Smillow Pillow Review

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Do your glasses often bend and break when you fall asleep with them? Are you uncomfortable when you fall asleep with your glasses on? Now there is an incredible new way to keep you comfortable and also prevent your glasses from bending or breaking when you fall asleep? Introducing Smillow, the amazing new smart pillow specially designed for people who wear glasses.


Smillow Pillow
Smillow is designed with a contour canyon shape that literally creates a pocket to keep your glasses in place. It keeps your head and neck comfortable and your glasses stay straight. With Smillow on your head there will be no more bending and breaking of your expensive glasses.

The best part is that Smillow works with your favorite pillow and one size fits all. It works for anyone who wears glasses. It is perfect for naps, watching TV, travel, and more. You can even use it outside for sunbathing and still keep your sun glasses on.

Even if you fall asleep wearing your hearing aids Smillow will still do the job. No more irritated ears simply use Smillow to rest and hear in comfort.
So stop bending and breaking expensive glasses and stay comfortable when you fall asleep with your glasses on. Order your Smillow Pillow today!



What do I get?
When you order today, you will receive the Smillow Pillow for just $14.99 plus $7.95 P&H, and you will also get the Deluxe Smillow Pillow, just pay the additional $7.95 P&H. Official website



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2 thoughts on “Smillow Pillow Review

  1. Is Smillow comfortable to use?

    Does it really prevent your glasses from bending and breaking?

    How does it work?

    Can you use it indoors and outdoors?

    Does one size fit all?

    Can it be used by anyone who wears glasses?

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