Smooth As Silk Pillowcase Review

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Introducing Smooth As Silk 100% natural silk pillowcase. Sleeping on Smooth As Silk Pillowcase will make you look and feel younger and beautiful and your hair will feel like silk. With Smooth As Silk Pillowcase you will look refreshed in the morning and you will love the way your skin looks and feels. You pay $60 or more for a silk pillowcase in the store but the luxury of silk pillowcase can be yours for only $19.99 + s/h.

Smooth As Silk Pillowcase

Sleeping on cotton pillows that crinkle and bunch up can cause sleep lines and creases which over time can affect your appearance. Also cotton is very absorbent which can rob your face and hair of valuable moisture during the night.

Smooth As Silk Pillowcase can help change all that. It’s natural fibers are so smooth that you won’t wake up with those sleep lines and creases on your face and Silk does not absorb moisture like cotton. It won’t leave your face feeling dry and rough. Also silk pillowcases are naturally hypoallergenic which is ideal for people with sensitive skin, breathing problems or allergy. They are machine washable,



What do I get?
1 Smooth As Silk Pillowcase in Standard/Queen/King Size

For just $19.95 plus $7.99 S&H we’ll send you the amazing Smooth as Silk Pillowcase in the Standard/Queen size. For just an additional $10.00 you can get the King size pillowcase. 30 days money back guarantee (minus S&H). CA residents add sales tax to your total order. Orders from Canada add $10.00. Continental U.S., AK, HI, PR, VI, Guam & Canadian orders only. Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery. Orders outside of the Continental U.S. please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.



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5 thoughts on “Smooth As Silk Pillowcase Review

  1. I gave one of these to my Boyfriend for a gift because he has long hair and it can tangle.I have slept on his so, I got one for myself however I haven’t opened it yet for every night use. He has been sleeping on his for about a month. I think his hair is not quite so tangled and I haven’t seen sleep lines on him. I do wonder since I have never slept on silk every night if it is the same outcome with any type of silk pillowcase? I do notice after taking it out of the package that the silk is on one side only and the other side is not comfortable. I like to flip my pillow in the night sometimes if it goes flat so I’m not sure I will like that feature. Plus I notice that after a month of him using it ,the other side (the non-sleep side) the fabric is starting to pill and the look dingy. I think that you might not want this pillowcase to show too much if you like a manicured bed. I got mine at Bed Bath & Beyond not on TV but it is the very same one that is advertised. I looked at Silk pillowcases in the bedding department the same day as I made this purchase and they were quite a bit more expensive but they usually came in pairs where as these came in one. I paid $19.99 plus tax for one side of Silk on one Pillowcase, it seemed about comparable to how much more I would have to pay for 4 sides. If you are looking for a matching eye appealing set and you can afford it I say buy something else. If you need it for just your one favorite pillow and don’t want to spend more and don’t care who sees it (which is my situation) go for it!

  2. I just bought this supposed “silk” pillowcase for $19.95, only one case included, and the silk is ONE SIDED!! The other side is SCRATCHY polyester. Buyer beware! They are charging $19.95 for HALF of a silk pillowcase. Rip off! I am returning it.

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