Snooze Ball

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What is Snooze Ball

It is an inflating pillow that claims to ensure that you can get that much needed rest when you are travelling. Snooze Ball maintains that now you won’t have to twist and turn while you are travelling on a plane or in the car for that matter. These long journeys can not only be excruciating but they can lead to pain in your back, neck and more.


How does Snooze Ball work?

The regular neck pillows need you to adjust them on a regular basis and even then you are not able to sleep comfortably for the duration of the journey. This pillow promises to change all that and what’s more, you can sleep in complete comfort while keeping the pillow in your lap. But we cannot corroborate this claim yet and will wait for Snooze Ball reviews to come in.

Definite way to get support

How often have you struggled to get a shut eye when you are on the plane or travelling in a car? You might have tried those much touted neck pillows but they don’t offer you any relief and you just can’t get good sleep. This pillow asserts that now your body will experience complete comfort while travelling with this one simple addition. Your Snooze Ball reviews should be able to tell us whether this pillow offers you comfort while travelling. In fact it stresses that you are offered complete support to your head, arms and shoulders. Hence you won’t wake up while you are travelling with niggling pains. We want to know if this pillow gives you the desired support in your Snooze Ball reviews.

Importantly, it emphasizes that it is a fast and convenient way of ensuring that you get restful sleep when you are out on the road. All you have to do is keep the pillow in your lap, rest your head and go to sleep. The pillow will do the rest. Is it really that simple? Why don’t you tell us more in your Snooze Ball reviews?

Sleep well in different positions

One of the advantages of using this pillow is that it offers you different options to sleep comfortably wherever you might be. You can sleep by keeping your arms passed through the tunnel or folded under the pillow top. In each position you are assured restful sleep. Is that really the case though? We want to wait for Snooze Ball reviews before making up our minds. The pillow is also compact and comes with a convenient pouch so that you can take it with you wherever you go. It can be used when travelling on the train, plane or car. It’s available in three colours; red, blue and black. Snooze Ball reviews should be able to tell us whether it is easily portable.

The pillow also asserts that it is the best option in its category. It is also the Inpex Gold Medal Winner in 2014. But we will only trust your Snooze Ball reviews for its overall quality.

What do I get?

Buy one Snooze Ball™ for only $29.95 + $6.95 P&H | Official website:

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