SnapUp Shelf REVIEW

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What is Snap Up Shelf

It is a shower corner shelf that claims to help you create space in your bathrooms and any other room for different necessities.

Snap Up Shelf caddy assures you that it can be just the right addition to your interior spaces where you want to make room for various items and keep things organized. It could be in your bathroom that you need to create a space for your toiletries or in the kitchen where you want to find the right place for supplies. Snap Up Shelf promises to offer you that space while keeping things organized.

In this Snap Up Shelf review we will cover all issues pertaining to Snap Up Shelf, what are its advantages, what is the downside, where to buy – should you buy it, other similar products and more…


How does Snap Up Shelf claim to work?

Snap Up Shelf adds space and creates storage area in seconds – You look forward to your relaxing time in the shower but it only becomes stressful if you are busy finding shampoos, soaps and toiletries you want. Snap Up Shelf asserts that it can offer you an instant and effective solution around it. All you have to do to create space with Snap Up Shelf is lock the pressure handle, which will then create an Everlast grip that will secure the shelf locked in place. You have the option of stacking multiple or double storage to manage your toiletries the way you want.

Snap Up Shelf works on different surfaces
Snap Up Shelf claims that it is versatile enough to be effective on different types of surfaces. It grips well to marble, tile, glass, drywall or just about any surface you might have in your surroundings. There is no assembly required and you can install it wherever you want in seconds. Snap Up Shelf can be placed by the shower or the bathtub, and it also has its uses by the sink or in any other room in the house. It can hold up to 10lbs weight, which gives you plenty of storage options.


Snap Up Shelf has smart features for your benefit
Snap Up Shelf makes the most out of Press-Tek technology, which ensures that it never loses grip and keeps doing its job for a long time. It avoids clutter in your living spaces and has features like two hanging hooks to keep your razors, washcloths, loofahs and more. Snap Up Shelf also stresses on the fact that it is rust-proof, which makes it durable for your use. It also has a smart feature of drainage holes to store shampoo bottles up side down, which avoids mold and mildew in your bathrooms.


What do I get?
you get two Snap Up Shelf for only $14.95, plus $12.9 P&H.Official website

Snap Up Shelf Review

This corner unit is fantastic and so easy to install. But it adheres to no surface regardless of weight thus disappointing the customers by not keeping up with the expectation with the only work it is suppose to do. Though the concept is good and the shelf itself is nice looking and appears durable but could not get it to stick without falling even on any surface because of which more than average percent of ratings are poor.

Snap Up Shelf is the latest addition to the list of as seen on tv bathroom corner shelves, now the unique part of Snap Up Shelf is that it features “Polymer Pads” that stick to most surfaces (plastic is an exception.)

How long will Snap Up Shelf last – May be 6 months to a year. It will break at the point where the plastic nubs attaches the main unit to the polymer pads break.

How does it stay in place – Snap Up Shelf features polymer pads which are more reliable than suction.


Snap Up Shelf Disadvantages

Overpriced and flimsy
To begin with, the estimate price of the whole package is $35.85, which is quite expensive. You are not given the option of buying just one, which is a shame. Another issue with the Snap Up Shelf is that it could be back ordered and is only available on the official website. Hence you don’t get a real feel of what it can be like. You are not even told what is made out of and from the initial appearance it looks a bit flimsy because it’s probably made out of plastic.

Lacks features – You’d expect it to have convenient features for the price you are paying, but that’s not the case at all. It doesn’t have something as simple as a washcloth bar. You also get the feeling that it will not work on textured tiles. If you want to use Snap Up Shelf well, you have to make sure that the corner you are placing it in is a right angle and the wall is flat. Otherwise the caddy will fall, which limits your options. You cannot use it with a plastic shower as well because any “give” in the wall and the caddy will come down instantly.


Snap Up Shelf Advantages

The big plus for the Snap Up Shelf is that the suction is great but it has its limitations because it doesn’t work on all surfaces. It works really well as a corner storage and gives you the liberty of having shower storage on drywall, stone, marble and more.


Snap Up Shelf Instructions

To ensure that the caddy is stable you have to stay away from pump dispensers while they sit on the caddy. Snap Up Shelf shouldn’t be used on rounded corners or with acrylic, fiberglass tubs or shower walls and other flexible surfaces. You can also avoid using it against horizontal grout lines.

Snap up shelf Questions/Answers

Q: Will this work on a textured (not smooth) tile wall?
A: Only on small bumped texture. If the ridges are too thick, it has trouble staying else you can put an adhesive and it will work.

Q: Will it work on fiberglass shower walls?
A: It should do. Just make sure the area is bone dry before putting it up.

Q: Can I use this on wallpaper?
A: Yes. Any smooth surface will work. It’s a rubber suction, not sticky.

What do I get?

Buy SnapUP Shelf for just $14.99 and $6.99 processing and handling at the Official website

53 thoughts on “SnapUp Shelf REVIEW

  1. It’s a landslide decision! Do not buy….total waste of money. Always read the reviews first which I did not. Lesson learned!

  2. Ordered the product through advertisement on facebook. It took over two months to get here, I almost forgot I ordered it.
    I installed it immediately and it fell off the wall just as fast as I installed it.
    Reinstalled it again it stayed, hung my loafer off it, two seconds later it is back on the floor.
    Nothing but crap.

  3. Bought one Nov 2018. Followed instructions to the letter in brand new shower cubicle with large smooth tiles. Gave it time to settle then placed bottle of shampoo on it and got in shower. Shelf fell off within seconds, bottle landed on my big toe – goodbye nail! Dried tiles thoroughly then tried again. Fell of with no weight on it and broke on shower tray. Wrote by Email to company selling (Hampton Direct CA91367 USA) on Dec 1st. No reply so repeated on 10th Dec. Still no reply so just before Xmas wrote complaint on their website. No reply. Problem here is that my debit card payment was cleared in Hong Kong, whilst the company dispatching goods is based in Walsall UK. Trading Standards can’t help so my next recourse is to the TV company who advertised it. My advice is to think very carefully before you buy anything from Hampton Direct! They obviously care not at all for their customers.

  4. Wish I read the reviews first. Absolute waste of money. Kept falling down every few days. Will be warning people.

  5. I was about to buy the snap up shelf and decided to read the reviews first. I’m so glad I did. All reviews are negative. I will not be ordering this project. As for comments about Global Shop, I learnt my lesson a long time ago. Would not go near them ever again.

  6. Absolutely a load of crap, won’t stay up on our tiles, bathrooms renovated 8 years ago.
    Save your money, they should be made to stop the ads.
    Consumer affairs should be on board by now, surely??

  7. They are not as advertised. After a period of time, they fall off. Ruined bottled etc. being an old home I gave one to my friend who has built a home in the past few years. She too had them fall off after a period of time. It’s rubbish. I too foolishly bought four. Very dissapointed.

  8. I have tried again and again to install this junk and I am now giving up. I will not buy anything from Global Shop again. This is the 3rd time burnt and I will not take the chance again. I looked on product review and they are not as scathing as this. I simply cannot be bothered going through the rigmarole of returning them. However I will send an email too them informing them of my disapppointment.

  9. Have tried to use them – great crashing in he middle of the night ruined shampoo and conditioner in both bathrooms. Asked the rep at Roselands product stall she just shrugged and said try vinegar- would like to try vinegar on her. THEY DO NOT WORK AS A PENSIONER I HAVE WASTED MY MONEY.

  10. Total waste of money don’t stick to any surface as they say wouldn’t hold 1kg absolute garbage don’t waste your money

  11. Was just about to purchase these shelves and having been caught out before on something else, decided to read the reviews, glad I did, I certainly won’t be buying these now.

  12. I’m surprised about all the bad reviews. Bought it over here in France, I’ve simply put the thing on the corner of my shower (it’s tiles), pushed on the lever and it held right in place.

    I’ve been able to put 7 bottles on it and it won’t move, has been a week now and I’m even considering buying more of these. I guess I’ll wait to see if this one unsnaps or falls before buying more, just in case…

    • Oh Nat ! I guess you’re a company shill. Under ideal conditions, this device can barely support its own weight for 48 hours, let alone 7 bottles – even if they’re nail varnish !

  13. Fully agree total crap I thought something is wrong or I must be doing something wrong at installation.
    But after reading these reviews I realise they are crap. How dare they say these are any good. Im bever buying from infomercials again. I dread what they ate gonna tell me when I say I want a refund
    Total Crap shame on them

  14. Foolishly I ordered x 6 of these things (x 3 and receive x 1 free for each). They’ve arrived within the appropriate timeframe; however unpacked one and it doesn’t stay up for more than a nano second in the shower on a dry tiled wall (nothing on it). Unpacked the second one and the same thing. I’ve rung the 1300 number this morning for the return item number and address and the guy on the other end told me to buy the finest sand paper and lightly sand the pads because that’s how another customer fixed the problem. I told him that I wasn’t comfortable damaging the product if sanding didn’t work and they needed returning anyway. He further wanted me to unpack and test all of the shelves. I certainly won’t be sanding anything.

  15. Cannot get them to stay up for longer than 30 mins,even with no weight on them. Waste of money. Tried on all surfaces,tried cleaning surface with petrol in case it was greasy, still no good. Another piece of landfill.

  16. What a waste of money like everyone else waited 6 weeks to get them ( 4 by the way ) they all fell straight off the shower with one shampoo bottle on them. Now the fun begins trying to get a refund wish I had found this site before I purchased

  17. Thanks for all the input – all negative!!
    I wonder if I am reading about a different product.
    The reviews on “Product review” give this product 5 stars. However I am more convinced by all the comments above and will not be buying it.

  18. I purchased my product over 5 weeks ago.. when paid for I was never advised about wait… call numerous times all I got was ‘next week,’next week’.. I called up tonight acting like a new customer.. i said ‘do you have product in stock?, and if so whats the wait?’.. I was told ‘yes in stock, 5-10 days you will receive it’.. ummm ok hows that make sense.. it’s been over 5 weeks and I still havent received the shelf.. I questioned lady she paused… and said ‘call customer help’ so they are lying to new customers.. what a joke.. paid for something I don’t have yet!!!. Makes you worried they have your card details.. not a happy customer!!!

    • i finally received these two pieces of crap after like 8 week wait,they dont work they just fall off like almost immediately.
      i want a refund thanks.
      Do not purchase these useless pieces of plastic.

  19. The second shelf isn’t free. They charge you $7.95 shipping for the first one and add the second one an extra $4.95 shipping cost. Such a rip off. Plus not a single positive review, the paid actors don’t count as reviews!! After reading awful reviews a day discovering the extra hidden costs I’m steering clear of this waste of money product.

  20. I thought it looked like something that may have been useful, but after reading these reviews I’m glad I haven’t ordered any.

  21. This product is useless in the shower. You install it when the walls are dry but the minute they become wet the suction pads give way. I’ve ended up using them for to store logo paper. This is a real con I’m afraid.

  22. I really wished I’d researched this product before buying. WORST PRODUCT EVER. don’t waste your money like I did. Whilst writing this I heard a crash. I know exactly what it is and what was on the shelf? A sample size bath wash of about 50ml. What a scam.

  23. when r people going to WAKE UP and realise that buy one get one FREE is nothing but a good marketing ploy, the ONLY THING THAT IS FREE IS THE CHEESE IN THE MOUSE TRAP.

    • You,re correct ,just wish i had searched for this page before i bought. I wont look for refund as i get what i deserve for being so gullable

  24. I was about to purchase this product, but after these feedbacks, I will no longer proceed.

    Would be great if the media would also be on the consumer side before advertising an item.

  25. Thank You to everyone who has reviewed this product. I was going to buy this product for our new house but have decided against it! Thank you again

  26. My husband bought two of these. I have been startled awake in the middle of the night by them falling and crashing onto the floor. They only had a small shampoo and conditioner on them and one razor.

    complete waste of money

  27. Tried to order Snap on shelf after seeing it advertised on TV in Australia. Order form only brought up USA and Canada. Why is it advertised in Australia if it can’t be ordered from here?

  28. I’ve installed one on the drywall of the corner of our bathroom and want to move it, but the pass seem permanently fixed to the wall. How do I remove them???

  29. The worst product I have EVER purchased.
    I am a very clean person and the ONLY WAY to get this shelves to stick is with double stick tape.
    I also agree about the $35.85 that’s a lot. :o(

  30. I don’t understand why p&h is $15.90. The manufacturer offer is buy one get the second one free, that’s as much as the shelf itself. I do understand it costs postage and you have to pay someone to handle, but why so much.

    • What a load of crao waste of money and we have to pay freight on top of this crap never again RUBBISH shouldn’t commercialize his rubbish…

      • I’m still waiting for two items from this mob. Having seen them from what a Mate purchased and having read the reviews, when they arrive I intend to mark them return to sender unopened then contact paypal to let them know just what a ripoff this lot are!!

        • Hi I live in austrlai and I must be one of the lucky ones as i bought snapup shelf off Ebay and up to the present moment have had no problems Had them about 4 months now .I maade sure I pressed them really well into the corner of my shower and touch wood are still there ,Colin

        • I have tried again and again to install this junk and I am now giving up. I will not buy anything from Global Shop again. This is the 3rd time burnt and I will not take the chance again. I looked on product review and they are not as scathing as this. I simply cannot be bothered going through the rigmarole of returning them. However I will send an email too them informing them of my disapppointment.

          • I purchased Shelves buy one get one free from Global Shop Direct. The ones in the boxes are different to the picture on the box and to the add on TV! There are three lugs on each side on the picture on the box and on the one demonstrated on TV not on the ones in the box. My son is an Engineer he laughed and said we have been conned- it’s impossible for them to work. They do not and cannot work. Have not received my money back from them after so many emails, threats ect., Now over a Month. Do not deal with Global Shop Direct!!!

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