyone stays as healthy as can be.

    Michele ♥

    • HSN doesn’t sell the original sobakawa pillows anymore.
      I think I bought them about 20yrs ago from HSN.

      Where do you buy the original manufacturer products?
      Is there anyone that makes a high quality buckwheat hull topper and/or mattress?

      Thank you.

  2. And you can’t gain access to their actual website. I still don’t know how much I’m paying for the most uncomfortable, miserable mattress topper ever. I’ve already paid $214.95. What a complete waste of money. I hope people quit buying this piece of crap and quit supporting this scam of a company.

    • My sentiments exactly! And if you get a hole in it you got a huge mess to clean up! I’m trying to get mine into a trash bag to throw in the garbage where it belongs. One of the worst purchases I’ve ever made.

  3. I am amazed at the bad reviews. I bought the mattress topper brand new off of someone on Craigslist and I really like it. (The seller mentioned the same thing about not being able to ship it back). I have had it for two or three weeks — the filling is still cushy and I have no problem with it. I bought it because my housemate bought one of the full sized pillows and I felt it — it seemed really nice too — and he certainly hasn’t complained either. I will also say I have no affiliation with the company that makes these things — and I am a respected reviewer on Yelp.

  4. I have the Sobakawa pillows and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them — they are cool feeling – the coolness is great esp. When I have migraines. The pillows do not add extra pressure to the back of my head – which is great – b/c that is where my migraines hurt the most.

    I will never again sleep w/o this pillow. It is small – would like it to be more normal sized – but a small price to pay for keeping my head calm cool and comfortable.

    This pillow may not be for everybody but IT was perfect for my needs.

    Again I love it.

    • I’m not sure if you are still looking for a bigger Sobakawa Pillow, but I would like to tell you that this is a remake of the Tony Little Pillow that he sells on HSN. I have been using these pillows for 7 years now. Even my 4 boys love them but 7 years ago I only bought them for myself because they were $100.00 for 2 pillows but they were and still are on flexpay for $33.00 a month for 3 months. Well after 7 years I figured it was time to replace them because being that they can only be spot cleaned (talking about the actual pillows not the cases they came with) well lets just say it was time for new ones. This time I bought them for all 4 of my boys and they were thrilled. Ok back to the reason for my reply on HSN they still sell his pillows because they are great, they now have a Jumbo size and it is much larger then the original ones. They are only sold individually and are $55.00 for one and I bought one for myself because of it being larger. I didn’t need a 2 pack because my husband doesn’t like them, he is a very hard man to please. I even just bought him a pillo1 because he is a side sleeper and wakes up in pain every morning, that pillow was originally $199.00 but because I purchased it during cyber-week I got $50.00 off and he doesn’t like that one either. See VERY hard to please. Yes that is a lot of money for a pillow but if it helped him then well worth it. Funny thing is though I am a back sleeper and I do not move at all while sleeping and I love it, so yes I’m going to keep it and I use my Tony Little pillows for my arms I kept one of the old ones for that purpose. We both have very bad degenerative disc disease so I’m always trying to find things to help us sleep better. Anyway got to HSN and take a look at the Jumbo sized pillow that one just might be the size you’re looking for. Good luck and sorry for such a long reply. Sometimes I can go on forever when its something that interests me. Happy Holidays to you and your family.


  5. I recently bought one of these Sobakawa Mattress Topper. It took a long time to ever arrive, probably two months. The pillows are so hard and uncomfortable I got a pounding headache. I am now using those for throw pillows on the couch. The mattress topper feels soft, but was hard as a rock when you lay down on it. I was still tossing and turning for two hours before falling asleep and surely didn’t wake up anymore refreshed. After I put a comforter on the top of the mattress topper it was more tolerable. However after about 4 times of sleeping on it now all the beads just sag into the middle and the 3″ topper is about 1/2″ thick now. It doesn’t poof back up and it is still full on the places I don’t use the mattress topper. I wish I would’ve just bought a new mattress instead. This was a waste of money I’m still paying on. the $14.99 trial turned out being $79.00 that was deducted from my account. Don’t fall for the hype of this product!

      • Because that is a whole other headache in itself. Plus I would’ve had to pay the overseas shipping to wherever that thing originally came from. I looked into it. So I always tell my cat here’s your 300.00 sobakawa travel pillows to lay on. The mattress topper was crap and so are the pillows, but my cat likes the pillow so I didn’t throw them away.

  6. I ordered mine over a month ago, Still haven’t received it. After reading review, I would like to cancel, but don’t know how to go about it. Can’t find a phone # anywhere. Anyone have any info?

    • It takes at least 2 months before you get it. You won’t be happy with it. It will go flat about three days after use, if you can stand to sleep on it to begin with. They probably don’t provide a phone number so you can’t back out of it. Sobakawa will cost about $78.00 to return it, unless you catch the ups guy at time of delivery and just don’t accept it.

    • Do not buy this Sobakawa Mattress Topper! This is a piece of crap! It was flat within 3 days and I spent 30 minutes each day after that just trying to redistribute the beads, to plump it back up. And we are not big people, but of average size. After a few more days I packed it up to send it back and get my money back. Guess what? It is so large that it would have cost me $78 just to ship it back! And that didn’t include the $30 to return the 4 pillows I got for “free”. They were crap too. I was supposed to get 2 regular size pillows and they shipped 4 travel size pillows instead. I think I got these because they would be more expensive to ship back. Needless to say I am stuck with this crap but will post my displeasure with this product on every website I can find. WHAT A RIP OFF!

      • Yeah and how long do they keep charging you for this pice of crap mattress topper? I’m already out $200.00. What a waste of money. It is the most uncomfortable thing imaginable. I’m not buying any more as seen on tv crap, it never lives up to its claim.

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