Smooth Spa Mat Review

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Having beautiful and healthy feet is a dream but attaining it can be a nightmare. Getting rid of the unwanted rough skin, calluses and all the repulsive developments on feet is only the beginning, and having smooth, tender feet comes next, which isn’t any less tough. You have to slog it out with lots of implements, struggling to stand steady laboring over every part of your feet. But now there’s a truly effective way to get wonderful feet. Go for Smooth Spa, the amazing softening bath mat you stand on while bathing to make your heels and feet smooth and tender after just four uses!


Smooth Spa Mat
Smooth Spa is a smartly designed mat is a combo of two parts, the pumice surface on one side and loofah surface on the rest. It plays the twin role of natural pumice and loofah surface to remove dull, dry, flaky skin and make it soft. All you have to do is place your Smooth Spa under the shower and stand on it while bathing, scrub your feet on the pumice surface for sometime and then on the loofah section from side to side gently.

The pumice and loofah surface on Smooth Spa mat together renew, smooth and polish your entire foot in seconds and your feet emerge healthier and far more beautiful! Also, it has an exfoliator in the front and buffer in the back that assists in removing dry, dead, flaky, calloused skin for good. The mat doesn’t get displaced under shower while you use it as suction-cup bottom ensures that it stays intact at one spot.

You can use the Smooth Spa even if you have the most sensitive skin. What’s more, it’s powerful enough to protect you from germs as it rinses your feet absolutely clean. No more bending to reach the difficult to access areas anymore as you can even clean and deodorize your feet on Smooth Spa on sprinkling a little liquid soap of your choice! Besides, you also save loads of money as you won’t have to splurge on costly treatment for your feet as Smooth Spa is equipped to sort your feet!



What do I get?
Buy the amazing Smooth Spa mat for only $19.95 plus $7.95 postage and handling and get one more free by paying another $7.95 as postage and handling. What’s more, you’ll even get one 10 piece manicure/ pedicure kit free as a special bonus! Official website

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